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Expert Tease

I never thought this would happen, but I met her again. At the same
night-club, sitting at the same table. Her outfit was different from the
first time, but at least as provocative. Her white see-through halter
top did everything to emphasize her voluptuous breasts, and I could
clearly see the darker area around her tits as they jutted through the
tight fabric. Her white satin shorts were so skimpy that they barely
seemed to cover her buttocks, although her seated position didn't let me
know for sure. But they sure rode extremely high over her upper thighs,
exposing the better part of her hips, and clung to her pussy like a
second skin. As I looked more intently, I could almost see the shadow of
her blonde bush showing through the material. Her complete lack of
underwear was more than obvious. Together with her thigh-high black
leather spiked-heel boots, she was really dressed to arouse every guy
that happened to look at her. And I was no exception as I couldn't help
a raging hard-on from developping at the sight.

I watched as she stood up and went to the dance-floor, gasping at the
way her skimpy satin shorts exposed her firm ass. As she danced, she was
letting the guys brush against her, frequently stealing glances at their
crotch as if to check the effect she had on them. At one point, some guy
even got so bold as to hold her by the hips and grind his crotch against
her ass. Not only did that vicious little bitch let him do that, but she
even returned the rubbing by gyrating her buttocks against him. Then she
suddenly withdrew, and as the guy seemingly tried to talk her into going
with him, the little teaser looked him up and down and answered
something that made him spitefully turn away.

When she went back to sit at her table, I almost creamed my pants as the
sexy bitch bent over in such a way that you could see her blonde pubic
hair peeking through the seams of her clingy shorts. She sat down and
looked around, seemingly making sure her little show hadn't gone
unnoticed. As I felt her gaze focus on my bulging crotch, I could do
nothing to hide the tremendous outline my erect cock was making down my
thigh through the thin material of my tight pants. She licked her lips
and looked up to meet my eyes, flashing a viciously sexy smile as she
appeared to recognize me. Despite the humiliation and frustration she
had me endure at our last encounter, I couldn't help feeling an
overwhelming attraction as my arousal reached new heights that had me
lose any common sense and filled me with an irresistible urge to walk
over to her table. I was like spell-bound as she motioned me to sit next
to her and started asking me :

"Hi, Philip. So how did you enjoy my little tease last time ? Don't you
think that was fun ?"

She put her hand on my upper thigh and started running the tip of her
long fingernails over it, sending ripples through the fabric that I
could feel echo over my dangerously close erection, causing it to throb
from the sensation. She said :

"I see you still like wearing those tight sexy pants. Hope they don't
get you into trouble this time. You know, you need a lot of
self-control, wearing such thin and light pants and no underwear. Oh
yes, it's quite obvious you don't wear anything underneath, you know,
just look at the way the head of your cock shows through the fabric

With that she grabbed the head of my cock and started squeezing it
between her fingers in a way that had me feel as if I would come right
then and there. But she withdrew her fingers after giving it a tighter
squeeze, and resumed massaging my thigh as I couldn't help a generous
amount of precum from dripping through the material of my pants. She
noticed that right away and let her fingernails run over the wet spot as
she said:

"See ! You're already leaking ! Am I arousing you that much ? You know,
it's like that guy on the dance-floor. He was getting really hot as I
was grinding my ass onto his crotch. I could hear his breath getting
heavier and shorter, and I guess I could have dry-humped him like that
until having him come in his pants. Mind you, that's probably exactly
what the little bastard was hoping. He really thought he was about to
make his way into my shorts, if you see what I mean. But he was not my
kind, you know, all so much enclosed in his baggy pants and underwear
that I couldn't even see how aroused I was getting him. No, I prefer
sexy guys like you, they're so much more fun to play with !".

