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This Night

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He walked up the stairs and let himself into her apartment with his key. She was expecting him, although he was about a half hour early. He simply couldn?t wait to see her again. It was early evening, and with the winter time change, it was dark out already.

The apartment was dark. He called out to her, and heard her voice answer, as if she were far away. He turned the corner, and the glow of candles lit up the dining room. He inhaled. Lilacs. A smile crossed his face as he realized that she was in the bathroom. He strode through the living room, noting more candles lit, their flames lighting the room with a warming glow.

?I know, sweet, I am early. I just couldn?t wait to see you,? he called through the slightly cracked bathroom door. He heard water slosh...she must be taking a bath, he thought.

She grimaced to herself. Men! Just when you start to anticipate their actions, they go and do something unexpected. He was NEVER early. In fact, she always relied on him to be at least twenty minutes late. Now, here she was, all relaxed in her bubble bath, thinking she had a half hour before she had to get out, and he shows up! She gritted her teeth. ?I?ll be out in a few, ok? Make yourself comfy...have a drink.? she called back to him, no trace of her irritation in her voice.

He chuckled. She was annoyed. He could tell. She thought she could hide her emotions, but not from him. He made a rum and coke for himself and then went into the bedroom. He had a little time to prepare for her. He quietly ran out to his car for his supplies.

She finished shaving her legs, stretching first one out of the suds and then the other. She pulled the plug in the tub and stood up, turning on the shower spray. She did the bath/shower combination when she was feeling particularly sensual. And she was tonight. She had spent all day thinking about the upcoming evening, and she wanted to feel and smell just right for him. She slathered on the lilac gel, making sure to work up a good lather on her pussy.

She gently shaved every hair off of her pubis, and giggled. A surprise for him. She hoped that he would like it. After washing her long hair, she quickly rinsed off, and turned the spray off.

He heard the water stop running. He smiled. Almost time.

She used the matching lilac lotion to dry her skin. Matching the candle scent was kind of hokey, but it was better than trying to clash with it, like an apple or vanilla lotion. She toweled off her hair, and called out to him. ?I am coming out now. Don?t peek. Let me put some clothes on, ok??

Then she cautiously opened the door and quickly made the turn into her ?dressing room?. It was really just a spare bedroom, but she used it like a closet. She was a proverbial clothes horse, having an outfit for everything from a board meeting to a fetish club. She pulled open one of her lingerie drawers and pulled out the purple lace nightie. She smiled. Perfect. It came to about mid-thigh length, and was translucent, allowing him to see her skin through it, but only on occasional glimpses. She pulled it over her head and picked up the matching robe. Her hair was still slightly wet, but that was would dry in its usual golden brown waves, not requiring a curling iron or blow dryer to style it.

?Ready or not, here I come,? she sang to him, as she opened the door and walked into the living room.

He wasn?t there! Where was he, she wondered. ?Where are you, you naughty boy,? she said under her breath. She walked around the corner into the dining room, and jumped as she felt his hands grab her from behind.

He grabbed her around her waist and pulled her back against him. He ground his hips into her ass, letting her feel that he was already semi-erect. Her bottom rotated against him, and he quickly pulled her hair back with one hand, licking her throat. ?Don?t move. Don?t move an inch,? he whispered huskily into her ear as he inhaled her scent.

She stood stock still, already excited. So this was the game they were going to play tonight, she thought to herself with a smile on her face. Fine. She could do this.

His hands brought a black wisp of silk around her head and tied it over her eyes. She couldn?t see anything. He had tripled the scarf so it was thick enough not to let even the flickering shadows show through the light material.

He turned her around and told her firmly, ? do what I want. When I want. As I want. And if you do, I will reward you.?

She grinned. ?And if I don?t?? she countered.

He slapped her across her ass. ?Then the pleasure will be all mine, sweet.

And the pain will be all yours.?

?Yes, master,? she replied, beginning to get into her role.

He spanked her again. ?I am NOT your master. Not yet, anyway. Don?t call me that until you mean it. Understood??

There was no smile on her face as she thought about that. ?All right. I understand.?

He smiled as he looked at her. She was so beautiful. Well, not to everyone, but to him, she was all that a woman should be. The candlelight cast a glow over her almost dry hair, showing the waves that gleamed almost down to her waist. Her skin was the palest cream. Not pasty white, but she was fair, there was no denying that. He untied the sash at her waist and removed the robe. Her breasts were large, large enough that when he cupped one, he could use both hands and just barely fit it into his grip. She had an hourglass figure, just larger than what was fashionable. Reubenesque was the term, he thought. And thought that the artist had certainly known what figure was eminently feminine. Her legs were trim and muscled, and shapely enough that when she wore skirts, he knew that other men coveted what was his.

He grasped both of her hands and pulled her forward, into the living room.

She followed, a little uncertainly, not knowing what was coming next. ?Stay?

he commanded her, and she did. She stood completely still, although she could hear him walking around the room. She wondered exactly what he was doing.

