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Wilson III

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In Wilson #2 I told you about my current partner, Karen, and my experience having my friend fuck her while she was blindfolded and tied up, without her knowledge. Well, that was over a year ago, and I've been trying to arrange a repeat performance to no avail due to a variety of constraints. During this time, she has alternately decided that she wanted to fuck someone while she was blindfolded and let me watch, pick up a stranger in a club and let me watch her fuck him, and none of the above. But she did say that any time I tied her up, I could have someone else come over and fuck her, as long as she couldn't tell that someone else was there. It was a serious conversation (we'd been having serious discussions about having someone over to fuck), although I keep thinking that she assumes I wouldn't do it. But she did agree.

Recently, I was finally able to arrange another blindfolded fuck session. Here's how it went:

As before, I set the stage by mentioning off and on that I would like to blindfold her and tie her up and fuck her again.

She was interested, and so I contacted my friend who was still interested. I again told him that if it happened, only one set of hands could be on her at a time, and he couldn't talk. I also told him that if something seemed to be going wrong that I would make a throat cutting gesture which meant that he had to leave.

I again arranged things so that, if it happened, Karen would be in the right part of her cycle so she wouldn't get pregnant. My friend has been monogamous for years and was tested for HIV in the early phases of his relationship with his live-in girlfriend, so I wasn't going to make him use a condom. Last time, I didn't really get to eat Karen enough after he had finished in her and I really wanted to enjoy myself.

Well, as of the night before, Karen was up for it, and I fucked her for a while but didn't come, all the while thinking that the next time I fucked her she would be filled with Rob's cum. I didn't sleep well I was so nervous. The next morning we got up leisurely and after we had coffee, I asked Karen if she was still up for it. She was, so while she was in the shower I called my friend and told him to come over but wait out in his car down the street. Conveniently enough he has a cellular phone so our plan was for me to call him once she was tied up and blindfolded. After she showered, I reshaved her so she would be very smooth. She was pretty excited, and dripped a little from her cunt while I was shaving her.

I asked her if she wanted to put on her red thigh-high garterless stockings. At first she didn't want to, but then she decided she did. I told her to wait in the bedroom while I got things ready. I went into the dining room and put an exercise mat on the table and covered it with a blanket, then put two high-backed chairs next to one end of the table, and two at the other end, and put the ropes next to one set of chairs. I put on some music to mask any slight noises we might make moving about the table. I went back into the bedroom and put the long scarf we use as a blindfold on her. I put a couple of large gauze pads under it over her eyes just so she couldn't see out the bottom, in case there was a gap. I then led her into the dining room and lifted her up onto the table and got her comfortable so that her legs were draped over 2 of the chairs (with some blankets for padding underneath), and then I tied both her wrists to the chairs at the other end. She looked great lying there, her legs stretched apart and her wrists pulled back behind her head. With her arms in that position her tits really stood up nicely, and her nipples were really stiff. I went into the back bathroom for a moment and called my friend and told him to come inside. I went back to the dining room and rubbed a little lotion onto her breasts, giving her a bit of a shock because it was so cold. I then went around between the chairs and licked her thighs for a while, and kept looking to see if my friend had come inside. He had, so I backed out of the "pocket" between the chairs, and motioned him in. He took off his shirt and shoes but left his shorts on for the time being. He got between Karen's legs and started kissing around her labia, and gradually started licking, and then probing her opening with his tongue. She was pretty quiet at first, but the expression on her face was one of ecstacy. Rob ate her for about 10 minutes, and every time her stomach muscles would start quivering he would back off. I had asked him to not let her come because she might lose interest too soon, so he held back. I pointed at him and pointed to her mouth and the table. He got the idea, and stopped eating her. He took off his shorts and I handed him some flavored massage oil and he put some on his cock, and I put some on her breasts. He climbed onto the table, a little worried about whether it would support his weight, I think. But, he straddled her chest and lowered his cock down to her mouth. What an erotic sight that was, seeing his semi-hard cock lowering itself into Karen's mouth and her closing her lips around it and sucking as he pulled himself in and out. He fucked her mouth for about 5 minutes, pulling out and lowering himself back in at least once. I was pretty nervous and even though I was playing with my cock I wasn't hard. He got off the table, but before he was completely off he sucked one of her nipples for a minute.

Once off the table, he began eating her more. She was pretty turned on by this point, and was moaning as he ate her.

He was fairly hard by that point, and he stood up and moved up into the pocket and slid his cock into her. He started fucking her, and as he did he played with her clit. I tried to get behind and under for a view, but it was too dark from below and I couldn't see much, so I went back to the side where I had a great view of his cock sliding in and out of her cunt. I wanted to put my head in real close, but I figured if she got really excited she would pull her legs back and it wouldn't do to have her thighs smacking me in the side of the head. Karen was making little moaning sounds by that point, and was clearly close to coming but Rob would quit fingering her clit for a few seconds but would continue to fuck her. Her breathing was getting pretty hard, and Rob was fucking her pretty fast and hard. He was somewhat surprised when she pulled her legs up and wrapped them around his back but he put one hand under her thigh to support her. She was really into it, and he kept fucking her really hard and fast and then he stopped, and made a few more slow stokes, and then he pulled out of her. He motioned to me that it was my turn. I could see cum on his dick and he turned to pick up his shirt (he had to go back to work). I got between Karen's legs and decided to really go for it and really gave her a tongueing, really digging into her cunt and lapping all her juices. I had been quiet the whole time, but I stopped eating her and told her that someone else had just fucked her and asked if she liked me eating his cum out of her. She said yes. I asked her if she could tell it was someone else, and she again said yes. I asked her whose cock was in her mouth, and she said that it was mine, and I told her that it was his. I got up onto the table and let her suck my cock then. She was pretty frustrated and wanted to come so she really sucked me hard. I got off the table and ate her, and stuck one finger inside her and pressed against the top of her cunt until she came really hard. Then I fucked her. She was so slick with her juices and Rob's cum that I barely felt any friction, but I was so turned on that I came in only a few minutes. I ate her a little more, and smeared our combined juices all over her breasts. When I untied her and took the blindfold off we kissed for a while and then got dressed. We had a great time, and now she says she will really let me bring someone over the next time she's tied up. We'll see.

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