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A Reunion With Benefits

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A little background is probably in order:

We are best described as an older, professional couple, both divorced and living together happily and lovingly.

E, as I will call her, is in her early 50?s, petite frame and average in most every other way. G, as I will call him, is in his early 60?s, a bit short and a bit overweight with everything else about average, unfortunately.

Physically, nothing special about either one of us. Mentally, we both think young and try to apply that to our everyday lives and we both have a really good sense of humor.

Our sex life would also probably be considered normal for our age. She gives an absolutely great blowjob and enjoys oral being performed on her. The lady certainly can get wet between the legs. There are times I feel I need a snorkel just to breathe. But, I wouldn?t have it any other way, she is sweet!

Hence, the problem lies!

A conflict exists in our lives!

We are normal in most every way except in our mentality. We think a lot younger than we actually are and probably a lot younger than we can actually ever be. None the less, the conflict is there.

In my previous life, at a much younger age, late 20?s to my early to mid-30?s, I did have the opportunity to experience a few sexual encounters that involved threesomes, foursomes and on one occasion a moresome. To say it wasn?t fun and exciting would be a major understatement.

Based on what E has told me about her past life, she was a rather late bloomer but certainly took off once she began experiencing life. She was a dancer in a gentlemen?s club for a while, participated in the Lifestyle with her previous spouse and enjoyed most of it. As she got older, their involvement in the Lifestyle toned down quite a bit until it just ceased. There isn?t much she hasn?t done or experienced. She tells me that there were some things that she would never do again, such as experimenting in bondage, S&M stuff, etc., but overall, especially the swapping part, it was okay and a lot of fun.

As indicated earlier, our sex life would probably be considered rather normal for our ages and mild compared to what we experienced in the past, but still satisfying.

We had talked about the Lifestyle, which apparently was more intriguing to me at that time than her, however, she had never just rejected the idea when it did come up in our conversations and indicated that she would not be against it provided we both agreed on who and what.

I had always wanted to experience her with another lady as well as another man in a threesome format and in a foursome, I also wanted to experience the ?anything goes? atmosphere in a group sex format.

She, on the other hand, did miss the opportunity to be with another woman every now and then and certainly would enjoy the pleasures of another man, especially knowing the variations that could go along with it.

Well, one afternoon, after an enjoyable time in bed, we lay there, caressing each other as we jointly came down from our just completed sexcapades. We began talking about the Lifestyle again. This time she was much more into things and expressed a desire to be fucked and eaten at the same time, either by a women or another man. Needless to say, the idea was interesting to me also.

I asked if there was anyone particular she had in mind and she informed me that there was not. She added that in her ?past? life, there was one man who seemed to really turn her on. He was good in bed, had a really nice cock and was an appreciative lover. She indicated that they had fucked several times a long time ago in a Club environment and once on the side with just him and her. She added that his name was David.

I asked her if she wanted to contact him and see if he was interested in joining us.

After some thought, she looked over at me and asked if it was something that I was comfortable with if in fact she wanted to ask him.

I assured her I was very comfortable with it as long as she was.

A couple of days later, as I arrived home from work, E told me that she had contacted David, who also had been out of the lifestyle for a while. She indicated that they had chatted about the old days and the times they did get together and as it turned out, the conversation began turning each other on. She asked him if he might be interested in joining us for dinner to further discuss the possibilities of a threesome with us.

She indicated that he readily accepted.

They exchanged photographs and she showed me his picture. He was about her age, average build, and would probably be considered good looking.

They arranged for dinner and drinks at one of our favorite places for the following Friday evening.

During the remainder of the week, she and I discussed the possibilities and wound up making love a bit more than normal and a bit more intense than we normally did. Afterwards we would talk about what she envisioned happening should we decide to move forward. Each and every time, she indicated that she would like to have him fuck her while she gave me a blowjob and would then like either him or me to eat her while the other did her doggy style.

I told her that I wasn?t sure I wanted to get that close to have another guy?s cock in or near my mouth nor was I sure I wanted to continue to eat her after he came in her.

She stated that she understood but just having a hard dick in her pussy and a wet tongue on her clit was a major turn on, so I agreed to at least consider the issue with stipulations. She accepted.

She also indicated that she would be interested in sucking two dicks at the same time. That I did not have a problem with as it was something I had experienced in the past.

With all the talk we did, it never failed to get us aroused again and allowed us another shot at making love to each other, which we did and in doing so the first time, as it turned out, I wound up eating her after I shot my load of cum in her. That was a first for me and it actually wasn?t that bad, certainly not what I expected it to be. The blend of my cum and hers was interesting and certainly acceptable to my palate.

Finally, Friday came around. Our meeting was for 7:30 at the restaurant. I got home from work, took a shower and dressed in a pair of slacks, dress shirt and sport coat, no tie. She decided to emphasize the evening?s purpose by putting on a slinky, low cut dress, no bra and no panties. Her makeup and hair were perfect. The dress was cut so that when she leaned over her, even slightly, one could see almost to her belly button. Her tits, being on the smaller size but yet firm would sway a bit when she did. Quite a sight to say the least and she knew it.

We arrived at the restaurant a bit early and I secured a private booth. She and I sat next to each other while we waited on David?s arrival. She was both nervous and excited, as was I.

We ordered a couple of Martini?s while we waited, figuring ?what the hell?, it may relax both of us.

Once our drinks arrived I told her that she should take the lead and I would do my best to follow. If she decided to move forward with things I would let her be the aggressor and wait for her cues. If she decided not to move forward then I would be the ?bad guy? and explain things to David.