She would have been reassured - maybe - if she could have seen the look on his face. He gazed at her hungrily, and as he circled her, looking at her from all angles, he would stop occasionally and touch her side. Touch her neck. Pull gently on her hair. Finally he lifted the negligee above her waist and told her to hold it there.

He inhaled sharply as he saw her shaved pussy. ?What is THIS?? he barked. He reached out a finger and flicked it over her pubis.

She blushed. She knew she was blushing. She was embarrassed. Well, she had definitely gotten a reaction from him, she thought to herself. ?Well. I.

I...umm. I wanted to surprise you,? she finally got out.

He laughed. ?Oh, sweet. You DID. You DID. Why my goodness, it looks good enough to eat, I do believe,? he said in a mocking tone, watching the flush spread over her body. He thought to himself that she was a constant surprise to him. And he liked that.

He walked behind her, over to the couch and picked up his first implement of the evening. He turned back around and gloried in the vision of her standing there, blindfolded, exposing herself to him. Just because he wanted her to.

Of course, from the hardness of her nipples, he thought that she just might be enjoying herself as well.

He took the two steps over to her, and licked her ear. She shuddered, but didn?t move. ?If you want me to stop, the word is triangle. Do you understand, love?? He whispered as his tongue thrust into her ear.

?Yes, I understand,? she replied softly, thinking that there was no WAY she wanted this to stop. She was so turned on already, and she could feel the juices on her pussy lips. What could possibly be next, she wondered.

Her wondering stopped suddenly as she felt the crack of something thin and pliable across her ass cheeks. ?Oh!? she squeaked, more startled than anything else.

He stopped and looked at the thin mark of red that crossed her ivory buttocks.

He smiled. ?I want you to just take this, my sweet. Just stand there, and know that you are pleasing me by allowing this.?

?Wh...what is it?? she asked.

?You don?t need to know what it is, dear, just know that I am enjoying using it on you,? he told her, as he let fly with another stripe across her ripe bottom.

He continued, letting just enough time go by between strokes that she would think that he had stopped.

She was amazed. This was turning her on. She wasn?t into pain. At least, she had never thought she was. This...whatever it was... was like a line of fire every time he struck her with it. The initial burst of flame cooled into a rosy warmth after a few seconds. She was liking it. She told him so. ?Oh, Please. I LIKE this. Oh. Ah. Ow!? she yelped after a harder than regular swat.

He looked at the stripes on her bottom, and smiled. He had hoped that she would like this as much as he did. And from the look on her face, she did.

?And...twenty...? he finished up, with a final line across her slightly welted ass. He lay the crop back on the sofa and walked up to her. He pulled her hair back so her face was pointing up at him and he kissed her. Hard. With lots of tongue. He bit her lower lip and heard her groan. God, she was so sensual. Just hearing the moans against his mouth, he wanted to throw her down and ram himself inside her until they both cried out in bliss. But not yet.

He wasn?t done.

He pulled away from her, ignoring her whimper. He lifted her nightie over her head and off. Leaving her standing naked before him, gleaming in the candlelight like warm cream except for the red stripes across her bottom.

She was so excited, and she wanted to beg him to take her now. She didn?t know if it was the blindfold, or the heat from her ass, or the fact that she was standing nude before his eyes, but she was dripping now. She felt the wetness on her thighs. She had lost track of where in the room he was, since she was concentrating on the sensations flooding her body, but she was reminded of his presence when his hand caressed the fiery marks on her butt. She moaned.


?Please, what, my dear,? he asked her.

?Please....take me. Now.?

He laughed. ?Oh no. Not yet. Remember. What I want. When I want. And THEN you get what you want.? He circled her again, standing in front of her. He reached out and touched her left nipple, stroking the erect nub, and pulling on it, making it stand up even higher and harder.

?Mmmmm...? she murmured.

?Does my toy like this?? he asked her idly, not expecting or wanting an answer.

?Do you like it when I play with your nipples? Do you like it when I pull on them like this?? he asked, as he pulled both of her nipples away from her breast, stretching them out. ?Do you like it when I suck them like this?? he asked, as he bent and took her right tit into his mouth, gently pulling on it.

?Do you like it when I nibble them, like this?? he continued, as he worried the nubbin between his teeth, lightly flicking his tongue over the very tip of it.

Her moans increased. Oh God, she felt so good right now, she thought to herself. He is driving me crazy. ?It feels SOOO good...more, please....? she managed to get out between moans.

He stood up and smiled. ?You know what I think, sweet? I think you are going to love...THIS.? And as he said the final word, he pulled on her left nipple hard and attached the nipple clip to it. The metal joint was covered in rubber, but it gripped her nipple so hard that it bulged out.

?AH!? she yelled, louder than before, but not screaming. ?Oh my God...that hurts...that hurts....take it off...take it off....?

His smile disappeared. Could he have misjudged her? ?What is the word, sweet?

Are you using the word??

She drew a deep breath as the throbbing in her left breast slowed to a dull ache. She made a rapid decision. ?No. I know the word. I am not using it.

