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It started off at a 4th of July party at friend's place with a mix of couples that may or may not have known just who was or wasn't into the life style. My buddy, the party?s host, let me know who was and who wasn't, but since my wife wasn't in on that conversation she just thought everyone was friends and co-workers. (better that way so there wasn't any expectations or uneasiness) So after I was noticing my wife visiting with a group of ladies, one of which was a short, hot blonde, who was wearing a pair of short shorts and cowboy boots, letting everyone appreciate her killer set of legs. I took that opportunity to go over and encourage that lady's husband to give his wife a hint to see if she would make the first move. Of course, I had already been told that the other guy's wife was into women, so that made it pretty easy. Not 10 minutes passed when the other woman walked over, took my wife's hand and said "let's you and me go sit on the front porch where it's a little more quite so we can visit."

Once the ladies made their way around to the front of the house, onto the "dimly lit" front porch that was surrounded by tall landscape, which made for the ideal hiding spot away from the rest of the party?s crowd, the other woman was very comfortable taking the lead from there, so she asked my wife if she could kiss her, to see if there may be a connection. Of course, my wife was flattered and very turned on by the thought. As my wife was kissing another woman for the very first time, she was also getting to experience the soft touch of a woman?s hands all over her body. She said she was a bit nervous at first, but soon relaxed and let go of her inhibitions. She told me that she felt her heart start to beat faster and faster as the woman?s hand and fingers were gently working their way up her legs, and under her skirt. Soon a tingling sensation over came her entire body, as her breathing became heavier. She felt her panties being pulled to the side as her new lady friend slipped one finger, then another, inside of her, slowly sliding them back and forth, in and out of her, as this hot new ?girl friend? of hers was rhythmically ?finger fucking? her in a way that before this night, had only ever been, just a part of a wild fantasy she had shared with me. Suddenly, this ?girl on girl? fantasy of hers was unfolding right in front of her eyes, literally in her hands, as she found herself passionately kissing one of the hottest women she had ever met. Now that?s fucking hot. It wasn?t long before the other woman laid my wife down onto the porch, lifted her skirt up around her waist, and pulled her panties completely off to expose a silky smooth, soaking wet pussy that was oh so primed for her pleasure. The woman ran her tongue up the inside of my wife?s thigh, pressing her lips against the bare, soft skin of my wife?s pussy and quietly moaned as she savored the sweet taste of heavenly pie my wife was so eagerly serving up for dessert. Slowly massaging my wife?s clit with her tongue, and letting her fingers disappear deep inside of her, the other woman knew the orgasmic energy was building. Then, as every muscle in her body tightened up, she climaxed in a way she had never felt before, and came on her face?OHHH, YES!!!! I would say there was definitely a connection between the two ladies. Now keep in mind, I didn't know that all the fun that I just explained above was happening at the exact moment that it was, but sure loved hearing that description of events from our two ladies after they returned from the porch and I had asked them, ?how was your visit ladies?? Now, that?s way fucking hot!! Like, WAAAAYYYY fucking hot...Right?

Apparently, while the girls were getting to know each other on the front porch, me and the other woman's husband had walked next door to their place to check on his new dog, (this couple was actually the next door neighbor of the party host and had a couple acres that separated the houses) While at his place, he got to brag about his fast boats, bad ass motorcycles, salt water pool, surround sound, etc. And, since it was after midnight, on the 4th of July, the saltwater pool sounded like the best spot to hang out in for the remainder of the night. When the ladies returned from the neighbor?s porch, they went inside the house to go pick out some bathing suits to wear, while us guys, turned on the hot tub, cranked up the music, replenished the wine bucket and actually popped some popcorn to snack on. When the ladies made their way out to the pool, of course, the husbands were eagerly awaiting for the fireworks show to begin, but we were acting like we weren?t even paying any attention that the ladies had made it outside. Ha! So, as the guys were swimming, the ladies refilled their wine glasses, pulled over a lounge chair to the edge of the pool, and told us, ?if you guys behave, we would love to give you two a show.? That was just what we were hoping we would hear.

