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Winona And Christina's Excellent Adventure

Winona Ryder and Christina Riccia had both succumbed to Sloane's
mind control abilities and they were now his loyal slaves. He had
ensnared the actresses by drawing them to his office with the promise
of getting the starring roles in a new movie he was producing. The
movie would be a box office winner and both actresses had expected
to make a lot of money from the flick.

Sloane had used his ring, the Eye of Mephisto, to work his mind control
powers on the girls and they had fallen under his control. He had fucked
both stars and turned them into his devoted slaves. They still retained
their normal lives but they had to respond when he summoned them.

Sloane had wanted the two celebrities to lust for one another so he
had implanted the idea in their subconscious minds that they wanted
each other very badly. Each girl tried to deny the feeling she felt
for the other but they were prisoners to their passions.

Winona had called up Christina and invited the girl to her apartment
on the pretense that they were going to rehearse their lines for the
movies. Christina had eagerly jumped at the chance to get together with
her costar.

When Christina arrived at Winona's apaertment there was an awkward
silence between the girls at first. Then they started talking about
Sloane and discussed what a stud he was. It soon came out that each
of them had been fucked by the bewitching man. And each star wanted
to know what the other's encounter had been like. Neither actress
knew that while their encounter was just beginning, Sloane was in his
car and making his way to the apaertment as well. He wasn't about to
miss the coupling of the two stars. Plus, he had a special surprise
in store for the ladies.

This got their juices flowing and the actresses were soon in Winona's
bedroom. They had rapidly stripped off their clothes and were writhing
around on the bed as they embraced in each other's arms. Their sane
minds screamed out for them to stop the lesbian act but their lust for
one another was too great and could not be overcome.


Christina was lying back on the mattress and Winona was exploring the
youngster's nubile body as she stroked the girl between the legs. The
girl shuddered and spasmed as Winona delved into her seething pit.

The girl shuddered and gasped for air, her pulsating legs spread still
wider for her friend to touch, one leg bent in the air as Christina turned
and arched her loins forward, as if she was enjoying the lewd contact.
Winona could see the hairless, puckered mouth of her anal opening now, and
shuddered reflexively. Something perverted, something more wrong and
more degenerate than the acts she'd allowed to be done to her body
before was beginning to take form in her belly ... She was becoming
excited by her young friend! She was actually attracted to the dainty
pink flesh and nestling clitoris which had suddenly begun to become
erect in the sweetly trembling folds!

Christina had always considered oral love between women as incredibly
abhorrent, and had turned it down the few times she had been
propositioned. But now, as inexorably passionate fingers touched her
inflamed pubic lips and hair, and parted the soft, moist crevice to
gently stroke the open slit up between her legs, the young teenager
undulated her hips slightly and felt her pussy secrete more juices of
desire. She gazed sideways wide eyed at her friend's vagina beside her,
at her enticing pink flesh and the honeydewed, sparkling droplets which
Winona was unaware of having formed uncontrollably on her own soft skin.

Christina breathed in the musky, female scent, quivered as she fought for
control, and then unable to, reached out with one tentative, trembling
finger and brushed it over the lower belly and inner thighs, circling
the coral edges of Winona Ryder's cunt. Her skin was so soft, so warm
and satiny ... so good to touch ...

"Christina!" her friend gasped with a groan. "What ... what are you doing?"
She jerked, her body convulsing from the lancing touch. It was
undeniably pleasurable, and an electric shock rippled through her from
her child's softer, lighter feel ... She looked with agony at the
sensitive pink flesh before her own burning eyes, at the brunette
triangle of the child's pubic curls and taut ruby lips and the way that
even more of the delectable young cunt was flowering open as Christina
widened her legs still more. The actress trembled and moaned from the
salacious and unwelcome passions convulsing her belly and loins, for
her friend was still moving her fingers around her pussy, stroking
like feathers, and Winona was unable to stop from arching her buttocks and
letting one leg slowly rise and bend n response.