Yet,? she smiled bravely.

?Such a brave girl. I am so proud of you....? he told her in a calming tone as he ran his hand down her back and over her butt again, stroking her much as one would calm an excited horse.

He bent down and flicked her right nipple with his tongue. He batted it back and forth, watching it engorge even more. He suckled at it a moment, and then swiftly attached the matching clip to it, watching the silver chain that connected the two swing as she inhaled and exhaled sharply.

?Oh......My.....God....? she finally got out as the sharp bite of the new clip dulled to the soreness of her left one. She wondered what she was doing. She never expected this. But she could swear that her tits were even more sensitive clamped as they were than normally. She could feel his breath over the tip as he blew across her breasts. She jumped as she felt his tongue lightly swab her left nipple, the sensation magnified a thousandfold by the constriction of the blood flow. She shifted on her feet, rubbing her thighs together, feeling her juices still leaking from her pussy.

He looked at her. She was mesmerizing in her beauty. The blindfold and the clamps seemed to make her appear helpless as a kitten, when he knew she was anything but. He was thrilled that she was enjoying this trip through his sensual world, and he wondered how far he could take her tonight. Not TOO far, he thought. He laughed to himself as he thought that he didn?t want to give away all of his secrets just yet.

He took a few steps away from her. ?Lay down, sweet. On your back. Right there on the carpet.?

She did as he asked, feeling the chain connecting her breasts sway with her movement. Each motion seemed to pull slightly on her tits, making her even more aware of them. She moaned as she lay back, feeling the coarseness of the carpet rough against her still reddened and welted bottom. She felt him kneel at her feet.

?Spread,? he commanded, and he watched her open her legs about two feet apart.

He could see her pussy lips glistening with her wetness and he breathed deep, smelling her excitement. ?More,? he told her, and she spread them about another foot.

She knew he was sitting there at her feet, looking up into her pussy. Seeing how excited she was. The thought of being so exposed to him made her gush a little bit more. She felt him shift higher and knew that he was sitting right next to her body now.

He had stripped quickly while she had positioned herself on the floor for him, and he sat cross-legged next to her mid-section, feeling his erection throb and pulse against his belly. He hoped he could hold out for what he wanted to do next.

He gently reached his hand between her legs and insinuated his index finger directly next to her clitoris. It was engorged already, and he thought he could feel her heartbeat in the flesh around it. She moaned, and he began circling it slowly. Her hips began to rotate in time with his finger and she started to beg him to touch her clit. ?In time, sweet. All in time. In MY time, remember?? he told her, watching her impatience grow. He lazily dragged his finger down her slit, teasing the hole that he could feel her heat emanating from. She was so wet that when he suddenly slid his finger inside her, there was no obstruction or roughness at all. Just the incredible wet fire that made his cock throb even harder.

?More...please...? she begged as she felt his finger thrust in and out of her.

She felt him open her a little more by adding another finger to the one that he was already using on her. She heard the little groans that were coming out of her mouth, but she was powerless to stop them.

He switched positions, not allowing his fingers to slip out of her, till he was kneeling next to her prone body. As he increased the speed of his manual thrusts he leaned over and began to use the rough of his tongue on her clamped nipples. He licked them much as a cat would lick a bowl of cream clean, darting around the metal to cover as much of her flesh as he could.

Her moans increased. She knew she was going to come. Soon. She couldn?t even think straight anymore. Her entire being was focused on the feeling inside her wet passage and the over-sensitized tips of her breasts. She felt her hips gyrating around as she tried to work herself over the edge in her climax, but he would pull away every time she got to the edge. It was like he knew.

He stopped suddenly. He pulled his mouth off her delectable nipples. He took his fingers out her wetness and held them to her mouth. ?Lick.? And as he watched her tongue scraping along his hand, he knew it was time.

He positioned himself between her spread legs and lifted her knees up to his shoulders.

She smiled. Finally. She wanted him inside her so badly she wasn?t thinking about anything else. She vaguely heard the crinkle of a cellophane wrapper and then he was there.

In one thrust he rammed himself balls-deep into her oven. The wetness made his entry smooth and painless, despite the non-lubricated condom he used. He knew he wasn?t going to last long, so with one hand he reached down and began to lightly rub her nipples. He thrust in and out off her, hard and deep. He picked up speed until he was like a jackhammer, wringing cries of ecstasy from her as his cock slid over her clit with every thrust. Her tits swayed back and forth, the chain connecting them jingling with each motion.

He finally felt himself peak and as he reached the point of no return, he swiftly unclamped her nipples, sending the blood rushing through her sensitized tips. His moan mingled with her scream as the sensations were too much for her and she tumbled into a huge orgasm at the same moment that he came inside her.

They paused, panting. He collapsed on top of her and slowly untied the scarf that had blocked her vision. She blinked, noting the beads of perspiration on his forehead, and realized that she couldn?t remember the last time she had felt so relaxed. She kissed him gently, lightly biting his lip and smiled.

?Thank you, master.?

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