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A Great Morning

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Fresh out of the shower I was not quite dry, but dry enough I decide as I move towards the closet to put my clothes on. However, I was distracted by the warmth of the unusually warm spring day, so instead of putting clothes on I decided to sit on the oversized love seat just off the bedroom. It felt good to be naked as I sat back and cleared my mind feeling at one with the universe.

Seconds or many minutes later, who knows, I sense movement nearby and I open my eyes. I surprised to see you standing in front of me wearing a short black silk kimono. The first thing I notice is the lustful look in your eyes?those very expressive sexy eyes. Of course I can?t help but also notice that the light material is clinging to your curves. I can feel my stomach tighten as my body reacts to the scene before me. Your only reaction is a seductive knowing smile.

You don?t say a word, but I see the expression on your face change. Sort of a false surprised look slowly appears as your hands move to the silk tie holding the kimono closed. You look down which forces my eyes to follow. In one slow movement the kimono opens up and slowly drifts to the floor leaving you standing in front of me without any clothing. Our eyes meet again, and I notice your chest heave ever so slightly. That is the only outward indication of the lust beginning to flow through your body. The hunger and the need is building up?I sense it more than I can see it, but it is clear to you the reaction you are having on me. My manhood is coming to full attention very quickly.

My eyes wander over your sexy body, like I have never seen a beautiful naked woman before?but I am fascinated at the lines of your thighs as they move up to what is a nicely trimmed pussy. Just enough pubic hair so it is clear that you are a woman, but nothing more. Then my eyes moved up over your tight stomach and up to your large breasts, with each breath they move ever so little but it is hard not to stare nonetheless. Then my eyes move back up to your full sensual lips and those eyes?.those freaking eyes! I know exactly what you are thinking and you haven?t said one word. I am sure you know I am in agreement as I feel my cock begin to ache it is so hard. More importantly I can?t break our gaze. Normally I would have some primal urge to stare at your genitals, but the energy and connection I am feeling looking into your eyes. It is so erotic and all I can think is I don?t want it to end.

Like you are reading my mind, which you probably are, you take one step forward and in a single effortless movement you are on your knees in front of me, hands on my knees. Still staring into my eyes, you bend down and kiss my inner thigh. I can?t help it as my leg jumps at the sensation. The energy also surprising you, and I see those eyes smile again after the initial shock?as though the realization of the power you have over me has just hit home. In any event, you are determined to continue to tease me as you continue to place soft wet kisses on each thigh while slowly moving up towards my very rigid member.

As I maintain the connection with your eyes and I can feel your warm breath on my very full balls I reach out with my right hand to touch your shoulder, but before I can get close you shake your head slowly making it very clear that you are in control here and I am not going to get to touch your soft skin. At least not on my terms, perhaps your terms, but that still remains to be seen?.

My cock is at complete attention and is flopped up on my stomach. With each touch of your lips it twitches in anticipation as does my whole body. Out of the corner of your eye you can see my stomach and chest muscles contracting and relaxing. The sense of power wells up inside you, or is that lust? Does it matter you ask yourself??you can feel the wetness between your legs, and are sure it is only a matter of seconds before your juices are dripping down your thigh. You smile inwardly hoping to see my reaction when I notice it for the first time. At that moment you decide to gently suck one of my balls into your mouth, and watch as my body twitches with pleasure and a sexy moan as I enjoy your lips and tongue. Then you let it fall out of your mouth and suck the other into your mouth and roll your tongue around it. You only see the extreme pleasure on my face as your tongue teases and your hands gently push my legs further apart giving your lips better access. I move my hand up again and again the ever so slight movement of your head puts me back in my place.

As though to distract me, my ball falls out of your mouth and you begin to trace your tongue along my rigid cock. Slowly you leave a wet trail along it and as your tongue reaches the tip you place a soft wet kiss, and watch as a jolt of pleasure shoots through my body. With your hands still on my thighs and your eyes still transfixed on mine, you pull the head of my cock into your warm mouth. My hips move up at the sensation and your hands move up to push my thighs back down. Again, your dominance is maintained?you can see in my eyes that my submission is complete. I am yours to play with and you slowly suck me into your mouth. You can see the pleasure and the frustration building on my face as you almost painfully slowly slide me in and out of your mouth making sure to take my whole cock in to the back of your throat and then almost release it completely as your lips slide back up to the head, and repeating over and over. You smile again, knowing that your successful teasing of me is having a similar effect on you. Your juices becoming a steady flow down your inner thighs.

Looking down at you, as you look up at me, is so sexy I can?t help but moan with each movement of your skillful tongue as I slide slowly in and your of your mouth. I am struggling to not touch you. Your eyes smiling as you continue to tease me, knowing the effect you are having on me. My cock is glistening with your saliva as you hold it up with your right hand and watch my reactions as you kiss the tip and seductively lick the head with exaggerated movements of your tongue.

