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Into The Maelstrom Part Ix

Carolyn Lord sat sprawled in her chair, naked from the waist
down, her vaginal juices pooling on the seat. She watched the
nude Tiffany sleeping contentedly on the floor beside her chair,
the teenager softly muttering "I Do!" every so often.
"I'm doomed," she thought. If she couldn't protect herself
from a mental light-weight like Tiffany, she was in serious
This was not her imagination. This was not some wild dream.
She looked down at herself and realized the harsh reality of it:
her neatly trimmed pubic hair glistening in the harsh light of
the office, the cooling pool of her own secretions growing
between her naked thighs, the feel of the abrasive seat cloth on
her poor, abused vulva. It certainly was no accident, like that
medical examination gone wrong when she reacted like a slut
instead of a proper woman. Tiffany knew exactly what she was
doing to her. Didn't she?
But did she? Tiffany was a child. A child in the beautiful
body of a woman, to be sure, but a child all the same. And
children liked to play! "It was all so simple," she thought.
All she had to do was think it through.
She had seen her young nieces and nephews constantly do things
they couldn't possible understand the real meaning of, just to
get a reaction from their older relatives. She herself had
gotten some swats on the bottom and even had her breasts grabbed
a few times during family events, though she knew they meant
nothing really sinister by doing so. They were just being
deliberately naughty. Tiffany couldn't possibly know what it was
she was really doing to her. The young minx, she was just
playing a game with her!
But this was a very serious game, indeed. She could have been
humiliated in front of anyone who cared to walk by, not to
mention Mr. Spencer. She might have even lost her job because of
it. And what happened with poor old Mr. Brandon? That dear old
man wasn't responsible for his actions anymore. He was just
helplessly caught up in the teenager's foolishness. He was
probably more embarrassed about the whole thing then she was.
"Well, if Tiffany chooses to act like a child, then by God I
will treat her like one!" she said.
She lifted one elegant foot and pushed it against Tiffany's
upraised rump, causing the sleeping girl to topple to the floor.
Tiffany awoke with a start. She got up from the floor and,
sheepishly avoiding Carolyn's annoyed look, set about getting
dressed. She found her dress, but her underwear had vanished.
"That's just great," she said bitterly, holding her dress. "Now
what am I supposed to do? I'm dirty and my underwear's gone. I
can't go around like this!"
"Come here," said Carolyn.
Shocked that Carolyn was actually speaking to her, and both of
them not even dressed, Tiffany ignored her and continued to look
for her missing clothes.
"Come here, I said!"
Holding her dress protectively in front of her, Tiffany
timidly went over to where Carolyn still sat.
"Put on your dress."
"But I can't," wailed the teenager. "I'm dirty and I don't
have my..."
"Tough. Put it on. Now!" commanded Carolyn.
With a pouty face, Tiffany put the dress up over her head and
started putting her arms into it, very aware that she was now
totally exposed to the glowering Carolyn.
When Tiffany's arms were tangled in the sleeves and her head
completely covered by the dress, Carolyn put her right arm around
Tiffany's slim waist and pulled the surprised girl over her
Holding the squirming Tiffany with her left hand, Carolyn's
strong right hand hit Tiffany's small, firm buttocks. SMACK!
"WHAT ARE YOU DOING?" squealed the teenager, her voice
muffled, as she fought to free herself of the dress.
"You want to act like a child here, then I'm going to start
treating you like a child," Carolyn said calmly as she hit the
beautiful, tanned hillocks once again. SMACK!
"YOU CAN'T DO THAT!" Tiffany screamed, desperately trying to
escape this trap she had placed herself. No one had done that to
her. No one had ever hit her back there, not ever!
"Watch me," Carolyn murmured with contentment as she resumed
her lesson. She had wanted to do this to the girl for some time.
The spanking continued until Tiffany's small bottom was
showing a slight pink all over her dark tan. Tiffany had ceased
struggling some time ago, and, still tangled in her dress, was
reduced to sobbing quietly.
"There, there. It's time for you to grow up, Tiffany,"
Carolyn said, gently. "This is a place of business, not a
playground to do whatever you feel like. It's time you realized
Carolyn ran her hand lightly over the girl's smooth ass
cheeks, and enjoyed the heat that the firm flesh was radiating.
"What fascinating things they are," she marveled to herself.
"How beautiful, how symmetrical." Carolyn found herself lost for
a moment in the wonderment of Tiffany's buttocks.
