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New meaning to camping

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Being single and in a new city I was lonely I just started my new job it was a Promotion move everyone was nice and all but still something was missing. I am sitting here at the end of the day on a Friday listing to everyone talk about what they are doing it all sounded exciting

Sarah was going to club called vixen she invited me but just was not in to the club thing tonight. So it was thanks but no thanks she blonde her londe hair and off she went all I could do was smile. Thinking back to being 21 again .

Steve stopped by my desk to say good bye and hoped I had a good weekend in talking he was telling me about how he and his girlfriend was going to a camping trip with friends up in the mountains. I told him have fun ...was thinking have much fun that would be ... Shutting down my computer and grabbing my things I walk out to a weekend up packing o well. I stop and grab a bite to eat And start on boxes sweat running down my neck and between my breast I look up at the clock and it is already 8 pm man the time flew by I only had a few left to do so I finished them and jumped in the shower letting the rain water hit my tired skin turning , jumped as it hit my over sensitive nipples lathering them up pulling on them a grown escapes shaking my head man I needed a life. As she is drying off her mine wonders to the camping trip and how much fun they are having she bets.the weekend flew by I got the house all sit up and the next weekend Sarah came over and we went shopping and rented a movie even tho she is young the me by 8 years we had fun just hanging out she told me how she meet this guy at the club and how hot he was and she so wanted to fuck him hard.

I just giggled being new to the company I did not know who to trust or not so I just listened . I ask her why she did nt Sarah laffed said "his girlfriend" I she o I see . I ask Sarah about a few at the office she said most were old farts with just nasty minds with old lady's that was tired of there asses. I rolled laughing.

The next few weeks flew by in a blur trying to get my work load down and everything in order. So when Friday rolled around I was ready for it Sarah left early she had her sisters wedding to go to. Was going to be a long weekend Monday was a holiday so when Steve stopped by my desk and told me they were going to the camp grounds for there last trip before winter and ask if I wound like to go I was shocked but excited ,I ask him would his girlfriend mind he said it was her idea that she understand about moving to a new place. I was like mmmmm I guess if you are sure ..Steve grinned and said o yea ...what do I need I don't have a tent do the have cabin ect . Steve said there would be a place somewhere for me that about 20 -30 people were going . Not sure if I was liking the sound of it but then thinking with that many people what could go wrong right? So I ask what time do I need to meet them Steve said they could come by and pick me up at 7 in the morning that it was about a 3 hour drive. Told him thanks and went shopping for the food list he gave me and a. Sleeping bag I was so excited it sure sounded fun. The alarm went off and up and out of bed I came just in time to get dressed and stepped out side when they drove up in a SUV with one other couple they all hugged me like we knew each other forever. We laughed and joked like old friends we were about half way there and stopped for breakfast. Jenny and I went to the bathroom went we gave out of the bathroom jake was standing there and leaned over and kissed Jenny which was Steve's girlfriend and she kissed him back... I was like o my god ...I turned and almost run to the table my face was red I am sure.steve ask was I ok I just looked around and Jenny and jake walked up smiling and ask if we were ready. I looked at them then at Steve they all smiled and got up. The rest of the trip was fast and relaxed everyone talking once there Steve and jake put up he tents they were large and connected which was cool. It was lunch time now everyone was here now and had there tents up. Everyone seem friendly and open with each other I was amassed ow open and friendly they were I have never meet people like that. Steve was so good going round inturducing me to everyone . After lunch everyone seemed to go off in groups or by there selfs I looked up and jake and Steve were left there with me they Asked if I would like to go on a walk I jumped up and said sure , asked we're the girls were they assured me not to worry they were enjoying there selfs I shrug my shoulders and said ok. So of we go Steve in front then me and jake as we are walking a feel jakes hand on my hip thinking he is just being nice and trying to help me I don't say anything and we keep walking ,up on a clearing over a ledge it takes your breathe away it is so pretty I turn to tell Steve thank you and his lips touch mine.i moved back right into jake he leaned and kiss my neck.

I rolled out of both there arms and ran back to the camp no one was around so I went to the tents and right into Jenny and jakes girlfriend making out they heard me gasp and I turn and sit on the picnic table with my head spinning when I feel a hand on my shoulder Steve voice pierce my head I am so sorry he says I should have told you this was a swingers camp and we are swingers. I said no fuck what the hell you mean I sing round in time to see the girls and jake ...tears running down my face now which just pissed me off more so I yelled at Steve " what you thought there was just going to be one big orgy" Jenny came over it down beside me took my hand and whispered he was not thinking and I am sorry...we as in all of us think you re cool and would like you to stay if you do anything or not there are people there that are straight and just hang out. But if you want to go we will take you home, I look up them and see they really mean it and in my heart I wanted to stay so yes to saying. They all hugged me I laughed saying hey hey that was not yes to a 5 some ..... Steve said aw why not font knot it tell you try it. I popped off how do you know if I have ever been with anyone ....the look on there face was priceless I could not hold back the laughter it was to funny. Jake and the girls was really ..... I said NO We started seeing others moving around a few came over and ask the guy to help with the Bon fire and wood after they left. I turned to the girls and asked ok so explain to me what to except tonight? O boy did they tell me .... But told me not to worry that they would watch out for me. They told me No means NO and the girls make most of the calls unless you are in to Bdsm then that was mostly male Dominance but there was Mistress too and damn sexy ones.

