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My First And Conting

Since i turned 13 i was a whore. I just liked to fuck, anyone almost anywhere. My story goes like this, lt was my b-day, Wasn't expecting that my brother, was inviting his buddies over, their was pot and some beer. One of his friends. i'll call steve, the other ?Bill~. The guys were pretty stoned. I'm already horney. i walk up to steve and i unzip his pants,out falls this beautiful throbing 8 inch cox. I litterly put his fingers in my pussy, i said finger fuck me. while he's busy with my pussy, bill sticks a finger up my ass. I went and got the vaseline greased up his dick, my ass has a 9 inch dick burried up to his balls slaming my virgin ass. oh god after the inital pain leaves. I crave to get fucked again.Steve has his hot member in my tight pussy.I got fucked real good . Now after about 30 min. I'm ready to go again. so the guys team up. I GET DOUBLE FUCKED FOR THE FIRST TIME. My brother filmed it. My next adventure i wan't to suck and fuck a german shepard. I wan't to putit on video. what a turn on....................

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