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My two bi-guys!

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When the knock at the door came we both jumped then laughed at each other. We knew we were expecting a guest but the anticipation had got the better of us and we were a bundle of excited nerves. Ryan got up to answer the door while I tried to appear calm and collected pouring wine for everyone. I so hoped that Sam liked my outfit, i had pined over the perfect thing to show off my assets. I finally decided on a black halter dress that pushed my 40DDD breasts up, almost spilling out over the neck line, pulling in tight on my waist and hugging my round hips and cupping my ass. I had partially made this choice because I felt it flattered my full, hourglass figure but also for ease of accessibility. I grabbed the drinks and handed them out, greeting Sam with a friendly kiss on the check, leaving a small touch of my red lipstick, and hug but making sure to press my breasts firmly against him. We all took seats Ryan sitting adjacent to Sam and myself. I sat real close, our thighs pressing together, crossing my leg so it brushed against him. I leaned in with my arm behind him as we made small talk and drank. My breasts gently touching his arm. I put my glass down on the table so I could lightly run my fingers up and down the length of his thigh. I could tell he was struggling to keep up conversation at this point, as my hand worked it's way higher and higher with every stroke, I could see a visible bulge in his pants now. The thought that I was turning him on made me start to tingle, my nipples got hard and i pressed them against him as i leaned in to kiss him on the neck. Ryan was getting visibly erect too watching me tease Sam as he stumbled over his words. I breathed against his neck under his ear then gave a soft kiss. He had goose bumps now and all conversation had ceased. The hand I was using to stroke his thigh I slide casually over his cock as it strained against the inside of his pants, up over his chest and around the other side of his neck. I was kissing lightly biting his neck and breathing in his ear. I moved my leg up and over his so our thighs rubbed. Sam was breathing harder, he wrapped his hand around my back and gently guided me to straddle him. I threw my leg all the way over him hiking my dress up so now my wet panties pressed against his erection. He slide his hips to be in a better position under me. With my hands on his shoulders i pressed my breasts, with my nipples poking hard through the material, up to his face and he buried in letting out a moan. Ryan came up behind me and pressed is hard cock against my back, he had taken off his pants and now his boxer briefs held tight to the shape of his dick as it rubbed against me. With one small tug he untied my dress. He ran his hands along my breasts freeing them from the material so Sam could kiss and lick my hard nipples. I was so wet and grinding on Sam as he sucked my nipples and Ryan was kissing and biting my neck, his stubble tickling me and making me even more wet. God I was so turned on, I wanted it so bad. I was struggling to undo Sams button on is pants but they were stressed so tight against his dick. Finally, I got them undone and zipped down, the head of his hot cock was throbbing and sticking up past the waist band of his boxers. I got up off Sam and Ryan and i undressed him. First his shoes and socks, then slid his pants and boxers down and off. Sam took off his shirt and sat now naked on our couch. I slipped my dress off my hips exposing my lace panties now soaking and pressed between my pussy lips from all the grinding. Ryan took his underwear and shirt off and watched with his dick in his hand as i got down on my knees in front of Sam and ran my hands up along the inside of his thighs to his dick but I passed it and continued all the way to the back of his head, kissing his body as i went along, being sure to avoid his cock but brushing it with my tits. His precum made little wet dots on my tits and stomach as the head of his dick slide over my body. I leaned over him letting the head of his penis rub against my wet panties then worked back down again. This time I stopped at his pulsing erection as it begged to be touched. Ryan stood slightly to my side the whole time lightly rubbing his cock with one hand and touching my ass and body with the other. I could feel his penis brush against my hip as I moved over Sam. On my knees again in front of Sam I worked my way all around his shaft and balls. He was shaven clean making his 8 inches seem even bigger. I was letting him feel my breath on his dick then