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It Just Keeps Getting Better

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I am lying in bed, thinking about all of the happenings of the day. It started out just like any other Monday, with getting the kids up and off to school, followed by a trip to the gym. After a good workout, I headed home thinking of what the rest of my day may bring. As soon as I got home, I get an email from a guy I have been chatting with from the SLS website. Keith is his name. He is going to be in my area today and wants to meet for coffee. I tell him I would love to meet for coffee and see where it may lead. I suggest a coffee house that I didn't realize was closed. Great job Shelley! I get in touch with him and tell him to meet me at the Waffle House north of the interstate. I was waiting for him in my car. I see him pull up, and I get the butterflies in my stomach. Is he going to like me? Will he think I'm pretty and sexy? Will he want to fuck me? I get out if the car and meet him behind his truck. We hug and he asks me to get in the truck so we can talk. I can tell by the look on his face he approves. I hop in the truck and he immediately starts rubbing my leg with his fingers. I now know he really approves and would like to take this to the next level. We agree on a motel across the street.

He goes in to get the room, and I park behind the motel. I get out and meet him in the lobby. He walks me down to the room, and he lets me in. He leaves me there so he can go park his truck. All I can think about while he is gone is realizing how much easier this is getting. He will be back soon, and before you know it we will be kissing and naked.

He returns to the room. I'm standing by the bed, and he comes up to me and kisses my lips and then kisses my nose. He says I have a cute little nose. He starts unbuttoning his shirt, so I follow suit unbuttoning mine. I open the front if my shirt exposing my black lace push up bra. His eyes immediately focus down on my big tits. Distracted is what he said as he pulled one of my tits free from my bra. He leans down and puts my rock hard nipple in his mouth, nibbling on it oh so slightly. The ping of pain is pleasure. I feel my cunt come to life. It knows what is about to happen, and like a present on Christmas morning, it wants to be opened and played with.

We discard the rest of our clothes, and he leads me to the side of the bed. He lays me down on my back, having me put my butt right on the edge of the bed. He spreads my legs apart and there it is. His tongue licking the lips of my pussy. Mmmmmm. He licks the lips of my pussy up to my clit. That's it! My clit is the passion button that allows my senses to be heightened. The world is a better place when my clit is being licked and sucked. He thrusts his tongue deep inside my pussy. His tongue is strong, but not too strong. Just right. Mmmmmm. He puts my legs on his shoulders to allow him better access to my throbbing pussy. I start moving my hips up and down so I am fucking his face. Mmmmm. I don't think I would ever tire of anyone eating my pussy.

I look up and notice he is pumping his cock with his hand while he eats my pussy. There is nothing sexier than seeing a guy jack off, especially when he is thinking of me. There is no better compliment than to know a guy jacked off while thinking of me.

He removes his underwear and stands up by the side of the bed. He grabs my legs and pulls me even closer to the edge of the bed. He runs the head of his big hard cock along the slit of my slick cunt. He then thrusts his big hard cock deep inside my hot wet pussy. Mmmmm. The feeling of his big cock in my tight pussy is amazing. I can feel my pussy surrounding his big hard dick. He starts moving at a faster pace. He puts my tiny delicate feet on his chest as his cock slides in and out of me. He leans his head to one side and starts licking and sucking my toes. I love that. So sensual. He is over me and when I look up at him, he winks at me. What a sexy thing to do? I also notice that he is looking down where his cock is entering my pussy. He is watching his cock slide in and out of my hot wet pussy. I wish I could have that view. What I wouldn't give to see that? Mmmmmmm. It feels so good. How is it that this not only gets easier, but it just keeps getting better? I can feel it, the build up of tension in my pussy. I can't stand it any longer. My pussy quivers and I squirt as I cum. I still don't know how the hell it happens, but it does.

Keith has fucked me for so long and so good, my hands go numb. I don't want him to stop, but my body is telling me otherwise. He pumps a little faster and harder. I can feel his cock swelling inside of me. He is about to cum. He asks if I want him to cum inside my cunt or to pull out. I want him to fill my pussy up with his cum! His cock erupts inside my pussy, and I feel my pussy spasm at the same time. Oh yes! Oh yes! This is what it is all about.

He pulls out long enough to get a towel. Before I know it, he is back and putting his semi hard cock back in my pussy to liven it up again to its rock hard status. As he puts his cock in my pussy, I feel our cum oozing out of my pussy and dripping onto my asshole. Oh, it feels so good on my asshole. Mmmmmm. We start our motion again of fucking. Him in and out, me up and down. I try to swallow his cock with my pussy each thrust he makes. I want him to know I appreciate his big hard cock, and how it makes me feel. He reaches down and finds my clit with his fingers. It is so wet, and he starts to rub it. That's it, rub it, rub it some more. Don't stop rubbing my clit. Oh my gosh! That's it! I can't help it! I completely fall apart, and my body goes limp.

I have to get myself back under control. I ask for a "time out" to collect myself. He immediately comes to lay by my side to pet me, and bring me down from my high. He is constantly pumping his cock with his hand. I know he doesn't want to lose momentum once I've collected myself.

He pulls my feet back on his chest and starts fucking me. Really fucking me. He is hitting that spot deep down inside my pussy and it feels so good. He reaches down and starts to play with my tits. He leans down and puts one if my hard nipples in his mouth. The warmth on my rock hard nipple send happy feelings throughout my body. Mmmmm. I know he is going to come, and I and anticipating the feeling of his cock swelling up inside of me once more before he cums. That's it, cum for me baby! His cum fills my pussy one last time, and we are both satisfied with the events that weren't even planned. This has been so incredible! The feeling my body had was none like I have had before. It just keeps getting better.

We dress, tell one another we would like to do this again sometime. I know I can't wait for next time, because I want to hold his cock and suck him off. Mmmmmmm.

I get in my car and call my husband. I want to tell him of the events that have just happened. During our call, he informs me that he has left work early today. He says he couldn't wait to fuck me after being with Keith.

We get to the house, and can't get to the bedroom fast enough. He pulls me into his arms and kisses me passionately. His hands make their way to my tits. We undress quickly, and I lay on the bed like i was at the motel. Rodger brings his cock up to my mouth and sticks it in. I wrap my lips around his cock and take him all in. I love the taste and feel of his cock. There it is, the little bit if pre cum that I love so much. Mmmmm. He reaches his hand down to my pussy and starts playing with my clit. He then sticks his finger inside my pussy. I start moving my hips so i can fuck his hand. I cant take it any longer. I roll him over on his back and climb on top if him. I have to ride him. I lower my hot wet pussy onto his shaft. Oh yeah, that feels good. I go to town riding his cock until he cums inside if me. What a feeling knowing i had two guys fuck me and cum in my pussy in the same day. It just keeps getting better. ;)

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