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Class Reunion

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Well this is a story I would have never imagined would happen. My wife and I have been married 38 years and happily so. To my knowledge I?ve never strayed nor has my wife.

I try every year to return to my hometown for the all-school reunion. My class was 1972 so when I return now the classes celebrating their 40th reunion were in high school with me. Each year I see friends I haven?t seen for years. Several of the girls that I dated in high school show up and it?s fun to see them again and to get caught up in how they are doing.

My wife usually goes with me but couldn?t this time as she had to watch the grand kids. My brother lives in our home town so I always have a place to stay. The event we usually attend is a street dance and one of my classmates has a bar next to where the dance is. The bar has a patio and has plenty of room to mingle and visit.

The class of 1974 had some real hot girls in that class. There were several of them that I dated and a couple more I wish I would have but they had steady boy friends. I joined a table where several members of the class were sitting together.

One lady sitting there looked unfamiliar to me and she was stunning to say the least. When I was introduced to her I definitely knew her. Jill never looked like this in high school. The girl I remember wasn?t bad looking but very plain and not very curvy and was a red head. Of course, when I left she was a sophomore and I never saw her since. She is now 58 years old and looked 28. She was somewhat flat chested in high school but that sure as hell wasn?t the case now. She had a beautiful body and had aged well.

I went to the bar to get a drink and then returned to her table. Several were going out to the street dance and asked me to go with them. Jill was one that wanted to check out the street dance. Jill had been at this event longer than me and was getting a little tipsy and seemed ?flirty? to me, which wasn?t her nature in high school either. I don?t remember her dating too often.

We were sitting at the picnic table having a good conversation. She had been married 30 years and had two grown children. Her husband was a CPA in the twin cities and couldn?t come back for the event. Jill met him while in college at Wartburg College in Waverly, Iowa. We talked a while longer and then she asked me to dance. The band wasn?t too bad and after one song the band played a much slower one. Jill threw her arms around my neck and pulled herself close to me. Her pelvis was rubbing on the front of my pants. This caught me short and I was kind of stunned.

Jill looked at me and smiled before saying, ?Did you know I was madly in love with you when we were in high school. I said I had no idea and put my arms around her waist and pulled her closer. Next she said, ?I fantasized about you and I being together.? I smiled and replied, ?I regret not being able to help you with your fantasy.? The song ended and I asked if she wanted another drink. When we got back to the table everyone had ordered shots of schnapps. We had two rounds of those and when Jill leaned over and whispered, ?Do you want to meet up later?? I told her I was staying at my brother?s house and she gave me a key to the local Super 8 motel. ?I?m heading there in the next hour or so.? ?If we get split up just come by and let yourself in.?

I put the key in my shirt pocket and paused to think about what had just happened. As I mentioned I?d not had an affair but always managed to look at beautiful women. Jill was stunning and was worth every look. I moved from their table and mingled with other friends from high school. I saw the girls leave the dance and they disappeared to their cars.

I stayed at the bar for nearly an hour and decided it was time to make a decision. Should I just head to my brother?s house or investigate what Jill had in mind.? I probably would have gone to the motel anyway but the effects of an evening of drinking made the decision easier for me.

It was shortly after midnight when I pulled up to the motel. I arrive at the room number and didn?t know whether to knock or let myself in. Since I had the key in my hand I inserted it into the slot and opened the door. I said, ?Jill are you here?? She replied, ?Come on in.? I walked into the room and Jill was wearing a see-through nightgown and I mean see through. Her breast looked beautiful. I couldn?t take my eyes off of them.

She said, ?I was hoping you would show up.? ?Would you like a night cap?? ?We still have some catching up to do.? Jill poured a glass of wine for both of us and walked over to where I was standing. She put the glasses on the end table and wrapped her arms around my neck and planted a passionate kiss on my lips. I felt my cock growing hard. I let my hands slid to her ass and pulled her closely for another kiss.

Jill grabbed my hand and we walked over to the bed. She said, ?It?s getting late and if we are going to make up for lost time we better get started.? With that being said she unbuckled my belt and the snap of my pants and they fell to the floor. I removed my shirt and she was already letting her fingers explore my fly. She quickly found my cock and stroked it inside my boxers. Pulling my shaft out she bent over and took me in her mouth. My eyes nearly rolled back in my head. I?d only been in the room for minutes and we were both naked and getting after it.

I took her skimpy nightgown off and stared at her body. Jill had perfectly shaped 36C breast and a well-manicured bush. Natural red head I thought as I helped her onto her back and then dove between her legs. I let my tongue and fingers stimulate her clit and pussy and her back arched as she pushed her pussy against my mouth. I used my tongue on her clit and pushed two fingers in her pussy. She was extremely wet and ready.

I moved up to her breasts and began to nibble and suck her nipples. Moving farther up her beautiful body I slowly put the head of my cock inside her pussy and pulling it in and out. She grabbed behind her knees and pulled her legs wide open signaling that she wanted it all and now. I accommodated her wishes and thrust the entire package inside her wet pussy. She moaned with delight and grabbed the back of my ass pulling me closer and trying to experience every inch. Soon she reached her first of several orgasms and a few minutes after that I deposited a load of love juice in her pussy.

We fucked and played for another hour before we collapsed in exhaustion. This was a night I?ll never forget. Jill was a lady that was overlooked while in high school but won?t be any more!

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