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Me, my girlfriend and her little sister

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Oh my goodness. I’m guessing there are one or two sexual experiences in everyone’s life that just stand out above all others.

This one is mine…

Backstory: I was 23 and living in Atascadero California. It’s a small central California city near the ocean and I was building a landscaping business that I had started. I would often stop into a mom and pop grocery store around the corner from where I was living and there was a cashier working there that was simply stunning.

We chatted a couple of times when it wasn’t busy, but I wasn’t sure if she was interested in me or if she was just being polite. I stopped in early one Saturday afternoon and the store was deserted and we were talking about the Midnight Movie in San Luis Obispo (college town half an hour away) and I asked her if she’d like to go. She smiled and said that she had a boyfriend and couldn’t go, but she said, “Thank you so much for asking me!”

Huh? I’d been turned down before, but never like that so I made it a point to stop in again later in the day to see if she was still working, and to see if she may have changed her mind? Pretty unlikely, but with nothing to lose I went through her line and she says, “Is your offer for the movies still open”? I said of course, and she told me to meet her in the parking lot of the store at 11:00 PM.

Wow. Lucky me! I met her in the parking lot and she had a couple of wine coolers in her purse and we headed to the movies. During the movies we held hands, drank the wine coolers and had a nice time.

When the movie was over I took a chance. We had talked about Sycamore Hot Springs during the movie, a local hot springs a few miles away and without saying anything I drove toward the hot springs, which was the opposite way from taking her home. She had to know what I was doing and when we got there I asked if she wanted to go in and she smiled and said, “Sure”…

OMG. We got to our outdoor redwood hot tub and she started taking off her clothes. She had unbelievable firm “C” cups (she was 19 at the time) gorgeous huge nipples, tan skin and amazing pussy. I had to pinch myself because I thought this surely must be a dream? We fucked like bunnies for like the next three hours in every position we could think of. I’m sure others saw us but we didn’t care. I fucked her so hard when she was sitting on the edge of the redwood deck that she actually got some splinters in her back that she had to later explain to her boyfriend…

After devouring her pussy with my tongue she came multiple times and she finishes me off by sucking my cock until I exploded in her mouth and swallowing every last drop. We were both spent and I took her back to Atascadero and I wandered into my apartment at like 6:00 AM. My roommate, Leonard, woke up and asked me where I had been all night and I told him what happened. He almost died because he had seen the girl I was out with and he thought she was the hottest girl he had seen in a very long time…

So we continue to date and she explains that she cares for her BF, but his father is a doctor and he’s kinda spoiled and doesn’t have much direction and she was looking for something more. I need to say that in addition to being incredibly hot, she was also incredibly nice. And despite her beauty she had zero attitude. How often do you get that in a girl you’re dating? I told her to do what she thought best but of course I was really hoping she would choose me, and a few weeks later she told me that she had broken up with him.

She was a mess for a few days. They had been going out for like three years, his family knew her well and vice versa and her mom was disappointed that her daughter was missing the opportunity to marry a doctor’s son. She got a lot of grief from both families and while I was happy to be with her, I seriously felt bad for her situation, especially knowing I played a part in what was happening.

Fast forward a couple of weeks and she drops by unexpectedly when my roommate and I were watching TV. She was clearly tipsy and she was wearing a vest and painted on red pants. Nothing else. And she sat between us on the couch and almost immediately got touchy feely with me with my roommate is sitting right next to her. He’s noticing what’s happening and he really didn’t know what to do. Poor guy. He has the hots for her and she’s being frisky right next to him…

She takes it up a notch and starts rubbing my crotch. I’m hard as a rock and Leonard is trying his best not to stare, but he couldn’t help but glance over from time to time. I give Gail a look and she smiles, so I unbutton the top button of her vest.


So I unbutton the next button.

Again, nothing.

So I unbutton the last button and open her vest so Leonard could get a glimpse of her amazing tits and the look on his face was precious! Gail just smiles and I start playing with her tits and Leonard was going crazy and when I couldn’t stand it anymore I said, “Stand up”.

