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Feminine Charms

10:00 AM
"So when did you decide you were in love with your sister?"
The young woman lying on the couch blushed red, shaking her
head hurriedly from side to side. "I didn't say I was in love with
Phoebe. Not that I don't love her, she's my sister. It's just that
since she came back from New York I've been having these dreams,...
these fantasies about her."
"And these fantasies of yours only manifested themselves since
your sister came back to San Francisco? You never had any of them
"Well... I had some before she left but they've just gotten so
intense lately."
"Hmmmm." The doctor wrote a few lines of thought out in the
pad she was holding. "And there has never been any sexual relations
between you and Phoebe?"
On the couch Piper began to squirm uncomfortably.
"Please Piper. If you don't tell me everything I can't try to
help you."
Piper let out a final sigh of defeat before saying, "Well...
we've never really had sex together. I mean I've touched her,... and
we've touched each other,... but..."
"Relax Piper. Just start at the beginning Tell me about how
your sexual activities with your sister began."
"Phoebe was thirteen when she finally caught me masturbating
in my bedroom. I'd been in a bad way. Prue had just gone off to
college, so we couldn't...well,... and then there was Andy in her
senior year. She was just to busy with him to play much with me
"Hmmmm. So you had a sexual relationship with your other
sister before you started with Phoebe. Very interesting. So you were
sexually frustrated because you didn't have anybody anymore. You are a
very attractive young woman. Weren't there any young men interested in
"I was a bit shy in high school." Piper admitted. "A few of
the boys had asked me out but I hadn't thought I was ready for that
"And what about your parents. Did they try to discourage you
from dating?"
"My mom died when I was five. Then my dad... juts left. My
sisters and I were raised by our grandmother."
The doctor quickly scribbled out a few lines on her pad. "And
how would you describe your relationship with your grandmother. Was
she too severe?"
"No Grans was a doll. We all loved her very much."
"And... did your grandmother ever...try to have sex with you?"
Piper laughed at that. "No way. Grans wasn't that type. She
was pretty permissive but she'd never do anything that she thought
might harm us."
"Hmmmm, I was just checking to see if you might have gotten
your lesbian tendencies from her. Quite often a parent or relative
starts the cycle."
"I'd never really considered myself a lesbian." Piper
explained. "Sure this is San Francisco I know quite a few of them but
I've never had that type of relationship with them."
"So you did eventually start dating boys?"
"Hmmm." The doctor scribbled another line. "Lets go back to
that first experience with Phoebe shall we. You said she had caught
you masturbating in your room."

Piper had been having a difficult day at school. All day she
kept feeling that buzzing, tickling sensation in her crotch that meant
she really needed a good hard fingering. She'd never been happier to
see her grandmother's old house as she was that day when she finally
got home.
Dumping her books on the couch she ran into her room upstairs
and slammed the door. Jumping onto the bed she undid her jeans and
wormed her way out of them.
God, her panties were already dripping. Touching herself
through the damp cloth she felt a delightful shiver race up her body.
Oh, she really needed this.
Shoving her fingers inside she dug through the oily slime as
she rubbed a finger up and down her wet slit until she felt the bud of
her swollen clitoris. She forced herself to swallow a scream of
pleasure as she stroked the button until she couldn't bare to touch it