She felt something wet on her upper thighs and, puzzled,
sneaked a hand between Tiffany's opened legs. She was amazed.
Tiffany was wet! She was so aroused that her vaginal fluids were
actually dripping out of her crotch and onto Carolyn's legs.
Tiffany felt the hand between her legs and automatically began
to grind her hips down onto it.
"Son of a bitch!" muttered Carolyn. She hadn't bargained on
this at all. Now what was she supposed to do?
At a loss of what action to take next, Carolyn glanced at the
clock on her desk. Stunned, she looked again. The conference
was set to begin in 15 minutes.
"JESUS CHRIST, THE CONFERENCE!!" Carolyn shouted. The VIPs
had already arrived and should just be leaving the lounge. She
was late!
She jumped up and dumped the disappointed Tiffany onto the
floor. Pausing for just a second, she realized that she had to
take the time to get dressed. Panicked at being late, she pulled
her suit jacket off over her head and quickly put on her blouse
and scarf, but gasped with dismay when she saw that the buttons
on her blouse were all missing.
"Damn it!" she yelled as she took everything off again and
threw the useless garments into a corner. Next she grabbed her
slacks and shoes from the desk and got into them, not bothering
to properly fasten the slacks just yet. She ran down the hall,
her swollen breasts dancing painfully on her chest, as she
unbuttoned her jacket. She was putting it on when her unfastened
slacks fell down to her ankles.
"Shit!" Carolyn gasped as she hit full length on the carpeted
floor, her breasts mashing painfully beneath her, her legs now
tangled in her slacks. Resisting an impulse to start screaming,
Carolyn sighed instead and sat up on the floor. The thick
carpeting caused a delightful tickling sensation on her abused
vulva and she almost climaxed!
"Oh my God," she whispered. "My God." She took a deep breath
and carefully untangled her slacks and pulled them off. She
stood up and then got into them once again. She slowly fastened
and zipped her slacks, after first carefully making sure they
hadn't been torn in the fall.
Learning her lesson, she swiftly walked the remainder of the
distance to the conference room, using her crossed arms to
minimize her breasts' movements as much as possible. Her nipples
had been hard for so long from rubbing against her jacket all
day, she doubted if they would ever again return to normal. Even
minor breast movements now caused the outraged nerve endings on
her raw nipples to send excruciating impulses to her brain.
It was all becoming too much for her to endure. She knew that
her resistance was nearing its end. She had had to withstand so
much in the past two days that her mind and body just couldn't
take much more.
She had to get to conference, she just had to. She couldn't
let the firm have to deal with the consequences of her own
Besides, with all of those people around she would finally be

As they stood waiting for the missing Carolyn and the visiting
VIPs, the Daiquiri Group grew more and more agitated. After
years of being Miss Untouchable, Carolyn Lord had suddenly become
very touchable indeed. Today they had seen just about everyone
at the office take a liberty or two with her once proud body,
from senior partners to janitors, with nary a protest being
directed at them in return. Rumor had it that even some of her
fellow para's had taken an occasional opportunity with Miss Lord,
with surprisingly the same result. As the day went on, though,
they could tell she was becoming more and more unraveled. The
secret slut was obviously being affected by all that was
happening to her (as if one wild night wasn't enough!). Well, if
she really wanted flounce that perfect body of hers in front of
the senior staff, then they would be more than willing to help

Breathlessly, Carolyn entered the conference room and was
greatly relieved to discover that the VIPs had yet to arrive.
The only ones there were some her co-workers who had been
required to attend the event. She did a quick survey of the room
and found everything was to her satisfaction.
After saying her hello's, she went to stand with her fellow
paralegals and try to regain her composure.
"Have you seen Tiffany? She was suppose to be here for this,"
asked Tiffany's friend, Maria.
"No, sorry," Carolyn replied. "Haven't seen...HER!"
They pulled her slacks down so fast she couldn't react. One
moment she was standing there, engaged in normal conversation,
and in the next moment she was half naked! She stood there
dumbly, staring in shock at her bare legs, her slacks puddled at
her feet. Before she could get her deeply dazed mind to function
at this new outrage, the visiting VIPs entered with the senior
law firm members.
As the group of paralegals moved to greet them at the door,
the terribly humiliated Carolyn was forced by the crowd to join
them, leaving her slacks on the floor. If she tried to pick them
up it would have been noticed by everyone! She chanced a quick
look behind her and saw with horror as Maria quickly fold up her
slacks and stuff them in a plastic file folder she was carrying.

