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Our First Meeting

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Our First Meeting

We met on one of those group member web sites. We seemed to have some interest that we both enjoyed. Of course the one real key was how horny we both were. We chatted for awhile and the more we chatted the more we could see that we enjoyed talking and telling each other how horny we would get just from chatting. The first time we chatted we didn’t want to say goodbye even though it was very late. I think we both went to bed very horny and wanting to find special ways to please each other.

The next day we caught up with each other and again we chatted and had fun and told each other we really needed to meet each other. We started making plans and decided to meet and have lunch. Just before our special day you let me know that you were very sorry to tell me that it was that time of the month for you. You then asked if I’d like to cancel or if I was okay with your situation. I told you it was a long time since I had been with someone that still had a monthly period but I was game and willing to keep our lunch date. I drove down to meet you and got there a little early because I was looking forward to meet you and find out if you were as good a kisser as you said you were. I pulled into Denny’s and waited for you. I called you to make sure you knew I was in town. It wasn’t long before you pulled into the parking lot. I wasn’t sure it was you but you called me to let me know you saw me.

I followed you as you dropped off a friend and then headed back to your apartment so we could drop off your car. I pulled into a parking space and it was a very busy day at the church and the parking lot was very full. You came to my car and as soon as you set down in the seat I had to lean over and give you a kiss. Just a nice kiss nothing hot just kind of a hello kiss. Off we went to start our day.

We headed down to the boardwalk to have a nice brunch. We circled for awhile till we found a parking space. Then you directed me to a nice little corner restaurant and we put our names on the waiting list. We didn’t have to wait long and were enjoying each others company as we learned about who we were. We were seated and continued our talking. I seemed to open up to you and let you know my history and more. I was happy to see we were getting along so well I forgot about you not being able to do a lot of things we had talked about. I paid the bill and we headed back to your apartment. I couldn’t resist caressing your leg as we headed back to your apartment.

Once we arrive at your apartment we go inside and we can not keep or hands off each other or get out of our cloths fast enough. You lived up to your word as to how great a kisser you were. Our lips met and it wasn’t long before we were both getting really hot and ready for anything. I was like a kid in a candy store. I wanted all of you. I broke from our kissing to move down to your neck and then down to your tits. I loved how nice and hard your nipple grew as I licked, sucked and kissed your nipples. You could tell how hungry I was for your body. I could feel your heat too as you responded to my every touch, kiss, lick, suck and bite. It was our first time together and we were making the most of it. It didn’t take us long to get into your bed and I could enjoy you even more. You had told me how horny you get when you’re on your period and now I could tell you were not lying. WOW were you ever hot and the more I worked your nipples the hotter you got. Then I moved my hand down to your hot wet pussy. Now I could feel just how hot you were. Of course by now I had forgot about your time of the month all I could think of and feel was how hot you were. How hot you were making me. I had to be very careful because it had been so long since I’ve had sex and I didn’t want it to end fast so I paced myself and made you aware of my condition. When I felt you move down to take my cock into your mouth I knew that I was in for a wonderful afternoon. Your mouth was as smooth as silk and you worked my cock ohhhhhhh so well. I was in heaven. I tangled my fingers into your hair and pulled you back before I went over the edge. Now it was my turn to give you pleasure. I went right back to working on your nipples and my hand went straight for your hot and wet pussy. I was able to get 3 fingers inside of you and will have to see if one day I can get my hand inside of you. For now 3 fingers were enough to work your pussy for pleasure. With a little direction from you I made sure to find you special spots and worked them nice and hard. The more I worked them the hotter you got. Of course feeling your nipples grow harder as I worked them with my mouth and my other hand also made you hot and horny. I could feel your wetness increase and knew you were enjoying everything I was doing to you. You went over the edge and I sucked even harder on your nipples to help you get there.

Then it was my turn and Ohhhhhhhhhh what a turn it was going to be. Because you started with lots of kissing and then worked your way down my body. Nibbling on my ear, kissing my neck and then down to my nipples. I wrapped my fingers into your hair to pull you back from sucking to hard on my tender nipples. Plus pulling you back for some more kisses before having you continue your journey down my body and I loved how slowly you made that journey. I could tell that you wanted to take my cock for your own. When you arrived at my cock you again you took your time and drove me crazy as you worked your magic on me as I was totally enjoying the pleasure you were giving me. You took your time and gave it long licks, like it was an all day sucker, and kisses, on the tip, and then would let it slide all the way into your mouth and slowly moved up and down with great skill. It felt wonderful and I never wanted it to stop. You took your time and made me feel like a king being serviced by someone that truly enjoyed having a cock in their mouth. I get a chill just thinking about how outstanding you felt. You started to feel me swell up in your mouth and I told you I was getting close to cumming but instead of stopping or slowing down you started pumping faster sucking me deeper and deeper in your mouth. I could feel that I was getting close and feel my balls start to tighten up. You never slowed down and I could tell you wanted to taste my cum and swallow every last drop. I could not stop from yelling out how much I was enjoying your taking my cock and cum into your mouth and not letting one drop from your sweet mouth. I must have given you at least 3 shots of hot sweet cum. My cock didn’t want to stop cumming. It had been far to long. You stayed on my cock till the last drop was sucked from it. Then you licked it and kissed it before you moved up my body and I held you tight and thanked you for a wonderful afternoon. I hope your neighbors didn’t hear my yelling out in pleasure. Of course now I was already looking forward to our next time.

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