All the while, she was massaging my inner thigh, running her hand from my knee area almost to my semi-hard cock, then back down. She knew full well the reaction she was having on me. I in turn would either sneak a feel of her tit or would move my hand down to her leg and do the same thing to her.

Just as we were preparing to order our second round of drinks, David walked through the door. I noticed him first and identified him based on the photo he sent to her. He was well dressed, very similar to me and well groomed and appeared to be a clean cut, professional looking guy.

He approached our booth and I stood and introduced myself. While we shook hands, she rose from her seat, grabbed his hand, leaned over and kissed him on the cheek, while making sure he had a pretty good view of her tits as her dress opened as she had planned.

David sat across from us and we ordered another round of Martini?s.

E and David began with small talk. The normal ?how have you been?, ?what have you been up to?, ?Have you seen any of the old gang?, etc., etc., etc. That part of the conversation lasted not only through the Martini we just ordered but into yet another round.

Since I was not a real active partner in their conversation, once the next round of drinks were served I recommended that we consider ordering. One, I did not want either she or I getting too tipsy and; Two, I was getting hungry. As it turned out, they were also.

While all the talk between David and E took place, I continued to massage her inner thigh and every now and then allowed myself to run a finger up and down the sensitive lips of her pussy. She was already wet with anticipation.

We ordered our meals and while waiting, I pushed the conversation in another direction. I informed David that she had told me about their past encounters and asked what made him decide to take us up on the potential offer.

David smiled and informed both E and I that he had often thought about his past and her specifically as he always had a great time with her. He added that he missed the Lifestyle but never found another lady who would participate in it with him, although he was seeing a lady at the time who showed some interest when they talked about it. His comment ended with a question to her, which was, ?Did she still give great blowjobs?, apologizing for the directness at the same time.

She looked at me then back at him and told him that she would let me answer that question, which of course I did with all the pride I could muster. I told him that she in fact did give great blowjobs and was one of the few women I had ever known who not only was good at giving them but actually enjoyed giving them.

He indicated that even though it had been a long time, he remembered that she always showed a lot of enthusiasm when it came to giving blowjobs.

At this point, she rearranged herself on the seat and in doing so, again gave David a great view of her tits but also allowed her dress to raise up, exposing her entire pussy to my hand.

David did in fact take notice of her tits and commented that they were still as beautiful as he remembered.

Obviously she was flattered and went so far as to reach inside her dress, feel herself up some and told him that they probably still feel as good as he remembered also. He smiled and informed her that he had no doubt that they did.

Shortly after exposing herself some, our food arrived and we continued our conversation as we ate.

David indicated that while he often thought of her he never in his life expected to hear from her, especially with the offer she made.

I immediately interjected that her offer was in fact a potential offer pending all parties? approval.

He looked at me, smiled, and indicated that he understood.

I explained that I had no problem with the idea of a threesome nor did I have a problem with him being the third as long as she didn?t, she still had to give final approval to the deal, which she apparently was still debating.

David indicated that he understood and had no problem with things, one way or the other. He added that he wasn?t trying to push things; he was just trying to keep the conversation in perspective.

While David and I had our conversation, E continued running her hand up and down my inner thigh but was now letting it linger on my now totally hard cock.

My hand was still moving up and down her inner thigh and from time to time I would again trace her outer pussy lips which were now totally engulfed in her juices. Every time my finger moved along her pussy, her legs would open even more, allowing me more and more access.

I informed David that while she still had not given me the final nod, I did not think he had to worry about anything as she already seemed ready to take whatever we planned on giving her.

At this point, E adjusted her sitting arrangement which allowed me even more access to her soaking pussy but it also allowed her to stretch her get under the table and place it on David?s leg. I saw his hand move under that table and it appeared that he was now massaging her foot. I then took her actions as her desire to move forward.

We continued our meal while talking more about their previous times together at the Lifestyle Clubs. They talked about the people they were with and some of the things they used to do to each other. Double penetrations, dual hand-jobs, dual blowjobs and things like that.

While they were talking I could feel her foot reaching further and further as she had to slide down a bit but it appeared she reached his cock as his arm moved up towards where his cock would be. I then felt her leg begin to move up and down as it she was attempting to jerk him off with her foot. Needless to say he had a smile on his face.

We finished dinner, had a cup of coffee and I informed David that we had checked into a nearby hotel for the night and recommended that he follow us so that we would be able to continue our ?conversations?.

He agreed.

She made certain that David got yet another peek at her tits as she slid across the seat which she had to do in order to actually stand up. All the while, her eyes were fixed on his as his eyes were fixed on her tits.

Once in the car, she leaned over and kissed me hard on the lips while grabbing my cock. She thanked me for allowing things to proceed and for giving her the option to back out if she did not feel like moving forward.

I asked her if she was sure she wanted to proceed, adding that bringing David up to our room and then changing her mind would be terribly cruel to him but if that was what she wanted I would take the lead from there.

She told me that she was sure that she wanted to continue on adding that she could not help but visualize David fucking her while I was eating her.

As it turned out, the hotel we checked into was just about 150 yards from the restaurant and it took all of 20 seconds to drive from one parking lot to the other. After parking, we got out of our car and David got out of his, commenting that we could have walked to the hotel rather than drive.

We walked into the hotel and proceeded to our room. Upon entering I told David to make himself comfortable and asked if he would like another drink. David in turn took off his sport coat and accepted my offer.

As I proceeded to make drinks for all of us, E indicted that she was going to get more comfortable and went into the bathroom.