She looked desperately for a way out, but the room's single
entrance was now filled with the senior members and their guests.
She was trapped! Carolyn knew her double-breasted jacket's hem
was just low enough to function as a micro-mini skirt, but she
also knew that she dared not sit and must even be very careful
walking or else she chanced exposing herself to everyone in the
As previously arranged, the firm's paralegals stood in a group
behind the podium located at the head of the long conference
table. Carolyn tried to hide behind the others, even though her
normal place was at the wide podium, controlling the presentation
binder for whoever was speaking.
Mr. Spencer finally had to motion her to take her place at his
side behind the podium. After everyone in the room had been
introduced, the presentation began. The chief representative for
the Prospective Client, Mrs. Abigail Stevens, was seated with her
staff on the table's left. The firm's counterparts were seated
on the table's right.
As Mr. Spencer went through his opening remarks about the firm
and the terrific support provided by the firm's paralegals,
Carolyn felt his arm go around her waist over her jacket. He's
just emphasizing his topic, she thought nervously, but I hope he
talks about something else soon. Please, God, don't let him or
the others see how undressed I am. At least behind the
protection of the podium she felt safe.
Ten minutes into the presentation she jumped when she thought
she felt something between the backs of her upper thighs. The
feeling only lasted a moment and was gone. Probably my
imagination, she thought.
To her horror, the feeling returned! Something large and
smooth was working its way between the tops of her soft inner
thighs. She jumped again when it touched the lips of her vulva.
"Oh!" she inadvertently gasped when the object began to work
its way between her pussy lips.
"No! You can't...!" Carolyn automatically began, but stopped
abruptly when she saw with dismay that everyone at the table was
now looking quizzically at her.
Spencer stopped his presentation in mid-sentence and turned
to put his mouth close to her left ear.
"Is there something the matter, Miss Lord?" he asked softly.
"No, sir. Sorry," she muttered as she smiled weakly,
horrified that she had actually disrupted the presentation.
"Okay, then."
To her relief, Mr. Spencer smoothly continued his talk and she
could see that the disruption was quickly forgotten by the people
at the table. However, the thick object between her thighs also
continued its way up into her vagina. The intruder was soon deep
enough in her defenseless vagina that she could feel the hand
holding it now begin to work its way through her tightly clenched
She felt hands on her right ankle shift her foot, so that her
legs were soon spread apart. She was now completely wide open to
whatever those in back of her wanted to do to her vulnerable yet
most private of places.
She jumped when a hand began to move confidently across her
firm buttocks. She jumped again when she felt a second hand on
her behind. It too began to casually trace the rounded contours
of the exposed buttocks under her jacket!
The hand between her thighs began to move deliberately back
and forth, causing the unwanted intruder to have a most shocking
affect on her. To her dismay, she could sense her vaginal fluids
quickly begin to flow. The familiar sensations which had been
kept simmering within her ever since she came to work were now
quickly being brought to a boil within her once again. Before
the events of the past two days, she could never have believed it
possible that anyone, especially her, could be sexually aroused
against their will, even if she did deep down really enjoy the
sensation. Now, she knew that she being taken swiftly,
helplessly to the point where she would shortly loose control and
have an orgasm in front of all of these unsuspecting people,
unless she could find a way to prevent it. "But how?" her tired
mind screamed at her. "But how?"
Other hands spread her ass cheeks, and she jumped when she
felt something cold touch her anus. "Oh, my dear God!" she
thought. "Not there! They just couldn't!"
The object slowly forced its way passed her tightly clenched
anus, and began to work its way slowly yet inexorably up her
rectal passage.
Carolyn stood, too stunned to react. She was only wearing her
jacket and shoes in a room full of people at a law firm, hands on
her naked buttocks, and now she was helplessly impaled! And she
couldn't do anything about it!! If she made any kind of scene,
her shattered mind reasoned, she would be publicly humiliated in
front of everyone. What if the police or someone should ask her
what happened to her clothes? What could she tell them?

In spite of her claim to the contrary, Mr. Spencer was aware
that all was not well with the usually cool Miss Lord. Even as
he continued with his presentation, he could tell she was
becoming increasingly agitated. The fact that she had
deliberately taken off her slacks for an important presentation,
even after her assurance she would be properly dressed for it,
seemed to confirm what everyone was saying-- that for reasons
unknown the very beautiful but untouchable Carolyn Lord was
making herself very available today.
