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The Neighbor's Pool

College was out of session, and once again Adam found himself
returning home for the summer. This time he would have the
house all to himself, as his parents were off vacationing in
Florida. Adam had declined to go with them, preferring the
peace and quiet of an empty house to a month of hectic travel
with his parents. After a year of difficult studies and the
chaos of the crowded dorms, he was looking forward to a rest
more than anything else.

Once his parents departed, he was finally able to relax. He
spent an entire week just lounging in the house or out on the
back patio, doing nothing and loving every minute of it.
Before long, however, boredom began to rear its ugly head,
and he began to look for other ways to pass the time. One of
the most amusing ways, he discovered, was to spy on his new
next-door neighbors.

The house had been vacant for some time, but a middle-aged
married couple had moved in a few weeks ago. Adam had heard
from his parents that were supposed to have a daughter, but
he had yet to meet them and find out. HeÆd gone over on a
few occasions to introduce himself, but had found no one

The only activity came at night, when the couple would emerge
and swim in their darkened backyard pool, splashing and
giggling like a pair of teenagers. Adam suspected that they
swam in the nude, and more than once he had heard a gasp or
moan of obvious pleasure as they made love in or around the

He could hardly blame them, as the whole state was
experiencing a heat wave. The aging cooler in his parentÆs
house wasnÆt doing much to combat the heat, and Adam became
somewhat envious of his neighbors.

One particularly hot afternoon he walked over and rang the
doorbell, having the intention of asking nicely to take a dip
in the pool, then begging if necessary. He waited for a few
moments then rang again, but there was still no answer. An
unfamiliar car was parked in the driveway, so he rounded the
fence cautiously in case that someone might be out back and
hadnÆt heard the door. The neighborÆs fence was made of
tall wooden planks, but standing on tiptoe he found he could
peer over the top. Doing so, he observed that the pool was
already in use.

She was tall and slender, her body filling out her one-piece
swimsuit nicely. She swam slowly, splitting the water with
the ease of athletic grace. She looked young, probably no
older than his own age of nineteen. She emerged from the
pool with her back toward him, and he drank in her lightly
tanned skin and long strawberry-blonde hair. This must be
the neighborÆs daughter, he thought distractedly. He hadnÆt
yet seen her face, and he hoped that she would afford him a
glimpse before she went inside.

He watched as she spread her towel out on the patio and
lowered herself down on it. Still facing away from him, she
reached around and began to unzip her swimsuit. He stared
in open-mouthed fascination as she slid out of her wet suit
and lay down on the towel, completely naked. He strained to
get a better view, but the most he could make out was the
gentle curve of her small firm breasts.

Thoroughly entranced by this sunbathing beauty, he looked
around the yard for a closer vantage point. The only way to
accomplish that would be to move to the opposite side of the
yard and risk being seen as he peeked over the fence.

After a brief hesitation, he decided to risk it. Moving
stealthily around along the fence, he stopped just opposite
from his previous position and slowly peered into the yard.
He sucked in his breath in surprise as he spotted her only a
few yards away.

Up close, she looked more gorgeous than he had imagined. Her
oval face was framed by strands of her wet hair; her features
looking as if they had been sculpted by the loving hands of a
skilled artist. Her breasts were small, but round and full,
with large perky nipples that still stood erect from the
chill of the pool. Her limbs were slender and toned. Her
stomach was flat and her wide hips curved out gracefully from
her waist. Her long legs were slightly apart, allowing the
rays of the sun to warm her between the thighs. To him she
looked like a young goddess, and he felt rooted to the spot,
transfixed by the sight of her.

After a brief moment, she began to move, placing her hands on
top of her slim stomach. Adam watched in silent fascination
as she began to caress herself, moving her hands in little
circles over her skin. With her eyes still closed, she slid
them slowly up to her small breasts; cupping them and lightly
pinching her nipples between her delicate fingers.

He scarcely breathed, hardly believing what he was seeing,
but at the same time unable to look away. His gaze followed
her hands as they slid back down her body, over her stomach
and through the small patch of coppery hair between her legs.
A tiny sigh escaped her lips, and Adam exhaled at nearly the
same moment with a sigh of his own.

Watching this young beauty fondle herself was driving him
beyond the limits of mere arousal. But, he could do nothing
more than watch as she began to gently stroke the damp folds
of skin between her thighs, her fingertips sliding up and
down over the sealed lips of her sex. Within seconds, they
began to swell noticeably, turning a rosy pink color as they
slowly opened like the petals of a succulent flower.

