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My Wife Audition

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Me And wife are happily married couple. We have great sex life. She is hot standing 5'5" tall 130 lbs great ass and legs she is just hot. lateley she has been feeling she is ugly and not pretty even thou I tell her she is hot all i get is your just saying that.I even point out how other men stare at her in store and stuff she won't believe it.

We have been in the life style for while now. We have many fantasy we wish to fulfill. So I was checking out the adds on site when I found add. It said hot women wanted for bachlour party. I clicked on it and read it. In short it bascialy said that they were looking for hot women for there bachlour party she must be hot and love sex. I know they were younger than us but my wife fit there discreption.So i sent reply and i got responses back after few emails back and fourth and few g rated pics. We exchanged numbers and we talking on the phone. The guy Todd explained that they thought she was hot and things looked good . I explained the only condition would be i have to be present and i was only one to take pics and video.. Todd said he would talk to others and get back to me Few days later i got text from Todd saying that he spoke to the others and my conditions would be fine.. Todd explained that that hi and three others wanted to meet us for drinks to insure we are real. that they have recieved bunch of fake replys and that time he would give us the date and place. I told Todd we dont meet like that but if they wished they could come to our home and we can meet each other and stuff.. Todd said he would get back to me.. With in few minutes i got reply from him thats fine. I sent him the address and its was set for saturday afternoon.

Well Saturday morning i received text from Todd make sure we still set i said yes. Todd then said he would be comming along with Tom Frank and Sid and could they bring anything. I said what ever you guys want. By now y wife carol is asking me who is texting me i told her just people fro work there was question about something is all. I said to Carol why dont you go tanning this afternoon cause i have few things around the house to do. She jumped at that she loves to tan so that was easy...

Well 2 O'clock gae and carol came out and said she was leaving. I told her okay I told her that some guys were stopping buy and then i was all hers . carol sled as she got in the car and left.

At 3 pm I got text from todd they were about 20 minutes away. carol then texted she was leaving tanning and stopping at store in be home in hour . A car pulled into drive way I came out and guy introduced himself as Todd about 5'11 175 lbs nice build then todd introduced me into Sid about 6'4"and then Frank came up and introduce him self . he was 6'0" and again nice build and then Tom 6'6" 180 and built. I thought to my self Carol is going to love these guys young and as she says hot. we went inside and talk little and poured some drinks.

Well about 45 inutes later carol came home and i could just tell she was very pleased at what she saw. I introduced everyone and we all chatted laughed for while. carol was still in her sundress. Banter went back and fourth with the guys and carol. She was having fun teasing back with them. Todd the whole time said she was perfect. Thats when Carol came and sat on my lap sid said that not fair Carol looked at me and i said well he is right . She got up walked over to sid and sat on his lap she sat there and then started wiggle her as in his crotch after few minutes she said okay who is next . carol got up and then went to todd in the same fashion wiggled her ass in his lap and this tie she pointed to frank went over and sat on his lap and grind her ass in his lap.after few minute she gets up and walks over to Tom she looked at me I smiled she stood in front of Tom reached down and pulled her sundress over her hear revieling her hot body and her brink pink bra and thong. Carol this time face Tom as she lowerd her self into his lap grinding rubbing her breast in his face grinding his crotch with that she leaned in to give him a kiss and at the last inute as he was ready to recieve her kiss she stopped and said not yet. for few more minutes we all sat there and watched her tease him.Frank was so into it that now he was griding right back .

