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A Valentine Treat, first time mmf

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A Valentine Treat

Authored by Francesco

It was Valentine's Day 2010 and my husband suggested that we should go to dinner and have a couple of cocktails. The cocktail suggestion kind of knocked me off balance since my husband rarely drinks but lately I've been pretty stressed so this seemed like a great opportunity to relieve some of this troublesome feeling that I had been carrying around with me for a few weeks.

I asked where we were going and my husband replied "The Wooden Nickel." I responded with a resounding, great. The Nickel is a dimly lit, cozy little restaurant tucked away in the heart of Pittsburgh. At one time the restaurant was completely secluded and surrounded by trees. Then came progress and with the land values so high in the Pittsburgh area the wooded acreage surrounding the Nickel has become modernized with buildings to even include a three story hotel. Never the less once entering the Nickel the charm and mystic of the restaurant was still very much present, not to mention the food is excellent.

We've been married for nearly 38 years and my husband has never really celebrated Valentines but would always share a sentimental card with me. So, this dinner date on Valentines was quite exciting. As we left for dinner the kids said not to worry about the grandchildren and to have a good time. Little would I know that this Valentine would be a Valentine to remember!

Over the last several years I've put on a few extra pounds but this has never stopped my husband from making love to me. I was feeling somewhat sexy, I guess because it was Valentines and we were going out to dinner. I'm thinking a little romance tonight! I slipped into a black dress that stopped just above the knees. The top was also black, imitation silk but done up in good taste. The last button on the blouse was fastened just above my breasts. The few extra pounds wasn't all the unflattering because my breasts were now a 36d. Now my husband is always ready to fondle my breasts and when he does fondle my tits those nipples of mine stand erect. Finishing my attire I had black, crotch less panty hose with four inch hooker heels attached to my tired aching feet. The four inch heels always reminded my husband of "the ladies of the night" and he would always kid me about being a hooker. My husband had always liked my calves and these heels pumped up the calves to form a little muscle. I just knew this combination would excite him and lead to a little romance. What I didn't realize that this romance would be shared by another man, sex with another man other than my husband! I get damp between my legs just thinking about that night.

Dinner was great. I had my usual shrimp scampi and my husband who is always watching his health had the grilled chicken with portabella mushrooms. To my surprise we both had two glasses of wine. I, having a smooth chardonnay and my hubby, the health nut, had his white zinfandel to help with his cholesterol. I was even more surprise when hubby suggested we have another round. Later he would reveal to me that he was nervous and almost backed out at the last minute. He didn't know how I would react or more importantly how he would react to another man, a complete stranger, fucking his wife. I'm so grateful that he didn't change his mind and that he took that extra glass of wine. I don't know if I ever told him since that night but it was a night to remember.

The three piece combo that was playing finally went to a slow set of music. The music was steamy, Luther Vandross, Johnny gill. As we were dancing my lover boy put his hands on the top of my now so slightly plump ass and kissed my neck. My god I thought, I'm going to have an organism right there on the dance floor. I am never the first one to leave any place and always give my husband hell for wanting to go. Tonight I said "We need to leave." He responded "exactly babe, exactly." As we left the restaurant I could feel the twitching and wetness in my pussy.

We left the restaurant and as we walked across the parking lot we begin to laugh at our little Hyundai. Times have been somewhat tough so this was the first used car that we had ever bought since we were married. The only redeeming feature was that the Hyundai was cute. We looked at each other, smiled got in the car and drove from the lot. I'm thinking and hope he's thinking great sex tonight. Little did I know what was in store for this older hot, wet pussy?

This was a night of surprises to say the least. Our ride home was abbreviated by a stop at the new Marriott hotel. I looked at him and he looked and smiled at me and said "I got a room for us." Little did I know that "us" meant the three of us? The room was new, very warm with soft accents and had a great view of the nightlights in Pittsburgh. On the nightstand was a small bottle of slightly chilled chardonnay. My husband poured me a glass and smiled. He whispered to me to relax on the bed and said "this would be a night to remember."

