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Evening on the Beach

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What started out as two weeks of NSA fun had turned into love and now, after five years, it was hard to be away from each other. Sean had been away on business and the online chats just weren?t enough anymore. We decided that he would come down for visit and we would stay at a hotel on the beach. We had been drinking at the tiki bar by the pool, watching the sunset, and talking about how horney we both were. We wanted to play with each other and talked about our previous experiences of adding new friends to our playtime. We both agreed that if the opportunity came our way again, we would jump at the chance.

It wasn?t very long before a young man came in and sat down next to me. He ordered a drink and introduced himself to us and us to him. His name was Martin. Martin asked what we were drinking and bought us another round. He was younger than us by a few years. Medium build, tan, with very little hair. We instantly thought that the night was going to be very fun!

Talking quickly turned to flirting between all of us. As the sun drifted below the horizon, decided to walk the beach. We walked along the water, Martin between us. We felt very relaxed and at ease with our new friend. Martin seemed to test the water by wrapping his arms around our sides. When neither of us appeared offended, he knew we were all on the same page.

We walked for a while like that, until we came to an upside down rowboat.

We stopped and I looked at Sean as if to say, ?Get ready for another adventure!? We both knew what we wanted. Martin leaned casually on the boat. I walked up to him and kissed him on the cheek. My hand instinctively moved to his shorts. I felt his cock get hard as my hand moved up his shorts to the waistband.

Sean was on the other side of Martin watching with his arm around Martin?s waist. I lowered Martin?s shorts so that we could both get a good view of his cock - long and thick, and very hard! I wrapped my hand around it and was very pleased that I could not close my fingers around its girth! We agreed it is a nice cock and tell Martin that neither of us has eaten tonight and are glad he has something delicious to satisfy our hunger.

Reluctantly, I let go of his cock and started to go to my knees. Sean took my place, wrapping his hand around Martin?s cock. Holding it for me, stroking it, while I took my top off. Martin stepped out of his shorts and spread his legs. We could see his whole body was devoid of hair; his skin was so smooth. I cupped his balls while I wiggled out of the rest of my clothes. His cock was rock hard as Sean continued stroke it. Martin managed to reach over and pulled Sean?s shorts down, too. He was already hard from watching me kneeling in front of Martin, all of us naked on the beach. Martin started to stroke Sean?s cock and I placed my hand over his.

I looked up at Sean as I glided my lips over Martin?s cock. Right up to Sean?s fingers. Back and forth I went, letting his cock fuck my mouth. However, for me, one cock is sometimes just not enough. I reached for Sean and sucked his cock into my mouth, switching back and forth between my men. All the while, Martin?s hand was still stroking Sean and Sean stroking Martin?s. And me sucking both cocks. I was in heaven and wanted Sean to share the pleasure with me.

I pulled on Sean?s arm letting him know I wanted him down on his knees with me. Sean hastily kneels next to me, and gives me a big wet kiss before I turn Martin?s cock towards Sean. ?Here, kiss this,? I said.

I watched as Sean slid Martin?s cock into his mouth. It's was so smooth! Oh how I love to watch Sean suck cock! We took turns sucking his cock and licking his balls. I slide my hand up Martin?s leg to his buttocks and pressed my finger to his asshole to test how far our playtime could go. His cock got even harder!

I told Sean to lick my finger, and I slipped it into Martin?s asshole. Martin was our toy for the night and he certainly seemed to be enjoying it! We could taste his salty pre-come. His cock started to pulse; Martin said he was going to come! His cock is in my mouth when the first squirt came but sharing is better. I took his cock out, the second squirt shot across my tits, warm and slippery just the way I like it! I grabbed hold of his cock and pointed it at Sean.

He knew exactly what I wanted him to do. Sean sucked Martin?s cock into his mouth and felt his come shoot to the back of his mouth. He could feel it pulse repeatedly. So much, it was running out. Sean licked and sucked his cock, catching every last drop of Martin?s overflowing member. Sean and I kissed, all that come running down our lips, dripping onto our chests.

We were so involved in our play that none of us saw the other couple until they walked around and were standing in front of us. They were both naked holding their suits. They asked if they could join us. Once again, we looked at each other and said, ?Yes!?

Without any introductions, the woman walked right up to me, got down on her knees, and started licking the come off my face and chest. The man walked up to Sean, still standing. I watched as he slid his cock into Sean?s mouth. Sean put his hands on the man ass and pulled his cock deep into his mouth. While Sean enjoyed this new cock, the woman pulled me up onto the overturned boat and spread my legs wide. My pussy was dripping and she swiftly buried her tongue inside my hole. She placed her fingers at my opening and slipped them in as her lips clamped onto my clit.

Martin had gotten hard again and had moved so that he could slide his cock into my mouth. I sucked hungrily in the deep throws of intense pleasure. The woman knows just what she is doing. She hit my g-spot as she sucked hard on my clit. There was nothing holding me back. I gushed into her mouth! She shared my juice with the man I assume was her husband before moving over to help me suck Martin's cock. Sean moved between my legs, sliding his cock into my very wet pussy.

As Sean fucked my sopping wet hole, the man walked up to me and slid his cock into my mouth again. Martin and the man moved their cocks closer together. The woman and I move quickly back and forth between the two rock hard cocks. I knew that watching me kiss this woman and us sucking cocks in front of him would make Sean so hot! After only a little while, Sean filled my pussy with his steaming come. I love the way it feels inside me, and I didn?t want to waste any of it by letting it drip out.

We all got up and changed places. Martin lay on his back, his big dick sticking straight up. I lowered myself, backwards, down onto his cock . It?s big, stretching me but keeping all of Sean?s come inside me, at least for now. I leaned slightly back, inviting Sean to come closer. He moved between Martin?s legs. I leaned back even more and spread my legs as wide as I could. The man and woman watched as Sean began to lick Martin?s cock as it slipped in and out of me all covered with my pussy juice and his come.

Slowly, I became aware of the other couple again. One look over at them was all the invitation they needed. The man moved into our pile of fucking and sucking. He stood in front of me and slid his cock into my mouth. I couldn?t believe how lucky I was. I was being fucked by Martin while Sean sucked my clit and licked all the come off Martin?s cock plus I got to suck this stranger?s dick. I saw his wife out of the corner of my eye. She was so beautiful standing with the moon reflecting off the water behind her. Watching us with such pleasure and passion. I was going to come again, the feeling of his big cock sliding in and out of my pussy while Sean licked and sucked my clit and Martin?s cock was too much and I squirt again. This sent Martin over the edge and he comes again! There was so much come it flowed from my pussy, and Sean was right there licking us both clean.

All the orgasms set the other guy off. His wife pulled his cock from my mouth after the first squirt and sucked it into her mouth catching the rest of his come. She then drooled some his come over my tits before gently licking it up. With a big smile on her face, she says, ?I am Sue and this is my husband, Mike. It is very nice to meet you!?

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