She did and I asked her to turn around and face us. She obeyed and I put my fingers on her zipper and said, “Do you want to do this?” and she said nothing and just smiled as I pulled her zipper down and slid off those incredible red pants. She took off her vest and just stood there. Completely naked. Leonard had his face buried in his hands not knowing what to do and I told him to scoot down the couch and I laid Gail down with her head on the armrest and I took down my pants and put my cock in her mouth.

I told Leonard to have fun and he took my queue and quickly got naked and spread her legs and he was in her pussy in nothing flat. None of this was in any planned or talked about. It just happened. Leonard fucked her for what seemed like an hour or more while she continued sucking my cock and we both came in her. I was still wanting more so I took her in the bedroom after Leonard pumped her pussy full of cum and fucked her again thinking about how sexy she looked with my cock in her mouth and her legs spread on the couch with Leonard's cock in her cunt and I blew another load in her already creamy pussy and we both fell asleep in each other's arms.

Somehow, watching her taking his cock and sucking on mine was simply amazing and I KNEW we would have a great relationship for a long time to come.

Fast forward again to three years later. We moved to Chico in northern California and I continued with my business and we were both taking classes and very busy and we needed a break so we drove to Napa Valley for a weekend and the car started running poorly on the way over. We took it to a little shop and while waiting for the mechanic to diagnose the problem, we had lunch and out of the blue Gail asked, “So what do you think about an open relationship”?

Wow. Didn’t see that coming. Was this her way of saying “Maybe we should just be friends”? She assured me there was nothing wrong and that she loved me very much. She just said that we both have very high sex drives and she thought that it might be fun to involve other people. I wasn’t sure so we settled on trying it, while giving either of us the option to opt out if we were uncomfortable. And for several months, that was that. We were both very busy with work and school and we simply didn’t have much time to pursue involving other people in our sex life so nothing happened until the end of the year when we went back to Atascadero to visit our families for Christmas.

Now for the story…: I hadn’t met Gail’s younger sister and when we were at her parent’s house she introduced me to Laura. She was 19 at the time and while Gail had blond hair and an olive complexion, her little sister had black hair and a darker complexion. I didn’t think much about it when we met, but I noticed she had a beautiful ass and I wondered a little about the lack of resemblance. More on that later…

A couple days later, we’re about to leave and Gail asks me if her sister could come back with us for a week. It was Winter break and she didn’t have classes and she had never been to northern California so I said sure. The honest truth is that while Laura was definitely cute, I didn’t give any thought to her sexually and we packed up the car and headed home.

The day after we arrived we were in the living room watching a video. We had a jug of cheap wine and we were all a little tipsy when Laura suggested playing Quarters. Gail and I don’t drink a lot and we were already tipsy, but we were relaxing and decided to take Laura up on her offer so she hunted up some quarters and we all started to play.

I was doing pretty well and winning far more than losing so the girls were doing most of the drinking. Even so, I was clearly getting drunk so I’m sure the girls were at least right there with me and I began having thoughts of fucking Gail silly so I made the excuse that I was tired and we got Laura set up with some blankets on the couch and we ran off to the bedroom, which was just off the living room a few feet from where Laura was sleeping.

As soon as we got in the room, off come our clothes. Gail is fingering her pussy and I’m alternating between fucking her, stroking my cock as she plays with her pussy and licking her sopping wet cunt.

Then it hit me. Gail’s little sister is like 15 feet from us in panties and a tee on the couch. I thought for several minutes about all the reasons I shouldn’t even think of asking Gail if she could join us, but I was so incredibly horny that I dipped my toe in the water.

“Remember when we were in Napa and you mentioned an open relationship?” She nodded as I was fucking her. “Is that something you’re still comfortable with?” She nodded again and I kept sliding my cock deeper into her pussy.

Thinking I would be immediately slapped if I broached the subject of her sister joining us, I kept fucking her until I just couldn’t stand it anymore and asked, “Do you think Laura would want to join us?” and I prepared for the worst. At best she would be pissed and stop fucking me and at worst…

“I’m not asking her” she said. “If you want to try, it’s on you”. OMG. Did I just hear that?? Shit. What to do now? I hadn’t expected her response and now I was thinking that if Gail didn’t slap me silly, surely Laura would if I asked her.