They started off with some soft kissing, which quickly progressed into making out with each other like lovers do, rubbing their hands all over each of the other?s body. After changing the music that was playing on the sound system to get a better party tune, the bathing suits soon came off, and the ?girl on girl? show had officially begun. I kept hearing this voice in my head saying, ?Yes! Yes!?. The other woman had my wife lay back on the lounge chair and quickly buried her face between her thighs for the second time that evening. To see the look on my wife's face while she was getting her pussy eaten by another woman was incredible. A few minutes into the act, she turned her head to the side, as if she had forgotten that we were watching, and she looked at me with the sexiest of eyes, and said, "baby, cum over here". Of course, I follow direction well, so I jumped up out of the pool, made my way over to her, positioned myself in a way so she could take my cock into her mouth while the other chic was still down between her thighs licking her pussy. After a thumbs up to the other dude, who was still watching from inside the pool, my wife gave my ?manhood? the ?go away kiss on the head of my dick?, so she could get back to focusing on the hot chic that was down between her legs. I took that subtle, unspoken hint from her and jumped back into the pool to get a better view. It was better than great to get a blow job from my wife while another woman was licking her clit. After my wife climaxed again, the ladies took a break from each other, jumped into the pool and joined their hubbies for some skinny dippin? fun. My wife swam straight over to me, put her arms around my neck, she wrapped her legs around my waist, and I slid deep inside her. She looked me in the eyes and said, ?Did you like all that?? I could have climaxed just hearing her say those words, but I didn?t want to cum just yet, so I could only smile and squeeze her ass as I held her against me. Mean while, the other guy was sitting on the edge of the pool over by the stairs, his wife swam to him, stood up out of the water on the pool steps, turned towards my wife and me, told us to look at her, while she reached down, grabbed a hold of her man?s cock, guided it towards her pussy as she slowly eased down onto his shaft and began fucking her man. She had such a beautiful body, an amazing set of tits, and she knew it. She leaned back onto his chest, spread her legs open wide and made sure we had a clear view of her pussy as it slid up and down on his cock, devouring all of what he had to offer.

After getting to fuck our own wives in the pool for a bit, the ladies wanted us to change the music again, so we refilled our drinks and snacks, and talked about what the rest of the night had in store for us. It didn?t take long before the lounge chair had been moved out of the way and replaced with a couple of beach towels that had been laid out along the deck. The guys were told to get back into the pool, as the ladies moved closer together sitting on the edge of the pool. As they started to kiss on each other again, they began rubbing each other?s pussies. And since they were now sitting on the pool?s deck, and not up higher in the lounge chair, we had a ?face level view? of this very hot sight to see. And watching two women finger each other, while they kiss each other, is really fucking hot. So, what do husbands do when they see their wives sitting on the sidewalk in front of them kissing and touching another woman?s naked body? Well, we politely ?suggest? what we want them to do to each other. And because we asked so nicely, and refilled their wine glasses, they were more than willing to ?allow us to direct our very own real life ?girl on girl? sex scene?. We?ve all seen enough ?girl on girl? porn so of course we would be pros, right? Right! We got to watch the two of them explore one another?s bodies from top to bottom. It was fun to see how they went about ?finding the right technique? with each other and to see how their bodies? reacted to all of it. It only took a short while for ladies to know just what to do and how to do it to get the desired responses from each other. Up until this point, my wife had only experienced the pleasure of being on the receiving end of the ?girl on girl? oral action. So, now it was time for her to have her turn at sampling the sweet taste of another woman?s pussy. Now, it was my heart that was the one beating faster and faster with the anticipation that it was really going to happen and that I was lucky enough to be right there, in the front row, watching her immerse herself into her bi-curious fantasy. She had the other girl scoot back a little bit so she could kneel down on the first step of the pool. It was an oversized step that was barely under water, which made for a perfect ?stage platform?, so to speak. As my wife was on her knees, in between her friend?s legs, and with both of her hands on the top of other woman?s thighs, they both leaned in towards each other for another kiss on the mouth. My wife then turned to me, got the affirmation she was looking for from her man, and winked at me only the way she does. As she was looking at me, she took her right hand and began to finger the other girl?s pussy. She turned back to admire the naked body that was in front of her, closed her eyes slowly and lowered her face down between the thighs of a woman for the very first time. Again, we have all seen plenty of ?girl on girl? porn, so she knew exactly what to do and how to do it. I must say, I was impressed with my wife?s pussy eating skills. I loved the sight of watching her slide the other woman?s pussy lips apart with her soft hands as she licked, and fingered, and ate pussy like a pro! Watching her play with and rub another woman?s clit as if it was her own, was a huge turn own. The two husbands were high fiving each other like the Cowboys had just won the Super Bowl. Now, since the other woman was laying on the towels, flat on her back, with her feet dangling in the water, my wife had to spread her own knees apart on that ?platform of a step?, so she could adjust the angle that she needed to get her mouth perfectly positioned around the ?silky soft treasure? she had just discovered. With her back bowed down and her oh so fine ass up in the air, the moonlight was so bright it illuminated her lady parts ever so perfectly from the back. It was one of the hottest things I have ever set my eyes upon. It looked so fucking hot, I could not resist the temptation of how much I wanted to be eating my wife?s pussy from behind, while she was eating another?s woman pussy in front of her, so I closed in behind her, and softly traced my tongue up the back of her thigh and along the inside of her hot, wet, cunt. My cock was as hard as it has ever been. Understanding that this was supposed to be a ?girl on girl? show, I pulled away gently, and took a deep breath, as I was in awe of what we were experiencing together. As me and the other dude watched my wife, bring his wife to orgasm, we could only high five each other again, and again, and, again. It was the hottest thing I had ever experienced. Soon enough, it was snack time again, so yes, we were going to take a break and refill our drinks with another round, but as the two of us guys stepped out of the pool, with our ?compasses pointing north?, our wives, who were still sitting on the deck ?buck naked? next to each other, busted out laughing at us. Of course, not ?at us, but with us, right?? I?m sure it did look pretty funny though. My buddy?s wife reached up as to signal to him to ?bring it to her?, so he walked ?it? right over to her so she could she wrap her lips around ?IT? and give it the much needed attention it was calling for. I followed suit and walked ?mine? over to my wife, so she could have a dick to suck on too. As she took my cock into her mouth and started sucking me really good, I was literally being ?blown away? twice. The 1st was the fact that my wife was actually blowing me at that very moment, and the 2nd was the fact that another man?s wife was blowing him right next to us. Like, less than two feet away. Now that was hot.