He was always a stickler for proper attire in the office, so
his first instinct upon seeing her (even with those fantastic
legs!) was to throw her out of the conference room. However,
after seeing Mrs. Stevens' eyes light up when she saw her,
Spencer kept Carolyn as close to himself as possible during the
To Carolyn's relief the conversation moved on to other aspects
of the firm, but, to her consternation, the arm remained around
her, holding her close to him behind the podium. "Sweet Christ!"
she thought. "What if he finds one of the other hands back
Forgetting about the group of women standing behind him,
Spencer's hand started to move, slightly at first, then with an
increasing regularity and confidence. In fact, it distinctly
felt as if the hand was now massaging her right hip! Carolyn
wondered what she could about this when she felt it slide down
her hip, and jumped when it reached her bare flesh under the
Spencer's roving hand quickly came upon Carolyn's nude right
buttock cheek. "What the hell?" he thought. "No panties!"
Why, that hypocritical bitch! After all the complaints she
initiated over the years against the firm's employee's, even
Angry now, he moved his hand freely over Carolyn's trembling
Carolyn was relieved when she felt the other hands on her
buttocks disappear, leaving just Mr. Spencer's for her to contend

The room's projection screen lowered and the lights dimmed to
nothing. After a brief pause, the presentation system activated,
and the automatic slide show began. Spencer traced with glee the
trembling contours of Carolyn's right buttock. He was in the
process of sliding his hand to sample her left buttock when it
encountered a round metallic object protruding from the center of
her ass crack. "Whoa! What the hell was that?" he thought.
Spencer looked behind him and saw a small circle of light on
the wall behind the podium. "That's odd. Where could that damn
light coming from?" he wondered. The last thing he wanted right
now was a light on back there. He noticed that the light moved
every time Carolyn did. Fascinated in spite of himself, he kept
searching in the darkness until his eyes finally adjusted to the
moving light and he saw something black sticking out from
underneath Carolyn's jacket.
"Jesus!" he thought. "She's got a flashlight stuck up her
ass!" Terrified of what he might have stumbled into, he quickly
withdrew his hand from Carolyn's trembling buttocks. He placed
both his hands in plane view on the podium. "Remember why you
are fucking here today, asshole," he told himself. "Keep you
mind on the job and out of her pants!"
Carolyn felt other hands replace the one which so quickly
disappeared. Hands on her hips began to pull her waist away from
the podium, causing her to lean forward and thrust her buttocks
out from underneath the jacket.
Carolyn didn't realize the significance of this until someone
dropped down behind her and placed their lips on her helplessly
impaled behind. She was nibbled and licked all over her
delectable, quivering buttocks, while other hands were making her
vagina pulsate with sensation. Just when she thought she could
take no more, she jumped when she felt something warm and thick
start to press against her blood-engorged vaginal lips, moving
around the object already in there. "Oh, what now?" she dazedly
wondered. "What else could they do to me that they haven't
A tongue contacted Carolyn's exposed vulva and she was teased
and licked with never-ending enthusiasm.
Carolyn's mind whirled with her body's sensations. Under the
noise of the loud presentation, she thought she heard the muffled
sound of a purse being opened. The administrations on her poor
vagina ended, the object removed. Her mind was relieved that her
public ravishment was finally over, before she had reached the
point of once again loosing all control of her recently
traitorous body.
Carolyn jumped as she felt something being pressed against her
vulnerable hair-lined pussy lips. It was not uncomfortable,
quite the opposite in fact, but it seemed only to cover her
vulva. She felt it pressed onto her flesh one more time, and
after that, nothing. The object covering her vulva remained and
that was all. No one touched her, molested her, fondled her.
Even the humiliating object in her anus had been removed. "Could
it be over at last?" she thought hopefully. Perhaps her unseen
tormentors had finally given up.
"Please, please let it be over," she prayed reverently. She
had been unwillingly stimulated to the point that she felt her
hair was standing on end! She couldn't take anymore, not without
embarrassing herself, she was that close.
The maddening thing was that this strange buildup now left her
in a very precarious condition. She was so nervous she didn't
know what to do next. She wanted to take a bite out of the
podium, r*pe Mr. Spencer, do anything to relieve this horrible
pressure which had been deliberately built up inside of her, and
that now she had to deal with.
At last the automatic slide-show came to an end and the room's
lights automatically brightened. Carolyn quickly flipped the
pages to the correct position, and gratefully noticed that only
one page remained until the end.