To this point not one word has passed either of our lips. Our eyes still locked in?I can see the lust continuing to grow, and I know you can see that every fibre in my body is fully aroused. You are enjoying teasing me, but your body is just as ready as mine for what you have in mind. Still holding my rock hard cock in your hand you kiss the tip one last time and stand up. I smile at the sight of your breasts and you see me light up when I notice the streams of juices lining your thighs. You look down to see for yourself and knowing it might just put me over the edge your left hand reaches down and wipes up some of the residual liquid and you reach out and place that wet finger in my mouth. My eagerness to lick your fingers surprises you. With that you stand up, again still holding onto my manhood. You straddle my legs and place the head of my cock on the lips of your pussy. My body tenses, you can see my stomach and thigh muscles twitching with anticipation. When you feel my thighs start to rise up you use your left and press them down, accompanied by a stern look. I am at the point where I think I may be going crazy with desire. I can only think of one thing and that is of being inside you. As it turns out, you are having a hard time concentrating too. However, your desire to see my frustration grow is a powerful drug, and deep down you know you are going to get what you want too. To add to my frustration you use your left hand to move my arms over my head, as though they are tied to the top of the couch. As hard as it will be not to touch you, I make a mental vow not to move them until you give me permission.

Still holding my cock in your hand, I can feel you squeeze the shaft to tease me just that much more. Each squeeze is followed by a guttural moan of mine and the word ?please? though it is barely coherent. I am almost right where you want me. Just one more thing, your right hand squeezes extra hard causing me to open my eyes wide, however my eyes are focused on where my cock is ever so barely touching the warm wet lips at your entrance?..just barely, you are killing me?.. My moaning is almost constant, the pleasure and frustration mounting to levels I never thought possible. Again your left hand reaches between your thighs and wipes up some of your juices?you put that wet finger back in my mouth. I greedily lick it clean. Again, you wipe up some more juices and this time you put the fingers to your lips. I watch your tongue slowly lick them clean, and your hand then goes to my chin in a motion to hold my head up?essentially telling me not to look away from your eyes. I don?t need any further instruction. Your dark sexy eyes are hypnotic?I literally can?t look away.

At that moment you slowly slide yourself down my shaft until I am completely buried inside you. I watch as a wave of pleasure overcomes your body and I sense tension, sexual tension, slowly drifting out of you. However, you aren?t anywhere near satisfied as your hands reach up and rest on my shoulders. I continue to stare into your eyes as your hips slowly slide back and forth on my cock. You are so wet that there is a slight squishing sound with each movement of your hips, but it is a sexy seductive song. I feel your hands holding my shoulders tightly, and out of the corner of my eye I can see your breasts gently swaying with each subtle movement of your hips. So incredibly sexy?.your nipples are hardening as the pleasure mounts inside you.

I am dying to feel you impale yourself on my hard shaft over and over with hard exaggerated thrusts, but instead you leave me buried deep inside you and gently rock back and forth. Teasing us both beyond anything either of us have experienced previously.

As much as I am frustrated I can?t take my eyes off you. Your eyes are on fire, your breath is coming in shorter and shorter bursts. Your mouth is open and you don?t realize it but you are biting your lip. I can tell you want to just fuck my brains out but you are sticking with your mission. I smile at the thought of watching you come. I can?t imagine anything more erotic.

You lean forward, stopping only when your lips are almost touching mine. My submission complete I part my lips in anticipation of your kiss, but don?t dare move. Your hips continue their methodical and erotic rocking. I can feel the walls of your pussy slide over my hard cock and I can feel your clit grind against me though there is lots of lubrication. Our eyes locked on?I am thinking one thing though I dare not say it. Don?t close your eyes, please don?t close your eyes?I want your eyes open when you come. It is deafening to me?I am sure you can here my thoughts.

With that, your warm breath on my lips I feel them gently kiss mine. A soft glancing kiss, all your weight is on your arms which are resting on my shoulders. Your hips continuing to rock back and forth. I can feel your body tightening as you utter the first words you have said to me, ?I am going to come for you?. It was a raspy whisper, but it is all I can do to not come. Now my brain is screaming, ?don?t close your eyes, and please please please come for me!!!!?

Your body is one with mine now, I can feel your orgasm building?I know you are close. I cheat ever so little pushing my hips up ever so slightly putting that much more pressure on your engorged supersensitive clit?.your hands move down to my rock hard chest (every muscle in my body is fully flexed) Your eyes never waiver as I watch your orgasm overwhelm you. I watch your soul open up as your body is consumed by pleasure, wave after wave of delicious primal pleasure. Your nails dig into my chest, my hips continue to push up?as you push yourself into me. I am sure I can feel your heart beating next to the head of my cock?.that is how deep I feel I am in you. I feel you body collapse into mine. I gently rock my hips to continue the waves of pleasure shooting through your body, your moans are incoherent, but I can tell you are enjoying my limited movement. You are moaning and whimpering and for all of that your eyes stayed open the whole time, but as your orgasm subsides I watch your eyes close and our lips meet again. Soft gentle loving kisses that belie the passion beneath them, your body melts into mine. I am still buried deep inside you and neither of us is complaining about that.

Your senses are slowly returning and you push yourself up using your arms. Hands back on my now scratched chest, looking down at me you say, ?your turn? as your hips slowly start to rock again. You look surprised as I shake my head??you need to come again...watching you come like that is way too much fun? as I smile up at you.

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