As I was handing David his drink, E returned from the bathroom totally nude, except for the smile on her face. She commented that she was now comfortable and wanted to know why we weren?t. She more or less just stood there, hands on her hips as if waiting for us to undress.

I took off my coat and began unbuttoning my shirt. She in turn walked over to David and kissed him on the lips. She allowed her hand to move to his cock and she began playing with it through his pants. He moved one of his hands to her tit while the other moved to her ass. He pushed her closer to him and again they kissed.

By this time, I was totally naked, my cock sticking straight out with a drink in my hand. She moved slowly to her knees and began to undo David?s pants. She moved them down his legs slowly. His hard-on showing itself through his underware.

He stepped out of his pants as she was pulling down his under ware, allowing his really hard cock the freedom it was seeking. He was larger than me but about an inch and appeared to be about the same width.

E?s hand cupped his balls and her tongue reached out between her lips and began licking the very tip of his cock. After a while she moved her head to the side and began licking and sucking on the sides of his cock all the while massaging his balls with her hand. Every now and then she would look over at me and a smile would come across her lips as she licked him and watched me play with myself. She was totally enjoying what she was doing and what she was seeing.

E then decided to take his cock into her mouth and I watched as her lips slowly engulfed his entire dick. Her nose rested in his pubic hair and her hands lightly pulled on his balls as she sucked on him.

David placed his hands behind her head and began to massage her scalp as she sucked on his cock. She then began moving her mouth up and down the entire length of his cock, letting it slip from her lips every now and then, only to again take his entire length down her throat. She was beautiful.

I decided that I would sit for a while and grabbed one of the chairs and turned it toward them so I could watch them.

She was slow and methodical, working his cock like a large candy sucker and he was definitely enjoying every second of it.

After a few minutes he told her that if she kept that up he would wind up cumming right down her throat.

She looked over at me as if seeking my permission. I smiled and gave her a slight nod. She then began to move quicker and quicker up and down his cock. After several more in and outs, David told her that he was going to cum. She moved his cock further into her mouth and began sucking harder on it until he finally came. Being the expert she is, not a drop was wasted.

After he came, she stood up and kissed him hard on his lips. I could see their tongues mingling knowing full well she was allowing him to taste his cum on her tongue.

Once they finished kissing, she walked over to me and hugged my neck. In doing so she whispered in my ear, thanking me for allowing her to do that and asking me if I was okay with everything.

I reached up and placed a hand on one of her tits, pulled her closer to me and kissed her.

Her hand moved to my cock and began teasing it with her hands.

E turned to David and told him to rest some while she attended to some needs that I apparently had, pointing to my dick which was standing proud.

David smiled and began to make himself another drink.

She pulled me toward the bed and laid me down. She then began to lick and suck on my nipples while her hand massaged my cock and balls.

I told her that I too was on the verge of cumming from just watching her give David one of the best blowjobs I had ever witnessed. She smiled and lowered her mouth onto my balls, sucking each one in, one at a time. She seemed to languish on them, while one hand held my cock and the other began playing with her pussy. She made sure that David had a good view of her playing with herself while she sucked and played with me.

I looked over and saw David watching her. His cock was beginning to recover from her blowjob and he had a smile on his face. His eyes were intense as their stared at her wide open pussy.

E moved her mouth from my balls and began to take my cock into her mouth. After sucking on it for a few seconds she lifted up and told me that she wanted me to cum in her mouth. She wanted to have the taste of both David?s and my cum on her tongue and lips. She then proceeded to give me one of the best blowjobs I ever received. She used every possible method on me from nibbling to sucking to licking. After a couple of minutes, I reached down grabbed one of her tits and started rolling her nipple between my fingers. She in turn got on her knees, between my legs and took all of me in her mouth in one motion. Her legs were spread, giving David a great view of her ass and cunt.

I finally told her that I was going to cum. She quickened her pace and I felt my cum shooting from my cock into her mouth. She continued to suck and jerk on my cock, almost to the point of causing pain from the intense pleasure she was giving me.

Once she was able to suck all the cum she could from me she moved up my body and pushed her tongue into my mouth. I could taste my cum on her tongue.

She then motioned for David to join us. His cock was not fully erect again. He moved to the bed and she told him to rub his cock over her tits and face. She pushed me down and told me to lick her cunt, that she needed to cum very quickly.

I moved into position between her legs, lifted them up slightly and began slowing licking her from her asshole to her clit. Her juices had run all the way down her thigh to her knees and onto the sheets.

I looked up at her and saw that her eyes were closed and David?s cock was again deep in her mouth, his balls resting on her chin.

Her hips began moving up and down as I licked and I felt her hand on my head, pushing it harder into her drenched cunt. I then concentrated my tongue efforts on her clit, put a finger on her asshole and applied a little pressure. She jerked several times and loudly exclaimed that she was cumming. And, cum she did. She flowed like a river.

I continued my efforts and in doing so heard David say that he too was going to cum again. I looked up and saw that he removed his cock from her mouth and was jerking off over her tits. I then saw his cum flow from the tip of his cock onto her breasts and nipples, with one or two shots to her lower face.

She reached her tongue down and licked the cum from her lower face as her hands massaged the remainder of David?s cum into her tits.

I continued to suck and lick on her pussy until she pushed me away, saying she couldn?t take anymore at the time.

After a few minutes of resting between her legs, I got up and got us a towel so that we could clean up a bit. David?s cum was still all over her tits and his cock and her juices were dripping down my face to my neck.

After we cleaned up a bit, I made us all another drink and we just sat on the floor and talked about what had just happened.

