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Fun With The Boss

Once and a while i meet up with my boss... We get hot and heavy.. I finger her from time to time.. We even fuck.. But nothing like we did when we had a weekend together.. She is married.. Im sure her husband dnt knw about her helping out at nights.. Well we arrive at a hotel out of town.. She gets the rooms.. Everybody doubled.. Guys with guys, girls with girls. Well oppurtunity arises.. Everybdy else was drinking in an other room.. I shower, so does she.. Its 2am.. We just got dun for the day.. I ask what she doing, says nothing watchn t.v. So i make my way to her room.. We sit there watchn t.v. And i cnt help but look at her.. Just n a tshirt.. Nothing, i mean nothing under it.. I lay next to her.. And we start kissing passionately.. My hands cant help but explor her body.. Im carressing tits, rubbing nipples.. She grabs me and brings me in closer.. I find my way to her love box.. Which is dripping wet.. I start to finger her.. She slowly moans.. And gets louder.. Im turnd on, rock hard. I throw the covers

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