Phoebe had just gotten home from a miserable day at school.
Sure her grades weren't always the best but did Mr.Thurson have to
yell her down like he did today. That old bastard really had it in for
Nobody seemed to be there when she got inside, but a pile
Piper's books was on the couch. Going upstairs Phoebe heard a stifled
moan coming from Piper's room. The door was almost closed, but the
lock hadn't stuck and it had reopened about an inch.
Tip-toeing up to the door Phoebe looked through the crack and
froze as she saw her sister spread out on her bed, a hand digging back
and forth in her panties. From the way she was swinging her head back
and forth and arching her back she seemed to be enjoying herself quite
a bit. Phoebe didn't quite know what to make of it. Sure, she'd been
touching herself down there ever since she hit puberty, and liked the
tingles it gave her, but she'd never seen anything quite like this.
When her sister started to thrust her hips in rough circles
and bite her lip to stop herself from screaming Phoebe leaned
forward..., and tripped, knocking the door all the way open.
"Ahhhhh!" Piper let out a scream, both from shock and the
leftover's of her orgasm.
Phoebe looked up from the floor, an embarrassed smile on her
pretty teenage face.
"Phoebe." Piper screamed, pulling her hand from her panties
and then shaking her fists at her sister. Unfortunately this just sent
a long trail of wet slimy drops toward her.
"Eeeee." Phoebe screeched as one of the drops landed on her
"Oh god." Piper sighed, her face reddening. "Phoebe. Please
get out."
She got up off the floor but she didn't leave. Instead she
wiped the drop off her face with her hand and stared at it. Plopping
herself onto the foot of Piper's bed she just looked back and forth
from her hand and her sister.
"Piper?" Phoebe asked, an excited tremor in her voice. "What
were you doing?"
"God Phoebe!" Piper swore in embarrassment. "Would you please
Piper had pulled her knees up to her chest but it didn't
succeed in hiding her dripping crotch nearly as much as she intended
it to.
"What were you doing Piper?" Phoebe asked again. "It looked
like it was a lot of fun."
"Oh god Phoebe!"
"You were masturbating? Weren't you?" she asked her big
"Oh god Phoebe!" Piper screamed her face doing a good
impression of a ripe tomato.
"A couple of my friends said they do it.' Phoebe told her
matter-of-factly. "What's it like?"
Piper just stared at her little sister in shock. Sure, at
thirteen she was turning into a woman now, and a quite beautiful one
if she kept growing the way she was. It had been over a year since
little Phoebe had come rushing home from school to tell them all she'd
started bleeding. Their grandmother threw a sort of party, just as she
had for Prue and Piper when they had started. Grams said it was sort
of a family tradition to celebrate when a girl became a woman. But of
course a lot of Grams traditions were a bit weird. That's why she fit
right in in San Francisco.
Piper had thought the Phoebe might come to her with a few
questions about sex, since Prue was away at college, but this was not
the type of question she'd expected to get. This was just to much. In
fact she'd laugh if she wasn't so embarrassed. It was a lot like the
first time she and Prue had gotten together. She had caught Prue
playing with herself in the shower... and had eventually joined in.
But that was ancient history now. Prue had dumped her when she
started dating..., or more precisely fucking, Andy.
"Can you show me how to do it?" Phoebe begged her.
Weakly Piper nodded her head, reaching her still sticky hand
back down into her panties and rubbing her slit up and down.
"I can't see what you're doing!" Phoebe told her. "Take off
your panties. I want to see what you're doing."
Piper felt a mixture of fear and passion as she pulled off her