Adam felt lightheaded as he watched this young beauty begin
to slowly masturbate, pleasuring herself in the rays of the
warm sun. She continued to rub her pretty pink vulva as she
moaned softly, oblivious to the fact that she had an eager

Her fingers started to glisten with her juices, and she
inserted her middle finger between her slick and open labia.
She slid it back out and over the top of her slit, then back
down and into her vagina. She continued doing this,
gradually increasing the pace until she was gasping with
every breath, her face contorting slightly as her pleasure
grew. Adam held his breath, wanting nothing to distract him
from the climactic moment.

She suddenly whimpered and shook, her hips tensing as her
beautiful ass rose and fell on the towel, humping up at her
hand as she reached her orgasm. Adam released an animal moan
of pure arousal as he watched several trickles of clear fluid
being squeezed out of her twitching vagina, leaking out and
running down between the split of her buttocks.

He had never witnessed such an amazing sight, had never even
imagined seeing something so incredible. The girl fell back
on the towel with a quiet groan, removing her hand from her
now red and very swollen vulva. Adam stole one last look
and retreated back to his house, not pausing until he was
in his own restroom and masturbating into the toilet. He
came powerfully in less than half a minute, the voyeuristic
memory of his sexy neighborÆs own wet climax still vivid in
his mind.


The next afternoon he returned, seeing her emerge from the
house and take to the pool at nearly the same time as before.
Again, he watched her as she dove and swam, and once again
she climbed out and sat at the far end of the patio, removing
her swimsuit and stretching naked under the sun.

Wondering if he would be lucky enough for a repeat
performance, he snuck around to the spot he had watched her
from on the previous day. As he peered over the fence, he
was treated to the sight of her beginning to caress her
gorgeous young body.

He watched spellbound as she masturbated again, an encore
performance that seemed even more sensual that the last. She
played with her breasts and nipples as she fondled herself,
driving herself much more quickly to a shuddering orgasm.
She ejaculated even more copiously than before, her climactic
juices squirting out a few inches onto the towel. Adam came
only seconds after she did, this time unable to wait until he
returned home. As he hastily made his way back, he realized
that heÆd left his semen trickling down the outside of the

The following day he refrained from going over, only watching
secretly from his own patio as she came out and took her swim.
He looked on in puzzlement as she sat on the edge of the pool
for a time, then returned inside. Then it dawned on him,
though he couldnÆt quite believe it. Had she known he was
there that first day? Had she been waiting for him to show

It seemed incredible, but the more he considered it, the more
possible it seemed. She had been putting on a show for him!
The thought of her purposefully sharing such an intimate act
with him was very flattering and extremely arousing. He
wondered if she would be willing to do anything more. She
seemed to be there by herself most of the time, and perhaps
she was feeling as lonely as he was. He decided to try and
talk to her over the fence the next time she came out for a

He waited outside all morning, hoping that she would make an
appearance, but she didnÆt. The day grew too hot to stay
outside, so he retreated inside the house, waiting for the
time that she usually came out.

It grew to be late afternoon, and he began to fear that she
wasnÆt going to show herself. But, as he had nearly given
up, he caught sight of her walking out to the pool. She
paused on the patio and seemed to look over at his yard for
a moment, perhaps to see if he was watching. Adam didnÆt know
if she saw him, but he suddenly didnÆt care as she shrugged
off her swimsuit and dove naked into the water.

This was something that he just had to see. He moved from his
yard over to the near side of the neighborÆs fence, then
peered over.

He caught sight of her lightly tanned body as she swam
underwater, then her head broke the surface and she shook
the wet strands of her reddish hair from her eyes. She didnÆt
seem to be looking at him, but she slowly lay back and began
to float, her beautiful petite breasts and large stiffened
nipples emerging from the water into plain sight. The water
lapped almost playfully over her as she drifted lazily, and
Adam felt that his opportunity was at hand.

"Hi," he ventured in a soft voice, hoping not to startle her.

She didnÆt seem to bat an eye. "Hi," she answered pleasantly,
without so much as a glance in his direction.

"Beautiful day for a swim, isnÆt it?" He asked, somehow
managing not to stutter. He was shy enough around women
under normal conditions, but talking to a completely naked
young woman as she floated in her backyard pool was by far
the strangest thing heÆd ever done.

She laughed, and he fell in love with the sound of her voice.

"Yes, I suppose it is," she replied.

Adam didnÆt know what to say next. It was apparent that she
wasnÆt bothered by the fact that he was watching her, but
she wasnÆt exactly inviting him to join her. He realized
that he didnÆt know her name.

"My nameÆs Adam," he said.

"Hello, Adam. IÆm Monica."

"IÆm very pleased to meet you, Monica," he said with a smile.
She disappeared underwater for a moment then stood up facing
him, her nipples just barely hidden below the surface, though
he could still make out their dark shapes through the water.

