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The history teacher

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It was a warm sunny day outside and I was stuck in class, listening to my history teacher drone on about WW2 and the Russian revolution. Mr. Yrkeman was a man in his late 40?s, with a hint of a beer belly and a shiny bald spot on his head where hair used to grow. He was tall, big and strict, intimidating in a way. I had always been slightly fascinated by him; by the way he could take over the whole classroom while teaching. He was a very powerful man, and there was no reason not to be scared of him. I tried to focus on what he was saying, but my mind kept wandering off the subject. I began playing with my pencil, daydreaming about the weekend... not that I had anything special planned; I was just looking forward to sleeping late. I gazed out the window, watching young kids play with their soccer ball? WHACK. Startled, I looked up to notice my teacher, Mr. Yrkeman, standing beside me with firm look on his face. He was holding a ruler he had used to hit my table. ?In my class you are to listen, daydreaming happens elsewhere. ? He said strictly. ?Detention today at 4, it will teach you to respect me a little more than you do.? I was disappointed; I had been looking forward to going straight home after school. I had never been in detention before so I had absolutely no idea what it would be like. But I was interested.

At 4 o?clock that same day I was standing outside the classroom where the detention would be, leaning against the wall. From there I saw Mr. Yrkeman walking towards me. Would he be by detention supervisor? Now I started to get slightly nervous, especially because it seemed like I was the only one who had gotten detention that day. Get over it, I told myself. Nothing bad can happen... I?ll just sit there for an hour and then leave.

Mr. Yrkeman came to the door and unlocked it with his key, letting us both in. ?Sit at that desk and be quiet.? He told me. I obeyed him and sat, while he sat at his teacher?s desk in the front. I was sitting directly in front of him, which intimidated me a little. He was staring at me, making me nervous. I tried to think of something to do, but all I could think about was being stuck in class room alone with a teacher. I just wanted to go home.

I started doodling pictures on my notebook to pass time?Minutes passed slowly, and I could feel Mr. Yrkeman?s eyes drilling into my lowered head. I heard his chair move, and then steps. Mr. Yrkeman had gotten up and started walking across the room, coming towards me. He came right beside me and I could feel his breath on my shoulder, his body leaning against my chair. ?What are you drawing?? He asked me, leaning in some more until his body was right against my back, and his hands on the paper I had been drawing on. ?Nothing important?? I stammered, scared that he would punish me for it. ?You know that?s not very good behaviour in detention? He said, his hand resting on mine. ?I think you?ll have to make it up to me somehow.? I looked at him and noticed he wasn?t joking, and I got terrified. Suddenly I started feeling something growing against my back, something long and hard. I was petrified, but at the same time I could feel myself getting slightly aroused. I knew it was wrong to feel this, but a big, grown, powerful man like Mr. Yrkeman had never wanted me before. Mr. Yrkeman pushed everything off my desk and laid me on it. I could see a big bulge in his pants, and his breath was already deep and thick. He grabbed my hand and stuck it inside his pants, which were already slightly opened. I could feel his long, thick, rock- hard penis. I was swelling and growing continuously. He groaned as my hand was there, and I pulled my hand out, alarmed about what he was going to do to me. I tried getting off the desk but he pushed me onto it firmly, laying me on my back. He opened his pants and pulled them and his underwear off, leaving me staring at his huge dick, which was pointing straight upwards, ready for action. I could already see droplets of arousal fluids at the tip of it. I was not a virgin, but not in my whole life had I seen a penis that big and strong looking. Mr. Yrkeman forcefully pulled my pants off and laid himself on me. I could feel his hard dick rubbing against my swollen and wet vagina, teasing me. He was so strong, totally in control. There was nothing I could do. Slowly he pushed himself inside me, knowing I was not used to something that big. ?I bet you?ve never had something like this? He groaned into my ear while pushing. He pushed his penis into me as far as it would go. I could feel it strong and hard inside me, and the base of it rubbing against me. He started pulling it in and out, in strong powerful movements. His hands were holding my arms down, his eyes watching me. I was in slight discomfort but very aroused, every time he came out I wanted him in me again. ?Ah ah... It?s too big?? I managed to say. ?It?s ok if it hurts a little?, he huffed into my ear ?Pain brings pleasure?. He was excellent at fucking; he knew exactly how to move to please me. The strokes started growing faster and faster, and Mr. Yrkeman started panting and moaning. It was terribly erotic watching him get satisfaction from me, from my tight vagina. His deep groans turned me on even more. His hard long dick kept rubbing against me, pleasing me all the time. I could feel myself cumming too, because of this big strong man. I started moaning and gripping onto his back, bringing him closer. He was moving at an incredible pace, sweating and groaning. I was cumming? I could feel it. I couldn?t take it much longer, the feeling was too intense. Suddenly I felt a warm rush of fluid inside of me, and heard a deep groan from Mr. Yrkeman. At the same time I came too, my whole body throbbing and the feeling of euphoria take over me. I had never in my life had an orgasm that strong, it kept going on and on and my whole body kept shaking. Mr. Yrkeman looked at me proudly, as if he had accomplished something. I smiled at him seductively, still thinking about that huge dick that had been inside me a minute ago.

I sat up and pushed Mr. Yrkeman down on my chair, now it was my turn to be in control. He looked very surprised and confused, but I knew he was turned on immediately. His penis started slowly rising to its previous form, with my hand helping it a little. I lowered myself down onto my knees and took gave the shaft a little lick. He let out a sound, and looked at me, perplexed. I smiled and let my whole mouth investigate his dick, taking it into my mouth and then out again, treating it like an ice cream cone. It was delicious? the dick had become rock-hard again, and I could hear Mr. Yrkeman groaning seductively as I teased him. He put his hand on the back of my head and pushed it down, wanting more. I put his whole penis into my mouth and licked it deeply, wanting to feel everything. It was too much for him, he moaned loudly and I could feel lots of hot juices squirting into my mouth. They wouldn?t stop coming, and I swallowed them up the best I could. At last I raised myself up, my mouth dripping with his warm love fluids. He looked at me again, feasting on my naked body.

We got dressed, and I got let out of detention. ?I hope you learned your lesson, ?He said ?For now we?re ok, but never disrespect me again.? I promised to do my best to obey him. However we did meet time to time, to reinforce my discipline.

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