I lay back on the bed and he gently took off my four inch high heels that were killing my feet all night long. He gently rubbed my feet and slowly reached up and under my dress and removed my panty hose. His hand briefly touched my pussy but I knew he had felt the wetness leaking from my cunt down on to the tops of my thighs. Removed next were the skirt and then the top. Now I'm lying on the bed just in my skimpy bra, my breasts bulging from it and my damp pussy in plain view. I am so hot that I can't wait for my husband to slide his dick into me. That wasn't the case. Hubby being anal retentive is folding my clothes, quite neatly I might add, on the bed next to me.

Just then I heard a knock on the door and with a look of surprise I asked, "Who could that be." Hubby replied "don't worry everything will be okay." Well the four glasses of chardonnay were kicking and I was fully aware of my surroundings but feeling quite at ease. My husband opened the door and this young man walked into the room. At first I thought he must be room service. Well he was room service, not in the usual manner but the service I got from him that night was top notch. I guess the wine was working extra hard because I hardly flinched or for that matter I never even reached for the covers to conceal my pussy as the young man and my husband approach the bed. All I recall is my pussy beginning to pulsate.

My husband, as casually as he can be, introduced me to Antonio and says he is here, in town for the fireman's convention that's being held downtown. I'm thinking okay but why is this young, good looking man standing in front of me with my damp pussy fully exposed to him. Then it became clear. The fireman thing is kind of an inside joke because one of the x rated movies that we watch together is about fireman doing female fireman. I might add that these firemen really have some long thick hoses. My husband says he is a fire-fighter from Los Angeles as Antonio gently begins to sit at the bottom of the bed. I still did not make a move to cover my neatly trimmed pussy as Antonio was only a couple of feet from my cunt. Speaking of feet, my feet began to tingle and I felt my pussy beginning to go from moist to wet. All I can think of "is my husband going to let this young man fuck me." Oh my god I'm so nervous that the sheet under my under my ass actually became wet from the juices leaking from my pussy.

You have to understand that we have been married for 38 years and my first real sexual encounter, fuck, sucking a cock, having my pussy eaten were with my husband. Sure there have been men who I have dated, men who have even touched me, and men who have lain naked next to me, men who have sucked my breasts and even slightly penetrated my pussy with their finger but never outright fucked me. Once I even had the courage to touch a cock but I was so young I couldn't muster enough courage to let him, even though I cared about him, stick his dick in me. My first cock was my husbands. I might add that he really is a good lover, but I have always wondered if making love to another man would be just as good as or maybe even better than fucking my husband. Could tonight be that night? My palms were sweaty and I had this tight feeling in my chest. I'm lying on this bed with just my bra and my damp pussy exposed to this strange and handsome man sitting at the foot of my bed. Now my pussy is dripping wet and all I can think of is this Los Angeles firefighter going to stick his dick in my throbbing pussy.

My husband is 6'2" tall weighs around 225 lbs and for a man of 64 has a nice body. His penis is about 7" long and narrow around the girth. He has very little hair on his body but a full head of hair. His feet and his hands could be that of a women's. He keeps his groin area trimmed and this makes for a pleasing sight both visually and physically when the love making begins. The whole time, as I lay exposed to Antonio, I'm thinking if I'm going to make love to Antonio what is under those clothes. Well I didn't have to wait long as Antonio began to undress at my husband's urging. Antonio standing in front of the bed removes his shirt to reveal some tight abs and a well-defined chest. All the while I'm saying to me "pull your dam pants down." All I'm thinking is this really going to happen and my god I just can't wait to see Antonio's cock.

Hubby must have surely taken his time to pick Antonio. Antonio was 6' tall and weighed about 185 lbs. He had dark features like my husband but his built was slightly better than my husband although he couldn't have been more than 35 years of age. Once his shirt was removed I noticed he wasn't very hairy. I have commented over the years to my husband that I don't like hairy guys. He finally begins to take off his pants and I look at my husband and he reassures me by saying "its okay." Antonio slowly drops his pants to the floor as if he is doing a strip tease. Now he is standing at the foot of the bed with his package bulging from his boxer shorts. My husband is standing at my side and I squeeze my husband's hand as Antonio tries to drop his shorts to the floor. His boxers are stuck on his erect dick. As he slowly removes his shorts from around his cock, his penis is at full erection and snaps back and hits his lower abs. Instinctively my legs spread open as if to say fuck me, fuck me. I'm thinking "oh, my god." His cock is hard, straight and pointing towards his chest exposing a large circumcised cockhead and a thick vein on the underside of his dick. I just knew by the size of that vein, Antonio was a huge cummer. His cock was slightly larger than my husband's in length and width. I felt, I just knew I would cum when he stuck that beautiful cock in me.