She fought it with all her might. "Stop, Christina ... stop before it's too
late ... Ohh, Christina, Christina ... enough, enough, no more!" she begged
weakly, wretchedly aware that she couldn't stop the mounting sensuality
which had overtaken them. But her pleas died in a strangled mixture of
sob and sigh and her body pulsed as her mind cried out in fevered

Christina was beside herself now, and she extended her middle finger and ran
it along the partially open slit of her friend's heated pussy, up and
down, entranced by the way it slowly parted and made a slight sucking
motion for more. She located the hard nub of her clitoris and tweaked
it, rubbing it around and sliding her other fingers in the moistly
throbbing mouth of her cunt, her mind a revolving whirlwind of dreams
and passions, as if she was fingering herself.

Winona rolled her head from side to side, and in a futile gesture of
anguish, mewled: "Oh God, Christina, you've got to stop! This is wrong!"

"Is it, Winona? Why? We want each other, don't we?"

"Yes, but ..."

"If we want each other, and we have each other, then that's when we
should enjoy sex ... It must be that way ..."

"No, but we're ..." She shuddered, choking, for Christina had slid her
middle finger up inside her throbbing cunt and was teasingly massaging
it around and around.

"Take me, Winona," Christina breathed urgently. "Take me in your arms and
love me."

A tortured gasp erupted from the star's throat, and unable to control
herself any longer, she dipped her head forward and her hot breath blew
searing flame into the open, pink well of her costar's vagina, and
her tongue snaked out and made tingling contact with the girl's desire
moistened cunt, and she heard her friend gasp and shiver and cry for
more ... more!

Winona kept telling herself that this was the most horrid of all
perversions, and shame made her tighten her vagina against the invading
fingers of Christina's wildly churning hand, but that only caused further
lascivious delights to ravage her loins. Unable to control her inner
desires---for Winona wanted to love her friend, and sex was a part of
loving---she lashed out with her moist tongue and licked and kissed
Christina everywhere---and Christina in turn parted her thighs and drew her
leg higher and outward so that her companion could have greater access to
the seething secret flesh up between her thighs.

Her fingers still madly worming around, the young girl let all
thoughts of right and wrong, immorality or depravity sweep away as she
clutched the excitedly quivering buttocks of her new lover with
almost inhuman strength with her hand and tangled her lips and mouth in
the curls of her pubic hair. She licked hot molten paths all the way
along the cuntal lips, right down to Winona's tiny puckered anus,
then back up again, to where she nipped the quivering clitoris with her
sharp, white teeth, smelled the beautiful bouquet of female aroma
coming from her girlfriend's heated loins, her own pussy aching with twin
devils of mouthings and the excitement of her oft-repressed, secretly
desired longings.

"Ohhhhh," Winona moaned in a muffled voice. "Ohhhhhh." Ripples of vain
resistance at what they were doing coursed through her, but all was
overridden by the deep inundation of sensuality and passion. I can't do
it to Christina ... not to the this girl ... Her head oscillated slavishly
as she abandoned herself to lesbianism.

Her body heaved and pumped against the teenager's mouth, her thighs
widening as she drew Christina's wetly glistening cunt closer into her face.
Her mind swirled in the ambivalence of wanting and yet not wanting this
lewd,carnality to stop.

What's possessed me ... possessed us both? Her confused, sex-starved
mind queried. I'm on fire ... ohhh, this is wrong ... oohhhh ... but
good ... The forces exerted on her flesh and her mind,by Sloane, were too
overwhelming to allow her to answer her own questions. After all the
pain and suffering she had gone through. Her brain was more than willing
to simply give up and allow passion and delight and total abandonment to
her private desires dominate her actions.

Winona's head moved her mouth along Christina's smooth, passion moist
slit, orally fucking Christina harder and faster, sliding her hot, wet
tongue far along the child's throbbing, hair fringed cunt and reveling
in the unintelligible whimperings Christina made as she in turn swirled and
flicked her lips and tongue around her friend's velvet soft folds of
pulsatingly moist pussy flesh. She brought her hands around Christina's
hips, pushing her thighs up until the youngster's saliva-drenched
vagina was pressed tight and dr*ped around her wetly slavering cheeks,
and Winona spread her legs wide so that her girlfriend could cup her soft,
white buttocks and thrust her young pink mouth deep, deep into the
searing liquid depths of her open loins ...


