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Fantasy Weekend

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So my boyfriend, Greg, and I have a fantasy relationship -- by that I mean that we love to share our sexual fantasies with each other (like most couples I guess). We are both very sexual and love to please, and we always have fun making up crazy erotic fantasies. We have, of course, had sex numerous times (did I mention I?m a bit of a nympho), but we?ve never really acted out any of our fantasies.

After a few months, Greg suggested that we go away together for a fantasy weekend and I agreed eagerly. Greg made reservations at a cute little romantic hide-away in the mountains. I packed my sexiest undies, toys, sensual oils and lotions, and off we went. During the drive, Greg told me that he had some surprises in store for me, but wouldn?t elaborate. We talked about some of our most erotic fantasies and laughed about whether we?d actually have the nerve to make them reality. We were definitely both looking forward to the weekend ? as evidenced by my wet panties and the bulge in his shorts.

We finally arrived at our cabin. It was in a little clearing near a few other cabins, but they all appeared deserted. Our cabin was small and rustic, but had a great king bed, lots of windows, and a hot tub on the front porch. I was already thinking of which fantasy I wanted to experience first. We unpacked and he was intrigued by the toys and oils that I brought, commenting that it looked like I had been planning for our fantasies for a while.

It was early afternoon, so we decided to enjoy the hot tub before dinner. I told Greg I was going to change into my swimsuit and he said, ?Why bother? There?s no one else around. Let?s be adventurous!? (Fucking in a hot tub was one of our fantasies, though one of the tamer ones.) I said, ?Sure! Why not?? He went out and turned on the hot tub, then came back inside and shed his clothes. I stripped slowly while he watched, then we walked outside. When we got outside, I noticed that Greg had a pitcher of margaritas waiting. We climbed into the hot tub and just relaxed for few minutes, sipping our margaritas. I had one leg dr*ped over one of his and he was lightly grazing my inner thigh with the tips of his fingers. I could feel his fully erect cock rubbing against my knee. We teased and played with each other for a while and Greg suggested that I turn around so he could give me a massage. That sounded great to me, so I got on my knees, and rested my arms on the deck and my chin on my arm. He floated up behind me and started rubbing my shoulders, down my back and over my ass. I just sighed, thoroughly enjoying my massage and my margarita, and feeling slightly tipsy from both. He continued to rub my back and occasionally let his hands drift around to caress my breasts and slide down my belly to graze my pussy. He placed his hands on either side of me on the edge of the hot tub, pressing his hard body against me, and started kissing the back of my neck and shoulders. I rubbed my ass against his cock. Suddenly, he wrapped one arm around me and lifted me up so I was standing on the seat, my ass just above the top of the water and right in front of his face, my hands now gripping the edge of the hot tub. He pushed my feet apart and ran his fingers up the insides of my thighs, then cupped my throbbing pussy in one of his big hands. He leaned in, kissing and biting both cheeks as he massaged my clit and fingered my pussy. As he stroked my pussy with one hand, he spread my cheeks apart with the other and flicked his tongue over my asshole. I jumped because we had never tried this before, even though it was a big part of one of many fantasies, and he laughed, saying, ?That?s just a little part of your surprise, baby.? I smiled and relaxed and let it happen. As he licked my ass, he slipped another finger inside my pussy, quickly located my sweet spot, and made me cum harder than ever before. I wasn?t really worried about drawing attention since we were all alone at our little hide-away, so I let go of my inhibitions and screamed with the release. When the aftershocks subsided, Greg slid his fingers out of my pussy and ran them up and back, over my tight asshole. He surprised me again when he slipped one cum-soaked finger into my ass, and I jumped again. ?More of your surprise, baby doll!? he chuckled. He kept one finger in my ass as he stood up behind me and pressed his cock into my dripping pussy. While he fucked me from behind and gently fingered my ass, he kissed and nipped at my neck and shoulders, and I quickly came again, my pussy squeezing his cock. Before he could cum, he pulled out, saying he was saving himself for my big surprise. I was slightly frustrated that I wouldn?t feel his hot cum shoot deep into my pussy, but I knew he was well worth the wait.

