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One Rainy Day

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It was one of those rainy days where you have to keep the wipers on all day. I could see over the mountain tops where it might be clearing off, but in the mountains, it?s always hard to tell how soon that might be. As I rounded a sharp curve I saw a man walking on the right side of the road. He was walking away from me, so all I could see was that he was wearing boots, jeans, a barn jacket, and a cowboy hat. He was tall and slender, and was walking at a quick pace. I wondered what he was doing out here on this lonely road in the rain? I didn?t remember seeing any vehicles broke down along the road, and this was a pretty remote area. So remote I didn?t even know how close the next house was. I thought that maybe I should stop and see if he needed help or at least a ride somewhere, but then reality told me to think about that a second time. I?m a single woman travelling all alone and I?m about to stop and pick up a stranger in the middle of nowhere? But as I pulled over in front of him, I asked myself, ?What if this was me walking and I really did need help?? I would want someone to stop for me. After all, it was the middle of the day in broad daylight, and I did have my 9mm tucked in the side pocket of my driver?s door.

As my truck came to a stop, I put it in park and looked in my passenger side door mirror to see where the cowboy was. I didn?t see him, so I started looking for him in my rear view mirror. Just then my driver?s door flew open and before I knew what was happening, I had been jerked out of my seat, turned around, and pushed face first up against the back door, with my left arm twisted behind my back. I felt his body pressing against my back and his cold hand covering my mouth while he pinned me against my truck. All I could think was, ?What is going on? What is he going to do to me? How am I going to get out of this??

As these thoughts were racing through my mind, I could feel his face leaning into my neck and ear. I could feel his black cowboy hat against the back of my head, pressing against my red hair. I struggled, but he was holding me too tightly. I was shaking my head ?no?, trying to say, ?Stop, please don?t hurt me!?, but my words were just muffled by his hand. I felt his warm breath on my ear and I tried to turn away, but he held my head still with his hand on my mouth.

?Ssshhh sshhh now, just do as I say and I promise I won?t hurt you? he said in a low and soothing voice. ?There is no one around here for miles and this road is seldom travelled, so you can scream all you want, but nobody will hear you.?

I knew he was right, there were no other people around here and it could be days before someone else would drive down this road. I decided I wouldn?t scream or try to fight at first. I needed to be smart about this situation so I could get out alive. I?m hoping he just wants my truck and purse, but I?m afraid he wants more than that.

?I?m going to take my hand off your mouth, but I want you to keep quite. I don?t want to hurt you, but if you don?t do as I say, I will have no choice. Do you understand? Nod your head to tell me yes.? I wanted to gain his trust as much as I could, so I nodded yes into his hand.

?Good girl, I?m glad you?ve decided to do as I say.? He slowly moved his hand away from my mouth and moved his arm to position it around my neck while still holding my arm behind my back with his other hand.

?Please don?t hurt me!? I blurted out. ?You can have my truck, phone, purse, anything, please just don?t hurt me.? I pleaded with him.

?Sshhh and be still now. As long as you do as I say I won?t hurt you, but you?re testing my patience.?

Still in his arms, he moved me towards the driver?s door. He let go of my arm behind my back and reached into the cab of my truck and turned it off, taking the keys and putting them in his pants pocket, then closing the door. My arm was still pinned behind my back by his chest and I couldn?t pull it free.

?Please just take my truck and let me go? I pleaded again. ?I?ll give you money, my phone, whatever, just let me go please!?

He put his hand back over my mouth and said, ?This is the last time I?m going to tell you to be quiet. Do you understand? Nod your head to tell me yes.?

I nodded yes into his hand and he took it away from my mouth. I could feel him take some of my hair in his hand, pulling it to his nose and breathing in deeply, then letting out a little moan. I tried to turn my face away, more scared than ever. I knew he didn?t want my truck or my money, he wanted something else. I had to get away, but I had to wait for the right moment.

