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Is it cheating? (Masterbation)

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It was half past nine and the events of the day were over. She’d showered and chosen her clothes carefully. With makeup done and hair styled, she took one last look in the miror hoping that he’d find her ravishing. Such a strange creature is a woman. Even if she knows she is sexy, she always wants to see it mirrored in the eyes of another. A tug from the hip flask was the final preparation; a shot of liquid courage to fuel her adventure. Her cell phone chirped, a text message confirmed the rendevous. She made her way out of the room and down the hall. Her shoes quietly traveled the carpet of the hotel. Making sure she was alone and that no eyes followed her, she paused outside his hotel room door. It was cracked open. She took a deep breathe, exhaled slowly, and then pushed the door open. She entered the room closing the door behind her.

For months they had flirted with each other. He, dropping every manner of innuendo when they spoke, had always appealed to her. He was witty, interesting, and kept in shape. She, not wanting to be outdone, had countered with bold suggestions during their banter. Once he’d gone so far as to steal a kiss. It was a kiss that had left her breathless and wondering if she should persue things further. Not being the shy type, she created the opportunity to ask him directly. And, the answer came. Yes, he was interested. But, there was an issue.

Upon entering the room, he greeted her with a drink. They sat upon the edge of the bed and suddenly the tension was tangible. She glanced up from her drink to his face, trying to read his expression. “Are you alright with this?” she asked. “As right as rain” was his reply. She leaned forward, as did he, and their lips met in a gentle kiss. As they continued kissing, she darted her tongue into his mouth. Their kissing grew more passionate. She raked her teeth along his lower lip gently nipping at it. They parted and held each others gaze for a breathless moment. “Perhaps I should start” she said standing up. She took a step, turned, and faced him slowly undoing the buttons on her shirt. She watched his eyes follow her hands down her torso. After the last button was undone, she grasped her shirt at chest level, pulled it off her shoulders, and seductively freed herself of the garment. She kicked off her shoes and next unfastened her belt. She popped the button on her jeans and pulled the zipper down on her pants. She turned around and made a show of sliding the jeans down over her hips, arching her back. As her jeans fell to the floor, she kicked them off. Turning around, she faced him now only wearing black panties and a black shelf bra that exposed her ample cleavage. Her pink nipples stood erect. She took her place on the bed next to him and said “Now it’s your turn.” He obliged but in a most efficient manor - he stood and shed his clothing in mere seconds.

They had discussed this prior to their rendevous. The rules were clear. Once they undressed, they were not to touch each other. But even then, what they were about to share was something extremely personal and intimate. She pushed herself further back on to the bed and laid back. He stood at the edge of the bed looking down at her body. “Can you hand me my bag?” she asked and a look of curiousity swept his face. He retrieved her purse and handed it to her. She searched its contents and emerged with a slender vibrator. She put down the purse, reclined, and hit the switch. The device hummed as she guided it to her already hard nipples. She then pulled her panties aside and placed the vibrator just above her clit, marking slow circles against her flesh. She could see that his underwear strained as his cock began to swell. He pulled them off and he watched as she looked at his swollen member. He grasped it with his right hand and began stroking it up and down.

Her panties were quickly thrown aside and she now began to pleasure herself in earnest. His eyes traveled from her face to her breasts and then down to crotch. She was born and raised in the U.S. but her pussy? It was Brazilian! The only hair she had was a small tuft of red curls just on her mound. As his gaze languished on her, she could feel his interest and intent and so she parted her legs. She then parted her lips with her left hand, exposing herself fully to the man before her. He drank in the sight of her. Her pussy lips were tinged with wetness and he audibly sighed as she dipped a finger into herself and brought the wetness up to her clit. Again, her finger dipped into pussy. But this time, she brought it to her lips licking the dew off in an attempt to further excite him. Her hands then made the journey they had so often traveled before; fingers pinching her nipples, circling her clit, dipping into her pussy. He continued to stroke his cock. She gazed at it, admiring its length and girth. “I so want to touch you” he said in a voice just above a whisper. “Rules are rules” was her reply. “Do you like what you see” she queried. “Hell Yes!” he said. This made her bolder. Now two fingers were inside of her stroking her G spot as the vibrator in her other hand worked on her clit. Her hips lifted slightly off the bed as she parted her legs further. His strokes began to pick up speed. His brow furrowed as he concentrated on the scene before him. When they first met, he never would have believed that he’d find himself in this current situation. She was having similar thoughts. Her eyes roamed over him from his face to his hands; one was stroking his ever growing cock, the other was cupping a testicle. “I desperately want to suck your cock” she said as she saw the glistening pearl of pre-cum appear. “But I know I can’t,” she continued in a husky voice. She was on fire and could feel her G spot swelling. Her dampness flooded her fingers. Again, she raised her hand to her lips and licked them clean. “Damn girl!” he said in his excitement. “Show me how you like it,” he commanded. His words spurred her on. Her hips lifted as she ground her mound into her hand, the one with the vibrator stroking her swollen, stiff clit. Her other hand was occupied; her fingers pulsing in her pussy. “When you cum, please cum on my tits and my face so I can taste it” she implored him. His answer came as an increase in tempo. The private symphony they were sharing was quickly approaching a crescendo. Her eyes locked onto his as she asked him “Do you want to see me cum?” He nodded his head slowly as she began.moaning, a throaty mewling reaching his ears. “Oh yes, uh…yes…” she said staring at him. The intestity of her orgasm surprised her as the heat spread from her pussy and clit, radiating to her chest and limbs which convulsed shaking with pleasure. He too reached a climax and shot a stream of cum which landed mostly on her chest. He managed to direct some of it towards her face where it landed on her cheek, just above the corner of her mouth. Her hands now started rubbing his offering into the skin of her breasts. With her index finger, she wiped his cum into her mouth savoring its salty flavor. With a wicked grin, she yet again licked her finger clean.

They stood silent for a moment and then she arose from the bed making her way towards the bathroom. He began to dress. A wash cloth and warm water quickly restored her sense of propriety but didn’t erase the lustful images in her mind. She gathered her clothing and once she was dressed, she reached out a hand towards him. He pulled her into a close embrace whispering “That was amazing” in her ear. She kissed him, pulled back, and then replied “Yes, but technically for you I think it would still be considered cheating.” After all, she and her husband had an open marriage. The man before her did not.

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