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High School Friend

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My wife Mary contacted me at work to ask about inviting her best friend from high school up for a week. She explained she was having a tough time with her boyfriend and had just ended their relationship. I knew her and Mary had been talking and texting quite a bit lately but figured if Mary wanted me to know she would tell me what it was about. I prefer that we do not get involved with our friends relationship issues because it seems to always blow up in your face. After Mary explained everything her friend, Diana, had been going through I reluctantly agreed to her visit.

About four days later Diana arrived and Mary went to pick her up from the airport. I figured while they were gone I would start dinner so it would be ready when they returned. About an hour later they arrived back home. Diana was the same age as us and was about 5?7? with blonde hair. The last time I saw her she was a little heavy but now whether from stress or exercise she was slim but still had her nice boobs. I asked what they wanted to drink Mary choose a Margarita and Diana a white wine. We sat down and enjoyed the dinner and some good conversation catching up on life.

After dinner the ladies retired to the family room to talk and I cleaned up the kitchen and retrieved Diana?s luggage from the car and placed it in the guest room. I made a pitcher of Margaritas and brought the bottle of wine with me to the family room. They were in a deep conversation on the couch so I just filled their glasses and sat down in a chair away from them to watch some TV.

After a few minutes Mary asked me to come over and sit with them and talk for a while. We discussed work, family life and such. As they both continued to drink the conversation started to loosen up some and the subject of sex came into it. Diana told Mary she was lucky to have someone who helped around the house, cooked, gave her massages and took care of her in the bedroom. Mary gave me a sheepish look letting me know she had been saying more to Diana then I expected. I jokingly asked Mary who Diana was talking about and we all started laughing.

Diana started to complain about how her back and neck hurt from the airplane ride and Mary asked me to give her a massage. Diana looked at me with a questioning look and I said, ?If she wants one then I will be glad to.? Diana agreed quickly and asked what she needed to do to help. I had her turn sideways on the sofa and got behind her. I started to rub her neck first just above her blouse. She seemed to be sitting awkwardly with her feet on the floor so Mary had her but her legs up on to Mary?s lap.

After a few minutes I worked my way down her back. Diana was letting out small sighs and moans as I continued to massage her. Mary suggested she remove her blouse so she could feel the massage better and I could work easier. I was surprised Mary suggested this and even more when Diana started to unbutton her blouse.

She had on a white sheer lacey bra that allowed her breasts to spill over the top a little. I could see this from the reflection in a mirror on the wall. I noticed Mary was staring at her chest too and was starting to look a little flush. I started back on the massage and worked her back and around to the sides of her breasts. She started to moan a little louder and longer when I did this. I then noticed Mary had started to massage her legs and was working from the calves up her legs to her thighs under Diana?s skirt.

I decided to see how far things could go and unhooked her bra. Diana just put her arms out and let it slide down them, then tossed it onto the floor. I started to work around to her front and massage her nice tits and lightly pinch and rub her hard nipples. Mary moved closer and started to massage further up under her skirt then leaned in and took one of Diana?s nipples in her mouth. Diana let out a loud moan and then grabbed Mary?s head and pulled it tight against her chest. She took her other hand and reached around behind her grabbing my hard cock through my pants.

Mary was no longer massaging Diana?s legs but instead was rubbing her pussy through her panties. Diana was moving her ass forward against Mary?s hand and had quickened the pace on my dick. Finally I stood up and removed my shirt, pants and underwear. I brought my dick around to Diana?s mouth. Diana licked my cock shaft down to my balls while rubbing and twisting her fist in a pumping motion over the head of my cock, and then she moved further down and licked and gently sucked my balls while stretching the sliding motion of her pump-twist on my cock to go all the way from my head to the base of my cock. Diana began sliding her lips sideways up and down the shaft of my cock increasing my anticipation every time her lips came close to my cockhead. She continued pumping my cock with her fist at the base and her tongue flicking away past her lips on my hard cock. Once her open mouth reached the top of my cock she washed her tongue over and around the head of my cock, rubbing the shaft along her bottom lip but not quite going down on me. My cock had grown a bit longer, quite a lot harder, and had swelled a bit thicker from pure lust and from her expert treatment, so much so that I was worried that if she went down on me now I would likely explode in her mouth.

Diana began sliding her mouth up and down the my shaft, from the head of my cock to as far down the shaft she could go without choking, keeping her fingers next to her lips to increase the sensation as she fucked me with her mouth. Mary had bunched Diana?s skirt up to her waist and pulled her underwear aside and was now fucking her with her fingers. Diana was moaning deeply around my cock as she followed her hands up and down my cock with her deeply sucking mouth and rapidly flicking tongue.

Finally I could not take anymore and had her and Mary stand up to remove their clothes. Once undressed I had Diana lay down on the couch and Mary got into a doggy position in between her legs. She started to lick and kiss Diana?s legs working her away up to her wet pussy. I positioned myself behind my wife and started to rub my hard cock up and down her wet pussy lips. Mary finally plunged her tongue into Diana?s pussy causing her to moan loudly and grab Mary?s head.

I was holding my cock with my right hand and guided it to her opening and pushed inside. Her cunt was hot and wet and the feeling of my cock plunging fully inside of her set Mary?s loins afire. She wiggled her hips and angled her pelvis up and down, up when I penetrated, down as I withdrew, placing additional friction that we both immensely enjoyed. The harder I pumped into Mary the further it drove her tongue into Diana?s pussy.

Diana was yelling at Mary to eat her pussy good and get all of her cum, along with telling me to fuck Mary harder. After all of the playful teasing and hearing Diana it wasn't long before Mary?s body was on the verge. As I rammed deeply into her the vibrations stimulating her clit had taken their toll. In the moments before release her moans and movements intensified, ushering in the orgasm.

"Oh god!" she cried out as her entire body went rigid.

She bucked and shuddered in wild, uncontrollable convulsions of ecstasy. I smiled to myself and kept pounding my granite-hard cock into her at a rapid pace. Hearing and seeing this was all that Diana needed to send her over the edge to as she screamed and grabbed Mary?s head pulling it against her pussy and moving her hips up and down fucking Mary?s face.

I was not ready for this to end despite my aching balls wanting their release I fought through the desire and maintained the same frantic fucking, determined to bring the wife that I so dearly loved and adored as much delight as humanly possible.

Finally I knew I could not hold off any longer and pulled out. I told Mary to get up by Diana and she did. I moved up straddling Diana?s body and wrapped her large, soft, tits around my throbbing shaft, Diana slowly slid her chest forwards and backwards, rocking her boobs over my erect cock to my appreciation. I let her do me this way for a few minutes, then held her boobs with my hands and adjusted his position so that I could fuck them with long strokes up and down at her face.

Both Diana and Mary told me to cum on their face they wanted to see and taste my cum. That was all the encouragement I needed as long, thick blasts of cum began splashing on their faces and Diana?s tits. They stuck their tongues out trying to catch as much as possible in their mouths. As the last shots of cum left my body I was totally drained and fell back on the couch.

Suddenly Mary reached over and started to lick my cum off of Diana?s tits. She licked her way up Diana and then started to give her a long kiss sticking her tongue deep down her throat. The two shared my cum with a long French kiss. It was such an erotic sight to see. Suddenly I could feel that familiar feeling starting to stir in my cock again?.

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