"Do you always spy on girls while theyÆre taking a swim?" She
asked, a sexy smile appearing on her exquisite face.

He gulped, but tried to keep his voice steady as he answered.

"Only when theyÆre as beautiful as you." He knew how corny
that sounded, but he really meant it, and he could only hope
that his sincerity came across.

She looked at him for a moment, then grinned. "Well, in that
case, IÆll let you spy on me whenever you want." She went
over to the side and reached out for her suit, then squirmed
into it and climbed out. With a smile and a wave, she went
back into the house, leaving Adam somewhat shocked and very


For the next few days he repeated his æspying,' and each time
Monica would be sunning naked. Though she never really
acknowledged his presence, she would always wait until he was
in position before she started to touch herself. He would
masturbate as well, often reaching his own climax just as she
reached hers.

This continued for four days, and Adam soon found himself
becoming obsessed with her. More than anything else, he
longed to touch her, to kiss her, to bring her to orgasm

That afternoon she was lying on her towel as usual, very
naked and very lovely. As she began to caress herself, Adam
could wait no longer. He crept around to the side gate and
opened it, walking inside her yard along the fence until he
was no more than ten feet away from her. He saw that she was
watching him through half-closed eyes as she continued to
gently stroke her vulva.

He slowly crawled up to her, looking for any sign that his
advances were unwelcome. Reaching out very slowly, he traced
the contour of a perfect breast with his fingers, feeling the
marvelously soft and cool sensation of her moist skin. Her
hands fell to her sides, and she lay back and closed her eyes,
seeming to offer herself to him. It was an offer that he
could not resist.

Adam bent over her and gently hugged her to him, lowering his
head to her chest and kissing the pale skin between her
breasts. One of her nipples brushed his cheek, and he slowly
took it into his mouth, suckling it tenderly. It stiffened
between his lips, and he swirled his tongue around it
lovingly. He kissed his way to her other breast, giving it
the same eager attention.

He held her around the waist and rested his head on her
stomach for a moment, delighted by the feel of her smooth,
damp skin against his face. He raised his head up to look at
her. Her eyes were still shut, but he noticed that her lips
were parted and she was breathing quickly.

Leaving his hands on her slender waist, Adam knelt back and
regarded the young womanÆs naked beauty with silent awe.
Tiny droplets of water on her lightly tanned skin and in her
coppery hair caught the sunlight and gave her body an almost
ethereal shimmer. Her neatly trimmed delta of pubic hair
flashed red-gold in the sunlight, and he slowly pressed his
face to her damp mound, gently nuzzling her soft, sun-
drenched pubes.

She remained still, her chest rising and falling with her
rapid breathing. He placed his hands underneath her knees
and slowly parted her long, shapely legs, revealing her most
intimate self to his hungry eyes, and his even hungrier mouth.
He lowered his head and kissed all over the tender skin
between her thighs, avoiding the slitted furrow of her dewy
vulva for the moment, but he couldnÆt stay away for long.

Moving his hands over her thighs, he placed a wet and lingering
kiss on her closed petals. He kissed her lower mouth with
increasing passion, until the delicate lips began to swell
and open for his darting tongue. His saliva mixed with her
salty-sweet secretions, and he sealed his lips over her
opening, sucking her entire sex into his mouth.

She trembled and moaned quietly, her hands moving to caress
his head. Her body would tense as his tongue found a center
of pleasure, then would relax again as he swirled his tongue
over her succulent flesh. His erect penis was throbbing in
the confines of his shorts, but he cast all thought of that
aside as he concentrated only on pleasuring the beautiful
girl before him.

His dedication was rewarded with a sudden shudder of her
slender body. She uttered a soft, whimpering cry as her
orgasmic juices gushed forth to coat his lips. Her vagina
squeezed at his probing tongue as he licked out every drop of
her sweet-tasting come.

He gently licked at her swollen sex for a short while, then
moved up to kiss her lower stomach. Her eyes were still
closed, but her chest rose and fell with little shivers as
she ran her fingers through his hair.

Moving up until his face was over hers, he ducked down and
placed a tender kiss on her smooth forehead. He began to lower
himself between her legs, but she whimpered and snapped her
legs together, pushing firmly against his chest. He quickly
pulled away, confused by her reaction, but respectful of it.

He stood and walked back to the gate, turning to see her
sitting up and regarding him with an inscrutable expression
as she hugged her arms around herself.

Adam closed the gate and returned home, feeling somewhat
puzzled but quite satisfied despite his lack of release. The
sweet taste of MonicaÆs orgasm still lingered on his lips,
and he hoped that she would at least continue to sunbathe
for him in the future.


End of Story

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