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  • New : Hotstuffs Thoughts On Love

Hotstuffs Thoughts On Love

My thoughts on what Love really means to me. Love means a total, deep commitment to another person. A deep commitment of mind, body and soul that is all powerful. It is so all consuming that there is hardly ever a time when not thinking of that person in one way or another. It means caring deeply for that person and wanting to please him in everyway possible. To fulfill his wants and needs at all times. To cherish every moment spent with him. To be his friend, helpmate, and lover whenever each is required. To lift him up if he is feeling down. To care for him if he is sick. To trust and respect him at all times. To know when he needs me and what he needs and craves. To crave him and noone else at all times. To want to learn everything about him from birth to present and know him completely. To know his thoughts and desires, his hopes and dreamz, his plans and goals. To be supportive and caring at all times without thought of self, only of him. To not be demanding or argumentative and not afraid to beg forgiveness when I fail to be what he wants and needs me to be. To listen and learn from him everything he has to teach and convey. Hopefully with this total commitment to him comes the same to me from him. But even if it doesn't it will not diminish my great, abiding, deep love for him. A Love that can and will last the rest of my life for my perfect Master, partner, lover, teacher, and friend. I Love You Master Inyourdreamz!

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