?You know a pretty little thing like you shouldn?t be out here all alone?, he said as he continued to smell my hair. I could feel his warm breath on my ear and neck again, his nose nuzzling my ear. I tried to pull away, but he ran his fingers through the hair on the back of my head, grabbing it and pulling my head back, fully exposing my neck. I gasped as I was starting to really panic, not wanting him to touch me. I knew I couldn?t get away. He was holding my head in place with my hair so I couldn?t turn away from him anymore. He kissed and licked my ear then nibbled on it very gently.

?Please,? I whispered. ?Please what?? he said as he kissed my ear again. ?You want more don?t you? I know you do you little slut, why else would you have stopped to pick up a complete stranger? Hmmm??

He ran his other hand up my arm to my neck, over my shoulder, then forward down my chest. He ran his hand between my breasts and realized I wasn?t wearing a bra.

?So you are a little slut, running around here with no bra on? he said as he then moved the palm of his hand over my left breast. He felt my erect nipple and starting rubbing circles with the palm of his hand. He pinched it between his fingertips, then rolled it between his fingers. I could feel him starting to breathe harder on my neck as he kept playing with my nipple.

He was sending little shockwaves from my nipples right down to my pussy without even knowing what he was doing. I didn?t want this, I just wanted to get away from him, but my body was betraying me. I couldn?t let him know what he was doing to me.

He started kissing my neck and my ear, and continued to play with my nipple. He let go of my hair, releasing my head. He kissed the back of my neck, gently nibbling at first and then biting me. I jumped at the bite, but tried to hide the effect he was having on me. He then reached down to the hem of my white t-shirt with both hands and said, ?I?m going to pull your shirt up over your head so I can get to your tits better. Just remember, do as I say and I won?t hurt you.? He then pulled up my shirt, pulling the hem over my head, but leaving my arms in. I felt so exposed, my breasts out in the open for him to fondle. I hadn?t noticed before, but it had finally stopped raining.

He took both of my tits in his hands and squeezed them, then started rolling my nipples between his fingertips. I tried to fight how good it felt, knowing I shouldn?t be enjoying this. ?Please don?t do this? I pleaded.

?You know you want this. I can feel how hard your nipples are and that tells me you are enjoying this maybe more that I am?, he said.

?No, please stop?, I begged him. He ignored me and kept playing with my nipples. I could feel his hot breath on my neck, his nose caressing my ears, hearing him letting out tiny little moans. He kept kissing and biting the back of my neck, and it was taking all my willpower not to give in. I could feel him pressing his hard cock against my ass. I knew it was wrong, but I was scared and excited at the same time.

?I know you want this more than you say. You may be telling me no, but your body is telling me yes? he said as he continued to play with my breasts. He pinched and pulled my nipples for a few more minutes, but it seemed like hours. I wanted him to stop. How could I get so turned on by a stranger taking advantage of me out in the middle of nowhere? My body was betraying me and I was embarrassed by how hot and wet my pussy was becoming.

?I think it?s time you took care of me now you little slut.? In one motion he turned me around and pushed me to my knees on the ground. I tried to look up at him, but he just pushed my head down towards the ground. I only caught a glimpse of him and could see he looked very young, but that was all I could tell. He took hold of my hair in his hand and held my head down. I heard him unzip his pants and I was even more scared now. Is this my chance to get away, I thought to myself? Should I try to bite him then run away? I don?t think I could outrun him, and if I did, where would I go? I can?t get away in my truck because he has my keys, should I take this chance to run into the woods?

Just then while I was in mid thought, he jerked my head back and I was staring right at his huge cock. I gasped when I saw it and he said, ?That?s right bitch, this is probably the biggest cock you?ll ever see. Now suck it slut, and no teeth or I?ll slap you.?

He pulled my head close to his cock. I reached up to grab it with my hand but he slapped it away. ?Only use your mouth slut?. I opened my mouth as he pushed my head towards his crotch. His cock was so big I could hardly get half of it in my mouth. He kept pushing my head trying to make me deep throat it, but it was making me gag. I could hear him moaning and starting to breath heavy, and that was turning me on even more. I knew it was wrong, but my pussy felt so wet and hot, I just couldn?t help myself. Maybe he?ll get off fast and let me go I thought. I tried to lick it and suck it the best I could, but he kept forcing me which made it hard to get into a good rhythm.