David complimented her on her blowjob skills adding that she definitely did not loose any of her skills since the last time they were together.

She smiled and thanked him by squeezing his softened cock a little. She then reached over and put her hand on my cock and balls and just played with them very genteelly as I was still a bit sensitive.

As we all finally came down from our previous endeavors, she asked what was next.

I told her that if she could get us both hard again, I think we should grant her her fantasy wish, that being fucked and eaten at the same time.

She looked at David and he simply smiled as he reached over and started massaging one of her tits.

After a couple of minutes, David bent down and took her right nipple into his mouth and began sucking on it, I followed his lead and took her left nipple into my mouth and did the same. My tongue tracing the circumference of her entire nipple.

She repositioned herself so that she could play with both of our dicks at the same time.

David was the first to respond to her efforts, his dick getting harder and harder. It took me a while longer so I recommended that David fuck her doggy style and I would like her pussy for her.

E immediately climbed back on the bed, got on her hands and knees, spread her legs and began running her fingers up and down her pussy.

David, whose cock was now pretty erect positioned himself behind her and was massaging her ass.

I climbed onto the beg, scooted under her in a sixty-nine positions and found myself staring directly at her open pussy with her fingers still moving up and down its length.

I then moved her hand which allowed David to position his cock at the opening of her cunt. I witnessed the head of his cock as it entered her wet hole. He moved slowly, allowing her pussy to experience his entire length as it penetrated her cunt. When his cock was finally all the way in her, he stopped and did not move. A soft moan came from her lips and I took that as my cue that she was ready for me to begin licking her clit.

I looked up at E?s pussy again to get my bearings as I really did not want to make tongue contact with David?s dick or balls. In doing so I saw her pussy pulsating around David?s hard cock. I saw her juices flowing over his cock and down his balls, which were actually resting against the top of my head. Finally, I raised my head and began licking her pussy from just below David?s cock to the top of her cunt. When my tongue grazed her clit, she jerked a little and again let out a slight moan. This apparently was David?s cue to begin fucking her because that is what he did.

David moved almost totally out of her cunt with just a small portion of the head of his cock still in her before he again pushed in slowly. My tongue tried to match his speed but it did not quite work that way as my tongue seemed to have a mind of its own and moved over her pussy and clit a bit quicker than David was moving his dick into her pussy.

She in turn took my cock into her mouth and began sucking on it as she moved up and down its length. The feeling was indescribable.

After several slow moves into her cunt, David started moving quicker and quicker, pushing his dick all the way into her and then almost all the way out. He finally reached maximum speed and was just plain fucking her with wild abandon. She in turn began matching David?s movements which made it somewhat difficult for my tongue to concentrate on her clit. David fucked her like this for at least 5 minutes, maybe more and during that time she became more and more vocal each time she came. Her pussy was actually flooding my mouth and I worked hard swallowing and licking at the same time.

Finally, David announced that he was going to cum and asked if she wanted him to cum in her or on her. She released my dick from her mouth, turned her head and told David to cum in her, to please cum in her.

I looked up again and saw his cock stop pumping into her as it started to jerk and jerk. I decided that I was not really ready to taste his cum directly from her cunt so I moved down some and watched as his dick remained still within her.

After what seemed like hours but in fact was only a few seconds, I saw David?s semi-hard cock slip from within her pussy. He reached down and grabbed his dick and moved it up and down her ass crack, cum still leaking from the head.

As I started to move from beneath her I saw his cum beginning to flow from her. His cum mixed with hers, running down her thighs.

David decided that this time he would be the one to get the clean-up towels and moved to the bathroom to get them. He returned, handing one to her while he used the other on himself.

Again, we moved to sit on the floor, David on one side of her, me on the other. We sipped our drinks and again discussed what we had just done to each other.

She indicated that between his cock fucking her and my tongue licking her that she came at least 10 times each one stronger that the one before it. She also said her pussy was actually sore at the time.

They again commented on the comparisons between their earlier encounters and what we just experienced. David again indicated that he did miss the times that they got together.

E asked David about his current girlfriend. He indicated that her name was Joy and described her as a really great lady who was good in bed, although she could probably take some lessons from E based on what he just experienced. David added that Jo was pretty straight but seemed to be interested in the Lifestyle to some degree. He told us that they have talked about his past experiences and she would ask a lot of questions. Things like how he handled jealousy, was it sexually safe, meaning sexual diseases, does anyone wind up having sex with someone they don?t particularly want to, what type of sex goes on, does same sex issues occur, etc.

He added that she was aware that he was with us and what we may wind up doing. He added that she told him that he would have to tell her all the details when he got home.

He stated that he would really like for us as couples to meet for drinks and dinner soon, assuming we had no problems with it. He also stated that he would not be against just getting together with us again like we just did.

E told David that we could probably get together with Joy and him in the future and that we should all keep in contact.

I told David that I did not think either of us would have a problem with just us getting together again in the future either, especially since she seemed to enjoy it so much.

With all the talk, David finally looked at this watch at announced that we had been at it for over five hours and that as much as he would like to continue, he should be getting on his way.

She indicated that her pussy was still too sore to do anything else anyway and maybe we would start earlier in the day next time.

David then proceeded to get dressed, kissed her good night, shook my hand and left the room.

E looked at me, smiled, reached out and grabbed my cock and asked if I was okay with everything. I told her that I was fine with everything that happened and that David seemed like a really nice guy who had the ability to satisfy her.

