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The Queen

The Queen

Long ago there was a King who ruled his kingdom wisely but with an iron fist. He had a very beautiful Queen who was loyal to no one but him. She was beautifully radiant with shoulder length brown curly hair and a figure that the King admired deeply and jealously. In the past there had been several coupes against the King so all threats were dealt with quickly and when needed severally. Though the King was forceful in his raine as king, he was also seen as being fair letting the punishment fit the crime.

Then one day as the King and Queen sat on their thrones, the count members were handing out the King’s rulings. The King’s advisor stepped up and whispered into the King’s ear telling him that cum stains had been found in the Queen‘s bed. The King was further told that the Queen had been unfaithful. The King was very surprised by this as she had always been loyal. The King knew with the Queen being very beautiful, she was admired by many as well. The King thought about it a minute then whispered back into his advisors ear. The King with his reputation of dealing with things swiftly and at times harshly seized the opportunity to show his will to punish all who arose against him no matter who. The King raised his voice loudly giving the order as he pointed at the Queen saying, “Seize her!”.

The guards, 4 of them held the Queen’s arms and legs as she has held before the count. The advisor spoke aloud the charges against the Queen for all to hear. The Queen was speechless and didn’t know what was going on as she was completely innocent. She denied the accusations against her but was told, “Silence!” But what the King didn’t know, was that these rumors of unfaithfulness about the Queen were false. The unknown facts were that the Queen’s own chamber slaves at the risk of death had used her bed for sex. The King being mislead, gave the order for the Queen to be stripped naked and immediately her silken robes were torn away. As she was held there naked, The King gave her one chance to confess, but the Queen telling the truth said she did nothing wrong. The King then said, “Let the punishment fit her crime.” and ordered the Queen be held firmly over the back of her throne. She struggled but to no avail and was forcefully placed leaning over her own throne ass sticking out. The King handed his ceptor to a member of his cabinet saying, “Place my ceptor in her cunt.” The King’s ceptor was very large and the Queen upon hearing such order struggled hard to get away. But as she was forcefully held as the ceptor was placed slowly and deeply into her cunt. The Queen let out a loud “Ohhhhhhhh.” as it was pushed in and fed deep. The entire court watched as her pussy lips stretched around the large long shaft as it went deep into her vagina. The look on her face was that of concern as the long shaft of the ceptor was buried to the hilt in her stretching cunt yet hung out down to her knees. The Queen still being held, heard the next order as it was given. She screamed “Noooooooooooo!” as her ceptor, which now lay on the floor was picked up. The Queen let out another loud moan of “Ohhhhhhhhhh” which echoed down the halls as it was inserted deeply into her rectum. Fortunately for her, her ceptor wasn’t as big around as the King’s but did fit tightly into her ass and when fully inserted also hung down to her knees. Again the King’s entire court watched the Queen’s humiliation for being unfaithful as she felt her cunt and ass fully stretching around the ceptors. It was then ordered to place the Queen bound between 2 granite pillars. Her wrists were tightly bound, and she was placed on her knees between the pillars. Once on her knees, the Queen’s beautiful body, 38DD breasts 30 inch waist, and 38 hips shown wonderfully with her arms stretched out tied to the pillars. The ceptors which hung from her cunt and ass were still fully inserted and touching the floor. This made it so she could not duck away from what was to come next. Being innocent the Queen verbally lashed out for her humiliating treatment. The Whip Master was told to give her 10 lashes but to use the softest whip and only leave red lash marks. The lashes were given across the Queen’s beautifully full ass which now shown bright red. This silenced the Queen, as the King stepped up and stood in front of her. The King raise his robes exposing his cock which hung in the Queen’s face. The Advisor motioned to a slave girl who immediately stepped up and started jacking off the King right at the Queen’s face. The Queen said, “I didn’t do anything you son of a bitch!” The King stepped back and the Whip Master was instructed to give 10 red welts across the Queen’s ass. She let out several screams as she received her punishment. After the King stepped forward in front of her and the slave girl began stroking off the King again. After several minutes while the entire court