Her fingernails had moved to the head of my cock and started raking on
its underside, making it twitch at the sensation. She closed her fingers
over my knob and started deftly massaging it through the thin material
of my pants until I felt on the point of near eruption. She then gave it
a tight squeeze that was enough to have my urge somehow subside, and
resumed raking her long polished nails on the now hyper-sensitive
underside of my cock, sending electric shivers throughout my body. As
she licked her lips at the growing wet spot she had created, she went on
talking :

"You know, I've always enjoyed teasing guys. I guess it all started when
I was 18. I loved to let them dry-hump against me until I felt they were
on the edge. I could feel them getting all tense, their cock throbbing
against me. I knew the selfish bastards were just about ready to cream
their pants. I chose that moment to push them away and tell them they
were getting me too hot. Then I'd come home and masturbate and that gave
me terrific orgasms just to think how aroused I'd gotten them. On one
occasion, I had a date with a guy who liked wearing very tight jeans.
His cock and balls were always bulging through the material, and It
really aroused me to see how hard he got everytime I smiled at him. I
decided to give him the whole show, and didn't put any piece of
underwear under my see-through blouse and mini-skirt . He managed to get
me into his room, and as we sat down there, I teased him right to the
limit, rubbing his hard-on through his jeans as we kissed, and letting
him feel me up my thighs so he knew I didn't have any panties. You know,
I'd just remove my hand everytime I felt his cock start throbbing. At
one point, I even talked him into licking me to an orgasm, and he got
really wild as I resumed massaging his cock after that. I soon had him
right on the edge, all ready to explode. I could actually feel the
wetness of his precum leaking through his jeans at the tip of his cock,
and I really loved that. Then I started playing with the fly of his
501's, sliding my fingers between the buttons to encounter his naked
skin. That's when I realized he didn't wear anything underneath either.
Now, I knew why his cock was showing so clearly through his jeans, and
how it made it so easy to feel his precum. And I was even more aroused
to think how vulnerable his lack of protection made him. My fingers were
circling around the base of his naked cock and fondling his balls, right
until I could see his cock get so hard that it looked as it would break
through the confining material of his jeans. I removed my fingers from
his fly, heading them straight onto the jutting outline of the head of
his cock, and started squeezing it through the fabric. I could really
see his eyes get cloudy and feel his cock throbbing between my fingers.
That's when I decided to remove my hand and look at my watch, telling
him I really had to get back home now. I left him all with blue balls,
and I couldn't believe how terrific were my orgasms as I masturbated
later that night."

As she talked, the little cock teaser kept deftly playing with the head
of my cock until I felt on the brink of spurting a hot load of come
through my pants. Then she gave it another tight squeeze and went on
with her story :

"After that, I really started looking for guys whose lack of underwear
made them easy to tease. I soon knew how to tell just by looking at the
bulge in their jeans and seeing how the outline of their cock would show
through. One day, I was with one such guy at the movies, and we soon
were heavy petting each other up and down. I heard his breath stopping
when his hand went up my thigh and reached my pussy, realizing I didn't
wear any panties under my mini-skirt. So I just grabbed his cock through
his jeans and stated masturbating him as he rubbed me to orgasm. But
just as I felt his cock throbbing from the approaching burst of
ejaculation, he removed my hand and told me to take care of not getting
him so hot. That's when I knew he was afraid of creaming his jeans and
be left in an embarassing situation. So I decided to let the tease go
even beyond what I'd already done. I resumed masturbating him, slowly
massaging the head of his cock until he was almost ready to burst, and
managed removing my hand just before he would stop me. That was my way
of letting him relax and feel I was in control. I kept doing this a
number of times, driving him to the edge and stopping short, until I
could hear his breath get heavier and heavier. That's when I actually
unzipped his fly, took out his hard-on, and went on jerking him off with
my silk handkerchief. Now he had no reason to be reluctant, and he
didn't try to stop me as I led him over the edge and felt his cock ready
to spurt inside my hand. That's the precise moment I chose to stop my
strokes and stuff his cock back inside his jeans. He was really crazy,
and as he asked me why I'd stopped, I told him I didn't want to mess my
handkerchief ! Then I went on masturbating him through his jeans,
stopping everytime I felt his cock throbbing, right until the movie was
close to the end. As I kept massaging it, I could feel his cock
twitching from the bursting need of relief, and when he tried to remove
my hand, I purposedly resisted and kept on rubbing the head of his cock.
That was really too much for him, and he started ejaculating right into
his jeans between my fingers. I kept rubbing him, extracting every last
drop of cum from his cock until I felt his jeans were completely soaked
with it. The movie ended right after that, so he really had to go out
and walk like that. He was red from embarassment, not knowing how to
hide his condition as we walked, and I felt an exhilarating sense of
power at having him led to such humiliation. It really aroused me above
anything I had experienced, and the orgasms I had once back home were
just overwhelming."

