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My Favorite Clamps And Cucumbers

One day I had come home from work and so needy, I knew my night would be all to myself so I prepared myself for the most exciting night of my life. First I got in the shower and as the water flowed on my breasts I could feel my nipples getting very hard knowing I couldn't wait I took my shower head and laid down in the tub...... spreading my legs apart I held the shower head down letting the flow of water stream over my pussy lips, feeling myself getting so warm I took the shower head and began rubbing it on my pussy back and forth with the stream of water forcing on me, knowing my first orgasm was close, I took my hand and slapped my pussy, my nipples felt like they were going to burst....I needed more, getting out of the tub and heading to my room I stopped at the refrigerator getting 2 very large cucumbers as I laid on my bed rubbing my favorite vibrator across my breasts my nipples so full taking my breast clamp I felt the pain...
Spreading my legs my cucumbers so close, I slid my vibrator between them feeling my back raise and hearing myself moan I took one clamp off my nipple and clamped it on my pussy lips.....so wet from my vibrator I slid my cucumber deep, fast and hard....within seconds I couldn't hold back my scream as my gush came I slid the cucumber out and let it go.....not wanting to stop I took my second cucumber as they both penetrated so deeply screaming overcame me, my second squirt even stronger than the first......

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