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The Inquisitor (Chapter 4)

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The princess awoke to find herself alone. All was quiet in her chambers, and there was no sign of the maid but a soft lingering perfume where her head had lain. Surprisingly, the morning found her feeling refreshed and alive, where before she had longed for flight.

On the sideboard was another glorious meal, which she set about devouring. She found she was rather famished. Four climaxes in one night will do that to a girl, she thought. Though she had known pleasures before, never had they been this strong or intense.

Even as she stood before the buffet, he legs still trembled a bit. With a moment's thought, she could recall each sensation, and as her mind touched on each, a shiver ran down her.

She thought over the events of the day past, how afraid she'd felt sitting in her cell, How proud and defiant she'd felt standing before the court, if not just a little aroused. The shame she'd felt touching herself before the Inquisitor, all the while his hungry eyes on her, and his cock growing hard beneath his robes. The Inquisitor's machine; how she'd feared it at first, only to be shocked by how much it pleasured how own body.

How mortifying to be spanked like a child before him, and oh, how softly her punisher had soothed her. These thoughts she brushed away, and found a sweet roll she had overlooked.

After breakfast, she indeed felt refreshed. She strolled among the perfumes and scented oils, finally selecting one with a soft hint of musk. Looking through her new clothes, she found a lovely indigo gown, not tight, but form fitting and flowy. After dressing, she busied her self, discovering what other secrets her chamber hid. She tried all of the lampstands, iron rings, loose stones, but found no other hidden rooms beside the one with the deep pool.

She did find all sorts of trunks and chests, each filled with spices, and oh! jewels! She plunged her hands arm deep into a chest of beautiful gems, and lets streams of stones run down through her fingers. On tables she found other lovely items, golden hairbrushes and pins, and a large trunk bearing a strange lock. Try as she might, she found she could not open the trunk, or even guess as to its contents. When she tried to lift it, she found it was heavy, and when shaken, made a sound not unlike the strange long devices the Inquisitor has used in his machine.

Frustrated, she abandoned the chest, an instead scanned the books which lined her shelves. At last she found the book she'd nearly pulled the night before, and slid it out. On its cover was writing she'd never seen before, and once open, found woodcuts and illuminated pages showing scenes she'd never imagined.

Everywhere images of men, women, with each other, by themselves, together in great masses, long cocks jutting out, breasts erect. As she paged through the book, often her hands stopped at a particular position or activity she found intriguing, absorbing the images like water.

She'd been looking through the book for some time, when she noticed a new sound. Not so much a new sound, but one she now knew. The chime. Somewhere in the castle, the Inquisitor had thrown the chime, and now it beckoned for her.

She closed the book and returned it to its place, before looking all round her chambers, searching for some window, or peephole. Somehow, the Inquisitor was watching somewhere. He had to have been to know she'd disobeyed him before. But she could find none. She debated whether she was even being observed, but truthfully, she did not care for another spanking. Besides, she had made an oath, and she would not break it again.

Slowly as the chime died away princess began to slowly unlace her bodice. She softly laid down on her bed, her top open, her full breasts standing out. Ever so softly, her hand began to gently brush her nipple, first the right, then the left, before her other hand did the same. Her fingertips caressed and pulled her nipples, feeling them grow hard beneath her touch. Her mind flashed upon her bath with the maid, and she felt them grow even harder. Her tongue remembered the taste, and with it, she felt herself grow wet.

She pressed herself into more of a sitting position, and using her hand, raised her nipples to her mouth, sucking each in turn, 'til they were stiff and aching. Her tongue remembered the taste of the maid's, and she grew wetter still.

She left her left to attend her breast, and with her right hand, began to rub her very wet sex. She was surprised to find how aroused she was. Somehow, she was being watched, and that thought aroused her even more. Soon, her fingers were no longer playing, they were sliding into herself. One two, three, she felt shudders begin to rise up, and her hand abandoned her breast to find her clitoris waiting for it.