She thanked me for allowing her to experience a threesome in the manner we did and asked if I would be up to meeting with David and Joy in the future. She added that ?Who knows, maybe Joy would wind up wanting to try some things with us?.

We then moved to the bed. She climbed on top of me and put my dick in her pussy and told me to fuck her. I reminded her that her pussy was sore and she commented that it was not that sore and since I only came once, she owed me one.

She then proceeded to ride my cock until I exploded inside her. After she laid back down I moved between her legs and began licking and sucking on her pussy again. She moved my head, looked me in the eyes and told me that if I kept that up I would wind up eating my cum along with hers. I smiled and moved back to her pussy and ate her until she came. We then cleaned up a bit, laid down and fell asleep in each other?s arms.

Several days later she told me that she had received an email from David. He again told her how much he enjoyed seeing her and meeting me. He also told her that he certainly enjoyed our little sexual get together. She added that he went on to say that he told Joy everything that happened the night we met and afterward they had some of the most uninhibited sex they ever had. He added that Joy asked question after question about our encounter. He told Joy that he felt they should get together with us for dinner and drinks which she was agreeable to but added that she wasn?t sure if she would be interested in doing what we did that night even though what he told her was a turn on.

I told her to let him know that anytime they wanted to get together with us was fine but we would need a couple of days? notice just to make sure our respective jobs did not interfere. She agreed to let him know.

The following week, she again got an email from David asking if we would be available the following weekend. We checked our schedule and found that we were free the entire weekend. She let him know that the dates he asked about were fine and asked where he wanted to meet. He recommended an Italian restaurant not far from where we lived, adding that it was a small place that afforded us private booths. We set the time and agreed to meet.

The next Friday, E and I proceeded to the restaurant where upon arrival we found that David and Joy had already arrived and were seated at a booth near the rear of the place. The lighting was romantic and subdued. We approached the booth and David got up kissed her on the cheek and shook my hand. He then introduced us to Joy.

Joy was an attractive lady, nice body, very pretty smile. She was a little younger than us but not by much. She shook hands with me and gave E a friendly little hug, adding that she had heard so much about her. E jokingly told Joy that she hoped he did not say too much about her. Joy laughed and told her that he only said good things, no negatives at all.

We all sat down and David poured both E and I a glass of Chianti which they had already purchased.

E asked Joy about herself and Joy told us almost her entire life story. Married once before, no kids, professional job and living with David and enjoying it.

David indicated very openly that Joy was more than interested in what we experience the night we were together. In fact, David stated that she seemed more than intrigued by our get together.

I asked Joy what she thought of the evening we spent with David. She told us that she thought it was cool that people could be so open and allow themselves to experience such things and be comfortable with it. She just did not know if she could be so open.

I told Joy that while we were in fact comfortable with what happened, we all had second thoughts prior to actually doing what we did. We all had questions and we all allowed ourselves and ?out? if we felt things would not work out the way we hoped, but I did not think that any of us would have changed anything that happened that night. It was fun, exciting and enjoyable all at the same time.

Joy looked at E and asked if she felt the same way.

E told Joy that it was one of the most sexually enjoyable evening she experienced is a very, very long time and hoped we could all do it again sometime.

Joy indicated that she still wasn?t sure about things but because of her love for David and her desire to experience more of what life had to offer, she would try to keep an open mind.

Joy then asked E about the jealousy issue.

E indicated that jealousy played no real part as we all knew what we were going to do and accepted things for what they were, an open, enjoyable evening of sex. It had nothing to do with love, except for the love she had for me and me for her.

The waiter came by and took our respective orders and I requested another bottle of Chianti, which he brought to the table before placing our food order. This allowed us to have a couple of more glasses of wine before our food arrived.

Our conversation continued and E asked Joy, very bluntly and very matter of factly, what she fantasized about.

Joy seemed to be taken off guard some by her directness and after thinking of a way to respond, she finally stated that she probably fantasizes about the same things everyone else does. Romantic sex, being seduced, having orgasms and things like that. She then asked Joy if she masturbated. This time Joy responded rather quickly answering with the question, ?Doesn?t everybody??

E kept pursuing Joy by asking specifically what she fantasized about. Pushing her to tell us the full story.

Joy indicated that one of her more frequent fantasies involved being seduced on a secluded beach by David. She went on to explain that she and David are taking a late night walk on a private beach, looking at the moon light and holding hands. David tells her how beautiful she is and how sexy she looks in the clothes she was wearing. He stops her and kisses her very gently and lovingly and she kisses him back. They decide to sit on the beach and they continue the kissing and David begins to feel her up outside of her dress. She begins to feel her nipples harden under his touch. She reaches out and plays with his dick through his pants. After a short while she feels David unzipping the back of her dress and then lowers it, exposing her breasts to the world. He continues to play with her breast, tweaking her nipples from time to time. She in turn continues her playfulness with his now hard dick. She then feels his hands moving lower down her body and his fingers begin to trace the outline of her vagina. She feels the wetness that begins to grow in her groin area. He lays her down and in doing so, removes her dress entirely leaving her exposed except for her panties, which are getting more and more soaked. She feels his fingers moving inside her panties and begin to explore her further. She unbuckles and unzips his pants and moves her hand inside, finding that he decided not to wear underware. She holds his hard cock in her hands and begins to jerk him off. He is now sucking on each of her nipples, his tongue moving from one to the other. The night breeze only helps to stiffen her nipples for him. His fingers are now inside her and he is finger fucking her while rubbing her clit with his thumb. After a short while, he stands, removes his pants entirely, removes her panties and makes lover to her right there on the beach.

