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Better life

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  About a few months ago Jayne (my wife) was asked by three friends to attend a three-day all women seminar, ?Better life & improve relationship?. They talked her into going seems one had won passes for a group of four.

   There were a few rules:

1.        There was to be no contact outside the seminar.

2.        No drinking except soda and water.

3.        Keep an open mind.

   I had not heard from my wife for almost two days now but knew she must be enjoying herself. Then during the second day I got a phone call from Lori one of the seminar staff. She informed me my wife had volunteered me to participate and she invited me to join them as part of the seminar the next night. She told me to come around 7- 730pm and where I could meet her (Lori).

   When I got there Lori (who was totally hot, large breasts, around 5? 7? tall, short brown hair. Told us (five other husbands and myself) what they had been learning. trying new thing, masturbation, letting your partner know what you enjoy, and personal toys which included vibrators, dildos, self pleasure  (for fun as well as pleasure). We were told they had been divided into groups, each group was taken to a separate room, and each room had a hot tube in it. Each member was blindfolded as not to make anyone fell uncomfortable. They let us look into one of the rooms, every one were wearing white seminar T-shirts no bra?s and you could plainly see their tits and erect nipples through the wet fabric. Two of the women was rubbing my wifes breasts with a vibrator and three others had their hands in the water (pleasing themselves I would guess by their smiles), another one was holding a vibrator to the breasts of the women on her left.

  Then we were taken to separate rooms ourselves. I was asked to put on the same T-shirt that all the women had on (nothing else). In the room was a recliner and some lockers and a TV, as I waited I turned on the TV, there were only three channels. One scanned all the rooms in the seminar (very interesting), the second channel showed a couple at a sex party with four other couples, the third told about the seminar. I decided to watch channel one.

  I watched all the different groups of women, including my girlfriend; they all were performing different levels of self-satisfaction on themselves or helping any other person in their group. Some were in hot tube while others were seating on the side, other were out seating on the recliner in the room. Some still had on their shirts; others had taken their shirts off and were naked. There were women of all sizes and shape..

  Next I was taken to one of the rooms and Lori asked me to get into the hot tube, as I did I noticed along the edge were numerous vibrators of different sizes and color. I was told I would be blindfolded, than four women (randomly picked, also blindfolded) would come in knowing a man would be in the hot tube with them but didn?t know who, no talking was allowed permitted, touching and sucking highly encouraged.

   I decided to let the women make the first move. I felt a hand on my shoulder as one got in the tube, next I felt a hand rubbing my lower back moving to my ass, another took my hand and placed it on her small but film tits and I was surprised to feel no shirt. I messaged them with medium pressure. The whole time I wondered if my wife knew what she had signed me up for and if she was present?

   I could lightly see though the left side of my blindfold, but that was my secret. I could also see the all the women had removed their shirts and that one was my wife, so I decided not to hold back, next I felt one of the women suck on my nipples, another one held a vibrator to my cock. With one hand I reached to find some pussy to play with and found the one on my left was clean shaven and within seconds she was lightly moaning at first but got louder. Than one sat in my lap and guided my hard cock into her awaiting pussy which I realized it was my wife. I cum deep into her as she continued to ride my cock until it went soft. While I kissed her eye I whispered ?thanks dear? as soon as my wife got off my lap another  women pulled my face to her erect nipples I sucked licked lightly bit them both as hard as I could without drawing blood.

   I could feel my cock start to get hard and figured I would enjoy myself. One woman helped me stand up and placed my cock between her huge tits than started moving up and down, while another held a vibrator to my balls.

  A seminar director came in and told only the women to remove their blindfolds and follow her to the next room. Than I heard a voice telling me I could remove my blindfold. As I did it was Lori seating on the top edge of the tube so I did the same. As we talked she had her feet on the top step and that allowed me a perfect view of her uncovered pussy. She had on a yellow staff shirt; I could also see her erect nipples pushing against the fabric of her shirt.  I noticed she kept staring at my cock. She told me we would have about ten minutes before the others would come back. Lori asked, ?Do you want anything? I replied ?anything??  ?Yes? she said.  I said ?a cold Pepsi would be nice but first I? pausing as I pulled her into the tube with me.

   Once her shirt was wet Lori removed it. Her tits were nothing short of double D?s with large nipples. She wasted no time to reach for my hard cock and a few minutes I pulled free got behind her and began to push my cock into her doggie style; she was tight but felt great. I could tell no one had fucked her yet and wondered why me, lucky I guess. I reached around her to pinch and play with her nipples. I pumped my cock deep and fast into her pussy. Lori was screaming ?harder, faster, fuck my harder Ron? than she said ?don?t stop I?m coming? an did so three times, I could feel I was getting close so I pulled out turned Lori around so I could come in her mouth which she gladly accepted.

   We both got out, I went to the restroom and Lori put on her wet shirt and left. She came back a few minutes later with a ice cold Pepsi, then asked me to put on a dry shirt and a pair of black shorts. She started to ask me about what I thought so far. It was difficult not to stare at her hard nipples and uncovered pussy, I want more and I think she know it. She put down her clipboard and come over and sat on my lap facing me. We kissed and I know she could feel my hard cock and she got up. Lori asking me to remove my shorts, than climbed back on my lap. Guiding my hard cock into her awaiting pussy. She lifted her shirt so I could message her breasts and suck on her nipples, until we both cum.

   Next I was taken and joined with all the other men and we reviewed how we thought thing had went, than we got to listen to the main seminar. My wife told hot sexy it was to touching and being felt by other she didn?t know or couldn?t see. That was a real turn-on for me to see her and hear her story.  They divided everyone into groups (Lori was over our group and we went to a room where we had a discussion about foreplay. No one knew my wife was in the room, (there were seven women myself and Lori.)  one women said it was easier for her to show and asked another women to come up and she lifted up her T-shirt and began sucking on her nipples, I could see the others were enjoying watching this because their nipples were also getting harder. Two of the women were rubbing themselves; one of those had her fingers deep inside her pussy. my wife allowed the women next to her play with her nipples though her shirt at fist than reach under it. and the real surprise was seeing my wife with her hand in the lap of the women beside her playing with her pussy. Than they had a volunteer come up and lay on the table naked while all the others touched her anywhere, she wanted me to play with her clit, than to my shock my wife asked if she could be the one on the table. The women that had just got off started licking my wife's clit and pussy which was welcome..

  This class lasted about an hour and after the class was finished I was thanked for coming than went home totally happy with a greater love for my wife. 

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