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A Beautiful Day-Erotica

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A Beautiful Day

I watch as the look of undeniable pleasure covers his face as I lick up one side and down the other of his cock, it tasting like the most delicious popsicle I?ve ever put in my mouth. He begins to moan lowly as I take the head in my mouth sucking lightly at first then gradually sucking harder each time I take another inch into my mouth. ?That?s it baby take it all in, take it deep? he says as I take the full length of his cock all the way into the back of my throat and hold it there swallowing slightly causing my throat to lightly squeeze his cock. With each squeeze he lets out another moan of pleasure. Then slowly I pull back all the way to the head sucking hard as I go, biting down just enough every so often. Each bite bringing more moans. There?s something about his low sexy moans and knowing that I?m the one responsible for giving him such pleasure that gets my juices flowing. God this man makes me hot!

He reaches down caressing my tits with his strong hands. Taking my already very hard nipples he starts to roll them back and forth between his fingers with just enough pressure to make me squeal with delight while making them harder than I ever thought possible. He pulls me to my feet never letting go of my nipples and leads me over to the bed pulling me down on top of him.

His hands feel amazing as he gently rubs them over my naked body sending chills over me. With both hands tangled in my long brown curls he pulls my face down to his, kissing me so deeply and passionately I can feel it all the way down to my toes. As he moves across my cheek with soft sexy kisses stopping only to nibble on my ear and neck (the chills are back) I reach down and begin to stroke his still rock hard cock. I lean up so he can take my nipple in his warm wet mouth. I can?t help but moan out loud as he sucks and nibbles. Oh my, he has my pussy drenched and aching.

I whisper ?How may I please you Master?? ?I want to feel your soft wet pussy lips sliding slowly down over my stiff cock? he whispers back. Sitting up I move back taking his cock in my hand I position myself over him rubbing his smooth head back and forth between my pussy lips and teasing my clit. God I?m so wet! Slowly, I impale myself on his wonderfully thick and hard cock. Rocking slightly side to side I push him deeper and deeper into my hot wet cunt. The sensation is so intense we both gasp as I reach the bottom.

I can see that look of pleasure returning to his strong but beautiful face. It makes my heart (and pussy) swell! My hot wet lips push against his cool smoothly shaven skin as he?s buried deep in me. My pussy pulses around him as I start to slowly grind my hips in a small circle rubbing my clit on him. His low sexy moans have started again along with my own. O god, I love the sounds he makes! He grabs my hips securely but gently he raises me up the full length of his shaft and just before slipping out of me he lowers me back down onto him pushing his cock even deeper. His rhythm is slow and steady. It feels so amazing I can?t help but to arch my back and let my head fall back moaning loudly.

My clit is starting to swell as his hands which are still on my hips, start pulling and pushing me back and forth. Driving his cock deep and rubbing my clit with every stroke. My pussy is so wet that I can hear the wetness as he moves in and out of me. Our moans get louder as we both feel every hard inch of cock slide in and out. As we move faster every stroke brings me closer to exploding all over him.

He reaches up and pinches my nipples hard almost sending me over the edge. I let out a loud squeal of pleasure. He definitely knows my buttons. I lean forward kissing his chest and nibbling on his nipples. It?s his turn to squeal, well kind of. I giggle to myself.

Leaning forward has his cock now rubbing against my g-spot with every stroke. I can?t take much more! Our bodies are glistening with sweat, breathing is very heavy, moans are very loud. I think he?s getting close, I know I am. Head thrown back, eyes closed, nails digging in his chest as I hold on. In a breathy whisper all I can say is ?O fuck yes? over and over. Riding his cock as hard and fast as I can I feel it building its going to be a big one!

With one deep hard thrust and a scream I start to cum. Oh my god yes!! My whole body is convulsing as I squirt cum everywhere soaking him with my juices. The orgasm is so hard and wet my body twitches and spasms as it washes over me likes waves over rocks. Absolutely incredible! I collapse onto his chest trying to catch my breath but still sliding slowly up and down his extremely hard cock?wanting more.

I look up into his beautiful brown eyes and see that he is very close. I whisper ?Does Master wish to give me the gift of his seed?? ?Oh yes my sexy little girl.? ?Which one of my holes would Master like to fill with his gift?? ?I think you know the answer to that my little slut.? And I do. I slowly climb off of his beautiful cock and get on my knees with my head all the way down my cheek lying on the cool sheet. Wow it feels good on my face, still flushed from my orgasm. I feel him position himself behind me his hands on either side of my ass. ?Mmmmmm, I love your pretty little ass with its pretty pink hole just waiting for a nice big cock to fuck it.?

He rubs two fingers from my swollen clit through my juices to my ass hole several times making it good and wet. I can?t help but to whimper and wiggle with the anticipation and wanting of his cock in my tight little hole. Pulling my ass higher he says, ?That?s my girl nice and high.? He runs the head of his cock between my still soaked lips as well as one deep thrust into my pussy to make sure it?s completely covered in my juices. He slowly works his throbbing cock into his favorite of my holes until I?ve taken the full length of his shaft. The full feeling of him being buried deep in my ass is incredible. As he begins to slowly fuck my tight little asshole I can feel another orgasm building.

My moans are getting louder as I get closer. I?m having trouble controlling myself when he reaches down and grabs a handful of hair pulling my head back so I can hear him command me, ?Not yet little girl, Master first so you can feel every hot spurt of my cum.? I whimper ?Yes Master.? Not knowing how I?m going to keep from exploding with pleasure.

I can hear his sweet lustful moans getting louder as his strokes get longer and deeper into my ass. My own sounds are almost a scream as he pounds his cock as deep as it will go. And with the longest and deepest thrust yet he fills me with his hot seed. And as he wanted I can feel each pulse of his cock as he cums squeezing every last drop into me. My want and need to cum is driving me crazy, but I will not disobey my Master! Leaving his cock buried deep in my hole he slaps first one ass cheek then the other several times. Oh my god I think my head will blow off if I?m not allowed to cum soon. ?That?s for being such a good little slut? he says as he gently rubs my now rosy pink ass. ?Thank you Master. I?m only what you make me.?

?Now it?s your turn little girl, roll over on your back.? I do as I?m told. He whispers, ?Spread wide for me, as wide as you can.? Again I do as I?m told. He runs his strong but gentle hand over my body sending chills running over me for the second time tonight. Not stopping till he reaches my smoothly shaven mound. ?My pretty little pussy? he whispers. He starts rubbing small circles around my still very swollen clit then down between my lips until finally thrusting his fingers into my still drenched cunt. My moans are getting loud again as it?s not taking much to put me on the edge of my orgasm again. He immediately finds the spot he wants and has me back to my exploding point very quickly.

Panting and writhing in pleasure I ask, ?Oh fuck yes, yes may I cum now Master?? ?Are you sure you are ready little girl?? ?Yes, yes Master please?? I beg. With a smile he says, ?Yes baby. Now? cum for me!?

With one last scream of pleasure I let go as my orgasm takes over. Wave after wave rushes over me. ?Oh Master I?m cumm ? BEEP, BEEP, BEEP? I roll over hitting the snooze. As I close my eyes again I think ?those seven minutes are all I need!? I smile to myself? It?s going to be a beautiful day!!

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