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need some fun 2

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If you read first part you know im 36 now and have a nice body, single again, and a step brother name jim. He thinks he can put me under hypnoitc spell and have me doing his wish. I let him think this. I like sex and he has a hellva hot body and nice cock.

well a couple weeks went by after the first incounter and i hadn't had any sex for that time. I was home and someone knock on my door. To my surpise it was Jim (step bro ) he was in town and stop bye to say hi. As he walk in the door i heard him say ( judy is jim slut) That his phase he is suppose to say to put me back in deep hypnotic trance. So being horny i went with it and acted under again. He turn and lock my door as he keep saying your going deeper and deeper . As he did this he walk up behind me and wrap his arm around me. Pulling me tight to him he started to play with my boobs. Tell me that im getting horner and horny. I had on a halter top and no bra so my nipple where getting pretty hard as he massage my boobs firm and firm. Then he slide his hand under my top and playing with my nipple and whisper in my ear that i was getting hotter and horny. with my nipple hard and my breather he knew i was getting turn on. so he slowly slide one hand down to my jeans rubbing as he went. when he got to my jeans he unbotton them and slide my zipper down. then he slide his hand down inside down to my hot pussy . when he ran his hand over it , he started to get really excited because he found it shave bare like he told me too. He was all excited find this out and was rubbint and play with my bald pussy. Tell me in my ear that i was a good slut for shave his pussy. I could feel his cock rock hard against my ass,as he grinded into me. by this time we both where so turn on. he stop play and told me to take off my clothers and show him my new bald pussy. so i hurry and took them all off and he was stare at my pussy with a smile. so he then told me to go to my bedroom and lay down, so i did this. after i got layed down he told me to spread my legs so he could check my new pussy out. he started to play with it and as he was keep telling me that i would be his good slut and keep his pussy bald. by this time i was soaking wet and his face was bured in it, i found my self cum so hard i couldnt stop or want too. wasnt long and he slide up on top and started to slam his cock into my soaking pussy. i love his cock its so big and hard it drive me over the edge. as he fucking me and yelling fuck me you bitch, so with that said i wrap my legs around him and started to fuck him back, I couldnt believe the noise coming out of my mouth. he just fuck me like there was no tommorw and i was cumming again. shorty i felt him throb and getting ready to blow his load as he slam into me. He was slamming as hard as he could trying to get as deep as he could.during this he pull my leg up higher so my ass off the bed as he slam into me filling up my pussy. i could feel his juice running down my ass and he was coming. he pull his leg up to help hold my ass up off the bed as he let his cock drain into me. after he caught his breathe he lean back but with his cock still im me and his legs under my ass still. He started to play with my boobs as a smile came to his face. then he ask me if i was on the pill. hellva time to ask lol. but i told him yes. that when he blew my mind, he told me that his slut dont take the pill and to stop take them. and that he would be the only guy that could fuck me bare back, and that i would cum so hard when he fuck me bare back that i would want more and more of it. Dam a girl could get preg that way lol. but he was serious in his voice. That when he said he was hungry and want to go out to eat. so for me to take a shower and get ready. so i went and got clean up and put on some jeans and halter top. As i was clean up i heard him go out the door and to his car.when he came back he had a bag in hand. he handed me the bag and told me that i would wear these clothes and only these and to put them on. He turn and went to take his shower then. when i open the bag i found a mini and i mean mini dress with a dr*pe top to it. thats a very deep v neck. stocking and garters , with new black heels . that was all in the bag. so i tryed them on and found the dress really short and lots of cleavage showing, as i look in mirrow he had come out of the bathroom. i could see a smile on his face and said now that how my slut his suppose to look. and he walk up behind me and reach in top of the dress and grab my boobs, and said yes, i can get to them now and then slide his hand under my dress and crease my pussy and said yep i can find it okay now. I was thinking that every one could find them now lol. that when he told me that i was one dam hot slut and that people would going to be jealouse when they see what he got. with that he reach over and pull neck of dress down some more to show my boobs and played with the waist strap that made dress a bit shorter. then step back and smile and said you look hot bitch and i hope you like flashing becasue your showing tonight and took my hand and walk out the door

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