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Labor Day Fun

We meet with 2 other couples, we had meet 1 of them from before. Had a drink the ladies went to the back and came out in in sexy outfits...gave the guys a eye full, had another drink...girls went and played,we tied one up and had our way with her...the guys came in and joined she had never been tied before...she did like.one of the guys started sucking on me fingering me, made me very very wet...i started squirting...i backed up on him and he fucked me hard with the hard pierced dick...thick and very nice, i wet the side of the bed and the floor under neath. He asked me to get on the bed and lay on my back. he started fucking me hard with my legs up, i told him to pull it out and slap that hard cock on my clit or lips, he did and i squirted again, he fucked me hard again, i told him to slap it again, he did....mmmmmmmmmmmmm. he fucked me again , i told him to slap it again...hell i squirted again. we all took a break.
we had another drink, went back to bedroom, fucked again. the females fucked again....licked, fingerd,sucked.
hell all of our hearts were pounding like hell...2 of the guys came back, fucked all again.We all left with a smile om our face....

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