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Bus Encounter

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It was going to be a long trip from San Diego to Chicago but Brad was glad he wasnt driving, on the Greyhound he could sleep as much as he wanted. The bus wasn't very crowded and the seat next to him remained empty for most of the way that is until Lincoln Nebraska. After the stop when they were about to reboard a new face caught his eye. She was a nice looking woman, she knew how to wear her makeup and her hair was flowing to her shoulders. Brad quickly made his way back to his seat so he could have the window again. She was the last one to get on the bus and could have sat anywhere but she sat next to Brad. "I saw you in the bus stop and thought you were cute" she said. Brad eyes got alittle big and replied "thanks you are very nice looking too. by the way my name is Brad what is yours?" "Megan" she replied. The small talk continued for about an hour until it started getting dark. "Would you like the light on to read or something?" asked Brad. "No thanks" Megan said in a soft sexy tone. Her hand then moved from her lap onto Brads knee. Brad tensed up alittle and noticed the hardness invading his cock as it started to poke up very visible in his pants. He squirmed alittle to try to reposition it so it could have a more comfortable rise. Megan looked down at his bulging pants and smiled..

Megan leaned over and whispered in his ear "You know what I am alittle cold let me get the blanket from the overhead."

She got it down and was spreading it over her lap when she asked Brad if he was cold too. He really wasnt but said he was too and she spread it over his lap too. Her hand went back to his knee then started sliding up and stopped on his bulging cock. She started rubbing it back and forth. Brad closed his eyes in enjoyment and could feel the wetness of the precum on his briefs. Megan then took Brad's hand and put it on her knee she then edged her skirt up so he would feel bare skin. Brad thought he was gonna explode right in his pants. He slide his hands up her skirt and discovered she wasn't wearing any panties. As Brad was starting to play with her pussy lips Megan unzipped his pants and pulled out his hard stick cock from his briefs. His finger rubbed her clit back and forth then up and down then he inserted his finger into her cunt as far as he could and went in and out a few times until she grabbed his hand. "Uh oh did I go too far?" thought Brad. Megan took his hand and put it up to her mouth and sucked on the finger that had been inside her. Brad was on the edge with that it felt so sexy. She then put his hand back under the blanket and on her pussy. "Play with it, make me cum then let me taste it again" Megan whispered and licked her lips in a way more sexy than any movie star. "Then I will take care of you with both hands" Brad worked his fingers ever so gently over her pussy lips to get her started. He then inserted his finger and rubbed the inside of her pussy and started to go in and out slowly watching the pleased look in her eyes. He pulled hi finger out and gave it to her to lick then went back and started to rub her clit. Her hips were moving up and down ever so slight. He rubbed faster and faster and she pulsed faster rocking back and forth. "Finish me off fuck me with two fingers" she moaned. Brad took two fingers and and went in and out of her pussy as she thrusted her hips up to meet the deep insertion. Brad continued at a moderate pace not to attract attention and he was glad the seats across the aisle were empty. "Yes, Yes YES "!! she moaned as she took her hands and held his in as deep as possible. Her cum was so warm as it ran down his hand and onto her skirt still underneath her. Her eyes were closed and her body shook for a few seconds as she enjoyed the orgasm to the fullest. She took his hand and started to lick it when Brad took it away and put it in his mouth and licked her sweet juices off one of his fingers then gave her the other finger to lick off.

"Ok your turn" Megan said as she put both hands under the blanket and onto his cock. She stroked his manhood stiff as she played with his balls and rubbed between his legs. Brad leaned back and closed his eyes enjoying every minute because he knew as excited as he was it wouldn't take long. she stroked his cock up and down and played with the head of it then stroked again. Up and down slow then alittle faster then slow again. "I'm gonna cum" whispered Brad. "Cum in my hand , "said Megan" I want to feel that hot cum of yours shoot out of that hot cock" His penis pulsed in her hand and as she cupped her other hand near its head , he raised his hips and shot his load of cum into her hand. She kept one hand around his cock so she could feel it throb as it shot the warm cum into her hand. Brad relaxed back down and watched as Megan put the handfull of cum to her mouth and licked her hand clean. She then stroked his cock a few more times to get every last drop of cum out. She cleaned up her hands with her tongue as if she was licking whip cream off a strawberry. She then lowered her skirt back down and Brad put his self back together. Megan leaned over put her head on his shoulder and let out a big sigh of satisfaction.

to be continued.....

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