Sloane stood back and watched the obscenely slaving women buck and spasm
their way to orgasm, heard the mewls and muffled moans of enrapturement,
and then the sight of the lesbianic orgy brought his own boiling passions
to a crest.

Sloane couldn't wait any longer, and began to advance cautiously towards
the straining' undulating female bodies on the bed in front of him. Another
figure followed behind him. It was the man named Trent, he was the one who
had given Sloane the Eye of Mephisto ring as a boy. The two men had recently
gotten reaquainted and Trent wanted in on Sloane's action of the female
celebrities. Sloane was more than happy to oblige. The men quickly stripped
off their clothing.


Winona writhed and moaned on the bed from the delectable firebrand
lickings of her moistly hot furrow, the gentle probings of her
friend's tongue and fingers in her sensitive vagina and anus. The
feverish passion she had allowed to completely engulf her she returned
doublefold, driving her tongue into the hotly clasping channel of
Christina's cunt.

Christina strained her loins into Winona's mouth with all her strength.
She mewled incoherently and wound her warm smooth thighs around the
tongue which was being thrust so rapaciously into her. The velvet
smooth lining of her vagina clasped obscenely back at her buddy's
mouth, squeezing her tongue tightly until she thought she would go
insane. She was insane---with a madness of total surrender to the lure
of the flesh. Her mind reveled in wickedness and she screwed her
buttocks up tight against Winona's face, and her soft, hair covered
skin and tiny naked anus were sending uninterrupted delights surging
through her body.

Then, suddenly, Winona felt a pair of strong hands close tightly around
her painfully hardened nipples, beginning to massage them with
insistent forcefulness. Her mind thought at first that they were Christina's
hands, but then she realized that they were too big, too rough. Looking
up, she gasped as she found herself staring into the lust contorted
face of the grinning Sloane.

Winona wrenched herself away from him back on the bed, moaning in utter
mortification that he had seen her and Christina like this, shamelessly
cavorting in lesbian ecstasy. Then she realized with a start that Sloane
was not alone, and she saw the form of the man called Trent bend over the
suddenly inert body Christina Ricci.

"Keep away from her!" she cried to Trent, raising herself from the
bed to strike Trent in the face as he hovered over Christina. But, her
hand was caught in mid-swing by the powerful vise-like grip of Sloane's
huge hand, and he pulled her off the bed and onto the floor beside him.

"You like to hit people, Winona, and that's not nice," he cooed with a
sickly sweet smile. "We come as lovers ... not fighters." He looked into
the star's eyes and his mind powers took control of the actress once more,
turning Winona into his sex toy again.

"Winona ... don't fight it! We don't have to fight it now! We belong to
these men. They are our masters and it is our place to serve their every
need." Christina called out to her friend. Trent had used his own powers
to take control of Christina and bend her to his will.

Winona looked up to the bed, and saw the teen's lovely face gazing
down at her wantonly, and she realized Christina was right. What could
they do to please thses men? They had already been broken and shamed
completely by Sloane,the girls were there to serve their owners.

"You're right Christina. We mustn't fight. We're lucky to have been chosen
by the masters. It is not our place to question them." Winona replied.
nothing else is important accept to serve. We will obey them, like we're
supposed to do as slaves."

Christina looked down on her friend, still grasped by one wrist by the
strong Trent, and smiled angelically. The bond had been made! There
were no longer any barriers to the girls; no longer any resistance, or
doubts. They were sex slaves---and that bound the two girls together for
all time.

Sloane watched as Trent pulled Christina off the bed, so that they were all
four now nakedly and salaciously displayed on the carpeted floor.

Trent spoke. "Winona ... you're going to suck Sloane's cock, and I'm going
to fuck little Christina like she's never been fucked before! I'm going to
fuck her in the ass!"

Winona felt warm inside, at the thought of again taking Sloane's thick shaft
of male flesh into her mouth, and she could almost taste the lewd residue of
the burning cum he had shot between her lips only a few days before. But
more she was thrilled for Christina, of what Trent was going to do to her.