As she told me how she'd made the guy cream his jeans, her deft
ministrations on the head of my cock had gotten firmer, having me right
on the verge of eruption. I really didn't care that much about messing
my pants, as long as I could get some relief to my burning arousal, and
I was hoping she would just do the same as she had done with that guy.
But at the last possible moment, the vicious bitch applied a tight
squeeze to the head of my cock, leaving me gasping from frustrated
arousal, and with an ever more noticeable wet spot of precum surrounding
the jutting head of my erection. She went on :

"The next summer, I was at that seaside resort we used to go with my
family. I often went to the beach with the son of some friends of my
parents, who was just about my age. I loved watching how hard he'd get
inside his tight swimming trunks every time I asked him to rub sun
lotion over me. The little bastard would always try to rub up my thighs
or over the side of my breasts, but I managed to turn over everytime he
got too close. When we left the beach, I made sure he'd notice how I
would remove my bikini and stay stark naked under my light summer dress.
Although he was kind of shy, he once made a comment about that, asking
me why I didn't wear any panties, and I just told him they made me itch.
Then one day, he came wearing a pair of white summer jeans that were so
tight and thin that you could see the color of his trunks showing
through. I decided it was time to really tease him right to the edge. I
let him rub the sun lotion up my inner thighs until the back of his hand
was actually over my clit, and watched him out of the corner of my eyes
as his hard-on seemed ready to burst through his trunks. As we went
swimming, he took hold of me and started french-kissing me. His hands
were all over me, rubbing me through my bikini until I climaxed. After a
while, I started massaging his cock through his trunks as we kissed, and
when I felt he was about ready to explode, I took it out and went on
slowly jerking him off under the water until I could feel his hard-on
twitch and throb inside my hand from his oncoming orgasm. I removed my
hand at that critical moment, telling him I was starting to get cold and
had better go back and dry in the sun. I let him stuff back his cock
inside his trunks as he followed me back out of the water. I knew he
used to refuse to go swimming when the hour got too close to leaving the
beach, because he wanted his trunks to dry up before putting back his
jeans over them. But this time he was so aroused from our heavy petting
session in the water that he couldn't resist following me as I offered
him to go for a last swim before we left. I didn't lose any time, taking
out his cock and masturbating him to a raging hard-on as we kissed until
he was on the brink of coming, and then telling him we'd better go back.
As we got ready to leave, I managed to persuade him out of slipping back
his jeans over his wet trunks, telling him he could catch a cold. I
helped him cover up with my towel as he took off his trunks and slipped
on his tight jeans over his still erect member. As I removed the towel,
the effect was even beyond what I had expected. His hard cock was
jutting down his thigh, so clearly outlined by the thin material of his
jeans that I could see the veins showing through. I could even see the
darker color of his pubic hair appear through the white fabric. His lack
of underwear made him totally vulnerable, and I found that terribly
arousing. He seemed quite embarassed at having to expose himself like
that, and was trying to find some way of hiding his predicament. But he
didn't carry anything with him, and when he asked if he could borrow my
towel, I asked him "Why ? Are you having a problem ?". He didn't know
what to answer and didn't dare to insist. As we walked, my hand was
holding his hip, moving it up and down in a way that caused the material
of his jeans to keep rubbing over his erection, making sure his arousal
stayed at fever pitch. I kept stealing glances at his crotch, and I
could see his cock looked as it would burst through the thin fabric of
his jeans. As we crossed the wooded area that led to town, he took a
secluded path that he probably hoped would make it less likely for
bycomers to notice his embarassment. It also gave him the opportunity to
start getting bolder. As he slipped his hand under my short dress and
felt my naked bum, his arousal grew even stronger. He pushed me against
a tree and we started french-kissing. He had one hand on my bum. and the
other was rubbing my clit. My fingers headed straight for his bulging
knob, slowly massaging it through his jeans, while his rubbing led me to
a terrific orgasm. As I went on masturbating him, I felt his cock start
twitching. I knew he was on the edge. He suddenly broke our embrace and
stepped backwards, asking me to be careful. As I looked at his crotch, I
could see drops of precum leaking through the thin white fabric that
covered the tip of his cock. My fingers went back to grab it as I asked
him a naughty voice "Why ? Are you afraid of wetting your pants ?". My
rubbing soon had him on the edge again, and he had to remove my hand. At
that point, I unzipped his jeans, took his cock out and started slowly
jerking him off until I felt it twitch from his oncoming orgasm. I
stopped right at that moment, putting back his cock into his jeans as I
told him it was too dangerous here and someone could see us. As I zipped
up his fly, I held the buckle of his belt and started moving it up and
down, making sure the fabric of his jeans would start rubbing down his
thigh against his tightly enclosed hard-on, still throbbing from the
nearness of orgasm. He tried to stop me, but it was too late. The
rubbing was really too much for him, and he started gushing hot loads of
sperm right into his jeans, completely soaking them down to his knee. I
pressed my other hand over my clit as he came, and that was enough to
give me an overwhelming orgasm. Right after that, I walked away, leaving
him to deal with the wetness of his pants. He couldn't even change into
his trunks, because I was carrying them in my bag !"