Her hips began to buck as she grew more and more excited. Soon, her two and three fingers had become four, and then five, as she tried what she had discovered with the maid, but found it was nearly too much, and had to settle for four. Even so, she came strong and long, as her fingers made sloshing noises as they slid inside of her.

As her tremors subsided, she surprised her self again, by licking each finger, savouring her own taste, until they were clean. She blushed at her actions, and then she suppressed a giggle.

Drawing her breasts back into her gown, she laced it again, and smoothed the fabric. No sooner was she finished than she heard boot-heels in the corridor, and keys at the lock. The heavy door swung open, and in strode her captor.

"Good morning, princess," he said. "I am glad to see you had a restful night. And I am most pleased to find you in a more agreeable mood."

Though he still wore the cloak and hood, a small ray of light alighted on his ckeekbone, and she could see one bright and shiny, but very dark eye. She thought even that he might be smiling, but just as quick, he turned away with a rustle of cloth.

"Yes, my lord. I will not break my oath again. I swore to do what was commanded of me, and if it is in my power, I shall do it." she said triumphantly.

"Excellent, my dear." He said. "Tell me, what do you think of your rooms here?"

"A treasure-filled prison is still a prison, my lord. Am I to be held here in these rooms, hidden from the sun and trees forever?

"Certainly not!" he exclaimed. "You are still my prisoner, but I will hold you to your oath. You may leave these rooms when I choose, but you must swear not to try to escape."

"Chrysanthemum will accompany you, and show you the entire castle if you wish. But always remember your promise. Do you agree?"

"Yes, my lord." she replied. Somehow, escape had slipped from the forefront of her mind. Though she could not yet admit it to herself, she had grown rather fond of the pleasures this place provided.

"Very well." he said. "Tomorrow, in the afternoon, you may walk with your maid, and she will instruct you about the ways of this castle and its goings-on. You are not to speak with anyone you may encounter; instead, you shall act as though you do not speak the language. Do you understand?"

"Yes, my lord."

For a time, he was quiet and thoughtful, then turning to her, he asked, "What did you think of my machine?"

She did not answer for a moment, and as he turned to her, she noticed he wore a cleverly wrought mask, inlaid with filigrees of gold over much of his face. The only portions not covered were his mouth and strong jaw, with a small beard, sprinkled with a few greys, surrounded his mouth and lips.

Surely this man could not be all that much older than she. Something about his lips tugged at the corners of her mind, but she could not grasp it, and just as quickly it was gone. She began to inquire about his mask, but then thought better of it.

"The machine..." she began. "I was afraid at first. But then once it began to strike its tones, I found myself wanting it. Wanting to feel what that note would feel like inside of me."

"I see. And the secondary device? The one that came after the biggest was inside of you"

At this, she blushed, remembering the massive orgasm she'd experience with the smaller cock toning inside her ass, while the huge one pumped away inside of her, the two devices filling her as never before.

"I tried to resist it, my lord. But it was so insistent. Slowly, and even beyond my control, I let it enter me, and once there, it filled me up so. I've never experience pleasure there before, my lord, and even now am shocked by myself."

"That is good, my princess." He was quiet for a moment, and then, "And the maid.... Does she please you?"

"Oh yes my lord, even when she was punishing me. More and more, I find myself in utter surprise, finding myself gaining pleasure where I would have only thought shame."

"I am most glad to hear it, my dear," he replied. "Would it please you to sample another of my devices?" He turned to face her and fixed her with his blazing eyes.

Now it was her turn to be thoughtful but at the last, surprising herself again, she replied "Yes my lord! It would please me very much!"

He took her hand and led her from her chambers and into the machine room. There were more torches lit, and they cast flickering shadows round the vast space. In addition to the machine she had just experienced, there were many, many more.

Wheeled contraptions, gears, tables, braces, and now instead of horror at their sight, she felt a strange curiosity. What pleasures would each of these machines illicit? What new exquisite sexual treats had he in store for her?

