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Blind Love

My name is Karen. I am 26 years old, 5' 10" tall with blonde hair. I
measure 35, 23, 34 and keep myself in good shape by exercising
regularly. I have a good job in the city in PR and so I was afraid of
my face being recognized by any of my colleagues in connection with
this little idiosyncrasy of mine.

We had only just arrived home and cleaned ourselves up when I got the
phone call. It was from one of the leaders of the gang - a guy about
22. He informed me that they had 12 good, clear photographs of Natalie
and me in action that they would release to our workplaces if we did
not comply with their plan. This plan was simple. We had to complete a
series of tasks; one for each photograph, which we were to devise,
each being more daring than the last. For the first task, we were
permitted to suggest something which, if it was not considered daring
enough, we could go back and re-think without any implications. After
the first, any task we suggested that was not challenging enough would
have to complete two further tasks. Each task had to be carried out by
one or both of us (our choice) and involve exhibiting ourselves for
the first six and then for the last six, were to involve bondage also.
They all had to involve a sexual situation, which could be just
masturbation, if a willing participant could not be found during the
playing out of the task. We found this out after the phone call. We
were told to drive to the old mine later that week, which served as
their gang headquarters and at which the first escapade occurred. We
did this and were met by two of the younger boys who told us to strip
and then blindfolded us. We were led, naked through the woods to a
clearing where the whole gang was gathered. There were about a hundred
youths ranging from about 12 years old to probably 22 or so. When the
blindfolds were removed, we stood naked before these boys and men. The
leader outlined his plans and asked if we agreed to them. We both
agreed that as long as they did not reveal us to our friends or people
we work with, we would comply.

I had already done the first task involving getting wet in a flimsy
dress and thereby virtually transparent (Karen in trouble - Task 1). I
followed this up with a more daring scenario in the city during a
rainstorm (Karen in trouble - Task 2). After that, I visited an adult
theater on the other side of town (Karen in trouble - Task 3). The
next scenario was a wet T-shirt contest in Fort Lauderdale during our
recent vacation there (Karen in trouble - Task 4). We are now faced
with two more exhibitionist tasks before we get into the one's
involving bondage.

I had found the best way to show off without it appearing to be
deliberate is during rainstorms. Wearing something flimsy and then
getting wet is unfortunate, but quite plausible. However, the next
scenario I was working on actually came as the combination of a
suggestion from one of you and a twist of my own and for this I didn't
want to appear to be accidentally undressed.

I just wore a sexy set of underwear I have had for a while. It
consisted of a bright red bra and panties, very flimsy and completely
see-through. With it I wore high heel pumps and matching thigh-high
stockings. I had Natalie drop me off close to a truck-stop diner and
waited for the right situation to present itself.

Now this was in the summer, just recently, around 6:30 or so in the
evening, so it was still light. I ran across the road after Natalie
had dropped me off. We had already discovered that all of the truckers
were in the diner. I hid between the trucks, until the right looking
guy showed up. He was about 30, probably 6'3", with long hair and
wearing a muscle shirt, jeans and cowboy boots.

As he dropped from the cab, I peered out from behind his truck, long
enough for him to see that I was there, but not so long that he got a
good look. He walked towards me so I tried to hide, a little
half-heartedly. Although I knew he would find me it was so exciting.
My heart was thumping but it didn't take him long to catch me. When he
finally saw me, his eyes went from my face to my tits and then to my
pussy within like half a second. My outfit was totally transparent. He
asked me what I was doing and I told him I had lost a bet and I was
required to get home any way I could, dressed this way. He looked me
up and down again and told me it should be no problem. He said his
name was Jack, asked me my name, which I told him and then he took
hold of my arm and pulled me towards the truck stop. I made like I was
trying to pull away, but he had me. He pushed me through the door and
shouted to the group of truckers to attract their attention. He didn't
need to. They had already noticed me, and how! He told them my story
and suggested to them that together they may be able to agree a
suitable price to get me home without any further difficulty. I asked
them what they had in mind, my heart thumping, and after they
conferred for a moment, said that I was to let them do what they
wished to me for one hour. I reluctantly agreed.

They cleared a table and had me stand on it, with men all around -
perhaps 30 of them. By now my heart was pounding hard. All of this
time I had had my hands covering my tits and pussy as best I could.
They told me to remove my hands. I took my hand and arm away from my
tits, but I told them I couldn't take my other hand away. They said I
was in for a long walk and that they would be sure to let the police
know where I was, and why. So I moved my other hand. They asked me to
remove the bra. I tried to look embarrassed, although I was already
starting to get wet, but I did as I was told. My nipples were rock
hard and it was obvious I was turned-on. They told me then to remove
the panties, and I gave them a hard time, but they threatened me with
the police again, so I took them off. As I did so juice was running
down my legs, I was so hot. I was hoping they would not see this.
However, they next had me sit on the table and spread my legs wide
apart. Of course, when I did this, I felt my pussy lips open and as I
looked down, I saw several drops of my juices run out and on to the
table surface, white and milky. One man in the front reached across
and wiped it up with his fingers and tasted it.

