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Self Pleasing

We had only been together a short while, but I knew I enjoyed everything about him. His 8 inch cock, muscular arms, and a smile that could melt an iceberg. On our third “date”, the conversation of course turned to sex and masturbation. Yes, I told him I had touched myself and enjoyed it but not as much as the real thing. He told me that I have not been doing it right then and he would be happy to tell me what I needed to do.

Laying on his bed, he slid my panties off and told me to relax. I could tell I was already wet with anticipation. As he slid my panties off, the touch of his hand on my thighs sent electricity through my body.

He instructed me to place my left hand on my breast and my right between my legs. Just brushing my already aching pussy. “Rub your clit, slowly”, he said as he stroked his own cock. My juices started to flow quickly watching him watch me.

I naturally started rubbing faster as the feeling was so intense and pleasing. From the drawer he took out a vibrator and handed it to me. Try this he instructed. Close your eyes and think of me, entering you deeply, my mouth on your pussy. As I slid the vibrator deep inside of my wet pussy, my muscles tightened until a wave of pleasure and great release came over my whole body. A moan escaped from my lips as I opened my eyes to see him stroke his hard, throbbing cock one last time as his cum shot out.

Since then I have truly enjoyed all my alone time….and remember the first time I pleased my pussy in front of him.

End of Story