The vicious bitch kept massaging my cock as she went on with her story,
masturbating me through my pants in a way that constantly had me on the
edge. But everytime I got too close, she'd squeeze the head of my cock
between her expert fingers and leave it throbbing in wild expectation.

"My next victim was a young shoe salesman. I was looking for high-heeled
shoes to match the sexy blouse and mini-skirt I was wearing. He was
alone in the shop, and I had to lick my lips as I saw the tightness of
his thin white trousers. As he looked at the way my freely bouncing
breasts were revealed by the see-through blouse, I could see the growing
bulge at the front of his pants. I chose a pair of particularly sexy
five-inches long spiked heels, and as he sat down on the stool to help
me slip them on, I made sure my thighs were parted so he could really
see I wore no panties. His cock jumped to full attention as he kept
gazing up my legs, his hands slightly trembling as he slipped on the
shoes. The outline of the head of his cock made his lack of underwear
quite obvious to my knowing eyes, and I was getting really aroused at
the thought of his helplessness. As I stood up to walk with the shoes, I
stopped in front of a mirror and bent down as if to adjust them. My
skirt inched up, fully displaying my naked bum to his lusty eyes. I
observed him through the mirror as he reached for his aching cock and
tried to adjust it to a more confortable position. Then I asked for
those red spiked-heels that were even more sexy than the ones I'd just
tried. You know that model, don't you, Philip ? That's precisely the
ones I was wearing last time we met. But maybe you like my boots better

I gasped as she crossed her legs and rested the spiked tip of her
high-heel on my inner thigh, nearly touching the head of my cock. The
sole of her boot extended down to my knee, and started slowly rubbing
up my thigh until her spiked heel reached my cock, proceeding to rake
along its underside. The way her heel concentrated on the heart-shaped
area at the head of my cock soon had me ready to burst. She obviously
knew how sensitive that zone was and kept deftly stroking it, releasing
the pressure each time at the last moment. Her expert teasing
manipulations had me completely wild with arousal, and caused ever more
generous amounts of precum to helplessly escape from my balls, only
increasing the already obvious wetness of my pants. At times, she would
let her strokes last just long enough to have my erection start
desperately throbbing as she drove me just past the edge, and chose that
moment to tightly squeeze the head of my cock under her sole until the
alert was over. Everytime she did this, I could feel the warmness of my
accumulated precum dribble against my thigh as it went leaking through
the thin material of my pants. I could only hope her seemingly perfect
timing would go astray and put an end to my unbearable need for relief.
But the expert prick-teaser retained complete control over my arousal,
continuing with her story as her spiked heel went on deftly torturing my
cock through my pants, keeping me on the constant brink of ejaculation.