I lightly touched my lips to the head of his penis, tasting the saltiness of his pre cum. Ryan was now pressing his cock hard against me as he started to slip is hand from off my ass to between my legs, rubbing is hand over my pussy. I felt him start to slip my wet panties down off me and I helped lift my knees to get them entirely off. I was now making small circles around the head of Sams cock with my tongue licking down the shaft to get it wet and slippery, Sam was breathing hard moving his hips around dying for me to take him into my mouth. I grabbed his thick cock with my hand and gave a little squeeze and slipped his head into my mouth with a suck. Then slid all the way down to the base, running my tongue along the shaft as I did, sucking hard. He groaned, ?god? as I began to work his cock. Ryan was on his knees now too behind me pressing his hard cock against my thigh, kissing and biting my ass as he slipped his fingers along my pussy lips, brushing my clit, my juices coating his hand. I was slurping on Sams cock as he started to thrust his hips against my mouth reaching to my tits, tweaking my nipples. Ryan spread my knees apart and lay down under me, pulling my dripping pussy down onto his face. He first gently prodded my pussy lips with his tongue then pressed his face hard into it. Sucking my clit, flicking it with his tongue. I could hardly concentrate on Sam. Ryan slipped a finger in to my pussy and stroked from the inside. I couldn't take it anymore, it felt so good I stopped sucking Sam and ground my pussy against Ryan?s face. His tongue slipping fast over my clit. I was moaning loudly know biting the couch cushion. ?Oh yeah, uh huh, like that!? Sam got up from the couch and came around behind us. Ryan was grabbing my ass with both hands utterly feasting on my pussy, juice was running out his mouth. Sam knelt down between Ryan's legs, his cock standing hard as he ate me out. Sam touched Ryan?s thighs first letting him know he was there, I could tell something was going on because Ryan's pace had slowed. He had never had a bi-sexual experience but wanted to and now he was going to get it. Sam grabbed Ryan's shaft and leaned down swallowing his cock. He was sucking hard, spilling spit down the shaft, he stopped and began jerking him off slowly as he took one of his balls in to his mouth, gently licking it. Ryan moaned into my pussy. Sam took Ryan?s throbbing cock back into his mouth working fast up and down sucking, slurping and licking. Soon Ryan had stopped eating my pussy all together as he was distracted, building up, pushing more of his cock into Sam?s mouth. ?Oh god!? Ryan?s body tensed up as he shot his hot load into Sam?s mouth. Cum dripped down his shaft as it spilled out of Sams mouth and over is hand. I had watched these last moments of my husband getting his dick sucked by a man for the first time and I was so turned on! Sam got up, cum still on his chin and fingers and walked over to me, sitting naked on the couch. He leaned over and put his fingers to my mouth and I sucked the cum off of them. I pulled him down to me and licked the rest of the cum from his chin and kissed him hard slipping our tongues into each others mouths. I could taste the warm cum on his tongue and it turned me on so much my pussy was throbbing. I wanted to be fucked, hard, now! I broke the kiss and immediately grabbed Sams dick and sucked it hard. I was veracious. He grabbed the back of the couch to steady himself and straddled my head as I sat on the couch. He began to fuck my mouth hard, I grabbed his ass and pulled him to me. I gagged on his firm cock as his balls hit my chin over and over. Ryan came over and knelt down between my legs and lapped at my clit with his tongue, working over every inch, sucking it and flicking it faster and faster. My pussy was aching for hot cock in it! i thrust my hips and rubbed against his mouth trying to fuck my self with his tongue. Ryan grabbed my hips and slid me down so my ass hung off the edge of the couch, exposing me fully. Sam had pulled his cock out of my mouth when Ryan slid me down. He now knelt on the couch next to me as I continued to suck him, licking up and down his shaft, sucking his balls. I could feel the warm head of Ryan's penis rub against my wet clit. It felt so soft and smooth and I just wanted it in me, I wanted him to fuck my juicy pussy while Sam fucked my mouth. He slipped his cock in slowly at first then with a hard thrust. I gasped a little, it felt so good. He slowly pulled out to just the tip and the gave another hard thrust sending shivers through me, "God!" my nipples hardened and I arched my back. He thrust faster and harder, slamming