wet underwear and spread her legs so her little sister could get a
good look at her cunt.
"Oh!" Phoebe exclaimed, a surprised grin plastered on her
face. "You've got so much more hair down there than I do. Sally
Nolan's got a lot of hair like that but most of the other girls just
have a little."
Piper continued to finger herself as Phoebe closely watched
her actions. Deciding to give little sister a thrill she slipped a
finger inside and slowly finger fucked herself. She was getting
delirious from the sensation before she realized that Phoebe has
shucked off her own jeans and panties as was sitting across from her
on the bed, her thighs wide as she timidly stroked at her pussy. She'd
been right about the hair. Phoebe had just a small patch of velvety
looking curls above her cunt.
"Am I doing this right?" Phoebe asked her unsurely, her
fingers weakly moving up and down.
"Are you wet?" Piper asked her.
"I'm not going to pee on your bed!" Phoebe answered quickly.
Piper couldn't help but laugh at that. "I don't mean pee
silly. When you do it right you start to leak this kind of oily
Piper held up a dripping finger to show her sister the juices
her cunt had made.
Phoebe dug in for a second before pulling her own finger up, a
single drop of glistening liquid hanging from it. Proudly she showed
it to her sister.
"That's good." Piper told her. "The better it feels the more
stuff you make. Then if you really work at it you sometimes let out a
real gusher."
"An orgasm?!" Phoebe asked, knowing the word but not really
understanding it.
"Yes." Piper agreed. "An orgasm. I don't make much of a mess
when I do it, but Prue always sprayed everywhere."
"Prue did this too!"
Piper didn't know if she should be embarrassed about the
direction this conversation was heading, but decided to just go with
"Sure everybody does it. Of course Prue does it. Grams
probably does it."
"Even Ms.Sheperd?" Phoebe asked with a laugh. The principle of
her junior high school was a well known spinster and fun hater.
"I don't know about that." Piper agreed, remembering the woman
from when she attended the school. "She'd probably end up with frost
The two girls laughed about that while each still fingered
"Oh look." Phoebe demanded showing Piper the moist lips of her
cunt. "I'm really getting wet."
"How's it feel?"
Phoebe gave her sister a dazed look before smiling. "It feels
good. It feels really good."
Piper had moved her finger out of her body and started
flicking at the hard button of her clitoris, a pained gasp coming out
of her at each contact.
"Are you having an orgasm?" Phoebe asked her.
Piper just shook her head. "Not yet. I'm just playing with my
clit. It feels really good when you touch it."
Phoebe Looked at Piper's groin and then down at her own before
finding the spot her sister was telling her about. Giving it a hard
rub she let out a loud shaky gasp.
"Careful." Piper warned her. "It gets pretty sensitive."
"Oooooo." Phoebe moaned as she touched it more lightly. "That
does feel good. Now I want an orgasm."
Piper had to laugh at that. "It's not something that happens
that way. It took me a couple of times before I had my first."
"Please." Phoebe begged her. "Show me what to do."
"Every person is different. And every time it's different.
They're isn't just something you do."
Piper sighed as she began to get herself worked up. Her sister
wanted to see an orgasm, and it wasn't as if she didn't want to have
one. Reaching both hands down she leaned against the headboard and dug
into her cunt. Three fingers of one hand slid in and out while the
other teased her clit. Knowing her sister was there speeded the whole
process up and it wasn't long before she let out a loud scream as her
body spasmed in the most powerful climax she'd had since that last
time with Prue.
"Wow! I want to do that."