"Thank God!" she whispered. The conference was still a
success and she could now go home and run around the block or
something. "A cold shower, that's what I'll do," she thought, as
she was finally able to get her breathing back under control.
Mr. Spencer smoothly wrapped things up and the conference was
finally at an end as he said, "...and that concludes our
presentation. Now, if you will all join me at the reception for
some food and refreshments, you will have a chance of meeting
some of the employees that you might be working with in the years
to come."
"Shit, shit, shit!" thought Carolyn. She had forgotten all
about the reception. But before she did anything, she had to go
to the rest room and remove whatever they had impudently stuck to
her crotch. "Probably a stupid sign or something", she thought.
She turned to leave the podium when Mr. Spencer hooked his
right arm around her left.
"I'd like you to stay with me, Miss Lord. It seems our
Prospective Client would like to meet you."
"Uh, that's great, but I really need to visit the..." Carolyn
tried to explain, when Mrs. Stevens and her entire party walked
up to them, with Ms. Pendergast trailing along petulantly behind.
"Excellent presentation, Mr. Spencer, just excellent. I was
most impressed."
"Thank you. I would like to introduce the person who really
put it all together for us today, Miss Carolyn Lord."
"It's a pleasure to make your acquaintance at last, Miss Lord.
You did a very professional job. Mr. Spencer here has had
nothing but praise for your work, and now I can understand why,"
Abigail Stevens said, as she made an effort not to stare at the
hem of Carolyn's very short dress. "It looks just like a suit
jacket," she thought. "Very becoming, if a little out of place
for an office. On the other hand, with those legs, who cares!"
"The honor is all mine, ma'am, but today was really the
product of...of...of a great many people," the suddenly
distraught Carolyn said. The unexpected sensations radiating
from her crotch were incredible! "No!" her mind shouted. "It
can't be, it just can't be!"
She clamped her thighs together, leaving her pidgin-toed, but
it didn't help her at all. The feeling was so intense she
couldn't believe it. "What the hell was going on?" her
overwhelmed mind screamed as she fought an awesome desire to have
an orgasm right there. Thankfully, the sensations then ceased
just as mysteriously as they had begun.
"Phew," breathed the still shocked Carolyn.
"Are you are right, Miss?"
"Yes, ma'am. It's just been a long day, that's all."
"Please, call me Abigail. Well, let's us go to the reception
and relax for a bit, eh?"
"Yes, ma'am, I mean Abigail. Whatever you say," Carolyn said,
"Smart girl!"
As they quickly walked to the lounge, Carolyn tried to keep
her hands at her sides, to hold down the hem of her jacket, but
Mr. Spencer insisted on holding one of her arms while Mrs.
Stevens held the other. She was shocked to realize that Mrs.
Stevens was staring down her cleavage, mesmerized by her lightly
bouncing breasts, but there was nothing she could do about it.
With her arms being held, she couldn't protect her chest at all!
All Carolyn could really think of was when the next attack on
her pussy would come. Mrs. Stevens kept talking to her, but she
heard not a word. She could only keep what she hoped was an
attentive look on her face as she fought with her internal
She had almost climaxed during that last violation. It was
all she could do not to submit to it. "What the hell caused
that?" her confused mind wondered. "After-effects from sitting
on that damned carpet?"
Then she remembered. "Oh my God! That thing they put on my
crotch! That's what's doing it!" And there was absolutely
nothing she could do about it, until she could get away from
At the entrance to the lounge the sensations returned with a
vengeance. Carolyn's eyes glazed over as she fought the terrible
waves of pleasure spreading throughout her body. Her knees
buckled and she would have fallen if Mr. Spencer and Mrs. Stevens
had not been holding her arms.
They carried her by the arms into the lounge, to an easy
chair. Carolyn gratefully sat down and at least had the presence
of mind remember to cross her legs. She sat with her eyes
closed, breathing heavily through her open mouth as the
sensations between her legs continued. Mercifully, they stopped
just before a search for smelling salts was launched.
Carolyn's eyes flickered open. She saw with horror a
semi-circle of concerned people surrounding her.
"I'm fine, really," Carolyn told them breathlessly. "Just a
little tired, that's all."
"It's okay," Mr. Spencer said to the group. "She's all right.
Now, if you could all leave us alone for a moment, I'd appreciate
The crowd dispersed to the other parts of the large lounge,
leaving Spencer and Carolyn alone.