It really is the most exciting experience to do this kind of thing in
front of a group of men. My hands were shaking, but I was loving it.
After they saw my juices flowing, my secret was no more. They had me
hold my pussy wide open and after a little while, after they had all
tried to peer in, told me to put my finger in and play with myself.
Then they had me put another, then three in. When they told me to put
another finger in I was already feeling the beginnings of an orgasm. I
was pumping four fingers in and out when one of the truckers licked
his fingers and started rubbing my clit. I soon came with a loud cry.
They had me lie back and force all my juice out - I can do that quite
easily - so a long stream trickled out onto waiting fingers.

There was no holding them back after that. There were fingers in my
pussy, massaging my clitoris, hands groping my tits and squeezing my
nipples. Another orgasm was already building when two sets of hands
opened my pussy wide enough for someone to ram something in. I looked
down and saw that it was a beer bottle. He inserted the neck all the
way in to its shoulders and was trying to get the whole thing in; it
was starting to hurt. I was just about to ask him to stop when my tits
were being squeezed, my nipples pinched and someone started massaging
my clit. I came with a cry and as my pussy relaxed a little more, the
bottle slid in all the way. Someone pulled it out, reversed it and
slid it back in, where they left it. It looked really strange, with
the neck of the bottle sticking out. Then someone popped another beer
and started pouring it into the bottle in my pussy. Beer was pouring
out over the table as guys were trying to get their mouths under it.

They suddenly flipped me onto my back; legs still spread and removed
the bottle. Two of them held my pussy open while another poured beer
into it. Then they tilted me more forward while several guys took
turns in drinking the beer from my pussy. When I was empty, they
filled me up again until the bottle was empty. Then someone took
another beer bottle, popped the top, then held his thumb over the top
and shook it up. When it was all shook up, he pushed it into my pussy
and let his thumb off, so it all frothed up my pussy and spurted out
the sides, making loud farting noises. I wasn't even thinking of being
embarrassed because the bubbles were making me cum again and I sank
back leaving beer froth pouring out.

By now a number of the truckers had their cocks out and one was
positioned beside my mouth. I gobbled it in quickly and sucked on it
as hard as I could. I felt something hard pushed into my pussy and
looked down to find it was a large cucumber someone had found in the
kitchen. He pushed it all the way in until I had taken almost all of
it, but it would go in no further and I told them I couldn't take any
more. One of the truckers started pumping it in and out of me slowly
while another poured cooking oil over it and into my pussy. I next
felt something sliding into my asshole and when I looked, I found it
was a big candle. I must have looked pretty strange with a cock in my
mouth, a cucumber up my pussy and a candle hanging out of my asshole,
but it was all starting to feel good again, now that the cucumber was
well lubricated and every time it slid in, it rubbed against my clit.
Someone had started moving the candle in and out of my ass and I felt
something warm and wet running down the crack of my ass. I assumed it
was more of the cooking oil to lubricate my ass. It was all starting
to build again and suddenly the cock in my mouth erupted down my

I sucked and swallowed but I didn't get all of it and cum spilled out
the sides of my mouth. Just then I was splattered with more cum from
two guys standing either side of me. It went all over my face and

The cucumber was suddenly pulled out of my pussy with a load "plop"
and a hard cock was put in its place - it felt much better and a
moment later the candle was pulled out and another cock pushed in my
ass. When a big, black cock was put in my mouth and they all started
moving in and out, I started to lose it. I know I was moaning and
begging for more. They all kept going until, the cock in my mouth
erupted. Again I tried to swallow it, but there was so much cum and I
was so turned on I couldn't stop moving and crying out, so I lost a
lot of it down my face. The cocks in my pussy and asshole came almost
together. They pulled out and were both immediately replaced by two
more. I had been on the verge of cumming when they pulled out so I was
moaning for more, but it didn't take long before they had me back on
the edge and this time we all came together as I screamed.

Jack went back to his truck and returned with his dog, a big rough
looking animal. They held my arms behind me and spread my legs wide so
that my pussy was open and brought the dog over. It started sniffing
at my pussy and then began licking it. Its tongue was so big and wet
and hot and it was rough, but every time it licked my pussy, its
tongue rubbed over my clit. Its tongue was also pushing further into
my pussy and I've never felt anything like it before. It was driving
me crazy and yet I knew I shouldn't be enjoying it. It was after all
an animal licking my pussy while I was being held helpless. They
flipped me back more and then the dog was able to lick all the way
across my asshole and my pussy and my clit every stroke. That was when
I lost it and came again, the best ever. I almost lost consciousness
it was so intense. I know I was crying for more and I think if he
hadn't pulled it off, I would have let it fuck me, I was so far gone.

After that point it is all a haze. I remember being taken back into
the kitchen, lifted into the big dish sink and showered from head to
foot. There were a lot of guys helping to wash me off, paying a lot of
attention to my tits, but even more to my pussy. They were all soaping
up their fingers and wiping out the inside of my pussy, then rinsing
them off until I was clean, over and over again until I was cumming
again. Anyway, true to their word, they finally dried me off, put my
underwear back on and carried me out to one of the trucks. From there
I was taken back to the spot where I had arranged to meet Natalie. She
drove me home and when I opened the door, photograph 5 was in an
envelope, slipped under it.

End of Story

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