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Sweet Home Chicago

One of the great aspects of Chicago is the music. It's one of the most
important centers for the blues anywhere and people all over the world
look to Chicago's music heritage. Living here and not loving the blues
would be like living in Athens and never visiting the ancient ruins. You
could live comfortably, but by neglecting the best of your city's culture,
you'd be missing out on something pretty awesome right at your front door.

I'm here to tell you, I love blues music. As the name might suggest, the blues
reflects hardship of sorts, but it's the pain and suffering that's inherent in
the blues, that ironically makes it so exhilarating. And it's not something
that's necessarily restricted to just old black guys. The blues is universal!
Hell, The Rolling Stones took their sound from the Chicago Blues and even
their name comes from a song by one of our city's music legends, Muddy

Chicago wants you to know about it's musical contribution to the world. Every
summer there are ongoing festivals and free concerts and that's where you'll
find me, Brian Conroy. My friends used to joke with me on the old song "Born
In Chicago". The first line is: "I was born in Chicago, nineteen-forty-one".
for me it was1961, and the melody line works as my pals substitute it and
sing it to me instead of "Happy Birthday To You," every year on my birthday.

This past summer there was a great free concert in the park by Lake Michigan.
None of my friends could go, so I went on my own. It started in the late
afternoon and went into the night with the big name acts playing later in the
day. There's a beer garden area to one side and you can sit on picnic tables
and still get a pretty good view of the stage. Instead of throwing my blanket
down on the grass, I decided to set up shop there for the first part of the day.

The beer garden was hopping when I got there and finding a table wasn't easy.
People shared the picnic tables with each other and I saw three people at a
table and asked if I could sit with them. There were two sort of college type
guys, early 20's or so and a really beautiful black haired, deep-blue eyed
woman, a good ten years older than them. They looked they were having a
great time, grooving to the music - my kind of people! The warm sun and cold
beer had everyone in the beer garden dressed for the occasion. The guys
were shirt free, wearing baggy shorts and the woman was in denim cut-offs
and a bikini top that held a very noticeably lovely pair of breasts.

Between the woman and the two younger guys, it appeared like a strange cross
section of generations but I thought, "whatever turns you on." One of the guys,
who I guessed was her date, was flirting with the woman and rubbing against
those beautiful breasts and she seemed to be enjoying the attention. We
introduced ourselves all around. The black haired beauty, Sally and her two
friends Jason and Patrick.

Jason went and got us all another round of beers as we rocked to the band that
just started playing. I'd seen them before in one of the local clubs and even
though they weren't in the big time, they were good. Sally was aware of their
music too, but Patrick said he never heard of them. Jason returned, balancing
four plastic beer cups as the band started into another song, "You Shook Me

Patrick and Jason both whooped their delight, "Cool, a Led Zeppelin song,"
Jason raved.

I was just about to correct the erroneous statement, when Sally shook her head
at the two and said, "It's a Willie Dixon song, guys. He wrote it, Zeppelin
it and they lost in the lawsuit years later and had to pay up to Dixon's

"Yeah whatever", Jason answered ... Well I was impressed with her blues
knowledge, even if her two friends weren't. "Hey Pat, you wanna go down closer
to the front and check out the action?" The two guys chugged their beers and
said they'd see us later.

"Look's like your date dumped you," I extended in a sympathetic tone, trying
to suss the situation.

"He's not my date," Sally offered. "I just sat down with them an hour or so
before you and they started buying beers for me. I guess they came here for a
different reason than I did!"

Whatever their reason, it looked like Sally was there for the same one as me -
great blues. We started talking and I was blown away by her knowledge of blues
music in general and of course Chicago blues specifically. I was also happy to
find that Sally didn't have a boyfriend and before long, had accepted a date
with me next week to go and see a band we both liked. This day was turning out
to be a lot better than just the music.

We were revelling on the day itself and I went and got us another beer.
Between the beer, the music and the late afternoon sun, we were having a
wonderful time. Sally was getting very friendly with me and nuzzled up to me
when some more people came along and sat at our table. That was very cosy
and I loved the feel of her breast against my arm and I swear she nudged it
harder against me every time she leaned in to talk. She even rested her hand on
my knee. We decided to move closer to the stage for the headliner acts, due on
soon. Sally first wanted to find a toilet. I offered to wait for her by the
beer garden
entrance, then we'd go down by the stage when she got back.

Well I waited and and waited. She didn't come back, God I felt like an idiot
standing there for over half an hour. Figuring that she'd moved on, I
decided at
least the music was there and I didn't want to miss it. It almost seemed
like an appropriate moment to hear the blues. Picking up my bag, I moved
through the crowd towards the stage.

The next act was on and wailing as people thronged closer to the stage. I
moved up too and even noticed not far away that Patrick and Jason had found
what they were looking for and were dancing with a couple of fresh out of high
school girls. This band got everyone excited and I'd forgotten about my brush
with sensuality with Sally as I enjoyed the remainder of their show. The sun
going down and the headline act was due on in fifteen minutes or so. I staked
out a good spot in the middle. It was getting cooler out and even
threatening to
rain, with a few sprinkles already coming down.

As I was standing in anticipation of the upcoming show, there was a tap on my
shoulder. It was Sally. "Brian, I'm so sorry I lost you. I've been looking
all over.
The portable toilets had these huge lineups, so I decided to go find a
or something nearby and then by the time I got back, you were gone." She
looked so flustered and beautiful; I reached out and she hugged me. Sally was
cold with the evening now upon us and a cool breeze coming off the lake, not
to mention the drizzle in the air.

