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Hot Night!

Last week I met up with a guy in his hotel room and had one of the sexiest experiences of my life. We chatted online some to see if there was chemistry first. When we realized we had common interests, we decided to meet up at his hotel. I wore a short skirt and sexy lingerie with no panties. He opened the door to his room and had the lights off and curtains closed. He wore only boxers. I knew we were getting right down to business. I asked him to sit on the couch and I proceeded to take out his semi hard cock. I kissed his balls and sucked his cock slowly before he proceeded to hold my head with both hands and thrust me down further and faster. I let him touch my wetness and he told me I had a beautiful little pussy. At that point he was ready to take me and slipped on a hat. I went to the bed and spread my legs allowing him to enter. He told me I was tight and thrust hard and deep. Then he bent me over and went it for a little while before pulling out taking off the condom and blowing all over my back. I immediately washed up, got dressed, we hugged and off I went. I loved the mystery of what I would find and the excitement of being with someone new. I'm glad we could help each other out like this. Can't wait to live out the next fantasy!

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