I ask what was bdsm I had heard of it but did not know what it was. Jenny told me she use to be in it deep and had a Master.. I just looked at her. So she explained it to me.BDSM is a variety of erotic practices involving dominance and submission, role-playing, restraint, and other interpersonal dynamics. Given the wide range of practices, some of which may be engaged in by people who don't consider themselves as practicing BDSM, inclusion in the BDSM community and/or subculture is usually dependent on self-identification and shared experience. Interest in BDSM can range from one-time experimentation to a lifestyle. Unlike the usual "power neutral" relationships and play styles commonly followed by couples, activities and relationships within a BDSM context are often characterized by the participants' taking on complementary, but unequal roles; thus, the idea of informed consent of both the partners becomes essential. Participants who exert sexual control over their partners are known as Dominants or tops while participants who take the passive, receiving, or obedient role are known as submissives or bottoms. Dominant person may be referred to as a Dom for a man, and a Domme for a woman. Dom/Dommes are always referred to in Upper case when written about, subs in lower. Individuals who alternate between top/Dominant and bottom/submissive roles ? whether from relationship to relationship or within a given relationship ? are known as switches. I was like wow ok think I can skip that they laughed at me but Jenny said it can be a lot of fun with the right Master it is all bout trust and in truth a Master has to earn that trust for you to give your self freely. I told Jenny that was way to deep for me. I asked her what do I do if someone comes up to me and grabs me or something , I jump off the table we were sitting on when a deep voice said no one will touch you because you are with me and jake for this weekend you are ours and the girls, all I could do was look in Steve's deep blue eyes and I knew I was in trouble, my mine was racing telling me these people are a bunch of crazy sick sex maniacs but then my blood was on fire I could feel it deep in me , the need ,the want, it was like there was needles poking me and then......o my lips they felt like someone poured burning water over then they were on fire , I just wanted to pull my clothes off I was sweating "WHY"? My panties were to tight if I did not get them off .... STOP look away from Steve's eyes , moving my eyes I looked at the girls, jake that did not help ....I was in so much trouble. I could see it was getting dark and people were building the fires here and here some had clothes on some vey little to nothing the funny thing was it did not bother me. I looked back at my friends and said in a whisper I would like to stay, they all cheered and promised not to push me but I am not sure if I wanted not pushed.

Steve said lets get our fire going before we freeze I smiled as we all gathered the wood . Jenny got blanket and spread them around , I just stood there and they laughed and pulled me down it was Steve ,Jenny , me ,jake ,sandy took me to this point to learn jakes girlfriends name lol. I watched everyone it was nice to see that everyone was really and I mean really having a good time ...some were just talking , some dancing, playing games, some foreplay, but you could tell they were having a relaxed time. As I turned my head to Jenny's side she was watching me and smiled leaned over brushed her soft wet cool lips on mine, watching me all the while.... I sucked in my bottom lip, looked her in the eyes and nodded. Sandy moved behind me her legs going around mine I was sitting Indian style. She slowly moved my hair ,kissing my shoulder and neck , my eyes never leaving Jenny's. Steve reached and pulled Jenny shirt off her shin glimmered the moon and fire light playing over it I couldn't help but reach out for her my body was its own and had needs I never new. The fire was going bright the music playing my head spinning with wonder and a light liked joy ... No I know what it is "carefree" . I could feel my clothes being removed I could see Jenny kissing one beast ,Steve left my shirt over my head, jake kissing the other, sandy slowly laying me back, all this at one time ,were was my voice, did I want to find it? Too feel two different lips on my nipples the softness,pulling,biting, to feel the tongues going over the tender ends of them for the first times was wonderful all I could do was growl and moan, I felt hands rubbing my legs they were ruff , big, firm hands I knew they had to be Steve's ,I moaned ,Jenny ask if it was ok that he undress me all I could do was nod , you see I had no voice of my own. The music was fading the faces a blur, the only ones I seen were my friends ... I knew I was naked I could feel the cool wind on my hot body. Jenny whispered to me ... Hunny do you trust me ... I nodded.. She explain that for my first time it would be better if I was blindfold it would hiden my sences and only they would touch me if I gave the ok. Again I could only nod, Sandy placed the blindfold on me, it was scary at first but I did trust them. They told me to relax take a deep breath,let it out slowly, I felt very very warm oily hands on my , on my arms going down them and up ,up my legs ,between my thighs, soft hands was rubbing my breast pulling my nipples, my head was going side to side I reached to touch someone and they pulled my arm down saying no!. Jake whispered as he kissed me ,tenderly at first on the lips but soon deepened it pulling my lip ,biting it , letting it pop out before grabbing it again and sucking it back to a deep long kiss. My body was on fire , my beast were begging for harder kisses , and then someone was spreading my legs , I know they could see I was so wet I could not help it , I raised my hips I wanted what ever they were willing to give a poor misguided girl . Put as my hip raised I felt the softest tip of a tongue touch my clit, I jumped wildly screamed in a voice I did not even know, and I felt hands hold my hands and arms , hands held my legs wide and up I knew more then my friends were holding me yet I was not scared , then there it was again the tiny touch that makes my jump scream but this time the mouth did not stop or let go it pressed harder sucked and flicked the tip. I was wild pushing my hips up then down ,breathing deep, then I felt it the push who ever was eating me was being fucked I could feel there face being pushed in my pussy and each time they would suck it harder then pull my clit.