After a few minutes, he said, ?That?s good bitch, now swallow every last drop of me. You spill or spit one drop and you?ll pay for it?. Just then he thrust his cock all the way down my throat and pulled my head in close. I could feel the hot sperm shooting down my throat. I swallowed as quickly as I could, careful not to spill any out of my mouth. I could hear him moaning and see his knees shaking, but he was still holding my hair and pulling me onto his cock.

The thought crossed my mind to try and make a run for it, but just then he jerked me up by my hair and turned me around again, pinning me once more up against my truck.

?That was good my little cock sucker, you must have done that before. I knew you were a little slut?. He started kissing my neck and ears again, and squeezing my breasts. ?When I get hard again, I?m going to fuck that tight pussy of yours?.

?No, please no! Just let me go please!? I begged him.

?You know you want this big cock in your tight cunt? he said.

?No I don?t, please no no no!? My voice was getting louder and more desperate.

He put his hand over my mouth again and said, ?Listen here bitch. You need to shut up or I?m going to slap you. You keep saying you don?t want this, but I?m willing to bet money on it you do. Your mouth may be telling me ?no?, but I bet your pussy is saying ?yes?.

He continued with a proposition for himself. ?I?ll make a deal with you. I?m going to reach into your pants and feel your pussy. If it?s bone dry, I?ll let you go without another word. But if your pussy is hot and wet, then that tells me I was right and that you do want this, and then I will fuck the shit out of you.?

?No, please don?t? I tried to plead to him with his hand over my mouth. I was almost crying, but it was no use. I knew the jig was up and he was going to find me out as soon as he touched my pussy. I couldn?t help myself, and my body would finally give up to him. I knew he was going to fuck me.

He ran his hand down my stomach to my jeans. He unbuttoned them, and then slowly unzipped them. I could feel him press his hard again cock into my ass cheeks as he continued to kiss my neck and ears. He slowly ran his hand down my stomach, and down into my jeans.

?Damn, no panties either! You are a little slut! I knew it all along.?

I felt his hand make its way down to the top of my shaven pubic mound. I struggled to try to keep his hand away from my pussy, but it was no use. He held me so tight that I couldn?t keep his hand out of my pants. When he was almost to my lips, he stopped and said, ?It?s awful hot down here, and I bet it?s awful wet too?.

I tried to kick my legs and wiggle out from his arm hold, but he held me tight and it was no use. He then slid one finger between my lips and stopped on my clit. I thought I would cum right there, but I just went stiff, trying to block it out. I didn?t want him to know how turned on I really was.

?Well well well, what do we have here? A wet pussy I see? I was right all along wasn?t I you little slut? he whispered into my ear. ?I knew you wanted my big cock, and now you?re going to get it bitch.?

He pushed his finger the rest of the way into my pussy, making me gasp out loud. Oh it felt so good, but I didn?t want to give him the satisfaction of knowing he was right. He then slid a second finger between my lips and started finger fucking my cunt, saying, ?How do you like that? Your pussy feels very tight, so I want to make sure you?re nice and wet before I fuck you with my cock.? He kept fucking my cunt with his fingers, pulling them all the way out every few strokes and flicking my clit with one of them. It was driving me crazy and I was getting so wet I couldn?t believe my body. I was breathing hard and fast, and he started kissing my neck and ears again. Part of me just wanted this to be over, but secretly part of me wanted him to make me cum.

After what seemed like several minutes of him finger fucking my pussy, he pulled his hand from my pants and put his fingers to my lips saying, ?lick them off like a good girl for me, then I?m going to pound the shit out of your pussy.? I tried to turn by head away and avoid his fingers, but he followed my mouth and forced them between my lips, making me lick my own cunt juices from his hand. I could hear him softly moaning into my ear as he pushed his hard cock against my ass again.

After I licked his fingers, he grabbed the belt loops on the sides of my jeans and started pulling them down my legs. ?Please don?t do this, please don?t.? I begged, but he just said, ?You want this bitch, if you didn?t your pussy wouldn?t be so wet now would it?? He was right, I did want it, maybe not this way, but I wanted to feel his cock inside me, wanted him to make me cum.