We soaked in the hot tub a while longer and drank another margarita as I recovered from my bone-melting orgasm, and I giggled remembering how I had lost control and screamed when he made me cum. ?I?m glad no one else was around to hear me,? I said. He smiled and said, ?I wouldn?t be too sure of that,? cocking his head and pointing. I looked over my shoulder and saw that the cabin closest to us wasn?t deserted after all. There was a man sitting in one of the rockers on the porch, one hand holding a beer and the other apparently stroking his cock. When he saw that we were watching him, he saluted us with his beer. I was slightly embarrassed, but said, ?what the hell??, and waved back. It wasn?t like we would meet this guy or ever even see him again.

Since we had worked up an appetite, Greg and I decided to have an early dinner, so we went inside and I slipped on one of his t-shirts and he threw on a pair of shorts. As we prepared our meal, I took every opportunity to brush against him, teasing him, and trying to coax him into telling me what my surprise was. He just smiled and said not to worry, and that he was sure I?d enjoy the rest of it. While we enjoyed our dinner and more margaritas outside at the picnic table, we talked about our episode in the hot tub, and discussed which fantasy we might want to try next. He said he had a good idea but didn?t elaborate.

Greg disappeared while I cleaned up the dinner dishes. As I finished up in the kitchen, he snuck in behind me and slipped his arms around me from behind. I turned my head toward him and he kissed me deeply as he fondled my breasts with one hand and slipped the other down to my pussy, stroking my clit. I turned in his arms, continuing to kiss him, and he pressed his leg between mine, grinding it against my pussy. I pulled his cock free of his shorts, stroking him, then he lifted me into his arms and I wrapped my legs around his waist, his cock slipping into my warm, wet pussy like it had a mind of its own. He backed me against the wall and fucked me hard and fast, quickly driving me to orgasm again. As I rocked against him trying to make him cum, he grabbed my hips to stop me and pulled his cock from my pussy saying, ?Oh no! Not yet!? I moaned my objection but he just smiled, then knelt in front of me and licked my juices from my inner thighs and pussy. As he stood, I knelt and returned the favor, licking and sucking my cum from his beautiful 7-inch cock, flicking the bulging head repeatedly with my tongue. When he couldn?t stand any more, he pulled me to my feet and led me outside.

When we walked onto the porch, I noticed that Greg had placed cushions on top of the picnic table and tiki torches around it. When I looked at him in question, he gave me his most devilish smile and said, ?It?s time for my dessert.? I hesitated and said, ?But what about the guy next door?? ?So what,? he said, ?it?s not like we?ll ever see him after this weekend.? I just shrugged and followed him to the picnic table. When we reached it, he lifted me onto it, slipped the shirt over my head, and laid me back on the cushions. He then pulled a chair to the end of the table and sat, grabbing my ankles and dragging me to the every end, my butt just hanging over the edge. He placed my feet on the arms of the chair, spread my knees wide apart, and leaned in, lightly blowing on my clit. I trembled and sighed. He kissed my shaved pussy, then slid the very tip of his tongue over my clit, between the fold of my pussy and then over my asshole. I gripped the sides of the table, anticipating the intense pleasure that I knew he was about to deliver. For what seemed like hours, he licked and sucked my clit into his mouth, tongue-fucking and fingering my throbbing pussy, driving me to orgasm again and again. As I lay trembling, gasping for breath, his tongue still on my clit and his fingers still in my pussy, I told him how much I loved his mouth on me. I thought he was going to let me rest for a bit, but it wasn?t to be. With two fingers inside me, he leaned closer and started licking my ass, driving me over the edge yet again. As I started to cum, he slipped one finger from my pussy and into my ass, and I lifted my hips off the table, pressing against his hand, begging for more. He finger-fucked my pussy and ass while he sucked my clit, and I again lost control, gasping and screaming with release. As I started to calm, he stood and leaned over me, kissing me deeply so I could taste my cum, and pressing his cock against my swollen pussy, but not entering me.

?So I take it you?re liking your surprises so far?? Greg asked with a sly grin, and I said, ?Fuck yes!? He kissed me and laughed, then looked past me and smiled. ?We have an audience again.? I turned my head on the cushion and saw our neighbor watching us again, but this time he was standing against the rail, completely naked and clearly stroking his cock. I covered my face with one hand, giggled in embarrassment, then just waved. I mean, what else could I do? He had already seen our activities and obviously enjoyed watching. What was the harm in his admiring us from afar? Right?