Moment of truth time. The thought of Gail and her sister was just too much to deal with and I would hate myself if I didn’t at least try, so I pull on my boxers and open the door to the living room. It was dark and Laura was curled up on the couch and I sat next to her and said, “Gail and I are having some fun in our bedroom and I was wondering if”…I didn’t even get to complete my sentence and Laura pulled off her tee and walked into the bedroom ahead of me in only her panties!

Holy Crap!

By this time Gail was on the far side of the bed, lying on her side, with one leg up fingering her pussy. Laura sipped out of her panties on her way to the bed and she laid directly in the middle and spread her legs. This would be a good time to mention that Gail has a peculiarity. Her pubic bone protrudes in a way that I have never experienced and it makes her pussy very tight. I mention this because as soon as I started fucking Laura, I immediately noticed the same peculiarity. Damn, she was as tight as her big sister and there was no mistaking the fact they were sisters, physical resemblance or not!

I fucked Laura for a long long time and all the while Gail was playing with her pussy intently watching my cock pound her little sister’s wet cunt. But it gets better. I roll off Laura and lay on my side to the left of her. I pull her left leg over me and I slide my cock in her and I’m in a perfect position to suck on her left nipple as I’m fucking her and Gail can now get an even better view of my her little sister’s pussy being fucked.

I look up at Gail and smile and she smiles back. Just then I have an idea. Gail has told me how attracted she is to women but she’s never had the chance to indulge her fantasy. So I look Gail in the eye and then I look at Laura’s other nipple and then I look Gail back in the eye. Her eyes got big and it was obvious that she knew what I was suggesting and OMG…she did it! She bent over and sucked her little sister’s nipple! At that point I was wondering what her sister was thinking with her older sister’s boyfriend's cock in her, me sucking one nipple and Gail sucking her other nipple and at that moment she took her hand and started running it through Gail's hair.

Clearly she was enjoying this! What I would give for a picture of that moment!

And just when I thought I died and went to heaven, Laura gently pushed Gail down to her pussy.

Shit? Seriously??

Gail eagerly started licking Laura’s clit, but the angle wasn’t good because I was still fucking her so I just put the tip of my cock in Laura’s pussy to give Gail some maneuvering room. Laura started moaning and bucking her hips while holding Gail’s head close to her sopping pussy. She was cumming and I never wanted this to end. Gail stops for a moment and kisses me with her little sister’s pussy juice covering her lips just to give me a taste and went right back to licking her pussy.

Laura came several more times and we alternated with Gail licking her and me fucking her deep and hard. All the while Laura had her eyes closed while she took my cock pounding in her pussy and enjoyed her big sister’s tongue licking her swollen clit while I continued to suck her nipples. Gail had told me about the time when Laura was drunk and called her to pick her up from a friend’s house. When Gail arrived, Laura was in the shower and had just fucked a couple of guys. Seems getting tipsy and being slutty was what she liked doing and we were all too happy to indulge her budding kinky desires! And to top it off, Gail's first taste of pussy was her little sister's!

We were going at it for such a long time that the wine was catching up with me and I had to pee. Damn. I tried to ignore it but I really had to go so I grabbed a dildo from out nightstand and put it in Laura’s pussy and asked Gail to keep her busy until I got out of the bathroom.

When I returned, Laura was gone. I guess them moment was lost when I left and Laura excused herself and wandered back to the couch. I was still incredibly horny and I fucked Gail until I blew a huge load of warm cum in her sopping tight pussy. We were both still tipsy and exhausted but we had to change the bedding before we rolled over and went to sleep because the center of the bed where I was fucking Laura and the side of the bed where Gail was masturbating were completely soaked with cum and pussy juice.

Funny thing; the next morning we all acted like nothing had happened. And several months later I asked Gail is her and Laura had ever discussed that night and she said “No”. It was like it never took place. This was the turning point in our relationship and the sex got even hotter if that’s even possible.

Stay tuned!

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