"Why didn't you tell me before that you were sick?"
"I'm sorry," said the emotionally spent Carolyn.
"It's just that the conference was so important..."
"Nonsense," snorted Spencer.
Ms. Pendergast walked up to them. She knelt down beside the
chair and looked with satisfaction at the stricken woman's
flushed face. "Sam, she just needs to be alone and rest for a
bit. I know all about her condition and I'll fill you in later."
"I'm fine. Honest," Carolyn lied. "I... I just need to be
alone right now," she panted as the thing on her crotch abruptly
caused a quick flash of overwhelming feelings. She crossed her
arms over her chest and hugged herself to keep from grabbing her
crotch in front of everyone.
"OK, people. Let's gather up the food and drinks and move into
the conference room," Mr. Spencer directed.
Soon the lounge was cleared except for Carolyn in her chair
and a cluster of women silently watching her from across the
The members of the Daiquiri Group moved closer to their prey
as soon as the door to the lounge was closed.
"Got you, you bitch!" the leader of the group said.
Breathing heavily, Carolyn could only look helplessly at them
with uncomprehending eyes until she heard a quiet "snap".
"AAHHH!" she cried as her vagina exploded in uncontrolled
spasms! The Daiquiri Group cheered and applauded as the
stupefied Carolyn Lord doubled over, her body racked by her
pulsating vagina.
The sensations coming from her crotch did not end as they had
before, but continued on and on. She fell onto the floor, her
hands between her thighs desperately holding her womanhood, her
body shaking uncontrollably as she continued to orgasm. Finally,
with Carolyn on the edge on unconsciousness if not madness, it
One of the women tossed a small controller on the floor beside
the hapless Carolyn.
"Just in case you start to feel lonely," she said cruelly.
Laughing, the Daiquiri Group left the lounge in high spirits.

An hour later, Carolyn finally decided she was strong enough
to get off of the floor. It was kind of comfortable being on the
floor and she really hated to leave it. She had had a nice nap
and felt much better. She knew the evil device was still
attached to her, but she would deal with that later. First
things first.
She stood on shaking legs, and surveyed the room. She was
alone in the lounge, all signs of the reception were removed.
She looked at the wall clock and saw that all of the day's
planned events should have ended some time ago. She wondered if
anyone else was left in the office as she started to totter
slowly towards the door.
She was surprised when the door to the lounge flew open and an
incensed Maria entered the room.
"You damn bitch!" she shouted at the mystified Carolyn. "I
just found out what you did to Tiffany. Now that little
bubble-headed idiot wants to marry the guy!"
Maria stopped directly in from of the passive Carolyn. "Damn
you!" she screamed, spittle spraying on Carolyn's face. "I
wanted her for me and you've just ruined everything!
Maria was enraged at not getting a reaction from the stunned
Carolyn. Without thinking, she grabbed the shoulders of
Carolyn's jacket and pulled down on them. The jacket slid over
Carolyn's smooth shoulders until it was bunched halfway to her
waist, leaving her breasts bare and her arms helplessly bound by
the jacket.
Carolyn looked down at her exposed breasts in puzzlement.
"How did that happen?" her dazed mind wondered.
"I'll get a reaction from this cool bitch yet!" muttered Maria
as she held the bunched front of Carolyn's jacket and ripped it
open, causing the buttons to fly about the room. She pulled the
jacket off of the unresisting woman and threw it by the door.
She then dragged the submissive Carolyn over to a couch and
pushed her face down over the couch arm. She reached down and
took off Carolyn's shoes and threw them with the jacket.
Carolyn was now completely nude, her shapely hips dr*ped over
the couch arm, her ass high in the air and her breasts pressed
into the rough material of the couch.
Her anger cooling, Maria looked with increasing pleasure at
this inviting target. "OK," she thought. "If I can't have
Tiffany, Carolyn will do nicely."
"This requires something suitable," she said. She looked
about the room and saw a pile of newspapers and magazines.
She walked over and selected a newspaper. Maria returned to
Carolyn, twisting the paper into a tight roll. As she was coming
back across the room, she unknowingly stepped on and crushed a
small plastic object.
And Carolyn went insane.
Maria watched in wide-eyed amazement as Carolyn Lord,
screaming, literally danced on the couch, her naked body twisting
and turning, her arms and legs flailing.
"This chick is nuts!" she said and quickly fled the room, but
not before taking Carolyn's jacket and shoes on her way out.

End of Story

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