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A first

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We had been talking about this for months and now as my fingers slid through her soaking wet pubic hair it was about to happen. I had talked, kissed, caressed and teased her into a frenzy. Her nipples were hard enough to burst and looked like they wanted to. Her breathing was ragged and breathy; there was a fine sheen of sexual sweat making her body glisten.

She begged me " please, please do it , do it now." Her voice was both pleading and demanding; a whimper and a snarl mixed together.

I took the bottle of lube from the bedside table and squirted a healthy dose on to her engorged lips and clit. She jerked and cried "cold."

"You can never have to much lube for the first time" I said.

"Please, please, please" came her reply.

I quietly spread the lube all over her quivering cunt. Both outside and in. Then slipping my index finger into her I rotated my hand so it was palm up and began to stroke her G spot with a come hither motion of my finger.

Her reaction was immediate as her pussy began to spasm and grasp against my finger. "Do you like that?" I asked. Her vocal response just as immediate as her pussy was "god yes, more."

I rotated my hand 90 degrees so that all my fingers were parallel to her slit and slipped in my 2nd and 3rd fingers. Again she responded with nothing but pleasure and I squeezed the inserted fingers together and tucked in my pinkie. With the pad of my thumb I began to trace a route circling up, over and around her clit. For the next 10 or so minutes I kept that motion up, only stopping to prevent her from cumming and then working her back up to but not passed the point of no return.

All the while she kept vocalizing both the pleasure and frustration she was feeling. She kept begging. With another shot of lube I tucked my thumb into my palm and pressed my hand forward. Her muscles stiffened and I withdrew just a tiny bit. She said keep going and when I felt her relax I did as she asked. With stead firm pressure and a wriggling of the knuckles my hand slid deep into her receptive, waiting cunt. I slowly curled my fingers into a fist and began to clench and unclench just a bit.

She began to cum as I had never experienced a woman cum. Her internal muscles flexing and grasping at my hand. My wrist being grabbed by vaginal lips. A torrent of unintelligible words, screams and sounds tumbled from her mouth and a steady stream of fluid sprayed up my arm from her pussy.

I could not resist. I dropped my head and sucked her clit into my mouth. I was not gentle, I sucked hard and deep and roughly slid my tongue over it until she could come no more.

She slowly relaxed and floated down from the high orbit of ecstasy she had inhabited. We spent the next twenty minutes slowly and gently removing my hand from deep within her nether regions and then cuddled together and slept.

In the morning we went out for coffee and over cappuccino talked about the experience we had shared. We both became very aroused and went back to bed to try to correct the situation. Unfortunately she was too sore (pleasurably so) to accept me. Through, gentle tongue work by me and with her expert stroking and sucking we were both soon happy and satisfied.

Throughout the rest if my undergraduate work and on into grad school we repeated the pleasure at least once a month.

No, we never became steady lovers or even in love, we just knew what satisfied us perfectly and enjoyed that pleasure when ever we needed it.

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