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The Secret Side Of The Streets

Chun Li sat down on her queen sized bed, her long dark hair
flowing down over her well toned shoulders and strong but slender
back. A blue towel hung off her ample breasts as she flipped on the
television and began the tedious task of putting her hair into two
long braids so she could wrap it in the two buns on each side of her
head as she had become used to. She flipped through the channels
slowly and finally came to the Evening News. Finishing one braid, Chun
Li wrapped it carefully as the intro music played. Finally the news
anchor came on the screen. "Welcome. Tonight's top story is about
another dramatic raid on a Columbian drug lord's headquarters as
special investigator Chun Li and Interpol cracks down on the drug
empire known as Shadowloo. Though seizing over one hundred thousand
pounds of narcotics, special investigator Chun Li has this to say."
Chun Li smiled as her sweaty face and mussed hair came on screen.
"This was a only a small step in tracking down the location of
Shadowloo headquarters. We can seize all the drugs we want, but until
this crime ring is shut down and it's leader behind prison walls
the drugs won't stop coming. We've got to hit this at it's--" Suddenly
Chun Li's attention was diverted from her own speech as the phone rang
loudly. Sighing she finished rolling up the last braid and answered
the phone. "Hello?" she answered with a hint of annoyance in her
voice. "Chun Li, this is the Chief, good work on the big bust. We knew
after months of work you wouldn't let us down." the Chief said with
enthusiasm. "Well thank you sir, but-" Chun Li was suddenly cut off by
her superiors strong voice. "No buts Chun Li. You did a very good job.
You've deserve a vacation." Chun Li was silent. A vacation? Now? When
she had work to do? "Uh, with all due respect sir. I have a job to
do." she answered slightly confused. The Chief knew she had work to
do. "You've been working for far too long already, take a rest. You're
on leave for 6 weeks, effective immeaditly." the Chief’s voice barked
into the phone just before hanging up. 6 weeks? She sighed thinking of
how much closer she could've gotten to Bison in 6 weeks.


Somewhere is Cambodia. "Excellent." a dark voice laughed as an
evil energy flashed about the room. "The Chief of Interpol follows
orders very well. Seems Ms. Chun Li won't be bothering us for
awhile." it laughed again. M. Bison, evil incarnate and leader of
Shadowloo stood from his throne and moved into the light. "Seems
though he's outlived his usefulness. Kill him." Bison smiled as he
looked onward. The Chief of Interpol sat, or rather writhed, in his
bonds as a gun was held to the back of his head. He'd done everything
they wanted. Given them information, plans, and even ordered Chun Li
off the case for 6 weeks. He had no time to protest as the gun went
off ending his life in a flash and bang. Bison smiled a toothy grin
and sat down once more. Everything was going according to plan.