Unbeknown to Joy, her story got more and more vivid and descriptive as she went on. When she finished she realized what she said and how she said it and apologized.

E commented to Joy that her fantasy was beautiful and her description was very vivid. In fact, she told Joy that the story she just told got her wet.

Joy laughed and thanked her for her understanding. Joy then told David that she was sorry, she just did not know what got into her.

David laughed and commented that obviously his dick got into her.

That comment lightened up things for all of us.

During Joy?s fantasy story, E began playing with my cock under that table and I played with her pussy at the same time. It turned out that she got very wet between the legs and naturally I got very hard. What we did not know at the time was that David had actually gotten Joy off while she was telling us about her fantasy. David enlightened us shortly after Joy finished her story. Joy simply blushed.

Once our food arrived, we tamed things down a little and enjoyed the meal. Afterwards, David informed E and I that this time he and Joy decided to make a weekend of things and rented a room not too far from the restaurant. He added that it was a bit further than the room we rented the night we were together but still, not too far away. He then asked if we would like to join them for a drink and continued conversation.

E told David that we did not want to spoil their planned evening and Joy answered before David could utter a word. She indicated that we would not be spoiling anything as she would like to know more about us and besides, they had the whole weekend to be together.

E looked over and me and I told her that it was she who had to decide, I would go along with whatever she wanted.

E looked back at David and Joy and told them another glass of wine would be nice.

David and I paid the bill while Joy and E waited at the door talking. As we approached them, it was obvious they were sharing a laugh as both ladies had broad smiles on their faces.

Once outside David told me to just follow him to the hotel.

E and I got into our car and pulled up behind David and Joy. We then proceeded to the hotel.

While in route I asked E what she and Joy were laughing about and she told me that Joy told her that this was the first time she had a good meal and an orgasm at the same time. E further stated that Joy told her that once they got to the room she would have to change panties since they were soaking wet.

Once at the hotel, we accompanied David and Joy to their room.

After entering David poured us all another glass of wine and invited us to have a seat and relax, which we did.

E sat next to me with her hand resting on my knee. David sat next to Joy with his arm over her shoulder.

After Joy took a couple of sips of wine she excused herself stating that she had to go to the ladies room. On her way there, she dug in her suitcase and sure enough, she took out another pair of panties to take with her. Several minutes later, she returned and we continued our conversation.

Joy began asking E questions about having sex with others in the Lifestyle. Things like had she had more than two men at a time, did she ever make love to another woman, what was her favorite sex act and things like that.

E responded to all of her questions in detail. She told Joy that she had had as many as six men in one night and as many as four men at the same time. She also told Joy that she had indeed made love to women and enjoyed it very much, as did the guys who were watching them. She also told Joy that she definitely enjoyed being fucked by one guy while another guy or girl ate her pussy.

E was very descriptive and open in her responses and it seemed to have an effect on Joy as her hand was now opening massaging David?s ridged cock and David had his hand under her dress playing with her.

Joy then asked E and I if we would not mind letting David join us again while she watched. She sheepishly commented that at some point she may even decide to join us.

This brought a huge smile on David?s face as he shockingly looked at Joy.

E and I looked at each other and agreed to Joy?s request.

E then got up and walked over to where Joy and David were sitting. E dropped to her knees, began to unzip David?s pants, pulled them down along with his underware to his ankles, grabbed his cock and engulfed his entire length in one smooth move. She allowed his cock to sit deep inside her throat for a few seconds then slowly started moving upward while applying suction on it as she did.

Her unexpected actions put a surprised look on both Joy and David?s faces. It was one of those times when one wishes they had a camera.

As E allowed David?s cock to slip from between her lips, she stood, looked at both David and Joy and announced that she and I would be honored to have David join us again while Joy watched.

E then began to remove her dress, leaving her in just see through panties as she wore no bra. Her breasts stood out from her chest, her nipples erect and pointed. She then bent down and in one slow movement, removed her panties and threw them on the couch next to Joy.

E then moved to the bed and laid down on it with her legs spread. She placed on hand on her right tit and the other hand over her pussy.

David got up, removed the rest of his clothes and joined E on the bed. I, in turn, undressed walked over to the bed and offered my cock to E?s waiting mouth.

David, seeing that E was going to suck on my cock for a while, lower himself down the bed and rested his head between E?s wide open legs. His tongue began to trace the outer lips of her pussy. Her hand now resting on his head guiding him to where she wanted him.

I looked over at Joy who was still sitting on the couch. Her eyes fixed on David and what he was doing to E. She appeared to be in a hypnotic trance. Her lips slightly parted.

David was really going at E, licking and sucking on her pussy. E seemed to follow David?s actions as she licked and sucked on my cock.

After a few minutes, E stiffened and her hips began jerking, a sure sign she was in the throes of her orgasm. She screamed out to David to keep licking her and her hand again was forcing his face hard into her pussy.

Between her actions and her sucking, I felt my orgasm growing and within seconds of her collapsing on the bed, I came down her throat.

David kissed and tongued his way down E?s legs before standing and going to retrieve a couple of towels for us.

Joy watched as he walked to the bathroom, his cock semi-hard and dangling as he did so.

E allowed my cock to slip from her mouth and her hands moved to her breasts and lightly moved over each of them.

I turned toward Joy, my cock still dripping cum. She was staring at my still hard cock as the last drops of cum fell to the floor.

I noted that apparently she became a little turned on by what she just witnessed as she had one of her hands up her dress and the other inside of it playing with one of her tits. Her eyes locked on to mine and she apparently realized what she was doing to herself. She immediately moved both hands and placed them on her knees. I smiled at her and she smiled back.

