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I Let My Guard Down

I’ve held off writing this story for almost nine months. Part of the reason for waiting was the embarrassment I felt. In fact, I’ve not shared this story with my wife for the same reasons. The reason for sharing the story now is more of a warning and more about telling a story of how one can get caught short or be so naïve that they let their guard down.

I work for a company doing marketing and as a consultant, which takes me to different part of the state of Iowa. Last October I was traveling near Omaha during the baseball playoffs. I scheduled my appointments to be done early and went to hit golf balls at the local golf course.

I finished hitting golf balls at the range around 3:30 and headed to the motel to watch the Cardinals play. The motel I was staying at had a bar that offered appetizers and I thought that would be a perfect way to watch the game. I finished my 2nd drink and continued with munchies when two young guys walked in and sat at the table next to me.

We struck up a conversation and they said they were huge Cardinal fans. Both guys said they were salesmen and were traveling through as well. I would have put their ages around the 30’s and they were fit, masculine looking guys. I’m in my mid-50’s and am in pretty good shape too as I hit the gym or run outside 3-4 times per week and play lots of golf when I’m not working out.

They invited me to join them at their table and I ordered another round of drinks. The game was progressing well and we exchanged a number of high fives when the Cardinals pulled ahead or made great plays. After each of us had bought a round I suggested that we move the party to my room and watch the end of the game up there. I brought a fifth of Seagram’s Stone Cherry along with me. Stone Cherry is very smooth and I drink it straight on the rocks.

The guys thought it was a great idea and they followed me to the room. After consuming a couple drinks I had to use the restroom. I completed nature’s calling and returned to my drink. The guys had poured themselves another drink and refreshed my drink while I was away.

That’s where the fun started – for them. I was never able to finish that last drink. About 2/3 the way through the lights went out for me. They had refreshed my drink all right and used some type of drug to knock me out.

I was out for a couple of hours and when I woke up I was shocked and stunned. First, I was lying naked in the middle of the bed. Now, I usually sleep naked so that wasn’t so unusual although waking up that way was weird. The taste in my mouth was unmistakable. I brought my hand to my mouth and the substance around my mouth, on my chin, and on my chest was cum.

I was horrified that I had just become someone’s whore. It only gets worse from here. I tried to move from the bed to the bathroom to clean up and the pain and soreness coming from my ass was noticeable. There was wetness accompanying the soreness. I wasn’t sure if I was bleeding or what the hell was going on so I reached to my ass and felt the substance. It was definitely a creamy substance but not crusty or sticky. I brought my fingers up to my nose and the smell was that of some lotion or shampoo. I found out that answer as well as I glanced over to the nightstand to see a motel shampoo conditioner bottle sitting next to the bed that they had used as a lubricant.

Trying to piece the night back together it became obvious what had occurred. I’d been drugged and taken advantage of. I couldn’t tell you how many times they traded off using my hole but they evidently pulled out and shot their loads in my mouth and on my face. What a nightmare!

I’ve never told my wife this story or authorities but did relay it to my doctor and got a blood test. Everything was fine health wise but emotionally it was devastating. It just shows how naïve one can be. I thought about how often this must happen to women but never dreamed the same type of violation could happen to a man. Again, that is very naïve on my part and I never saw it coming!

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