When I was able to stand again, we went back inside the cabin and took a shower together. We played and teased each other a little -- kissing, licking, stroking -- but not fucking. We dried each other and I went to the dresser and pulled out my sexiest lace panties with matching tank. When he came out of the bathroom, his jaw dropped. I turned around so he could get the full effect, and he grinned. ?I?m glad you put those on, and I can?t wait to take them off of you,? he said, pulling on a pair of boxers.

Greg fixed us another pitcher of margaritas and we took them out onto the porch. It was pretty well dark, so we weren?t concerned about our attire. After all, our neighbor had already seen us both fully naked so what difference did it make?

We finished one pitcher of margaritas and Greg went to make another. When he came back outside, he also carried a small bottle. I soon realized that it was the bottle of coconut flavored massage oil. He poured me another margarita, and, as I sipped, I watched him slide his boxers off, sit on the deck of the hot tub, and pour some of the oil on his beautiful cock. As he stroked his cock, he told me about his newest fantasy ? he wanted to share me with another man and do dp. He went into great detail and, the more he talked, the wetter my pussy became. I finished my margarita and walked over to him, kneeling on the porch in front of him. He leaned back on his elbows as I took his cock in one hand and lightly squeezed his balls with the other. I flicked my tongue over the very tip, then took the swollen head into my mouth. I gently sucked the head of his cock, then moved to his balls ? licking and sucking them into my mouth. I took his full length into my mouth and let him fuck my mouth. Just when I felt his cock tighten and I thought he would cum in my mouth, he pulled his cock free.

He pulled me to my feet and kissed me. As he nibbled and kissed his way down my throat to my breasts, he squeezed my lace-covered my ass. He then licked my nipples thru my lace tank, sucking each into his mouth. He slid my panties down my legs and I realized that my pussy was dripping and cum was running down the insides of my thighs. He leaned in and licked my cum, then kissed me again. Still kissing me, he pulled me onto his lap and I impaled myself on his cock, moaning softly. I rode his long hard cock, sliding up to the very tip, then plunging back down to take the full shaft inside me. As I fucked him, he massaged my butt, pulling my cheeks apart and occasionally running a finger over my ass. I was totally focused on him, kissing him, fucking him, pleasing him, when he asked what I thought of his latest fantasy. I told him I thought it might be fun and he smiled. ?I knew you?d go for it,? he said with a naughty grin. He wrapped his arms around me and held me close so I couldn?t rock my hips against his cock, holding himself inside me.

I felt hands massaging my ass, and it took me a minute to realize that they weren?t his hands. I turned my head to see the guy from next door. ?Hi, I?m Nick. Thanks for the entertainment this afternoon. Mind if I join in the finale?? I guess the margaritas had done the trick because I was totally relaxed and uninhibited. ?Of course!? I said, and I turned back to Greg. Nick poured some of the coconut oil on my ass and started massaging it and grazing my asshole with his fingers. I was startled when I felt Nick?s tongue on my asshole, and I gasped when he slipped a finger in my ass (his were thicker than Greg?s). He poured more oil on my asshole and rubbed it around, then slipped a second finger inside me. While Greg slowly fucked my pussy, Nick massaged, licked and tongued my ass. When I thought I couldn?t take any more, I felt Nick?s cock pressing against my ass and I tensed. Greg held me tighter and whispered, ?Just relax, baby doll.? Nick?s cock slipped into my ass easily, then he and Greg alternately slid in and out of my pussy and ass. Before I knew it, I was cumming, soon followed by Nick shooting his load into my ass and Greg cumming in my pussy. We all stayed where we were for a few minutes, catching our breaths, then Nick gently withdrew from my ass. I climbed off of Greg?s cock and turned to Nick. ?Thank you for making our fantasy come true!? I said, and kissed him.

We invited Nick to stay for a margarita, and we all climbed into the hot tub. We talked and laughed for a while, and then Nick said goodnight. We invited him back for dinner and dessert the next night and he accepted eagerly. Wonder what fantasies we?ll experience then?

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