"Don't worry, Winona ... I can take it ..." Christina said bravely, secretly
feeling a twinge of excitement through her already aroused loins at the
prospect of this new experience. And she leaned slowly over to her friend,
once again grazing against her openly displayed cunt lips.

"That's right, Christina, suck your buddy off, while I get you ready for
the greatest fuck of your life!" Trent said from behind her, and maneuvered
Christina's body up over Winona's, who Sloane pushed down on her back on the

Christina knelt over Winona's quivering loins, her own naked ass cheeks
salaciously displayed to Trent's lustful gaze. Then, suddenly, she felt
an alien finger probing the tightly puckered opening which her friend had
so beautifully kissed a moment ago.

Trent's middle finger prodded cruelly, making her wince and jerk forward a
bit as he burrowed into her defenseless anus. Then suddenly his finger
entered and it didn't hurt her the way she'd anticipated it would, but
instead sent a new, surprising pleasure expelling through her loins.

Trent moved his finger around in the tight but expanding hole, worming it
lewdly in and out, ever widening her tiny rectum. Christina found herself
wiggling her hips back against it, her mouth dipping at the same time
into her friend's cunt in front of her.

Winona had, when pushed down, come to a semi-squatting position, her legs
wide and her thighs spread so that she was sprawled with her pussy just
under Christina's mouth, and she propped herself up on her elbows,
her head swimming, her loins stretched for all to see and lust after.

She was too dazed, too horny, too controlled by the forces of her
unspent sex to fight off the unfolding events. All she could do was
moan involuntarily as Trent parted the teenager's trembling white
buttocks and levered his middle finger into her tight virginal asshole,
and then Christina was lowering her face to her openly palpitating cunt,
and the star began to tongue the moist pink slit again, sending out
acute tinglings shooting wildly through her, and her earlier cries were
one long, abandoned moan as Christina lashed with her tongue and hotly
teased her excitedly jumping clitoris. Winona could only writhe and churn
helplessly with the delicious and lewd sucking in her vagina.

Winona couldn't stop herself from loving the warm kissing of her friend,
and she moved up on the bed again to a better position, giving Christina
greater access to her openly flowered genitals.


"Mmmmmm!" her friend moaned, slavering delightedly in the wet and hot
cunt of the actress. She felt Trent remove his finger, the rubbery
skin of her anus clinging softly to it, and then she quivered with
anticipation, drawing her knees wider apart so that she could present
him with the wider stretched mounds of her buttocks. And then the girl
felt her master move closer and blow hotly in between her thighs,
teasing her with lewd anticipatory nuzzlings against her tight,
hairless anal muscle, driving her wild ... then he pressed the smooth,
rubbery tip of his cock into the tiny hairless channel, Christina felt his
foreskin being stretched back against his long, thick shaft of flesh as
it slowly wormed its way up into her rectum, past the tiny barrier of
tightly clutching muscle.

"Agggg!" the girl screamed. "It hurts! You're too big! God Almighty,
Master, you're so big!" But she wanted Trent to sodomize her. "Push back
and shut up, you little bitch!" the man commanded harshly.

God, I'm a whore! I can't move! Christina could barely think, but she knew
that everywhere was pain and more pain, so she pushed back in hopes of
alleviating some of the bursting pressure in her rectum. He was much
too huge inside her, widening her buttocks until she thought she would
split down the middle, right down her spinal column! The lust-hardened
penis surged right up into her warm, rubbery depths, and finally all
the way until she was sure it was lodged all the way up in her throat.

"Ohhhh, ohhhhh, ohhhh," she gasped.

Trent's own sadistic joy was almost unbearable as he watched the way
his long, thick cock skewered lewdly up between the soft white moons
of her buttocks, the pink edges wet with its own secretions.
Sloane was momentarily entranced by the lascivious sight of Christina on
her hands and knees, her small anus wrapped tightly around Trent's cock
with several inches of it engorged in her rectum.

Winona was totally absorbed in fascinated agony by the sight of this man
sodomizing her good friend on and on, and as she stared in subservient
anguish at the lickings of her defenselessly widespread genitals, she was
staggered by the forbidden pleasures she felt.