"As soon as he had slipped the new shoes on my feet, I looked at his
crotch and commented "Looks like a huge problem you've got there ! Maybe
I could help ?". Before he had time to answer, I extended my right foot,
enclosing his hard-on between the sole and the heel and started to
masturbate him right through his pants. His lack of underwear made him
completely vulnerable. I could see his eyes get cloudy and hear his
breath get shorter, as he saw how I started fingering myself to orgasm
below my skirt. I knew he was ripe, all ready to spurt his load of
come. Seemingly worried about that, he suddenly pushed my foot away,
and asked in a throaty voice if we could go to the storeroom. I answered
"Why ? Don't you like the feel of my heel on your hard cock ?" as my
foot pushed forward and resumed masturbating his throbbing member even
more firmly. That was really too much for him. and he had to cling to
his stool as I deliberately had him sperm his pants, grinding my sole
against his cock until they were thoroughly soaked. Meanwhile, I kept
fingering myself, getting another terrific orgasm as I saw the extent of
his embarassment. I still wonder how he managed to go on with his work
for the rest of the day, but anyway he let me go with both pair of
shoes, asking if I could meet him later at closing time."

"After that experience, I started realizing that despite their
embarassment, the little bastards actually loved being masturbated by a
sexy girl like me to the point of creaming their pants. But then they
lost all interest, and I felt they didn't deserve even that selfish
pleasure. That's about when I met Ghita. We were at a party, and I
immediately noticed how she was really dressed to tease in her white
micro-skirt. She kept crossing and uncrossing her legs in a way that
gave glimpses of her lack of panties to the guys staring at her. We
started chatting and were quick to find out our common interest in
cock-teasing the guys to the point of having them cream their pants. She
was from India, and she told me she might show me some tricks from her
country I probably didn't know about. Some guy who'd been staring at her
little leg uncrossing game approached her, asking for a dance. He was
already sporting a tremendous bulge down his thigh, and I could tell
from the outline that he didn't wear anything under his tight jeans.
Ghita blinked at me, prompting me to watch as she got up and followed
him. She made every effort to arouse him as they danced close in front
of each other, holding him by the hips and letting his hands wander over
her scarcely covered bum. At one point, she raised her knee, pushing it
forward into his crotch as she slowly grinded it against his cock and
balls for a couple of seconds. She looked down at his bulge and started
giggling as she licked her lips. Even from where I was, I could see the
wet spot of precum showing through his jeans around the head of his
rock-hard cock. The next song was a slow, and the horny guy didn't waste
time, holding her tightly as his hands started exploring underneath her
skirt. She responded by gyrating her pubis against the top of his thigh
right over his erection, dry humping him on the dance-floor as her hands
seized his buttocks and drew him even tighter against her. Then I saw
her right hand slide between them right where her pubis had been
grinding against his thigh. I could only guess what she was doing as the
slow motion of her arm was barely noticeable. But watching closely, I
could see his pants slightly moving up and down his thigh, and I
pictured the action of her hand over his hard member that must have been
causing that. His face was getting red with arousal and at several
points I saw him close his eyes and cling to her as if losing his
balance. But the biggest surprise was when they came back to sit beside
me. The material of his jeans was completely soaked as it clung down his
thigh over his raging hard-on. He really looked like he'd come into his
pants, which seemed a natural consequence of her sexy rubbing. But the
amazing thing was that instead of going limp as it had always occurred
when I'd done that sort of thing to a guy, he was still hard as a rock
and eager for more. He kept feeling her exposed legs as they sat, while
her hand lingered over his upper thigh, periodically clutching it in a
way that caused the fabric of his pants to rub over his erection. I
could see his cock throbbing everytime she did that. We went to the
toilets, and I immediately asked her how she'd managed to put him in
such a state. She told me she had used what we call the squeeze
technique in western countries, and how in India, women had mastered
such techniques into incredibly efficient ways of controlling a man's
arousal. It was just a matter of stimulating some special spots of their
cock, applying the right pressure at the right moment. Rubbing certain
areas could drive them to the brink of orgasm in a matter of seconds,
while applying a strong pressure on other areas would prevent them from
exploding while maintaining their fire at its peek. She told me how the
head of their cock was specially sensitive, and how squeezing it in a
certain way could keep them on the edge and cause their precum to drip
copiously. Just like me, she loved teasing guys with tight jeans and no
underwear, because it made their arousal and wetness so obvious and easy
to control."