David returned and handed a towel to both E and I and we cleaned ourselves up. E was now sitting on the bed, her breathing still labored. She wiped the area around her pussy and proceeded to the bathroom.

David sat next to Joy and asked if she was okay. She had a lusty look in her eyes as she told him that what she just saw was so hot that she almost came.

I told David that he should do something about Joy?s situation that it wasn?t right to just have her linger there all horny and stuff. I also told him that E and I would be more than willing to go ahead and call it an evening if they would like to be alone and talk about things.

Joy immediately responded that we should not leave. She asked me to please stay and watch them.

It was about this time that E came from the bathroom, still naked as a jay bird but certainly a bit more freshened up than when she first went in.

I told E that Joy got a bit horny watching us and did not have the opportunity to relieve her stresses. I also told her that I told David that he should do something about that rather than leaving her linger. I went on to tell her that I offered to leave them alone for the evening but Joy asked if we would stay and watch them this time.

E looked at David who apparently gave her enough of a look to tell her it was okay and we should stay. She then looked at Joy and asked her if she was sure that she just didn?t want us to leave.

Joy told her that it was so hot watching us that now she wanted to know what it would feel like being watched.

E replied to Joy that it would be an honor to watch them make love to each other and asked if she was okay with us getting into it again provided she could get me to have another hard-on.

Joy told her to feel free but she really did want us to watch them while they made love, no, while they fucked.

During the time that Joy and E were talking, David had been fingering Joy?s pussy under her dress. Once Joy made her proclamation about us watching them, David, who was still naked and now sported a major hard-on, had raised Joy?s dress to her waist and moved her panties to the side so his fingers had total access to her entire cunt. He had two fingers moving in and out of her clean shaven pussy while his thumb made little circles around her clit. Joy?s entire pussy glistened in the soft light from her juices.

E made the recommendation that they would probably be more comfortable on the bed and as they rose, she and I took their places on the couch.

David helped Joy out of her dress and it doing so, for the first time, we could see that she was very well built. He tits, still covered by her bra were larger than expected. She sported a thin waist and very well proportioned legs. As her dress fell to the floor, David undid the clasp in the front of her bra and it too fell down her arms, exposing her tits to E and I. They were large and full with very hard nipples. He reached up and grabbed them in his hands, squeezing them rather roughly as he did. He then moved his thumb and forefinger to her nipples and twisted them gently with his fingers.

Joy?s eyes stared straight at E and I. Lust and fulfillment reflected in her face.

David then began kissing and licking her tits. His tongue running over her nipples. He then ran his tongue lower down her body to the top of her panties. His hands reached up and pulled them slowly down her spread legs. She stepped out of them as David began kissing her pubic area. His hands again reaching for her full breasts.

David moved her to the bed and she laid down with her legs hanging over the end. Her thighs spread and her pussy open to E and I.

David then lifted one of her feet and began kissing each toe and then sucking on each. His kisses very slowly moved up to her instep, her ankles and her calves. He then moved back down and started over. Joy shuttered each time David sucked and licked on one of her toes. It was as if she was having mini orgasms each time. He finally moved up to her thighs and then between her legs where he began kissing, licking and sucking on her cunt.

Joy?s legs wrapped around his head and she tightened her grip on it, forcing his face and tongue deeper and harder into her pussy. Her tits raising and falling with each deep breath. Her nipples hard and sticking out for each breast. Her eyes closed as her hips move slightly up and down on the bed.

E and I found ourselves playing with each other. My fingers roaming over her wet pussy. Her hand cupping and squeezing my balls and cock. E commented that Joy was absolutely beautiful as her body prepares for the ultimately climax.

After David spent several minutes between Joy?s legs, licking and sucking, Joy loudly told him not to stop that she was going to cum. She begged him to keep licking her clit. Finally, her hips rose from the bed, her legs tightened around his head and she screamed that she was cumming. Her body jerked and jerked while she kept the pressure on David?s head. She ultimately collapsed on the bed. Her breathing quick and heavy. Her legs shaking a little as she came down from the ecstasy she just experienced.

David then moved on top of Joy and placed his rigid cock at the opening of her drenched cunt. He then, in one smooth motion, buried his entire dick into her cunt and began to slowly fuck her. She raised her legs so that each foot was on the edge of the bed and spread her thighs even more. David then began to move in and out of her quicker and quicker. Within a minute, his muscles became tart and tight and with just a few more thrusts into her cunt, he came, filling her pussy with his cum.

They laid on the bed motionless for a couple of minutes and finally, David?s cock slipped from within Joy?s leaking cunt. E got up and walked up behind him and lightly played with his balls, causing his body to jerk yet again. Joy, feeling his body jerk, opened her eyes and saw E standing behind David. She looked into E?s face and smiled. E them went to her knees and began licking David?s balls from behind while running her hands up and down Joy?s outer thighs. Neither of them did anything to stop her.

I moved behind E and positioned her so that I could fuck her doggy style. She adjusted her body while continuing to lick and suck on David?s balls. I placed my cock at the opening of her pussy and began thrusting into her with long slow stokes. Her ass and pussy tightened and I felt the muscles inside her pussy begin to milk my cock. I continued to thrust until I felt I was about to cum. I whispered in her ear that I was going to cum and she backed into my cock even harder. I pushed in a little harder and came deep within her.

I looked up at her and noticed that she had moved David?s cock from under him and she had it in her mouth, sucking on it. David had his face between Joy?s legs again and was sucking on her pussy lips as E was giving him a blowjob.