This must have been hard for my husband since men put so much emphasis on the size of one's dick. Although I have only had one cock in my vagina until this night, all the toys and gadgets that we have used throughout the years, I have derived the most pleasure just on the outside of my pussy. Size my matter to men but to me the head of any cock on the outside of my pussy pounding my clitoris and letting loose with a hot load of cum is the best feeling a woman could have. Besides I didn't care at this point if it was a difficult situation or not for my husband to handpick Antonio. I was so selfish at this juncture, I just wanted to feel Antonio's dick inside of me.

Once again I turned to my husband and started to say, he interrupts me and says, "Its okay". Antonio begins to slide onto the bed, belly down exposing his tight young ass to me. Now with his body between my legs, he reaches up and begins to fondle my tits. I'm so excited, my pussy is soaking wet. I'm thinking there are times when I'm too wet it's not as good verses great but I couldn't control myself. Antonio's head is between my legs and very close to my vagina. The hair from the top of his head is touching my pussy generating a steady stream of wetness. He is gently massaging my tits with one hand and the top of my thighs with the other hand. My husband leans over and tells me to take off my bra. He says "let Antonio see those beautiful nipples."

I followed his command and I slowly removed my bra up and over my head. My tits, which are now large because of the extra weight I gained, are fully exposed to Antonio's view. My tits immediately flop to the side of my chest and before they come to rest Antonio has his fingers on my erect nipples. I have never seem or felt those nipples so erect that it turned me on even more, if you can actually believe that. With Antonio's head between my legs, I find the courage to reach down and squeeze his tight ass. Oh my god, I'm so excited I slid my hands off his ass and tried to reach under and grab his cock. No luck, he held his flat stomach firmly to the bed, his cock just out of my reach. "He gently releases my tits and he begins to push my legs ever so gently to the side. The front of his head was so close to my clit I could feel his warm breath, I almost exploded. Although, I was anticipating what Antonio was going to do, the sudden push of his tongue penetrating into and splitting my pussy lips, I became startled and pushed my muff into his face. His hands are now back on my breasts, playing with my erect nipples, his warm tongue and lips franticly licking and sucking my pussy, I couldn't hold back. I exploded with such force that Antonio gasped for a short breath. This would be the first of many pleasurable orgasms that would happen on this Valentine's night.

My husband is sitting at my side at the top of the bed with his cock bulging from his pants. I tried to remove his dick and he said no, enjoy yourself. As Antonio gently and slowly licked my cunt he began to rotate his body towards my face never missing a lick on my pussy. This was a night of many thoughts and I knew this rotation would bring that young strong cock right to my mouth. What seemed like forever, Antonio's thick young cock was just inches from my face. His cock was so close to my face I could see he was now leaking his own love juices and his vein was so swollen as if he was ready to explode.

I looked at hubby and he said "go ahead, touch it, fondle it, and suck it if you want. It's okay." I just couldn't believe what I was going to do to this stranger's cock. I gently squeezed Antonio's cock with one hand and with the other hand I am squeezing my husband's dick so hard he says, "Please, please be careful." Antonio's cock is as hard as my husband's. That thick, soft vein underneath Antonio's shaft seemed to be ready to spurt and I'm hoping that's not the case because I want to feel him shoot his hot cum inside of me. I gently released my grip on my husband's dick and without any urging from my husband I used both of my hands to pull Antonio's cock into my mouth. As Antonio's cock penetrates my lips the excitement of another man's dick in my mouth was too much for me to handle. I exploded again. I just sucked and sucked and couldn't believe this was happening especially as my husband sat next to me. As all these crazy thoughts, as to what was happening were running through my head. Antonio was still sucking my pussy so softly, so slowly, I was so excited that I exploded again.

