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Innocent wife overcome by lust

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My wife and I had been married 20 years. AS the years went by our sex life slowed down. I wanted to spice it up and tried to get my wife to relax and get a little kinky without much success. After years of talking about it I finally got her to let me use a vibrator on her pussy and she loved it. Then I started talking to her about sex as we laid in bet and she started to open up.

I got her to confess what she and her old high school boyfriend had done sexually when they dated. I knew they dated for years and knew he must have been pressing her for sex. She started telling me about it and confessed that after 2 years of dating he would strip off her clothes except for her pantys and would strip to his underware and they would dry hump til she came. He gave her the first orgasm and after she had that experience she loved it. She said that was when she first began to masterbate too. She said he would rub is dick up and down the crack of her pussy and would put the head of his dick on her clit until she would finish.

The more she talked about it the hoter she got. She seemed to really get turned on thinking about it so I kept encouraging her.

From there i worked up to getting her to let me fuck her with a vibrating dildo and we would fantisize that it was her old boy friend fucking her.

After one of our sessions I ask her what turned her on so about our fanticy talk. She said that she was always so up tight about sex that when she fantisized it took her back to that young man with a hard dick and she would pretend that she gave in and let him fuck her which she said she never let him do back then. It was such a turn on to her.

After talking about it I asked her if she ever sucked his dick. She said no, i have never even seen another man's dick. That is when i asked her "arn't you curious to see a different dick than mine/" She admitted she was.

I found a porn site called "showyour dick" where guys would put picture of their dicks on line. I was amaized at how many dick pictures it had. I got my wife to go on line with me one night and i let her look at all the dicks. she was a little embarresed so i left the room. I bet she was in there an hour looks at all the dicks. When she came out she was so horney that we went to bed and she finished in record time. After she told me she had never seen an uncircumsized dick until she saw on in the pictures.

after a while of that one night i asked her if she would find it exciting to see a real dick in person. she said yes but she would never do it. after some talking I finally convinced her we could do it annomiously , she would check out a real dick with my permission and no one would ever know. it would just be a continuation of our fanticy sex which had improved our sex lives so much. She finally agreed.

Two weeks later i came home got in bed for some sex play, while she was still hot i told her i was going to make her wish come true. I told her that i had found a young college guy who need to make some cash and had not problem showing off his cock. The next friday evening we were going to meet him at a local hotel and i would be present but he would strip for her. She kepts saying we should not do this but i could tell she was turned on by the idea.

That friday evening we drove to the hotel. All the way she kept saying that we should not be ding this but was laughing at the same time. She was feel like a nasty girl.

I went in the hotel and registered while my wife stayed in the car. When i came out to get her I saw the college guy I had hired for the job. I didnt tell my wife but i told him she had a sheltered sex life and wanted to see another mans dick so we wanted him to strip for her. I also told him i wanted him to jack off while she watched. the other suppirse was that he had a big dick that was uncut.

I walked up to his car said hi. he was a nice looking young guy very preppy. I told him to come over and meet my wife. He walked over and as i introduced them i could tell my wife was totally embarresed but the young man was very mannerly and she was inpressed by his build and good looks.

My wife and i went to the room and told Steve,the college guy, to come up. When we got to the room my wife kept saying i dont know if i can do this. I told her to relax have a drink and i would control everything, not to worry.

Steve knocked on the door and we let him in. It was a little akward at first but we made small talk and after a 3rd round of drinks every one was feeling comfortable.

That is when I said, OK let get this started. Steve, I want you to take off your clothes sit on the bed and play with your dick so my wife can watch. WE will all get naked so it will not be uncomfortable for you. I will sit here in this chair and my wife will sit on the bed across from you so she will have a good view. Then I said, honey you go in the bathroom and take off your clothes while steve and i take ours off out here. And by the way honey, he has an uncircumsized penis, i wanted to supprise you.

my wife was totally embarresed but had enough drinks to make her relaxed. She went in the bathroom to get naked. Steve and I started getting undressed. He turned his back to take off his shirt, then his pants, then his underware. I notice that he had a firm miscular butt so i told him I wanted him to show it to my wife before he started jacking. He just shook his head yes.

my wife come out of the bath room with her hand cupped over her pussy, steve was naked on the bed and i was naked on the chair. I kidded her and said, we can still see it and laughed. it tended to relax everyone.

She sit on the side of the be across from steve. I told steve to stand up and show her his nice butt. He stood up turned around with his butt in front of my wife. She didnt know what to do or say so i said, this is a learning adventure, go ahead and feel it. She streached out both hands and cupped both cheeks of his ass and felt it. I could see steve dick get even harded that it already was when she started feeling his ass.

After a few minutes steve set on the bed across from my wife and began pumping on his big uncut dick. my wife eyes were big and she watched her first other man's dick and her first time seeing a man jack off. He had good foreskin that would pull all the way over the head of his dick as he pumped it.

I could tell steve was getting into it and his dick was getting harder. I could see the precum on top of his dick so i asked him to show it to my wife. I was supprised when he was showing it to her that she stuck her finger in the pre cum and rubbed it around talking about how slick it was.

I could tell my wife was really turned on my our fanticy session, I was as well. My dick had gotten hard and I stared jacking my dick as well. Soon my wife reached down and touched her pussy with her hand and soon she was masterbating herself both steve and I could see that her pussy was getting very wet from all the excitement.

For some reason my wife leaned back on the bed across from steve as he jacked off and began to rub her clit with her finger. That was when steve stood up while he was still stroking his dick. At first i though he stood up so that she could see his dick as she played with her pussy. then he got closer and i thought he was going to shoot off on her as he came. But then came the big supprise.

Suddenly steve grabbed my wifes legs and pushed them forward leaving he pussy exposed. Then he quickly guided his big uncut cock into her pussy with one quick push.

I could not believe it! Was this really happening? This young man with the muscular ass was fucking my wife as i watched. My wife had her legs up allowing him complete access and was screaming with passion. It was such a site that i almost immediately shot a load of cum from my dick.

Then, after i finish I had to sit there watching that muscular ass going up and down on my wife's pussy. I heard her beging to scream as she always does when she finished and soon after I heard steve start to make grunting noises signaling that he was pumping a big load of hot young cum in my wife's pussy.

I sit there in disbelief thinking "here i am sitting in a hotel room jacking off while watching a young guy fucking my wife. He first ever dick other than mine. And I thought what have I done? Now what will happen?

After a few minutes steve pulled his long dick out of my wife's pussy with a loud slerping sound. There was cum all over his dick and all over her pussy. Not knowing what to do Steve, without even wiping the cum and my wife's pussy juice off his dick, slipped on his pants and quickly walked out of the room.

Now me and my wife were alone. She had just experienced being fucked by another man, a young man with a big uncut dick. What would I say? What would she say?

For now there was only scilence.

To be continued....

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