I was overwhelmed with arousal as the vicious little teaser actually
demonstrated her techniques, expertly manipulating my aching cock as her
maddening heel kept rubbing the precise area that had me feel on the
verge of coming, before suddenly applying that tight squeeze to the head
of my cock everytime at the most crucial moment. I now understood better
how she had managed to get my pants so embarassingly wet with precum
with her carefully planned manipulations while keeping my arousal at
fever pitch. She went on :

"Then she explained how it was possible to go even further than that,
and wait until they'd actually started to ejaculate before applying a
very tight pressure on a particular spot of the head of their cock,
immediately causing their orgasm to stop. She added "That's exactly what
I did to that guy, you know. I had him start spurting his sperm about
three times playing with the head of his cock as we danced, each time
cutting him off right away by giving him that special squeeze ! But I'm
not done with him yet, and I'm sure you could give me some help. You
know, when we were dancing, he told me he was really turned on by your
high-heels. I'm sure he's got a little foot fetish." We went back to sit
beside him, Ghita on his left and me on his right. As Ghita resumed
feeling his thigh, making sure her long sexy finger-nails would
periodically brush along his obviously hardening cock, she asked me :
"So, Jessica, are you ready for that little indian foot massage I told
you about ?" As I answered "Oh yes, my feet are so sore ! I'm sure I'd
really enjoy that !", she turned to him and said "You don't mind if
Jessica rests her feet on your lap for the massage, do you ?". The fool
was glad to accept and I put both my soles on his left thigh, just
inches from his erection. Ghita seized my left ankle, pretending to
massage it. But she was actually making sure the tip of my heel would
slowly slide up his inner thigh until it came in contact with the head
of his rock-hard member, which obviously twitched from the sensation.
>From then on, I watched and learned each of the subtle motions she gave
to my heel, as I perfectly knew she was using it to deftly masturbate
him through his jeans, bringing him to the edge of ejaculation before
suddenly cooling him with her squeezing technique when his cock would
start twitching. Soon, her hand on my ankle loosened her grip, just
following my moves rather than guiding them, as I realized how easy it
was to control the poor guy's arousal with her technique. We kept him on
the edge like that until his face was red with his urge for relief.
Meanwhile, we'd put his hands to work between our legs, fingering us to
several sexy orgasms as he turned everytime more desperate to have the
same happen to him. Then, as his cock started twitching once again,
Ghita seized my ankle more firmly, and instead of letting me squeeze the
head of his cock as I was now used to, she had me keep on grazing it
lightly with the tip of my heel. His cock started desperately throbbing,
and I knew the rubbing of my heel was actually having him sperm his
jeans right there. At that precise moment, Ghita very firmly pushed my
heel onto the head of his cock, applying a tight lasting squeeze until
it stopped throbbing. She blinked at me as we could see he was still
hard as a rock inside his soaking-wet tight jeans. I found it so
arousing to be able to have a guy start creaming his pants and yet cut
him off before he finds relief, leaving him even hornier, that I got an
overwhelming orgasm just by rubbing my thighs as I looked at his
embarassment. I was soon able to perform the same trick without Ghita's
guidance, and we spent the rest of the night teasing him though his
jeans until he looked ready to pass away."

That's exactly what Jessica was doing to me as she talked, and I did
feel ready to pass away as she had me start to ejaculate under her heel
for countless times, each time applying her foolproof squeezing
technique to cut me off at the last moment. My pants were getting
thoroughly soaked from her teasing manipulations, and I thought I should
better leave while I still had enough strength, but I felt like
spellbound by my uncontrollable arousal, as if addicted to the
spine-shivering sensations she triggered everytime she touched my cock.
Then I saw a girl approaching our table, and I immediately noticed how
sexy she looked in her black stiletto heels and tight leather dress,
barely covering her wet-dream shaped ass. Jessica greeted her "Hi,
Ghita. Have you met my dear friend Philip ?". As Ghita sat down on my
left and traced her long finger-nails over the wet stain that extended
down my thigh, she said "Oh, I see you've gotten the poor thing quite
hot already. Maybe I could help give him some relief ?". With that, she
seized the head of my cock between her fingers and started masturbating
me through my pants with maddeningly arousing strokes. She was so expert
at it that I almost immediately felt on the verge of coming. But just as
I was starting to ejaculate between her tantalizing fingers, foolishly
hoping this time would be different, she gave a tight squeeze to the
head of my cock and kept the pressure until my orgasm had once again
drifted away. I knew I was trapped, now at the complete mercy of these
two unbearably sexy cock-teasers, and I could only wonder what was in
store for me next ...

End of Story

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