"And did Phoebe have her first orgasm." The doctor asked
Piper gave Dr. Martinez a long look before answering that
question. She felt uncomfortable about discussing any of this but at
least with a woman doctor she felt a bit safer.

3:00 PM
This was Temper's weirdest case yet,... except of course for
the previous one that had inspired this one. A week after he had
caught Steven Sawyer and his coerced harem, Steven's father had showed
up at Temper's office. The man didn't seem too impressed with either
Temper's choice of office or Temper himself, but if he had a bizillion
dollars like this guy had Temper wouldn't have been impressed either.
At first Temper thought the man was there to buy him off, to
shut him up about what he knew Stevey-boy had done, but it soon became
apparent that he wasn't in the least bit worried that his kid would
get sentenced for his crime. Hell, none of the girls wanted to press
charges against him, and that left little for the D.A. to hold over
him. Anyway Temper probably would have done the same thing when he was
sixteen and given the chance that kid had.
What Grant Sawyer wanted Temper to do was find the guy that
had sold him the antique dildo that had started the whole mess.
Mr.Sawyer said his son had spilled his guts about the whole thing, but
he really didn't quite believe it all. Who in their right mind
believes in sprits and incubi these days. Still if that thing had
started this, Mr.Sawyer said he wanted to find the guy responsible for
That left Temper in San Francisco looking for one Albert
Martinez, a dealer in fine antiquities and an ex-employee of the
Buckland Auction House. Temper'd done all he could in Chicago to find
the guy but it was like he'd dropped off the face of the Earth nine
days ago...the same day that he'd caught Steven Sawyer. That seemed a
little too co-incidental for Temper's taste.
Anyway Temper could use a few days away from home right now.
Alex was coming on a bit strong since that encounter with the incubus
and Temper still didn't know what to do with the girl. He'd asked
Angie as she was giving him a good-bye bonking what to do with her but
she just said to just give the kid what she wanted, maybe that would
turn her off him. He was really tempted to do just that, Alex was one
hell of a sexy little piece, but his conscious wouldn't let him. She
was one of his kids and he just couldn't let himself touch one of
Anyway that was something he could deal with later. Right now
he had to find the missing Mr. Martinez. He'd been working for
Buckland when Sawyer bought the thing from him. Sawyer wasn't sure
himself who the actual seller was, this place liked to keep things
like that confidential. Martinez had quit from here two months ago and
went into business for himself but Temper decided he needed a bit more
info on the piece before trying any of Martinez's old haunts. Whatever
that thing was, incubus or not, Temper wanted to make sure he was
ready if it came back. Going to this place just seemed the obvious
It was Snobs-R-Us inside. The receptionist didn't seem to like
Temper's looks much but sent him back to talk with one of the
appraisers when she found that he wanted to discuss a piece that had
been bought from here. The note of authority from Sawyer helped a bit
there too. 'Prue Halliwell' the name on the door told him before he
went inside. After the receptionist Miss Halliwell was a real relief.
In her late twenties, maybe early thirties, she had medium length dark
hair and a face that made him want to ask if she'd been dropped as a
baby. He didn't of course, and anyway it worked for her, giving her an
exotic smoldering look.
"Miss Halliwell." Temper nodded pleasantly to her as he handed
over a business card. In bold-faced letters it told her his name
address and phone number as well as occupation.
"A private dick?" she asked with a crooked smile. "What can I
do for you Mr. Hamptin?"
Temper looked carefully at her , and decided that he'd allow
her the private dick crack.
"I'm looking for Albert Martinez. He was an employee of
Buckland until a few months ago."
"I'm pretty new here myself." Prue told him with a shake of
her head. "I've never heard of the man. He must have left before I
'Ah, that's all right." Temper told her. He really hadn't
expected any help with that from here. Pulling out an envelope he
pulled out an 8x10 photo and handed it over to her. "My client bought
this from Mr. Martinez through Buckland. What I'm really here for is
to try to find out more about the piece. He just knew it was old and
Prue gave him another smile. "I know the type. So many people
buy antiques just because they're antiques, without really finding out
what they're buying."
Taking the photo from him, Temper watched her carefully as she
looked down at the picture and froze.
"Oh, my." she said flushing red. "I see your... client has a
taste for the unique."
Temper snorted derisively. "You could say that."
"What... what do you know about the... object?"
"Only that it's supposed to be 11th or 12th century Arabic...
or possible Indian."
"That would fit it." Prue nodded slightly, never taking her
eyes off the photo. "They had a very well developed.... sexuality."
"Yeah. If you say so." Temper added. "I'd just like to see if
you can find me anymore about what it is and what it's supposed to be
It was Prue's turn to snort this time. "What it is is pretty
obvious, and what it's for... it was probably religious or
Looking more closely at the photo of the big stone cock she
finally noticed the characters along it's shaft. "It looks like it's
covered in some form of glyphs. I don't recognize the characters right
off, but I could probably find you a translation. Do you have any more
pictures? Only a few of the characters are visible in this one."
Temper pulled out a pile of photos and handed them over to
her. "I thought that might be necessary so I brought photos of the
whole thing."
Prue looked at the top one in shock. "It's broken."
"Yeah." Temper agreed. "Snapped in two, but all the writing
seems to be intact."
"What a shame." Prue told him. "That's going to seriously
affect it's value. How did it happen?"
Temper was tempted to tell her the whole story but decided
against that. Instead he just said, "Well some girls can get just a
little too aggressively enthusiastic at times..."
Prue looked at him with confusion for a minute before turning
even redder.
Temper took that as a parting sign so handed her another card
with the hotel he was staying at and a copy of the receipt Sawyer had
gotten from the auction house two years ago for the piece. He left her
sitting at her desk staring at the stone dildo.

8:00 PM
As usual Piper was in the kitchen cooking. It was just her and
Phoebe tonight, Prue had gone out with Andy for supper. That was a
good thing in itself. She'd been trying to carefully guide the two
lovebirds back together, but their recent situation wasn't making that
any easier.
She looked up from chopping up a tomato to find Phoebe
standing in the doorway looking at her strangely. She'd been doing
that all day.
"Something you want." she asked her sister.
"Uh... no." Phoebe quickly answered. "I just wanted to know if
you needed any help."
"In the kitchen?" Piper asked "I didn't think you even knew
how to boil water."
"You'd be surprised what I learned how to do in New York."