me against the couch. It hurt just a little but it felt so good at the same time. It made me suck Sam with more vigor. I cupped his balls and sucked his cock. With one hand i reached between Sams legs and rubbed his pert ass. Then stopped sucking his cock for only a moment to put a finger in my mouth to wet it. Then went back to sucking him off. I slid my hand around his balls and found his tight anus. I worked around the rim and he separated his legs a little to give me access, I slowly pushed my finger in his warm ass and he groaned and thrust into my mouth. I slipped my finger in as far as could and pulled out slowly, I kept fingering his ass as I sucked him. Ryan was really pounding me now and rubbing my clit with his thumb, i was writhing around on the couch barely maintaining pleasuring Sam. I stopped fingering Sams tight ass and sucking his cock. He stepped down to stand next to Ryan as he fucked me. I knew what was about to happen and it made me so turned on my pussy clenched around Ryan's cock, the sound of slapping skin as he railed me. Sam put his hand around the back of Ryan's head and pulled him to his erect dick, pushing the head of his penis passed his lips. Wow my husband was sucking a cock and I was so turned on watching it as he slowed his pace down fucking me. Sam directed him forcing his full length into Ryan's mouth. Ryan gagged a little but sucked hard and Sam slipped out with a pop. Ryan licked his balls never stopping thrusting into my now soaking pussy. "I want you both." I said and pushed away from Ryan and Sam pulled his cock away from him. They both looked at me pleased. Sam sat on the couch next to me and leaned back. I leaned over his stiff cock and a sloppily took it all into my mouth coating it in spit. I then got up and straddled him reverse cowgirl. I started to lower myself down and he spit in his hand and rubbed it on my anus. I slowly sat on his dick, pushing down as it entered my ass. It hurt a little but felt amazing. It sent a shiver through me as i got all the way to the base now sitting on his lap. I could feel his cock throb and I leaned back against his bare chest. He kissed and bit my neck as he reached around to play with my hard nipples, pinching and twisting them gently. He pushed his hips up into me and I gasped. It was like a bolt of lightning went through me and tingled in my pussy and clit. For a moment I thought I was gonna cum right then! Ryan licked my pussy, working my clit fast. I started to quiver and my muscles clenched in short jolts. "Fuck!" Ryan stood up and grabbed his cock guiding it to my pussy lips and pushing through. He put his hand on my hips and thrust in until he was at the base, his balls resting against Sams cock in my ass. "oh god" I moaned feeling both of their dicks pulsing in me. I had never done double penetration before and it was amazing. They both began moving slowly in and out of my pussy and ass. Sam made small fast thrusts into my ass as Ryan gave long hard pumps. Ryan rubbed is thumb on my clit again as they reached a rhythm with each other. Sam was breathing hard against my neck, moaning "oh fuck." Ryan had picked up the pace and was pounding hard against my pussy. He slammed over and over and moaned loud with one last thrust he came and I could feel the warmth filling my pussy. He pulled out slowly and the cum trickled down to my ass and Sams cock. Ryan kept rubbing my clit as Sam picked up his pace now, faster and harder in my ass. I was bouncing on his cock, over come with ecstasy, my muscles tightened and I reached down and grabbed hard to Sams legs. "Oh god! I'm cumming!" I screamed gasping for breath, pussy quivered and my orgasm broke filling me with a rush. My pussy was now filled with Ryan's and my cum and they ran out on to Sam as he kept bouncing me on his cock. My ass slick and wet now, i couldn't take it anymore, I was still orgasmic with every stroke of his dick into my ass. I was sitting upright on his lap now and he grabbed my waist hard and gave short rapid thrusts into my ass. "God!" I was screaming, it felt so good I was out of breath. "Ugh!" He shouted and I felt his cock throb hard as it filled my ass with cum. He pressed up hard, his muscles tense. His legs began to shake and he relaxed back into the couch. His cum ran down his cock. I stood up sliding his still throbbing cock out of my cum filled ass. Ryan was standing in front of me, having watched Sam fuck his wife in the ass he smiled at our experience. I kissed him passionately as I felt all of our cum running down my thigh. We laughed, breathing heavy. "Great?" Ryan asked. "Yeah."

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