carol stopped and got off his lap sat down in chair looked at Sid and with her finger she jestered for him to come to her. Sid almost tripped as he tried to run to her. Carol looked at Sid as he stood in front of her she said would you mind seeing if my pussy is wet he reach down moved her thong to the side and started oving finger in and out of her pussy she looked at him well is it.Sid respond yes it is she leans back more in the chair and ask hi how wet he answers very wet . carol now says you know you can put another finger in as Sid does she lets out big gasp and her head is now resting on the back of the chair she is grinding her pussy into sids hand as you hear the gasp of joy from her mouth. She now say oh go taste my sweet pussy sid kneels and as he kneels she looks at todd and say come here he comes over she tells todd come on let me see what you got as he is dropping his pants Sid was kneeled in front of her and he pushed the thong to one side and his tongue hit her pussy lips she lets out big gasp as her back arches up wards as she reaches with her right hand out and grabs todd cock she is now stroking todds cock and pushing her pussy hard agianst Sids face. Moans of joy are comming fro here mouth and she is stroking Todds cock faster now she leans over spits on his cock and countinues to stroke it faster. i am sitting there watching carol arching her back and stroke todds cock all in rythum with sids tonuge. carol is trying to talk but she is in some what of bliss. So i look at frank and tell him what you waiting for. he jumps up drops his pants and runs to carols left side . She is telling sid how good it feels and telling him to ove his tongue faster and all in the same time leans over spits on franks cock whie still stroking todds cock and starts stroking franks as she is saying to sid that it. all atonce she tries to lean over to put todds cock in her outh and cant reach after few attemps she say we have to go inside were there is more room We all head in side me and Tom sit on the sofa Carol now has Todd lay on the floor she strandle his face. As she lowers her pussy down to his face she ask Todd if he wants to taste that sweet pussy. once Todds tongue hits she lets out loud moan of joy Sid stands on her right side she is spitting on his cock as she starts to stroke it and then she spits on franks cock and starts stroking him she is moaning as todds tongue is licking that pussy she is gridding her pussy into his face . moaning she leans over to to Sid and starts to put his cock in her mouth all long she still stroking frank and griding todd she turns and takes franks cock into her outh stroking sid back and fourth each time taking cocks deeper into her mouth . Sid cant take it any more and explodes she swallows every drop and then Frank explodes and she gets right down on his cock to swallow every drop and then she explodes. She pulls fro franks cock as she lets out big ohh yaaa ... you can hear Todd slurping every last drop of her juices . she getts up and sits in chair for inute and pulls tood over and starts sucking his cock did not take hi long before he explode in her mouth and she drinks every drop.

She looks at us all and says she will be right back needs to shower real fast. Tood and Sid and Frank get dressed and about ten minutes later carol appears in black see throuh robe and blue bra and thong. She walk over to the center of of all of us and she says i hope you all enjoyed . the hell ya and hot were the words they said. Carol then says you three stay here and walks up to To and gives him the deep kiss he wanted ealier after few moments she raises her head and says to Tom i saved you for last cause i want you bad. grabs his hand pulls him up to follow her. as she is leading hi up stairs she says to me you comming honey. i hand the remote to the tv to todd and head up the stairs behind them. We get into the bedroo she must have lite candles while she was up stairs cause they were lite through out the room. She tells me close the door and as i turn from doing so she gives me big kiss and hands me video camera, she says you know you always told me tell you when i want to fuck some guy well honey I realy want to fuck Tom and i mean fuck him good . I look at her and smile she walks over to Tom and starts kissing him as she pulls at his shirt. Tom helps her pull it over his head to expose his perfect built body carol is rubbing her hands all over his chest kissing it saying thank you honey for this she pulls at his pants and drops them to the floor she is rubbing his cock now through his underwear i can can she is hot for this guy. Tom and Carol are kissing and panting at each other ass she begins to kiss his chest again running the blade of her tongue down past his belly button pulling his underwear off as she begins to kneel. Once she is down on both knees she is running the blade of her tongue down each side of Toms cock as she hold his cock between the palms of her hands. you can see the bright blue nail polish kinda glowing with the candle light. She runs the blade of her tongue up one side of Toms cock licking across the head and down the other side. Then all at once she pulls back and looks up at Tom and smiles as then she begins to take his cock in her mouth Tom lets out big Ahh as she r*ped here lips around his cock everytime she came up she went back down farther. Carol is now rubing her hands all up and down Toms body as she is moaning as she sucks his cock . Tom is telling carol how great that feels and carol comes up and tells hi just wait best is yet to come and goes right back down on his cock . Tom is now rubing Carol head and his head is slightly tilted to the cieling.

