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First Time With A Girl

I was rather shy when I was young & didn't get many dates with girls. One night I was partying with some friends at the house of another friend. There s a girl there that came on to me & we hit it off. The party was ending & another couple said we could go to his folk's place as they were out of town. We were in the basement suite and messing around when my friends turned out the lights and I could tell they were undressing each other and soon I could hear her moaning. My new "friend" cuddled up to me on the floor and started to take my clothes off. I was nervous as Hell & had a huge hard on. Soon we were both naked and feeling each other all over. I was just sticking my cock into a woman for the very first time when the lights went back on! My friend's girlfriend said she wanted to watch someone else fucking, so I kept on, but only lasted a few seconds and blew my load all over her belly. I was so embarrassed but it was great all the same. A few days later, the 4 of us watched each other fuck again. It was better this time, I lasted a lot longer.

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