He led her to a small padded table, about the size of a stool, only longer, with attachments to one end, and a pillowed rest at the other. There he instructed her to remove her gown, which she quickly lid.

"Hear me, princess," he began. "Its seems you have learned your lesson. You did as commanded when the chime sounded. This pleases me very much. When I am pleased, I grant special rewards. Though you will learn to think of each of your experiences with my machines as reward, today, we shall use a softer touch."

"Please, lie down on this table, and place your feet into these." He motioned toward two step-like contraptions mounted on the attachments to one end. Each had a small strap to be buckled around the ankles.

She hesitated only a moment, before climbing onto the padded table, and placing her feet as he'd shown her. Gently, he fastened the straps round her ankles. As he turned a crank, her legs were spread wider and wider.

As she lay there, legs spread wide, she could feel him gazing at her exposed sex. Again, her body reacted to his eyes upon her, and knew she was still quite wet from her recent lesson of the chimes, She grew wetter remembering the pleasure she'd felt touching herself, knowing he was somehow watching.

"Very good, my princess." he purred. "I want you to push down with your feet on their braces, one at a time, first the right, then left, as if you would walk up a wall."

Very confused, but still willing to try, she pushed down with her right foot, and to her surprise, it sank down, causing her left to be pushed up. When she then pushed the left down, the right leg pushed back up. The clockwork and gears moved slowly, but their action was smooth, and soon she found a rhythm, legs cycling up and down.

In her mind, she did not understand what purpose this motion would serve. It certainly did not give her very much pleasure, though it was not terribly straining either. Perhaps he just liked watching the way it made her wet orifice move. But with that thought, the Inquisitor threw another lever, and a new gear engaged.

From underneath her rose a great wheel, spinning in time to the motions of her legs. Mounted round the wheel were many peacock feathers. As her legs pistoned up and down, the wheel's feathers drew closer and closer, until they came to just barely touch her sweet downy triangle and brush down between her legs. As her legs worked, the feathers kept brushing. As the feathers tickled her pussy, the Inquisitor threw another lever, and two more revolving feathered wheels descended from above, 'til their feathers gently stimulated her erect nipples in time as well.

Once all the wheels were synchronized, their rhythm became like a pulse, the feathers tickling and touching, again and again. Gradually, she could feel her excitement mount, as the wheels inched closer, brushing and tickling harder on her exposed secret spots. From somewhere within the machine, low tones issued up through the padded cushion, adding vibration to the feather's caresses.

Faster her legs pumped, and faster brushed the feathers. Soon the feathers between her legs became soaked with her, and they flapped against her clit and pussy with a wet sound. More than anything, the sound sent her over the edge, and a quivering orgasm rocked her.

The machine began to slow, and her legs finally came to rest as she lay panting on the padded table. The Inquisitor freed her ankles from their restraints, and she stood on shaky legs. She had not realized how much energy the machine had taken, but it had given her a very different experience that the double-cocked machine had before.

Taking her hand, he led her once again to her chambers, where she found the maid Chrysanthemum waiting. Addressing the maid, the Inquisitor commanded the princess be washed and cared for, and then be shown the castle.

Turning to the princess, he reminded her of her rules when out of her chambers.

"Remember, my princess. You will speak to no one. If questioned, your maid shall answer for you, You will act as if you do not speak the language, but you will be courteous and respectful."

"In addition, from now on, you shall wear this."

From within his robes, he produced a small thin necklace. Its band was white silk, and from it dangled a small round moonstone pendant. "You will wear this at all times, even when your maid bathes you. You may not remove it without my permission. Do you understand?"

"Yes my lord." she replied. He raised the tiny necklace, and Chrysanthemum clasped it at the nape of her neck. It fit tight, but did not choke. The Inquisitor surveyed the princess, still naked and flushed from her exertions on his machine, wearing only her ribbon necklace.

What seemed a smile crossed his lips. Without another word, he turned on his heel, leaving only the princess and the maid, alone once again.

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