All at once he pulls her up to her feet and he helps her to the bed she lays on the bed they again kiss deeply and he runs his tongue around her neck i hear carol moaning what sounds like oh yes but not sure he is running his tongue around the edge of her bra as his hands are working there way down in side her thong . He push one finger in her pussy telling her how wet she is she arches her head back as her stoach arches up she is rubbing his head as he is kissing her neck and lips. His hand know begins to slide her thong off Carol curls her legs to help she is in heat at this point as he slides down and carol spreads her legs wide open as To begins to lick and finger her pussy. She is pulling his head with her hands tighter into her pussy she is moaning telling To how bad sehe wants to fuck him. she is kinda screaming how great his tongue is and how great this feels When all at once she lets out the biggest yell i have ever heard fro her as she says she is coming .

Tom raises his head and carol waits moent and tells hi to lay down on his back she clibs on top of hi and reaches down and aligns Tos cock with here wet pussy and begins to have it enter her.carol letsout big moan as she takes toms cock in her telling him how great this feels she slowly goes up and down each time she goes down she says fuck fuck me good she increase the speed she reaches behind her and unhooks her bra and tells him to pull those nipples. she yells harderas she increase speed up and down. To is telling her how great she fucks when she stops. I thought to my self oh no. She gets off and she says to Tom i want to fuck you good she reaches over to the night table opens top draw and takes out medui butt plug she lubes it up with baby oil as she is telling him how she loves to have her ass played with and she reaches around and pushes into her ass . i was like oh my god tom went from the look of shook to the look of holy shit she tells him to lay there as she turns her ass towards hi so he can see as see reaches around and works the plug slowly in and out of her ass . she is saying how great that feels and tells Tom to hold it right there she then pulls her body forward which makes the plug come out of her ass and then she pushes back to push itback in as Tom holds it there her hands are rubbing Toms legs and she starts to lick his cock she licks his balls and he is just in aww . carol is licking balls cock and going little farther when she stop and say hang on sec. She once again goes to the draw and gets bigger anal plug and lubes it up and hands it to Tom this time as he aligns it with her ass she is laying like she is kneeling as she pushes back She lets out big fuck as it enters her ass. i here her grount as she pushes it all the way in.And then once its in she pulls forward to ove it out after few times of this she says how great that feels and she goes back to licking his cock. all time she is licking his caock she telling hi how great it feels and what anal whore i have made her each time she goes faster and fater with her mouth and with pushing plug in and out.

she now has toms cock in her mouth moaning as she goes done on him and ass the plug goes in and out. Tom pulls the plug and tells her he cant take it no more he flips her over and spreads her legs and puts his cock into her. he fucking her fast and hard. carol is yelling to fuck her faster she raise her legs and holds them up so he can go deeper into her she loose it and grabs his back and diggs her nails in as she screas she is cuming Tom lets out grount and pushes deep and he shoots his load right into her.

carol pushes him up and gets on all fours on the bed and say come on fuck me fro behind. Tom gets behind her and pushes his cock again into that wet pussy again carol is pushing back against him as she is tell him to fuck this whore within minutes Tom cus again nd so there after carol cums again.As Carol goes to get up cu starts to run out of her pussy she puts her hand down to catch it and the licks it clean off her hand. Carol says yummie. exhasted they both fall to the bed.

tom gets up in few minutes and gets dressed carol raises up and ask for her robe. We go down stairs and every one says they had great time . todd hands e a card which has the date and time and place on it. carol as they leave ask me what did todd give you I told its more fun time with the fellas she smiles and says i hope so.She kisses me and says thank you and lets go to bed so we can watch the video.

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