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Nashville Nights an IR Hot TalePart 2 by CocoAllen

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Hello-it's been a few years since I wrote the first installment of my erotic night in Nashville and it was well received.There are 2 exciting parts to the end of this erotic tale. The end of Part 1 ended like this:

?Then she said, ?I am going to fuck that big hot dick of yours and cum all over it and let you take my hot pussy and ass?... even her ass was wet at this time?.

And now 2 part story will begin.

So,She climbed up on my now saliva coated black dick with the sexiest shaved white pussy I have ever seen?it was like a flower that was wet all over-she grabbed my dick looked into my eyes and said??you hot sexy black fucker, i am going to fuck this hot dick like it will be the last fuck of my life(and well it was true to a point-I was her first brother she had ever had)?she raised her phat sexy azz over me-looked back at her husband and said ?baby, watch me fuck this dark dick real good for you? and he said ?go ahead you hot slut, its what you have been wanting for over 4 years?. At that point she begin to slide down on my dick, inch by inch-very slowly-at one time I heard her sigh, like she was mad she couldn?t take it in one sitting and I gave her that look like ?I told you so? then she gave me a look that could kill?as to say ?I am going to make love to you and this dick-I am gonna make you remember this hot white pussy for the rest of your fucking life?

Well, I didn?t say a word after that-because for some reason I felt a strange feeling inside me. And that feeling was that this was not going to be a quick hot IR fuck?.that she really wanted to get into it,wanted me to enjoy her, make love to her, take her, hold her, love her and make her feel special?(well she was a southern Belle)? as soon as she begin to fuck me I felt what was in her soul?she looked deep into my eyes on every thrust. Yes, she was in total control, her eyes were watery, her body starting to relax and felt evolved to feel nourished.

After about 10 minutes she cursed at me??you fucking sexy black fucker ?Im Cumming?I?m cumming??.?OMG your cock is making me cum ?.and my gawd...she came like a fucking hot flowing river-some of it even squirted in my face(since she was on top of me) She had her hands on my thighs, straddling me cowgirl style and her back was so arched I though it would break ,as I felt her body shaking and convulsing on my dick?.For a moment her hubby came over to her to see what was wrong?and she told him nothing-get back over there and sit down?she was hot, passionate frantic, going out of her mind, wild with an ager of passion still electrifying her sexy white body?Then she leaned in to kiss me?

It was not a regular kiss, it was am I am in love with you kiss-A, I want you kiss- , I need you type of kiss. Then the tears flowed into her eyes, telling me she had never experienced and orgasm like that in her life and that it scared her and made her nervous-that she was truly falling in love with the feelings that I had just given her. Saying most men never make her come and they never last long at all-which I could understand her pussy has a sucking motion inside of it while she road a cock-like it could suck the cum right out of you in seconds.(why she was so cocky, this was stated in Part 1 of our story)

I then comforted her, spooning with her, telling her that its alright-that you were experiencing something special and unique and that it can get a bit emotional-but that you are here to enjoy yourself and that your husband has allowed you to truly let go and enjoy the moment. I could feel her heart racing like a fucking race horse---something was going on for sure. Then as her husband approached her-she said that she was sorry that she got so emotional?and he said that it was ok?and that he told her that He had selected a brother that was gong to give you the most dynamic experience of your life?and that?s what he wanted

?..then she said to her hubby ?but baby I came so hard and so quick and they other times we have played with a few white guys and couples-I never felt this way??.He said he knew this and thats why I wanted something different and special for her, to humble you -because you were beginning to think outside of yourself?.then he and l laughed and told her-that?s what you get for thinking that you are the hottest slut around? After this, I turned her on her back ,put her limp legs on my shoulders. As I did her hubby said,? well Brenny get ready for a long night of hot emotional sex?. And then I proceeded to give this hot little slut the hot black man fucking of her life. I must have pounded her pussy for over an hour she came at least twice more, always looking deep into my eyes while she got fucked.

When I told her I was about to cum, under her exhausted breathe I could barley her herself say ?about time?. I told her I was going to cum deep inside your white pussy-then she looked at her hubby, and he said yeah slut take that hot black cum in your slutty pussy for me---she was so hot, trying to say ,to hubby and me [she?s never allowed a person to cum inside her] but she was too wet ,too hot to far over the edge to resist my thrust inside her at this point to resist my carnal thrusting?s deep inside her, almost now, limp body-So I looked deep in her eyes and blasted a quart of cum into her. She screamed out??OH GAWD, I CAN FEEL HIS BLACK CUM SHOOTING IN MY BODY?-which triggered another orgasm out of this hot southern belle AND SHE SCREAM ?YOU HOT BLACK FUCKER WHAT ARE YOU DOING TO ME!?

After it was over I told her-I am doing everything you ever wanted a brother to do to you-I am going to make your fantasies cum true baby girl. She smiled and said ?that?s what I am sooo afraid of,baby-the way you are making me feel?.

We did so much inside that hotel it was crazy-we ran up and down the halls naked chasing each other like kids-I fucked her in the hallway for minutes on end-another time while she was bend over in the hall window looking down on the Nashville Hockey Arena-she got down on her knee?s in another hallway and sucked my dick for 5 minutes, looking up to me as if to gain my approval and another time I bend her over in the hallway outside my door-knocked on it and hubby answered it seeing his wife getting fucked in the ass as she was bent over ,with him watching us?(nope we didn?t get caught neither!) lol I am so glad I had room service ?she soaked that bed beyond the mattress- and the next morning I had it changed saying I dropped a picture of water on it(LOL) what a hot white slut she was!! All of this fun I thought-with hardly no drinks and no drugs-just pure emotion and hype between to kids(lol)?.