I was grabbing someone's arm moaning head moving , screaming owwww Awwwwwwww yessssss...... I had never new anything like this the power of it or that it had on me. They were moan on my clit , fingers were deep in me fucking my wet steaming hot pussy it was begging or more I was now pushing against them the harder they fucked the hard I pushed ,my body was about to exploded I was wet with sweat from head to toes my body was now shaking my head was rolled back , and there it was the blood curdling scream of a orgasam I could hear Jenny moan god yes but it was like in a fog. My body went limp and

I came too with 6 women rubbing cool rags on me. I smiled and thanked everyone... They nodded and backed away like they understood thy if anyone said anything I would be embarrassed I was so glad they understood. I sit up Steve and jake were right there helping me up I help on to them my legs still not strong I laid my head on Steve as we walked to the tent. Jenny and sandy had drinks and some food we all ate and drink not saying much, I was thinking I could not believe after that I could still feel a need. Deep in me wanting to come out. I needed a shower I remember seeing one not far , I stood told everyone that I think it is shower time grabbed my towel and soap and of I went Jen and sandy said wait up I think we all could use one w all giggled and weaved in and out of couples. At the end of the camps was a big tree and a few people standing around it , I grabbed Jen hand to stop ,there was something hanging from it , a swing of some kind the Girl in it was leaned back her legs in leather ties wide open, as I watched they would swing her and pull her into the man in front of her I ask Jen if that hurt told he it looked like I might she said it was all up to the people. Turning back to the showers now, hoping there was still hot water left but not caring just wanting my body clean. Stepping in turning the water on it was luke warm,nice feeling it run down my breast over my hips between my thighs, leaning my head back I close my eyes the water hitting my faces. I could hear Jen and sandy whispering I open my eyes and see they are washing easy other, there breast leathered was soap.....they seen me watching and came over and washed my breast,back, legs, we giggle and kiss , dry off and walk back to camp the night air blowing on our damp body's . We see the guys they wave to us to meet them by the fire but I did not want o smell of smoke so I turned to the tent told the Girls to go on. As I was laying down the tent zipper went up Steve and jake stepped in they removed there pj bottoms ,I could not help but look I had not seen them yet, both nice yet so different Steve was tall lean ,blonde , and yes it was lean and 8 in long with a big head the viens popping, moving my eyes to jake he was 5'9 tan and very fit muscles he had a six pack, his man hood was standing up with a curve to it, it was short 6'1/2 in and thick. I ask were the girls were they said busy with friends....mmm I said Steve kissed me,jake slap my ass ,running his hand down it, jake ask if I bite .. Frowning I looked at him and he laded down on his back, I watched as he oiled his manhood ,moving his hand up and down it was turning red and hard , Steve Was behind me I could feel him rock hard poking me , I was moving side to side so wet needed him deep in me, I get between jakes legs , running my Ingres up is legs , my breast touching his testicles they were warm and soft,wrapping my fingers over the base of his shaft moving them up with a twist and release , tighten and move to the head. Taking the tip of her tongue ,running it around the head,moving it inch by inch deeper in the warm wet mouth , feeling warm skin touch her back , fingers slide in her , leaning back on them , he knew what she needed...pushed her head all the way down on jake she sucks him hard her ass high in the air, she feels the head slip inside her she moans , jake whispers no biting baby, nodding I work the shaft of his manhood coming to the head I push hard on Steve wanting all of him , it hurt but felt great to he was big , he need deep in my needed it hard and fast, he would push my down on jake cock making it go deep , almost gagging me then pulling me hard on him. I could feel we were almost to the point of no return, jake was biting his lip ......Steve moaned loud pushing me down on jake both losing it I as cumims so hard.

We all just layed there. I could hear everyone out side I wanted to join them so I put in just a tee shirt hell most of them did not have clothes on... As I sat by the fire and watched I knew I was going to have a sore walk in the morning but what a day and to think I still had two more to go ....Jen sat beside me ask if I was ok I nodded yes and I really was.she hugged me. We listen to the music and played dirty jenga I was so embarrassed when I had to give a head or let someone I did not know have there way with me for 3 mins ...I picked the head lol I know I was chicken. I said good night and got my sleeping bag folded it out in the far side just as the bunch was coming in , they all said in union hell no you one of us now they moved it right in the middle ... We might. Get hungry later I giggled and went right to sleep know I was going to need me rest.

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