Christina was moaning her muffled cries of pain in a tone which left little
doubt that she was beginning to enjoy it! Her hips were moving quickly
backwards of their own volition, meeting Trent's hard-thrusting penis
willingly now. Winona continued to watch her humiliated young friend
undulate her buttocks in tiny lewd circles, and it was too much for her
not to find it all horribly delightful---and weird thoughts grew in her
mind, swamping her flesh and driving away the last vestiges of
restraint. Fear, self-guilt, hatreds---they were all replaced by
desire, desire that made her belly churn and stimulating waves of
excitement pour over her, and her passions overflowed all bounds as she
twisted in the evil grip of her sexual agony, writhing and arching so
as not to break with the open mouth glued hotly to her ravaged cunt,
while Christina's flicking tongue played wantonly over her clitoris and

"Ahhhhh!" Christina groaned with each inch of throbbing male flesh was
forced into her hot rubbery rear passage from behind. "Aggghh!" she
screamed as she thought how beautiful, how wonderful the pain was. I'm
being punished! Yes! I'm being punished the only way I can be! She
ground her buttocks back and the huge penis burrowed its relentless way
right up into her unstretched rectum. There! All the way! She could
feel Trent's pubic hair against her white, fleshy, buttocks and she knew
that she'd taken all of his cock in her anus.

Oh God! It's so wonderfully terrible! The blunt intrusion of his thickly
swollen cock vibrated through every sinew of her, and the soft spongy flesh
of her widely stretched anal passage was excruciating in the pleasure-pain
that filled her ceaselessly. She took one hand away from her friend's
wide splayed thighs, hungry for more, and pressed it into the throbbing
dark mass of her own pubic hair and thrust her middle finger far up
into the opened wet slit of her cunt, feeling Trent's sperm filled balls
batter the back of her hand; she groaned with her breath caught in her
throat at the added sensation, feeling his massive cock through the
thin wall separating her vagina and rectum. She slipped her finger in
and out of her aching young pussy as she raised and lowered her hips
the fire in her loins increasing and her cunt demanding more than just
one finger. She inserted two, and then three, cramming them up into her
seething wet vagina in rhythm with the huge' lust-engorged penis that
was fucking her tortured anus relentlessly.

Winona's young teenage costar was delirious with delight. She was finger
fucking herself while Trent's wonderful cock drove with animalistic fire
hard up between her cruelly split ass cheeks, and she was completely
and hopelessly impaled, her breasts throbbing like his lewdly slapping
balls. She moved her head from between Winona's open thighs for an
instant, looking down between her obscenely dancing breasts and beyond
her belly to where her fingers were absorbed deep in her hungrily
sucking cunt, and then the pretty young girl swept downward again,
flicking her tongue several times against her friend's clitoris, then
downward still more to the joyfully offered opening of her hair covered

Winona chanted with her mind out of control now. "Ohhhh! Ohhhh!" but while
her sane mind rebelled at being sucked by her friend while watching
Christina being fucked in the ass by Trent, she couldn't even consider
stopping the loving caresses and warm kisses. Her cunt flowered open
wider and wider and her hotly seeping moisture increased with each
further second that Christina Ricci's voraciously sucking lips moved
around, in and up her vaginal orifice, and warm trickles of saliva and
female moisture ran unhindered down her softly quivering thighs as she
ground her hips upwards into Christina's madly slavering mouth. She had
never known anything so soft and wonderful in her life! Her body, lithe
and firm and warmly pink with blood pumping desire, shook from the
assault on her senses and genitals; she had lain dormant too long, and
the shock of sexual abandonment and the acceptance of her own young
friend as her lover gave her bliss.

Sloane could no longer take the lust-inciting scene of Christina sucking
her friend's cunt while his mentor fucked the girl demonically from the
rear. He straddled the actress, making Winona balance herself by placing
her hands behind her and almost sitting up, her thighs split wide and
her legs bent for more of her friend's lewd suckings. He placed his
hand behind Winona's head and pushed her toward his lust-hardened penis,
rubbing it around her lips, making her mouth wet with his excited male
secretions. She mumbled in refusal and tried to shake away, but he held
her so tightly she couldn't move, and then with his other hand he
forced open her mouth; she clenched her teeth, but Sloane wasn't to be
denied, and increasing the pressure and arching his muscled buttocks,
he crushed his thick cock against the soft, moist lips and into the
warm wet cavern of her hollowing cheeks.