?They took me out to a local swing club in Nashville were they knew the owner(yep its probably the one you are thinking of) they picked me up from my hotel?on the way there she climbed in the back seat so we could fool around a little bit-we walked into the club looking very nice, I picked her outfit...she had on a short skirt barley covering her azz 5 inch black high heels, no panties and a shear blouse with no bra(I had her almost naked) and she said that even as daring as she was-I was pushing her buttons over and over-taking her way out of her comfort zone. But by now she was loving every minute of it?

So there we are sitting at a table having a few drinks and about 1 hour later after they introduced me to some nice people and took me for a tour. it was getting a bit crowed-and so was the dance floor. She had danced with a few people already and her hubby and I took in some of the sights and had some good conversation?when she came back to the table a song by the Pussy Cat Dolls came on ?Pushing all my buttons?(a song I will never ever, ever forget even to this day?)

So we decided to get up and go for a dance the floor had about 20 or more couples dancing-when she told me that?s the song really gets her horny(and I can see why-it?s a very exotic song-I liked it ,too) and when she said that I slid a few finger under her dress to fins a moist pussy!?I then asked how horny does it get you? And she said well?.and I said well...horny enough to suck this black dick right on the dance floor?and she said?she there you go again-taking me out of my comfort zone making do dares that I can?t resist doing with you?So I said...well you are talking too much you need to get on your knees and suck it for everybody in here to see?

?then she gave me that ?I am going to suck and fuck the shit out of your hot black ass look?(again)?and if I be daymed, she got down on her knees moved a few people out the way, pulled my pants down to my ankles, told me to pull it out(which I did) and begin to suck my dick into her pretty mouth.

Even I was like ?this, little white slut, is crazy? and it felt good?the song ended but she kept sucking it and it was feeling good after the next song ended. She was still sucking it and gathered a small crowd standing around us-which turned us both on even more-and her husband being the cool guy he was just taking it all in having a few drink and totally relaxed about it all.

So ,4 songs later she is still sucking my dick?she now gets off her knee?s and says I need to fuck that black dick-lets go to a room?and I said ?fuck a room? lets do it right here on this middle stage in front of everyone(as I laughed) she hesitated an said ?Gosh ,you are sooo fucking crazy? and I said ?No!, your hot slutty azz is crazy, now, drop your dress climb up on that stage so I can fuck you in front of everybody here??And that?s exactly what she did?

She spread her legs wide for who cared to see-one guy nearly spilled a drink and I saw another woman truly fix on Brenny-watching her every move-which must have had her hot as well. I slid deep into her and she came hard,not even 10 pussy pumps later, instantly squirting her juices all on the stage as I heard one girl say ?OMG ,he?s got her excited?

On seeing this, I called her over, she walked directly over to me and I took her mouth, gave her a deep tongue kiss while inside Brenny and stuck my hands up under her dress and fingered her hot wet shaved pussy with 2 fingers for a few minutes before she took my fingers put them in her mouth then said she had to go get fucked her self?.Now ,some 25 songs have gone by-when out of nowhere comes the Pussy Cat Dolls song again?and we looked at each other and really got into the fucking again? people had gathered around us-some people were mad at us for making a scene a few people told the owner as we heard later-but he was like-this is a swing club and though fucking is normally confined to the back rooms-there is no rule for not fucking on the dance floor?so he did absolutely nothing-but come by for a second to view the action then left-shaking his head!

?. More than an hour has gone by and we are still fucking she has come over 3 or 4 times the stage is wet, and so is all her clothes by now, my dick is feeling good and so is she ?she is loving the attention?a few people wanted to intervene?but she and I were like-?No, beat it-this is our fun!? one really cute single girl came up and asked if she could join ans I told her to get in a 69 position and lick my cock and her pussy at the same time, She did!-Brenny made her cum hard and I stuck my cock in hr mouth and she sucked the juice from our love making session and told us thanks and that if not busy later she would like to join us again?and that maybe she could sample my cock deep inside, Brenny said sure ,once I finish with him I can share-but it might be a while! She said cool and left!

Another woman came up to my feeling on my ass-she was not my type at all?but I allowed for it for a few minutes and she left-some guy came up to her and was sucking her toes for 15 minutes or so this made her cum again and she smiled at me again as I continued fucking her?It was our world. our party our fun and you had to be invited in (lol)

Another hour went by-and yes we were still fucking on the dance floor, others who were there watching earlier came back to see us, still on that stage fucking each other like crazed animals (some even commented saying they must be nymphomaniacs).

And wouldn?t you know it that same Pussy Cat Dolls song came back on and we were still fucking. At that time I told her and everyone that I was about to come in my hot slut-at that time a girl got behind me spread my ass and began to lick it for all it was worth while another girl was kissing me deeply another guy was sucking her tits?minutes later I feel my little hot Breeny suck my dick with those hot pussy muscles and shot all my Hot seed deep inside her pussy it was so much it leaked out of her and onto the dance floor like hot cream oozing out of a biscuit?one girl got down on her knees and licked Brenny and my dick at the same time, many couple applauded(saying they had never seen two people fuck for so long) and another guy came up to me and asked if he could have her ,which I politely said. No thank you!

Then I stuck my dick back inside her after the girl cleaned us both up?the crowd began to disburse and hubby came over to say he had never witnessed anything like that in his life-I think we had fucked for close to 3 hours-it was so dayum exciting-then I pulled up my pants and couldn?t find my underwear-guess somebody took them and Brenny top was missing as well (lol)..What a fucking Hot Nashville night!!

See the cert yourself,this what makes this lifestyle so fun,being with fun erotic couples that truly make life happens and like to explore.If sincere,contact me

COCOALLEN Read Part 1-called ?Nashville Nights A Sexy White Slut??

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