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deangalos gun

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well it doesnt look as if any one uses this to tell any of there storys , so i will be the first, late in fall of 198o i was helping my friend run his dad gas station in a small town in ky, it was full service way back then and a wind blew that night as if winter would soon be there, a car pulled in with 3 guys in the back and a man and a woman in the front, evning sir, as i heard a few laughs from the back, i seen a look in this mans face like i had never seen, being 17 in a small town i was very shellterd from the things of the world, filla her up please , he talked with a forgen accsent, i guess he was from italy i thought, i seen his reach over and grabb the ladys hand and hold it for some reason i thought he was getting momey, be ten dollars sir, as the men in the back started to laugh again i guess they never heard a southern accent, this man in the front turned and looked at them with a cold stare that made them shut up as fast as the wind was blowing that night, he said do you havea any food in there, and with that question i thought we were gona be roobed, yes sir a few snaks and caakes, but ifn your hungry you can go to sarahas place over there she will feed you all, and at a good price, well show me what you got in here were in a hurry, and donta have time to sit and eat, as he paid me for the gas he held the money tight in his hand and looked me in the eyes like a man about to kill me, when he seen the fear in my eyes he let lose of it and said pison come with me and show me the snaks, on the way in he seen johnny my friend, and said hi, what time does this station close in case i need more snaks for the group, well we will be leaving at 10 sir johny spoke up, he was from the north as well his father was born in the next county, and after years of being gone came back so my name is deangalo, we have come to open a small buisness in your town, and we will be gone after it opens and then we will be going back to michigan, well we surly have enough gas till then and all the snaks you need johnny spoted off, i think there gona need more food then just little debbie cakes and sodas you ass, this brought a smile to the mans face and he paid and started to leave, as he stopped at the door and turned around he said i will see you latter, this was the first time i saw the man and his wife, and we have spent 25 years together, to make a long story short the man brought me to michigan and i was there partner, raising kids and loving each other every step of the way, latter in life aleshia his wife, told me that verry night deangalo fell in love with me, he trained her and i through the years to love each other and to love and obey him, it is know now as a swinger lifstyle but in the past it was built on a fondation of more then just sex, it was built on love and honor for a man to have the best of 2 worlds, yes we had out hard times and now were older but were still together after 25 years of loving eash other, there has been times that her and i were gona leave him and start a life with just her and i, but the fear of deagalos gun alway brought us back to our minds, and we stayed the 3 of us, i hope i didnt bore you with a story of love and maybe these folkss will let me tell you more of how we got together and all, how he stayed in my small town for 3 mos and sceamed my parents to bring me to the north,getting everything deangalo wanted, aleshia and i had a fear of his gun that kept us together with this italian greek man from only God knows were he came from, after all these years i can still here him scream ( ifa you ever try to leave i will shoota you with deangalos gun)

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