Winona closed her eyes, feeling numb and in a dazed trance, the strange
man's hairs at the base of his penis rubbing her chin and lips. His
hands held her in a vise-like grip, and he started sliding his
demanding cock slowly in and out; she could feel its rubbery cock-head
along the ridges of the roof of her mouth, and the long sperm filled
ridge running beneath the length of his fleshy shaft slip along her
tongue. She heard him command harshly: "Suck, you damned bitch! Suck

Winona did, her lips slowly beginning to nibble at his thickly thrusting
penis, and though she coughed and sputtered at first, she accustomed
herself to his perverted invasion, and tried not to think of what she
was doing. His bloated testicles bounced against her chin, and her
nostrils filled with the flavor of his masculinity, and saliva grew in
her mouth, becoming sticky from his small emissions of seminal fluid.

She could tell that he was jerking his hips and straining his loins
against her mouth, and his fingers were curled tightly in her hair,
forcing her obscenely bobbing mouth up over the full length of his
turgid erection.

His penis stretched and expanded until there wasn't any room left in
her mouth, but instead of feeling repulsion and sickness, she was
enjoying sucking his cock. The foaming passions which had been re-
awakened and expressed in new, wondrous fashions, were now boiling out
of control, and she allowed her mind to sink still further into the
cauldron of her lusts. On her own, she raised a hand, her balance kept
by Sloane's clutching hands on her, and brought it around and up his legs
to the soft, resilient skin of his scrotum, and she crooned mutely as
she sucked, tenderly massaging his softly dangling balls while flicking
her tongue across the tiny split of his cock-head, opening her throat
wider to accept still more of his pumping wet penis, rolling it around
in her butter soft interior

Christina's hand was still back between her open legs, three fingers buried
deep in the hot, soaking passage of her cunt as she bucked and jerked
against Trent's pummeling cock, striving for passionate release. Her body
was on fire with passion, for never could she recall being this excited!

She looked up to watch as Winona's soft, ovalled mouth clasped
greedily at Sloane's swelling penis, her thin, tensile rim of lips
clinging to it as though held there by some unseen clamp. She could see
thick, white fluid dripping from the corners of Winona's mouth and running
in tiny lines down her chin, for her mother was reveling in the cruel
humiliation that Sloane was subjecting her to, a masochistic light
shining strangely in her glazed eyes.

Winona's beautiful young friend heaved herself with increased fury up
and down on Trent's powerful rod, her hips undulating madly, her left
hand streaking in through the hair lined lips of her young cuntal slit,
both of her rear orifices flowering to the delicious r*pe of mind and
body. She buried her face deep in the curl covered vagina of Winona
once again, sucking and licking frantically on the fleshy protuberances
of pink cunt glistening there, her thick wet tongue voraciously drawing
every drop of her friend's joyously secreting juices in lewd delight,
her tender but voluptuous body matching the rhythms of the other

For long, frozen moments the naked lovers remained that way, each
straining every fiber and nerve of their beings for their orgasms,
their only sounds grunts, mewls, and sighs of billowing desire, and the
slapping of slippery, passion-slick flesh. It seemed as if they would
go on forever, striving for but never quite achieving their releases.

Then---strangled noises forced their way from Sloane's tortured gullet,
and he knew that he would be the one to start the chain of orgasms with
the cum which was rolling upward from his seething balls. A moment now
... a moment ... Now! He writhed his hips furiously and watched Winona's
lovely face work, her lips sucking, his fever pitched penis soaring,
his body straining with the needles of his climax. White hot sperm
rushed through his penis and squirted in never ending streams deep up
into her hotly yearning mouth, and she gulped greedily, swallowing and
sucking on furiously while he emptied his cum in surge after surge, his
cock shoved still harder down her throat ...