He pulled my jeans all the way down to my ankles and then put his foot right in the middle of them between my legs. ?Pull one of your legs out of your pants?, he commanded. I slid my foot out of my sandal and pulled my leg out of my pants. As soon as my foot was clear, he kicked my legs apart with his foot. I nearly lost my balance, but he pushed me up against the side of the truck again. He pulled both of my hands behind my back and held my wrists with one of his hands. I could hear him pulling down his pants with his other hand, then felt the heat of his body come close to my naked ass. Then I felt it, his hard cock pressing against the skin between my ass cheeks. I knew he was going to fuck me, and there was nothing I could do to stop him.

I felt him running his hand up and down my hip, then moving it to my ass cheek, squeezing it firmly, then slapping it hard. I jumped at the slap. It didn?t really hurt, but the sound of it caught me off guard. He then slipped his fingers between my cheeks and down to my wet pussy. He pushed two fingers right up inside my hot pocket, and I could feel his breath on my neck again, his moaning in my ear. He whispered into my ear, ?You?re gonna love my cock bitch, all nine inches of it, stuffed into your tight pussy.?

He then pulled his fingers from my pussy and I quickly felt them replaced with the throbbing head of his cock. I started protesting, ?Please stop, no, please!? But he pushed the whole length of his shaft into my pussy with one long even stroke. I gasped out loud but couldn?t get away. ?Oh god your pussy is so tight bitch, I?m gonna love pounding it over and over again.?

He continued for several minutes with long slow strokes, pulling almost all the way out, waiting a second, then plunging back into my wet pocket again. These long strokes were making me pant, driving me crazy. I couldn?t help myself and I started pushing my ass backwards to meet the thrusts of his cock.

?See, I knew you wanted this bitch, look at you fucking my cock. I?m going to make you cum on my dick, but I?m going to make you beg me for it before I let you cum.? He then reached around and started fingering my clit while he continued with the long strokes. His pace quickened as he flicked my clit more. I could feel his panting on my neck, and I was breathing hard too, not wanting him to stop. He had me so close to cumming, but just kept me on the edge. It was driving me crazy.

?Tell me you want me to make you cum. Tell me now you little slut!? He demanded. I wanted to cum so bad. I couldn?t stand his hard cock pounding my pussy any longer, but I didn?t want to give in.

?I?m getting close to cumming again bitch, and I?ll leave you hanging if you don?t beg me to make you cum.? The idea of him cumming before me pushed me over the edge, I didn?t want to leave here without an orgasm, whether I wanted to admit to it or not.

?Please?, I whispered. ?What did you say?? He managed to blurt out between pants.

?Please?, I said again. Then he smacked my ass and said, ?Please what bitch? Speak up, I can?t hear you!? I knew he wasn?t going to let me have it without working for it.

?Please make me cum, please make me cum with your hard cock!? I yelled out. That was all it took and I felt his pace quicken, pounding my pussy hard, pushing me up against the truck, smashing my tits into the door. Then he buried his face in my neck and grabbed my hips with both hands and rammed his cock into me harder than ever, making me cum so hard I thought I was going to pass out. I think I lost it for a second, and when I came to I could feel his cock still twitching in my pussy and his cum starting to run down my leg. He was still holding onto my hips and his chin still rested on my shoulder.

We stood there for a couple of minutes until his cock started to soften and slipped out of my pussy. I felt so good but so used at the same time. This stranger took total control over me, yet made me feel so satisfied. He whispered into my ear, ?Thanks for the fuck you little slut. I?m going to walk away now, and I want you to count to 100 before you move, do you understand me??

I whispered a ?yes? and I could hear him dressing himself. I felt a hard slap on my ass cheek and heard him throw my keys into my pants. I heard his footsteps as he walked away, leaving me standing there half naked with his cum still running down my legs. I wanted so badly to turn around and look at him, but I was still afraid. I quickly counted to 100 and turned around to dress myself. I looked around, but there was no sight of him anywhere?my cowboy was gone?.

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