My cock softened and slipped from E?s pussy just as David was cumming in E?s mouth. Joy was also reaching yet another orgasm at the same time.

As they recovered, I found the clean-up towels and prepared to give them to the others. I also poured each of us another glass of wine, anticipating the need for all of us to take a break.

After cleaning up and settling down some, we sipped out wine and discussed what we just experienced.

I commented to Joy that she sure made a quick transition from not being sure she would be able to participate and just wanting to watch to being an active participant and wanting to be watched.

Joy blushed and looked down toward the floor and then told me that she just watched us, got turned on and decided, ?what the hell?, and went with the flow.

I asked if she was okay with things and she smiled and shook her head yes. She did ask David if he was angry with her for changing her mind and doing what she did.

David told her that he could never be angry with her but was proud of her. He added that she took a giant step and was glad she did.

E chimed it stating that she too was glad Joy opened up and participated.

David turned and asked E if she was up for another bout as he would certainly like to eat her again. E told him that it was up to Joy as she did not want to ?hog? him since he had already eaten her to a climax.

Joy looked at them and gave her permission and asked E if she would mind if I did the same to her while they were at it.

E asked Joy if she was sure and after getting confirmation, told Joy to be prepared for the best oral she has had in a while.

David, laughingly took exception to the comment and told me to give it my best shot and enjoy as he planned on doing the same with E.

I asked for Joy?s hand, which she extended and escorted her back to the bed. She laid down and I laid beside her. We were followed by E and David, with E laying on side of Joy and David on the outside of the bed. I reached over and began playing with Joy?s tits, moving my hand from one to the other. She was bigger that E so the experience was quite different.

Joy reached over and began rubbing her hand over my chest, stopping to circle my nipples as she did.

David wasted no time working on E, as he moved his mouth to her breasts and began sucking on them while his hand moved to her pussy.

E rested her hand on Joy?s arm and began rubbing it, brushing the sides of her tit as she did. Joy did not seem to mind in the least.

I then began sucking on Joy?s other tit and explored it with my tongue. My cock was finally coming alive again and was poking Joy?s leg. Joy giggled and told me that she felt a strange dick on her leg. She then reached down and took it in her hand. Once she did, she turned on her side to face me and surprised me with a kiss of the lips. Her tongue explored my mouth and I followed suite.

She asked if I would eat her while she sucked on my cock. I reversed my position so that my face was at her pussy and my cock was at her face. I began licking and kissing her inner thighs. She lifted her top leg to give me more access while her tongue began licking my now hard dick. I turned her back on her back and climbed on top of her in a reverse 69 position at which point I began to eat her pussy in earnest and she in turn began to suck my cock like and expert. She moved up and down my dick and then to my balls, taking each one in her mouth and sucking on them. She then took my dick down her throat and began moving up and down on it applying suction on it every time she moved up on it.

E have moved David into 69 position and had David?s cock deep down her throat while her hand was massaging his balls. David had his face buried in E?s pussy, licking and sucking on it.

In eating Joy, I allowed my tongue to concentrate on her clit area and it was making small, light circles over it. Her hips began to gyrate, moving up and down and side to side. I felt her juices begin to flow heavily. I pretty much knew at that point that she was about to cum again. I quickened my pace on her clit and ran my finger very lightly over her asshole. She then jerked violently and yelled out that she was cumming and begged me not to stop yet. I continued my assault on her clit as she continued to jerk up and down. After a full minute, she stopped jerking and asked me to stop as she was just too sensitive to allow me to continue. My cock was now resting between her tits, pulsating as it laid there.

E had already swallowed David?s cum and was still licking on his balls when he managed to give her yet another climax with his tongue. E then seemed to just collapse on his legs, his cock resting on her lips.

Joy told me to slide off of her as she wanted to make sure I came. I rolled onto my back and Joy began kissing and licking my nipples. After teasing me for a few minutes, she moved her tongue further down my body to where my dick was resting. She took it into her hand and held it up as her tongue moved in circles over the head of it. She forced her tongue into the small slip at the time and teased it also. She finally put her mouth over the head and began to suck it further down her throat. Her hand moved to my balls and began massaging and pulling on them as her mouth moved up and down over my cock.

I started to thrust my hips up and she knew that I was about to cum. I fully expected her to just jerk me off at that point but instead, sucked harder and quicker on my dick. Her fingers now lightly pushing on the opening to my asshole. Pushing but not entering fully. Circling it but not entering it. I told her I was on the verge of cumming and she lowered her head further down as I shot my cum down her throat.

David and E were watching the entire time Joy sucked on my cock. E hand moved her hand and placed it on one of Joy?s tits and she was massaging it, David was playing with E?s tits as she did so.

My cock softened in Joy?s mouth and as it began to slip from her lips, she gave it one last hard suck before it popped out.

Again, we all needed a break so we sat on the couch and just talked. Joy thanked us for allowing her to experience what David had been virtually begging her to do. She indicated that it was in fact fun and she had a really great time. She also thanked E for touching her, adding that she always wondered what it would feel like to have another woman do that, even though it was only some light playful touching.

I looked at E and recommended that we call it a night since it was David and Joy?s weekend. E agreed and after cleaning up some got dressed, as did I.

David and Joy were now comfortable enough to stay totally undressed.

They thanked us for the evening, we shared good night kisses and E and I left for the night.

On the way home E commented that we seemed to hit it off well with David and Joy and this could very well be the beginning of a really fun relationship.

I, of course, agreed.

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