After the brief ?head? session that took place, we got some more chips and salsa, refilled our drinks and began wondering what was next. The ladies danced a few songs, took turns elaborating with their perspective of the evening?s events with us, and well, maybe they saved the best for last, cause it was only getting better as the night went on. The ladies again instructed us to watch from the pool, as they took turns pleasing each other. We gladly followed directions and got back into the water. They jumped in and out of the pool a few times, showing us how great they looked jumping off the diving board naked, and soon ended back out of the pool on patio deck making out with each other on the ?make shift pallet? they had set up earlier to cushion their asses a bit from the concrete decking. They continued to ?take our requests? from the husbands and were eager to change positions as often as one could imagine. Their ?sixty nine? position was an incredible sight to see. They took turns being on top, being on bottom, and even were thoughtful enough to alternate which one of them would have their legs towards the water, so us guys, who were in the water, would be able to admire the sexiness of all the possible angles with a great view of both of their pussies. At one point, my wife had even brought herself to the edge of the pool, leaned back just a bit, spreading her legs as wide as she could to let me eat her pussy, while the other girl, who was standing up over my wife?s face, was getting off on my wife licking her pussy, as she stood there rubbing her own clit until they both reached orgasm and climaxed simultaneously. Talk about hot. One of the final positions that night was where my wife was lying on her back, on the beach towels that were placed poolside, with the other woman eating her pussy, kissing her on her breasts, and lightly tracing her naked body with her perfectly manicured finger nails. Both of us guys were in the water watching with big smiles plastered on our faces. My buddy?s wife told me to swim over to the edge of the pool, closest to where my wife was laying sideways along the pool?s edge. Then she told me to go ahead and pull myself up out of the water, lean over and kiss my wife while she went back down between my wife?s legs, to finish off the evening exactly where she had started only a few hours earlier on the front porch of the house next door with her face buried in the fresh pussy of her new friend, my wife. Well, as hot as it would have been to conclude that way, luckily, there was just a bit more unfinished business on the mind of the other woman. As I was softly kissing my wife?s lips and licking her nipples, the other woman rose up from between my wife?s thighs, and asked me, ?Would it be ok with her if my husband fucks me from behind while I?m eating her pussy?? My wife could barely hear her question, so I said to my wife, ?She wants her man to fuck her from behind while she eats your pussy. Are you cool with that?? Neither of us objected, so my buddy?s wife gave her man the okay signal. He got out of the pool and worked his way over. His wife raised up her hot little ass, got on her knees, so he could enter her from behind while she continued to greedily consume one of the tastiest treats she had ever sampled. Looking over my wife?s naked body, and seeing that there was a beautiful woman eating her pussy, while that very woman was getting fucked doggy style by her husband, could have brought on a mental climax with ease. However, wanting to end this ?one of a kind? 4th of July party with a ?real bang?, I hopped out of the pool, kneeled down on the towel and nestled my package closely to my wife?s face and slowly guided my hard cock in and out of her mouth. It?s as if we were all four one unit, within our own boundaries, and it was fucking great. We all seemed to be in our own worlds for a time, and this scenario was practically happening in slow motion in my own mind. I saw my wife?s body start to quiver so I knew I just needed to refrain from my release for only a couple minutes more, so I could try to cum at the same time as her. As she reached her final orgasm of the night, brought on ?bi ?- the beautiful woman who was massaging her pussy with her mouth at that moment, I told her to reposition her body towards me as quick as she could, cause I knew I was close to reaching climax. Just as I slid my cock deep inside her soaking wet pussy, I came instantly and exploded with intensity like never before. Then I looked at the hot couple to my right, and got to see my buddy wife?s cumming while she was getting fucked from behind. They were finished. We all took in a deep breathe, asked each other what time it was, nobody knew, so we jumped back into the pool and unwound for a bit before heading home for the night.

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