Sally's body felt so nice against me. My hands stroked her bare waist and she
shivered as I held her. "You feel cold, didn't you bring anything warmer to
wear?" I asked.

"I didn't think I'd need anything more. It was so hot this afternoon." I
in my bag and pulled out the blanket I'd originally planned on using to sit on
the grass. I wrapped it around her shoulders like a cape. She kissed me on the
lips and said, "I'm so glad I found you again." So was I.

A roar of excitement rose from the crowd as the announcer on the covered stage
mentioned that it looked like rain, but the show would go on in any minute
regardless. Sally and I moved a little closer with the rest of the audience.
Sure enough, it started to rain a little more. Nobody seemed to care as the
headline act fired up their set with a harmonica wail that cut through the
sky and we cheered in response.

"Sally gave me the blanket to open wider and dr*pe around the two of us like a
curtain, to protect us from the rain. She stood in front of me and held it
closed and I slipped my hands around her waist at the front - under the blanket
there really wasn't anywhere else to put them. She apparently liked the idea
turned her head looking back over her shoulder to kiss me.

Things heated up on stage and under our blanket. Sally swayed against me and
my cock stirred to life as it tucked against her ass. Even through both pairs
of our shorts, it was obvious to us. Sally pushed her ass back, more firmly

My hands moved up from her waist and rubbed her breasts over the bikini top.
She dropped her head back onto my shoulder, rolling it in time to the music.
With her eyes shut, she silently let me know, she was enjoying what I was
The protection of the blanket allowed me to pull the fabric down from both
I played with Sally's nipples, now severely hardened by my touch and the
cool air.

Sally's head on my shoulder rotated towards my ear. "Brian, that feels so, so
very nice." I continued with my caresses and the only problem we faced was not
being able to applaud with the rest of the fans when the songs ended.
Although we did cheer along, everyone around us was oblivious to our lust.
she leaned into my ear, "Undo my shorts, Brian. No-one can see."

Sally's hands held the blanket and I moved my hands down from her breasts to
unbutton and unzip her denim shorts. I let my right hand extend down under her
panties to softly tickle her pubic hair. I wondered if it was as jet black
as her
head's thick hair. Sally stretched that same pretty head towards me so we could
kiss again. I lowered my hand further to her pussy. "Mmmmm," she moaned as I
now made contact with a second pair of moist lips.

My right hand played with Sally's womanhood and I dipped a finger slowly into
her. She was so nicely wet. My left had returned to tease her breasts and
toy with her nipples. It felt truly incredible and I didn't think there
could be a more
sensual moment possible. Sally proved me wrong.

Her left hand clutched the blanket tight to protect our modesty and Sally
moved her right hand behind her back to the hard-on which had been
persistently pressing into her butt. Her determined hand firmly squeezed me
through my shorts, then searched for the button at the top and deftly undid
it. I
couldn't believe the sensations that it caused in the anticipation of what I
expected was coming next. Sally let the anticipation linger as she teased me
with that hand touching everything except my burning erection.

She was toying around my crotch, while my fingers worked overtime on her
pussy. I knew I'd found her clit when she shuddered and thrust her right hand
into my underwear to finally grab onto my cock. The band was getting the crowd
going and our concentration on the music never lifted ... we were just
expressing it a little differently than everyone around us. Sally and I
rocked up
and down in a sensual dance to the rhythm of the music and to a mutual
rhythm of our sexuality.

I've never considered myself that outrageously adventurous and I doubt if I'd
ever have done anything like this in a million years, if I'd planned it in
advance. Tonight was different. The total excitement of meeting this exotic
woman, brought me out of a shell I never realized was there. I felt freer than
I'd ever felt before. I felt better than I'd ever felt before. After all, I was
experiencing two of the greatest things the world had to offer: sex and great
blues music. It was an unbeatable combination!

Everything was increasing in intensity, simultaneously. The sky opened up and
rain poured down heavier. No-one in the crowd minded, because the band was
building it's power instrumentally. The harmonica was hitting notes that only
certain species of dogs could hear; the bass and drums had a beat pounding,
that reflected the sexual pulsation Sally and I had going and it echoed
throughout the thousands of people around us. The guitar and keyboards were
in synch with each other and everything else happening on stage, and had
developed the simpatico communication that only true artists can accomplish.
This was music and passion at its best.

Sally trembled in front of me and screamed. My cock exploded in her hand and I
too screamed. Thousand of others around us also screamed. Sally rotated
under the blanket/curtain to face me. I grabbed it to keep it in place when she
turned. We hugged and jumped up and down with the masses all around us,
splashing in the soaking grass. "Thank you Chicago," roared from the band
through the park as the musicians took their bows and the crowd erupted into
howls for more.

We kissed deeply, our still exposed crotches rubbing together. Sally looked at
me beaming with a smile that surmounted any discomfort the rain could instill.
We quickly pulled our clothes back together and joined the multitudes
applauding for an encore.

Sally hugged me and leaned to my ear so I could hear above the din, "How about
we have our own encore too? Will you come home with me for a repeat
performance in drier surroundings?" I didn't ever want this night to end and it
looked like it wasn't going to. The band came back for another number and after
that we went back to Sally's for our own curtain call.

End of Story

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