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How Cum?

Here i am getting old.In need of a good fuck. this is what and where i am in my life. I really don't know why i'm craving dick lately,seems like i need it, I've got that craving to fuck, pussy or ass i'm a wanting. this hick town where i live,not much choice to choose from. i'm not a bad looking woman. But just wanting a medium large 7 inch dick up my ass, and one of similar size slamming my pussy, maybe a dick to suck on while i get my holes serviced.. being its sohot here i just wear and walk around in daisy dukes and a t-shirt. no panties, no bra. as tight as i dare wear. you cansee my pussyoutline in my shorts. You'd think someone would wanna fuck.. i just want some hot dick blow his load in my ass. god i,m creaming my jeans talking about it. i've been looking on line for a fuck buddy. the answers i get are from far away ... i manstrabate alot..... but i'm never satisfied really.. i've used a cucumber as a dildo also a carrot i had my friend take a pic ofme butt fuckin a carrot. not the real tho... All i want for the now is a natural long hard cock to cum in me. i love the feel of the hot cum blast in my ass orcunt.... and thatis how cum.......

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