"Six weeks?!" Chun Li shouted flopping down on her bed. "What
am I supposed to do with six weeks?" she sighed reaching for the
nearest magazine. It was one of the many Martial Arts publications she
subscribed to. Looking at the cover she began to smile. In exactly 3
days, sign ups for a national street fighting tournament would be
open. Anyone was welcome as long as they understood that it was the
best of the best entering, and not just anyone. Chun Li thought back
on the last tournament she went to. She had been beaten badly. First
by the wandering champion Ryu, and then by Ryu's childhood training
partner and long time rival Ken. Both were masters of Shotokan Karate
and had developed a few incredible fighting techniques of their own.
Ryu the Hadouken fireball, a powerful blast of concentrated chi
energy; and Ken a flaming Shoryuken, or Rising Dragon Punch. Suddenly
Chun Li felt a kind of itchy feeling in-between her legs. A reminder
that in her long months of work she had neglected some very important
personal needs. The feeling increased as images of Ken's chiseled body
and long blonde hair flashed through her mind. Absent minded Chun Li
undid the towel and threw it over the side of her bed. She cooed
quietly as her hand, traveling as if under it's own power, massaged
her left breasts and tweaked her nipple gently. This kind of maddening
foreplay only increased her arousal as she closed her eyes and tried
to remember Ryu. His body, even better than Ken's, and with eyes to
die for. His gaze always s intense and overpowering. The
mental image alone made her sopping wet as a small pool of juices
formed on her comforter under her continually spreading legs. her left
hand continued it's work on her breasts as her right hand made it's
way towards her special place. The fantasies swirled in her head as
she gave into her desires. A small moan escaped her lips as her long,
slender fingers brushed against her sensitive outer lips. "So
long...mmm..." she whispered to herself, beginning to rub in earnest.
Her breathing became shallow as she felt the first tinges of
a climax building in her stomach.
In her mind she undressed the objects of her desire,
envisioning their rock hard bodies and imagining both Ryu and Ken with
eight and nine inch monsters in their hands. Suddenly rubbing wasn't
enough. She whimpered as she fought the urge, wanting to make the
delicious teasing last as long as possible, but her desires won and
Chun Li gasped sharply as two fingers plunged deeply into her rapidly
moistening hole. A tiny stream of her juice poured down her crack and
she slowly worked the two slender fingers in any out of her steaming
cunt. Back in her mind her mind she was down on her knees. It was dark
all around except for the two huge warriors she was dreaming about.
They came closer and closer, not really walking, but more like
floating. Soon they were within inches of her, their long tools dr*ped
flaccid next to her face. She sunk down on her heels and spread her
legs 3 feet apart. Outside in the real world she was fighting the urge
to go faster and faster, a part of herself wanting the maddening
pleasure to continue forever while the hungry climax seeking side
immersed itself in the delicious fantasy. She began to moan
uncontrollably as her fingers and palm caught her growing clit with
each pass. She grabbed one of their huge members and licked it up and
down, her sexual hunger taking over in both reality and fantasy. Her
fantasy lovers groaned as she switched back and forth, licking one as
she stroked the other. Suddenly licking wasn't enough. She was hungry
for their meat. She sucked Ryu's long, think manhood into her mouth
and ran her slender tongue around in her mouth. Ryu groaned and trust
deeper into the throat, she nearly gagged, but the pool of girlcum
forming under her was more than enough to show how hot she was.
Outside her mind her bed sheets were soaked with her juices,
as she furiously fingered herself. Her mouth was gaping open and her
tongue flicking wildly as she was absorbed into her fantasy. The
climax was build very quickly, but she didn't care she went faster and
faster pushing, with much trouble, a third finger in her extremely
tight Chinese cunt. In her fantasy she Ryu was face fucking her and
she loved every second of it while Ken stroked his long cock and
player with her firm breasts and stiff nipples. Suddenly Ryu groaned
loudly and shot his huge load in Chun Li's mouth. She moaned loudly
and shook in orgasm as the hot cum filled her mouth faster than she
could swallow. She gulped and gulped with reckless abandon, but it
was still too much which was apparent as it dripped in globs off her
chin and onto her quivering chest.
The real Chun Li shoved three fingers deep in her hole and
shrieked shaking violently, her long waiting climax washing over her
in a tidal wave of pleasure any vibration. She writhing and shook on
her bed making it squeak and creak, and even more noise to her
crescendo of whimpers, moans, groans, and shrieks of pleasure. She
opened her eyes for a moment breathing heavily. She just lay on her
bed in amazement at how good it had been, her chest rising and falling
in quick succession. "God..." she panted, "That was amazing." she said
licking a little girlcum off of her fingers. "Mmm... yum." she cooed
closing her eyes. "It's your turn Ken..." she whispered diving back
into her still fresh fantasy.
Ken through her down on her back, her tight ass smeared in the
puddle of her juice. She groaned as he straddled her chest and placed
his nine inch cock in-between her cum-covered breasts. Ken smeared a
little bit of the white cream in-between her firm globes and pushed
them together on his long member. He began slow, getting the motion
down, but quickly went faster and faster, tit-fucking the small girl
with passion. She groaned and moaned as Ken thrust his cock again and
again into her chin while her mashed her tits together and rubbed them
against each other. She was so turned on the simplest naughty touch
sent shocks of pleasure through her. She tilted his head down and
flicked her tongue as his cock came close, hoping to get a taste of
the delicious pre-cum he leaked. Ken didn't last long between her
tongue and soft tits. The champion fighter exploded in creamy jets all
over her tongue and face. She came with a gasp and bucked against the
empty air around her wanting cunt.
Chun Li gasp and groaned deeply as another climax ripped
through her and shook her violently on hes bed. She shrieked and cried
out over and over as the long orgasm hit her unaware. She mashed her
breasts together hard as she could and twisted them so as one was on
directly above the other on her chest. The tinge of pain cause by her
stretching skin extended the climax another minute. When it was over
she was out of breath and her hair a mess, no longer in the buns she
had put them in. Her sheets were a mess, halfway off her bed with a
huge wet spot in them as if she had taken a three minute piss on them.
She cooed as she stood and stretched, months and months of sexual
tension finally being released. Walking on shaky legs she got the
wardrobe and pulled on a nightgown. She smiled thinking maybe the next
6 weeks would be more fun than she thought.

End of Story

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