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This is something I wrote about 12 years ago and had completely forgotten about....

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Tonight, as I sat staring mindlessly at the blathering TV, I thought of you. As usual the image of your face in my mind warmed me inside and I immediately felt the wetness smooth out from between my legs. I reached down and touched my clit, feeling it swell and get even wetter in response.

The more I think about you the hungrier I get. I try to distract myself, so I grab a peach from the kitchen counter. I squeeze it tenderly and assess that it?s ready to be eaten. Its soft flesh feels so good in my hand ? even comfortable and homey. I slowly bit into it, letting my lips softly brush against the fuzzy skin as the sweet juice ran into my mouth. It was delicious. I tasted so good I started sucking it, digging my teeth deeper into its flesh, savoring the precious nectar. As I slowly chewed my sweet little peach, I paid special attention to the way its flesh felt in my mouth, rolling back and forth on my tongue. It truly was at its peak, and so was I.

As I finished off the small fuzzy fruit, I headed toward the bathroom, sucking my fingers to enjoy every last drop. I was sticky all over now, where juice had run down my arms and was smeared all over my face, dripping down my neck. I was a mess.

And I was still horny.

Wearing only the white undershirt that you had left on the chair last night, I went into the bathroom and ran hot water into the tub. The mirror quickly began to fog; but I could still see my reflection, like in some kind of surreal, perverse underworld ?where all your wildest fantasies come true.? Without bothering to take off the shirt (which still smelled faintly of you) I stepped into the steaming bath, and slowly settled in, letting the burning sensation travel from my toes, up my legs and to my thighs. I touched my clit again, fingering the warmth that now swarmed around my pussy, and I sank down into the water. As the heat from the water consumed my body, my nipples hardened, feeling as though they might pop like little gr*pes. I squatted in the tub, the warmth rising up between my legs, the water gently lapping at my cunt like a cautious tongue. My nipples became a furious shade of red as I grabbed at my tits through the clinging damp shirt.

I stood up in the tub and looked curiously at myself in the mirror, admiring the way the partially wet cloth hung from my shoulders, making my breasts look even more voluptuous. I ran my hands through my long hair, combing back the dark wavy locks that dangled in tangles around my face. My hands continued down, feeling the hot skin of my shoulders and tracing the outline of my tits with my fingertips. I relaxed back into the water again and submerged myself fully into the steam and wetness and now pungent smell of me. I saturated myself with the water ? my hair, your shirt ? and stood up again to look at my reflection. I didn?t recognize the beautiful body before me, with the transparent t-shirt and huge tits with nipples longing to be licked, flicked, tongued and bitten. This must be the way you see me when you talk about how gorgeous my body is; how irresistible I am.

I grabbed my tits again with both hands, enjoying the feel of my own flesh overflowing my hands. With my hair slicked back, my dark eyes stood out prominently, now underlined with smudges of day-old eyeliner. I looked like some beaten creature that just crawled out of a whorehouse, digesting a mouthful of some stranger?s cum and ready for more.

Maybe the next taste would be that of a woman. I could feel her tits ? grabbing and licking them, biting her nipples until she pulls at my hair to bring me closer to her. But I would resist, then running my hand down her stomach to her bellybutton, with my tongue following slowly behind. I?d touch her clit and feel it throb, all slicked down in that milky honey-butter that I would soon seek out with my warm, wet tongue. Then I could show her how good I am at slowly fingering her honey-coated hive while I suck voraciously on her clit. I?d show her just exactly how well I could make that small, hidden part of her come to life, bobbing it around in my mouth. She?d swear it was alive and buzzing just like a goddamned bumblebee.

I sunk down into the water again, squatting in the tub with my heels supporting my ass. I reached down between my thighs and with one finger, began stroking the slippery bridge between my clit and my hole; gently, teasingly probing back and forth into my cunt. My other hand fingered my clit with quick flicking motions, wetness dripped into my palm as I pushed my middle finger into my cunt. The tip of my finger quickly found the spot ? that one spot I can always count on when I want to cum. So with that finger flicking back and forth, teetering me on the edge of ecstasy, and my other hand hard at work on my clit, my breathing accelerated within a couple of minutes. My hearts stormed like thunder in my throat as my hips rocked against my hands; my smells permeating the room. And just then it was like the lightening shot through the clouds, separating them apart with his broad presence. Suddenly the rain poured down in torrents, flooding the scorched earth below; while my juice poured out as though I were squeezing a ripened peach.

Afterwards, I leaned back in the cloudy water, letting it consume me. As my breathing returned to its normal rate, my heartbeat soon followed. I closed my eyes and there, in the darkness, I found you waiting.

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