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Letting go

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"Come here."

He's not asking. He has pushed his chair away from his desk, sitting sprawled and relaxed. He still has his tie on but his hair is rumpled, end of the day hair. I'm on the other side and I have no idea what to do. Obey? Run? This might be the hottest thing I ever do or it might wreck me.

I look him right in the eyes. It's not a challenge. I'm looking for his confidence, and his interest in me. I'm perceptive, I can usually sort out wanton cruelty. I see desire, affection and amusement. I feel my nipples stiffen, I'm aware of every inch of my bra and I feel heat rising within me. I'm going to obey.

I stand. Do I close the door? Better not, he hasn't asked me to. If I'm going to take this all the way to edge, I have to trust him. I walk around the desk. All my clothes suddenly feel tight. I'm afraid if I keep looking at him, I'll lose control but I can't stop. I breathe, long and slow. This is too good to rush.

I walk right up to him, get right inside his personal space and his smile widens. He know he is running the show. He doesn't let me stand in front of him, I'm still moving when he reaches out, puts his hands on my hips and draws me onto him, my knees on either side of his legs. His hands are sliding up my back and his mouth is buried in my neck. I'm fighting not to moan and squirm, this is his play. But he feels my breathing quicken and the length of my torso pressing into him as hard as I can. His lips soften, he's working his way up my jaw, and his hands are in my hair but gentle now. He pulls back, strokes my cheek with his thumb and we lock eyes. That moment trembles forever and then his mouth is on mine and his tongue is in my mouth and I moan helplessly.

I don't know how long we are kissing, it's seconds or centuries and either could be true. He is pulling at the bottom of my shirt, I raise my arms in surrender and he pulls it over my head. He takes a moment to run his hands over the cups of my bra and then unfastens it, throwing it aside with an air of impatience. He goes straight for my breasts, cupping each one in his hands, nuzzling, then sucking each nipple deep into his mouth. My hands find the back of his head, I'm pushing myself into his mouth and grinding into him. I'm so worked up but I can't get enough friction on my clit to come. I swear he knows and he is loving the fact that he's making me crazy - wet and swollen. I push him back and his hands clamp down on my shoulders. No, he's not going to let me take charge. Not yet, anyway.

I run my hands down his arms, across his stomach and slide them across his stiff cock. For the first time, he groans and I feel his hips thrust toward my hand. I trace the outline of his cock through his clothes and he groans again, I feel his breath explode on my wet nipples. And I feel the power shift.

Keeping my left hand on his throbbing dick, I push his head back gently. All the way back, and he watches me from his half closed eyes. I see how hard he's breathing, I won't have long. I stop rubbing his cock, slide my hand up so I can slowly take off his tie. I unbutton just the top button of his shirt and cover his necks with kisses. I'm firm but gentle, he won't want to be dominated but I want him to know how fucking hot I think he is. I work my way up to his mouth and take charge for a while. I take the opportunity to get my hand on his cock again.

Finally, I stand up, still in his space. I unbutton my jeans and slide them off. All I'm wearing now is a tiny red lace thong and it's not leaving any of my swollen wet pussy to the imagination. I wait for his next command. He doesn't say a word. He just gets his cock out.

Here's my speciality. I drop to my knees, put my hands on his thighs. His stiff cock is out of the fly of his pants, I love it like this. I look him in the eyes and let him feel my breath and lips slide down the length of him. Breathing in his smell. Rubbing the soft skin of his gorgeous member across my face, over my lips, sliding my tongue back up to the head. I slowly take the head in my mouth and I feel his cock shudder. He's got quite a bit of pre-cum already, I'll have to go slow or this party will have an early ending. For a while, I work the head, lightly running my hands over his shaft. I'm making sure his cock gets wetter, and start working my mouth down the length. I get as much as I can in, I can feel the swollen head right at the back of my mouth. He pushes my head back. And his hands tighten slowly but inexorably in my hair. He makes me look at him.

"I want you to take it all."

I don't answer right away, I can't believe he is serious. I can't do that. I've gotten him so worked up that his cock is now even harder and more swollen than ever. I start to smile and laugh, I'm nervous. His expression does not change.

"I know you can do it. I'll tell you how. Trust me."

I know I'm going have to have him good and wet before I can manage it so I get to it. As I'm working his cock with my lips and tongue, he's slowly fucking my mouth, and I have to keep reminding myself to let go. He won't hurt me. He's pushing me further than I thought I could go. Testing my limits. He pushes me back. He stands and indicates he wants me in front of him but slightly lower than his cock.

"Look at me."

I obey.

He takes his cock and guides it to my mouth. He runs the head over my lips. He gently touches my face with his other hand, he knows how to get me to do what he says.

"Deep breath. Good girl."

He continues stroking my face while I open as far as I can to let him in.

"Relax, as much as you can. That's right..."

And before I know it, the head of his cock is somewhere deep in my throat, his shaft is filling my mouth, I can feel that his balls are pressed right up against my chin. I look up at his face, and that's when I can't hold out anymore. I barely run my fingers over my clit and my orgasm hits me like a freight train. He slides his shaft out of my me to let me breath and scream out my pleasure. And that's all he was waiting for.

"Deep breath. Come on."

And I gasp one more breath into my lungs when his huge cock slides straight down my throat.

"Look at me!" Hoarse, urgent.

I obey. He groans deeply and his dick begins to pulse. I can feel his come shooting straight down my throat. He has the back of my head in his hands and he is pumping me full of his hot load. It feels like he is coming forever but I manage to take it. He slides his still swollen cock out of me, releases my head. He pulls me to my feet, puts a finger under my chin.

"That's my girl." And smiles.

He reads the question in my face.

"Don't worry, I'll fuck you. Soon."

The end

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