I finally released Antonio's cock from my clutches and pulled his cock slowly from my mouth and I whispered to him to put it in, put it in. I was almost afraid to look at my husband but I mustered up the courage, looked at him and he whispered in my ear. "Let yourself go, fuck him, let him fuck you hard, it's okay."

Antonio slide around and within a split second his cock split my pussy lips and was inside of me. I exploded again and again. I could actually feel the head of Antonio's young cock banging the upper most part of my cunt. I silently screamed and without any notice my husband's cock was pressing against my lips. I gulped my husband's cock into my mouth and began to pleasure him. Here I was with the second cock in my lifetime, banging the fuck out of me and the man that I love pleasuring me with his dick in my mouth. The X-rated movies that we have watched over the years had come to life and I might add with quite a bit of emotion and excitement. My cunt was throbbing and Antonio was pounding it as hard as he could and I was sucking my husband's dick as hard as I ever did when I heard Antonio say, "I have to cum."

Thirty some years, one cock, only one man cumming in me and now this stranger is going to blow his load in me. I exploded again even before he cummed. I slide my husband's hard rock dick from my mouth, grabbed Antonio's head and whispered to Antonio to cum just on the outside of me. He started to pull his cock out of my pussy. Again I whispered in his ear slowly, slowly and I began to cum again. Antonio's cock never lost contact with my pussy. He slid his dick up and out of my pussy, rested that large, smooth head of his dick against the sides of my pussy, just below my clitoris. He was rubbing and rubbing the head of his dick around my clit and he finally exploded with the cum of a thirty five year old. It was hot, fast and my god there was so much of it. The cum fired up my vagina, hit my clitoris which caused another violent eruption. He pulled his cock from between my lips and shot the rest of his hot cum on my tits. I exploded with a milky substance that has never happened to me before. Antonio got up to his knees and he was rubbing and squeezing the last bit of cum onto my pussy. I just couldn't believe this was happening.

I grabbed my husband's cock, put it in my mouth and sucked and sucked until he cummed in my mouth. I haven't done that to my husband since we dated years ago doing it in the back seat of his car. As he cummed in my mouth he just said "oh my god, oh my god". I looked at Antonio's cock and it started to go soft but he still had plenty of blood in that dick and he plunged it back into my pussy for the last time. I squeezed my cunt muscles to hold it in just a bit longer. My husband's dick was still strong so i just stuck it back into my mouth. I felt Antonio's dick starting to slide out of my cunt but it didn't seem to matter, my pussy was still pulsating. Antonio pulled the last inch of his cock out of me and made his way to the bathroom. I gently removed my husband's dick from my mouth and told him to lie down beside me. He looked at me and said "I love you" just lay here for a moment.

I heard Antonio leave the room, and then some water running. My husband returned to the bed with a warn wash cloth and wiped the stranger's cum from my pussy, my stomach and my tits with the gentleness that he shows me when we are done making love. I was still excited and asked him to stick it in. He said, "Dear, I'm 64 years old, can we just take a minute or two." I chuckled and said "okay."

As we lay on the bed he asked me how it was. Tell me the truth he asked. I was somewhat afraid to tell him the truth but I finally mustered up the courage. I said it was great, it was tremendous. Feel my pussy; I made him touch my cunt. It is still trembling, look at the sheets they are soaking wet. His cum was hot and when that cum hit my clitoris it was on fire. All of this talk about Antonio fucking me energized this old husband of mine. He started to suck my tits which he loves to do and his finger slide down to my still throbbing clitoris were he gently rubbed until I cummed again. I felt his cock and he was hard. I pulled him on top of me and whispered in his ear "fuck me Antonio, fuck me."

I don't know if that was a slip of the tongue or not. Did i just want Antonio? It didn't matter, hubby didn't complain. He complied and fucked me as hard as he ever did. He exploded and his cum hit the upper most sensitive inner part of my pussy. I exploded over his cock with the same milky substance that Antonio brought forth from this old cunt. Hubby fell fast asleep but before I could fall asleep I noticed his cock was hard again. I'm thinking was he dreaming about what had just happened. I don't know but I reach over and gently grabbed his cock and slid my body next to him. I put his dick next to my swollen and still pulsating pussy and as I fell asleep, I wondered what next Valentines would be like. I'm not sure I can wait that long; I wonder who the next Antonio will be!!!!

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