8:30 PM
Prue sat across from Andy at the small table in Quake. Usually
she wouldn't have come here on a date but it was Piper's night off so
it was fairly safe. Piper and Phoebe had been turning into nags lately
about Andy. She knew they were just being sisters but it was starting
to get on her nerves.
It was the awkward time after they'd placed their order and
were just waiting for it to come. Prue nervously smiled at Andy and
got the same smile back from him.
"So... solved any good murders lately?"
Andy raised an eyebrow at her. Lately she'd really taken an
interest in his job. It really wasn't like her, but at least it gave
them something to talk about while they waited.

8:45 PM
Next on the list was Albert Martinez's sister. He'd spent the
rest of the afternoon and some of the night going through Martinez's
office. The man had been pretty meticulous about his files, but Temper
couldn't find anything in them that might lead him to the missing man.
There was nothing in his computer about any plans to go anywhere, and
his schedule had indicated that he had supposed to have had a number
of appointments in the past week, none of which he'd kept.
It was just like he'd dropped off the face of the world. Right
at the time that that ... whatever it was had gotten free. That was
more than a coincidence.
Dr. Emma Martinez lived in one of San Francisco's more
well-to-do neighborhood's. Shrinking the heads in this burg must pay
pretty well.
Pressing the buzzer at the outside gate, Temper waited for a
"Yes?" a speaker distorted female voice finally asked.
"Dr. Martinez?" Temper inquired.
"Yes. Can I help you with something?"
"I hope so doctor. I'm looking for your brother."
"Which one? I've got 3 of them."
"Albert Martinez." Temper told her. "He's been missing now for
about ten days. I've been hired to find him."
There was a long silent pause before the gate slid open.
"Come on up." she finally said. "Albert's not somebody I want
to talk to anybody about on the street."
Temper walked the short sidewalk between the house and the
gate, admiring the flowers and shrubs decorating the small front yard.
A huge bronze knocker hung in the center of the oak door but before he
could reach for it the door swung open. Dr.Martinez was a striking
woman. Her features looked Hispanic or Spanish but her long hair was a
fiery Irish red. She looked to have about Temper 's own 39 years under
her belt, but she wore it well.

8:50 PM
"Dr. Martinez?" Temper asked again.
She nodded, not looking at all pleased to see him. "Please
come inside. Like I said, Albert's not somebody I like to talk about
unless I'm comfortable... preferably with a few shots of good Irish
whiskey in my stomach."
Temper smiled to himself as he followed her denim covered ass
inside the house and into a living room of sorts with a well stocked
bar in the corner. As she had said, she poured herself two fingers and
threw it down her throat.
"Can I get you anything?" she asked Temper after her breath
came back.
"What you're having'll be just fine."
She filled him a glass and brought it over to a small table
surrounded by a couch and chairs. Giving it to him she plopped down on
the couch and waved him to one of the empty chairs.
"What has dear Albert done this time?" she asked before
taking another swallow. "I hope it's something that you can arrest him
for. Something that will send him away for a long time. It's just too
bad Alcatraz isn't open anymore. That would have been perfect for
Temper had to smile to himself. He didn't have to use his
detective instincts to figure out that she didn't much like her
brother. "I'm not a cop Dr.Martinez. I'm a private investigator. My
employer was a customer of your brother's a few years ago and was
trying to get ahold of him but he's completely disappeared."
"Huh." She said with a snort. "That sounds like Albert. What
did he do? Sell your boss a fake? He's done that a couple of times."
"No." Temper said with a head-shake. "I'm pretty sure the
thing was real. My boss just wants to know where your brother got it
"Probably stole it." she said taking another gulp. "Let me
tell you about my brother Mr....."
"Hamptin." Temper told her. "Dustin Hamptin. But my friends
call me Temper."
"Temper! Let me tell you a few things about that asshole of a
brother of mine."

8:57 PM (The house of Dr. Emma Martinez)

End of Story