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Close Encounter -London Tube

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I used to work in London and travelled on the Tube everyday commuting to work. I always caught the same train and after a while you get to recognise the same faces. The train would always be crammed and you would b squashed up close to everyone.

It was during the summer and the temperature was high in the seventies, so I wore cool summer dresses and sometimes no panties.

One morning on the train I felt a hand push against my thigh and instead of it moving away, as they usually did, this time the hand spread out and I could feel the individual fingers preassing into my skin through my silky dress.

The hand stayed where it was for a short time and then the fingers started to creep around my thigh to my crutch. The owner of the hand was obvioulsy behind me and to one side.

It excited me and I felt flushed and hot and not just because of the temperature. I moved slightly, turning my hips towards the hand but kept facing the way I was. I wanted this hand to touch my hot pussy but I was afraid all at the same time. The train came to a station and the hand stopped moving. As more people crammed in I was moved further agaisnt the back of the train wall, where the doors open on the other side, my side was against the side glass panel and I faced the doors. The train started off and the hand re positioned itself. I tried to see who it was in the reflection of the glass panel but no-one was facing my back with their face.

The hand moved to my pussy mound which was very pronounced, I'm lucky to have a pussy that is open and at the front with plump soft lips. I could feel the moisture in my pussy starting to flow in anticipation of this mystery hand making contact. God it was amazing I wanted to open my legs and put the hand right up my dress there and then.

The hand slowly scrunched by dress up with its fingers, one second the fingers were touching me through the silk, oh my God the next the fingers were touching my skin on my thighs.

Th fingers moved over my pussy lips, feeling it's way blindly and juddering as the train trumbled on. The fingers were pressing against my tight slit, I opened my legs slowly and slightly. Teasing the fingers of the hand to eneter my dripping little cunny.

The train stopped and my heart was in my mouth, I didnt want the fingers to stop but I didnt want anyone to see a hand up my dress either.I pressed myself closer to the hand. The doors behind me closed fortunately the dors I faced didn't and the train started off once again. The fingers opened my slit and a thick middle finger slide up inside my hungry pussy. The fingers gently frigged my clitty which was hard and erect and the finger started to fuck my pussy slowly, rubbing and pressing my clit as it did. I had to stuff my hand over my mouth to stifle my orgasm as the train stopped twice more and the hand stayed covering my mound.

Each time the train stopped I thought the hand would disapper and I would be left with an open and unsatisfied pussy.

During my orgagsm I could hear a soft sigh, almost like a deep soft intake of breath. The thick middle finger now slippery with my cum was pressing hard agaisnt my clitty, feeling it throb and pulse as I came. Slowly the hand released my pussy and in a fragment of a moment it was no longer there. Two stops later I had to get off so I had time to compose myself, my legs were like jelly. My pussy was really wet and sticky and the walk to my office was uncomfortable. I dived straight into the loos. I lifted my dress in front of the mirror and my pussy was swollen and my clitty ws sticking out. I bathed my pussy with some cool water, dried myself and went to my desk. I was so horny all day. Needless to say I didnt get much work done and I made several trips to the loo that day to have another little play.

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