Winona thrust her loins up at Christina's superbly licking mouth which
was still buffeting her vaginal passage, every muscle in her body
contracting wildly as she rose up involuntarily and nearly fainted from
the attack of her contraction. She gulped and swallowed, savoring the
taste of the bittersweet semen as it wormed its way like an ambrosia
brandy down to her belly, and her cunt opened and clenched like an
angry fist around Christina's tongue, her buttocks flexing to rock-hardness
as her orgasm hit. She gurgled and wailed an unintelligible scream as
the power of her body unleased from deep in her chest at this moment
she had been craving for. There was no time, no space, no motion---only
the unbelievable pleasure of her climax, and she was struck again and
again by the spasmodic twitchings of every muscle in her body ...

And as she came, so did Trent. He threw back his head and groaned as he
thrust his cock's full expanded length into the teenage girl's
wide-stretched anus, his body beginning to jerk convulsively as he
clawed at Christina's waist with harsh, clutching fingers, pulling her
buttocks even wider apart for his penis to skewer yet another fraction
of an inch into her. He felt his boiling semen amassing within his
throbbing balls as they beat a tattoo against Christina's beautifully naked
ass. And the explosion imminent, he slammed his now spewing cock all
the way to its hilt in her softly unresisting rectum ...

To Christina, this was a heaven sent miracle, a well to quell the maddening
devils rampaging deep within the core of her womanhood. She cared not
who it was ... only that his cock was finding refuge in her starving
belly, and she wanted it to crawl in there and stay forever. She licked
and sucked shamelessly at the delectable cunt before her, and heard her
mouth cried out as she came.

Her master was hammering her with rapid, pile driving thrusts and her
fingers were reaching her very womb, and she licked and sucked wildly. Oh
Christ don't stop now ... I want to cum so badly ... I want to cuummmm!

And then she felt the stream of hot seed spurting into her rectum,
spurting far up in her belly with violent force, ricocheting against
her smooth rubbery anal passage, its steaming heat finally setting off
her own, long due climax. She was there! At last!

Christina screamed, and screamed again and again, her release great.
She heaved her nakedly jerking buttocks back toward the humping man's
penis as it continued to empty into her anus with unbelievable force,
her thighs trembling and her stomach quaking as if someone were
pressing against it with giant pressures, her brain reeling insanely
with the sensual reaction traversing her spine.

She fell forward at last, Trent's limp cock sliding from her tortured
rectum slickly, and she cradled herself with sighing satisfaction in
naked arms, and let her lips close softly over one of her turgid nipples.
sucked the nipple as grayness closed over her, feeling content.

It took some time for the four naked people to stir. They huddled on
the floor, exhausted and unmoving, resting and regathering strength
after the wild orgiastic fucking they had just participated in. Semen
and perspiration and female cum mingled and glistened on their shining
bodies and on the dampened carpet beneath them, the air seeming to
crackle with the lewd emotions and desires that had been unleashed.

Sloane was the first to move. He crawled over to where Trent lay,
completely spent from his sexual exertions. Sloane grinned at him as
though they shared some kind of secret.

"Thanks for giving me the ring Trent. I can never repay you for the
life you've given me." Sloane said to his mentor.

Trent looked up at him, and chuckled. "Well, it was good to be the king ...
now I'm ready to start on the little ladies again."

"My sentiments exactly, Trent, my sentiments exactly," Sloane agreed,
and they both turned to leer at the huddled bodies of the two naked
actresses they had just so completely subjugated.

Winona stared at them unbelievingly, and held Christina tighter to her tit.
And then she saw the smile of happiness radiating from her friends's
young face, a smile intended only for her, a smile that said more than
a thousand words could convey. And the warmth of that smile dissolved
in an instant all the shame and remorse, the guilt and inhibitions
which had fettered her for so long; and as she returned Christina's loving
gaze, Winona knew instinctively that, no matter what happened to them now,
their future was going to be a future together, a future with and Sloane and
one another, a future that promised fullfillment and ectasy for them both.

Strengthened by this realization, the two women turned bravely as one,
to face the two grinning, leering men, who had already begun to advance
on them once again. This was only the beginning...........

End of Story

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