watched, the King let loose a huge gooey wad. Spurt after spurt shot out of his cock covering the Queen’s face on her lips and cheeks as she helplessly took his load. The gooey wad ran and dripped down the front of the Queen from her chin all over her full tits which now glistened with cum. But the Queen’s humiliation was just beginning. As she remained bound between the pillars, arms outstretched, feeling her pussy and ass stretching, 5 very well hung slave men were brought into court. The first of the five slaves was instructed to place his cock in the Queen‘s mouth. The Queen wouldn’t say anything, nor would she open her mouth. The King barked, “Give that whore 5 more hard lashes!” After the Queen opened her mouth and the slave stuck his hung cock in. The Queen, was ordered to suck it hard. After being whipped 3 times she did as she was told. It looked very nasty as the court watched the Royal Hiness suckin slave cock as the captors hung to the floor, stretching her cunt and asshole. Her head bobbing sucking cock with her lips wrapped tightly around the slave’s cock as she worked it. The whole time sperm dripped from her chin with her arms bound between the pillars. As she sucked slave cock the second slave was ordered to remove the ceptors and fuck the Queen’s cunt hard. With dick in her mouth, you could hear her muffled whimpers as they were pulled from her pussy then her ass with almost a relieved look on her face. The slave then took his hard dick in hand and lined it up with the Queen’s cunt and drove it in hard. Over and over he plunged his huge dick into her cunt. This forced her forwards with each stroke shoving slave cock down her throat. It didn’t take long with the slave face fucking his Queen to let lose his thick gooey load. The court could hear the Queen choking, gagging, and gulping as she swallowed the load helplessly taking it. The third slave was instructed to face fuck her as well. She opened her mouth and sucked him hard as he put his hand on the back of her head. The slave fucking his Queen cunt held her hips tightly readying to cum. Franticly he drove it as deep as he could, then just exploded in climax shooting into his Queen’s sore cunt with soothing warm sperm. As she continued to be face fucked you could hear a muffled satisfying coo from the Queen as the slave shot spurt after spurt filling her cunt with soothing sperm. The court could see the Queen was now enjoying being used in public. The slave stayed there for a minute buried balls deep as jizz ran and dripped to the floor from her cunt. He then pulled out and the 4th slave took his place. He plunged his dick into his Queen’s sperm sloppy cunt and worked it hard, pile driving her hard and deep. Again this made her fly back and forth working the cock she was sucking with her mouth. As the Queen was fucked hard and force fed cock at both ends, she turned her head slightly looking at the King as her lips milked the slave’s cock. Everyone in the court could see the slave getting sucked was about to cum, and the Queen had a look of absolute ecstasy on her face as she was bucked back and forth by the slaves. With her arms still stretched out tied to the pillars, the hard fucking at both ends was making her tits jiggle and bounce as she worked the slaves cocks. This was too much for the slave in her mouth and he couldn’t hold back anymore and he let loose a huge wad. The Queen had the nastiest, lustiest look in her eyes as she looked at the King while being force fed sperm. You could see she was working her lips in a manor where she was milking the slave’s cock for every drop of sperm she could get all while drooling ropes of the thick goody wad. The slave fucking her cunt was seeing what everyone else was seeing and with a scream, let lose his own load filling his Queen’s cunt full of sperm. Both slaves after cumming so hard just stood there dicks buried in their Queen as long thick streams of hot sticky cum poured from her mouth and cunt. As the slave in the Queen’s mouth slowly pulled his dick out of the Queen’s mouth, she kissed the tip of his sperm covered cock. The 5th slave never got his chance as the King seeing his Queen in absolute sperm ecstasy stood up and yelled. “STOP!” and ordered the Queen be cut lose. One of the guards drew his sword and with a swing cut the rope holding her left arm. The Queen was still on her knees as her arm dropped to her side. With the woosh of another swing, she was totally cut free. Small tails or rope still hung from her wrists as she didn’t say a word looking lustfully at the King. The Queen then slowly got up, and without picking up her torn clothes, slowly and very nastily walked away naked down the hall. There was cum all over the floor between the two pillars and she had sperm all down the front of her and running down the insides of her thighs as she walked silently to her chambers ………

End of Story

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